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Sunday, August 25, 2013

You're The Answer To a Girl Like Me - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“Because you’re the inspiration to the title.”

“Oh?” Ji Hyo’s hand stopped rinsing the soap away, froze for a little moment. “Me..?”

“Well when I was deciding on the title…you subconsciously came to my mind…” Gary let out a smile. “So I decided on the title Tears.”

“Really..? I-I’m honoured…”

“I guess so…”

After washing the dishes, Gary and Ji Hyo chill out at the living room with Ji Hyo’s mother preparing some fruits in the kitchen.

“Are you ready to hear the song?” Gary asked softly as he brings out his phone out of his pocket.

“Of course!” Her eyes lit up.

“Okay…exclusive debut of this song to the exclusive Song Ji Hyo~” Gary mumbled to himself as he swipe on his Iphone. Then he took out his earphone and connects them to his phone.

“Here you go…” Gary passed one side of the ear phone to Ji Hyo and to his surprised, instead of receiving them on the hand, she lean nearer to Gary and ‘offers’ her ear.

Naturally, Gary helped Ji Hyo to plug in the ear phone to her right ear and put the other one on his left ear. As the length of the earphone are limited, Ji Hyo scooted closer to Gary and just like that, both sat side by side, close to each other indulges themselves in the song.

cr: OnlyMyHeart22 @YT

After you left, I’m always sad
No matter how sad I am, the sadness is not enough
I look for a place to hurt and hide
In front of my dark house, in my stopped car, in front of your house
A life without love is like poverty, the only thing remaining is an empty room
You and I, we’re like day and night, which cannot be together
The only thing we split and shared is longing
You get drunk one night, come to me and fuss that you’re gonna sleep with me
You touch my happy trail and say that you wanna lay down in my arms
You ask me why I’m always so busy and silently cry
You say didn’t mean it and that you always believe me
You and everything of you that always protected me
Has now become longing
Alone between narrow streets in tears
In case someone sees, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears
Sit alone on the stairs in front of my house in tears
In case you find out, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears
We have bad attachments rather than good attachments^
We fight all the time and go for days without seeing each other
But we wanted each other so much
Because we loved each other, because we couldn’t live without each other
The freckles on your body, the food you can’t eat
When we kiss and made up after fighting
When we tightly held hands while driving
I remember all of those things
Even if you’re not next to me for a moment, I get nervous
After letting you go, I easily get blank
I hate the changing world
I forcefully take out your memories
Your name, face, laughter, scent
There are so many memories you gave to me
There is so much soul that you left to me
They come to life and find to me
I crush them all with the word, love
Alone between narrow streets in tears
In case someone sees, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears
Sit alone on the stairs in front of my house in tears
In case you find out, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears
My tears, tears, tears
Once again tears, tears, tears
Again silently – I don’t wanna know
It smears my memories
Alone between narrow streets in tears
In case someone sees, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears
Sit alone on the stairs in front of my house in tears
In case you find out, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears
 Credit: kpoplyrics_net

“Oppa this song is really daebak…” Ji Hyo’s eyes widened as she pulls off the earphone off her ears. She reached out her hand and put a thumb up with a broad smile. “Leessang’s music is the best~”

“Thank you…Gil and Seeya’s voice just matched the feel of the song…”Gary said coolly. “Glad that you like this song…”  

“The lyrics are so beautifully written…As expected Kang Gary produced the best music~”

With the overflowing praise from Ji Hyo, Gary got shy and gently rubs the back of his ears with a silly smile. His actions were noticed by Ji Hyo and she let out a small laugh.

“Why..?” Gary asked in a whining tone.

“Oppa look cute doing that.” Ji Hyo blurted out suddenly.

OMG!! What have I just said??

That vocabulary used surprised Gary. He looks up at her and saw Ji Hyo’s nervous face. She just realised what she just said because Gary’s widened eyes. Embarrassed, Ji Hyo quickly stood up from the couch.

“Omma, I’ll help you~!”

C-U-T-E. Did Song Ji Hyo just said that I look cute?

Gary was left sitting there, all smiling to himself; while rubbing the back of his ears – again.

Ji Hyo’s mother stayed for more than a week; amount of dinners Gary had continuously spent with Ji Hyo and her mother. For a few times, Gary even went to Ji Hyo’s drama filming set to bring her food packed by her mother. Of course he wasn’t seen by any cast, because it was Ji Hyo’s manager who came out to take the food from Gary. And there was two times where he went to the set fetched her home for dinner together. The days felt so surreal, like a projection of their future together; so warming, so natural as if he really is Ji Hyo’s boyfriend. It made him believed more that they matched well with each other. Because of this, Gary and Ji Hyo got very much closer not only privately but also during filming.


[ChungJu international Airport]

“Here’s your Americano. Have a nice day~!” The barista cheerfully greeted.

“Ah, thank you…”

Gary carefully brings the coffees over to a table and settled down. Gary looked at his watch on his right hand. It was still early from the opening filming time. He looked around the staff members who start to gather but still no sight of her. Then he took out his phone and swiftly typed a message.

TO Ji Hyo: “Reaching soon? Americano is waiting. ㅋㅋㅋ

While waiting for her reply, Gary just peacefully flips through the morning paper when suddenly somebody ‘attacked’ him from the back.

“Yah! Who’s that?!”

He quickly turn around saw Song Ji Hyo standing there with a black and white varsity jacket; looking gorgeous as ever.

“Yah Song Ji Hyo!” When he realised his voice is a little too loud, he quickly change to a whispering tone. “You’ve scared me…”

Ji Hyo just ignored Gary’s whine and sat down opposite him. “Americano?” She said while pointing to the cup in front of her.

“Of course it is…What else could it be?” He said in a pouting tone.

“Aigoo, Kang Gary is pissed? Mianhe Kang Gary...”

The soft words from Ji Hyo just made him smile eventually. He just can do nothing about, he’s totally trapped in her charms. That’s Song Ji Hyo; able to make guys’ heart melt unconsciously.

“Kang Gary knows me the best…” She said and sips a mouthful of the fragrant coffee.

“Did you sleep well last night? Have you eaten breakfast? You want oppa to buy some sandwich for you?”


“Gary-ah, I heard from Sung Im that you guys are going to Macau and Vietnam to film?”

“Yes omoni. We are departing the day after…” Gary said after eating a mouthful of food.

“Then please take care of our Sung Im…Make sure she eats well and rest well….”

Gary puts down his chopsticks and gently hit his chest that creates a hollow sound. “Omoni you can rest assured that I would definitely look after Ji Hyo...” He then turns to Ji Hyo with a confident smile.

“Omma! It’s not my first time going overseas to work…I’m gonna be fine…”  

“Yah Cheon Sung Im! Don’t you know a mum’s heart? Which mother is not worried for their own child?”

Ji Hyo who is naturally afraid of her mother when she gets agitated, just shut up and whined softly. “Arasso omma~”

[End of Flashback]

“Oppa are you going to start nagging like my mother already?”

“Well I promised omoni to take care of you while we’re at overseas…You’re my responsibility now…”

Having said that, he stood up and walk over to the counter and bought two set of ham sandwiches. Then he brought it back and put one set in front of Ji Hyo.

“Just now I heard from Myuk PD that we gonna start the race the moment we touch down in Macau. It’s gonna be a long day ahead…You better eat a little first.”


“Yes, so you better eat something otherwise you’ll have no energy to run.”

“Arasso. Gumawo oppa.” Ji Hyo said obediently and ate the sandwiches. Gary let out a smile to see Ji Hyo eats her meal well.

“Look who’s dating here…”

Gary’s expressions lit up when he heard the word ‘dating’. Both heard the voice and turn to see Haha approaching them with a grin.

 “Oh Dong Hoon-ah you’re early today?” Gary said while trying hard to maintain his happy expressions.

“Oh hyung you look happy today…What’s up?” Haha reached out his hand and did a cup-to-the hug handshake with Gary.

“Oppa annyeonghaseyo~” Ji Hyo gently greeted while holding the cup tightly in her hand.

Haha noticed the coffee cup and immediately know that Gary bought it for her. “Gary hyung bought this for you?”

“Oh? Yes, oppa bought this…”

Wanting to tease them, Haha suddenly changed his tone and whined like a little kid.

“Hyung, where’s my coffee? Why you always buy for Ji Hyo only~” Haha aegyo-ed like a little kid asking for a toy at Gary while pointing to the Americano in Ji Hyo’s hand.

“Oppa that’s gross!” Ji Hyo burst out laughing seeing Haha’s antics. Gary just pushed him off.

“Yah you guys are so fishy… Let me ask, what are you two up to right now? Are you sure you guys are not meeting each other?” Haha asked in a serious tone while pulling a chair to sit down.

“Gary oppa and I? Of course we’re not. We are family right oppa?” Ji Hyo bluntly said without thinking much.


“Is this Monday Couple’s honey moon trip?” Yoo Jae Suk teased casually seeing how Gary and Ji Hyo are coincidently seated next to each other on the plane to Macau.

“No, it’s our farewell trip instead.” Gary said, trying to maintain his expression that brings laughter to the other members.

As the plane flies towards Macau, Gary did not say much and just lowered down his cap for a short nap. In his mind, Ji Hyo’s reply kept coming back.

“We are family right oppa?”

He was disappointed of course because he just got ‘family-zoned’. Hearing from the person you like that she sees you like a family member is a hurting statement. Although he could not expect much because he has not taken the drastic step of confessing, Ji Hyo’s reply still it affects his mood and his determination.



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