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About Me!!

About Me ; ANGELA

ordinary me who loves to write

Hi, I am just another left handed human being from Malaysia
who live on this populated community who enjoys Kpop, Mandopop
I used to be a hardcore fan of Adam Couple and thus the creation of this blog.
Their cute episodes on We Got Married inspired me to unleash my creativity. 
And then I further got involved with Monday Couple stories and so on...

"I write when I have inspiration and ideas. 
But when I don't, 
I don't write because I know it'll come out horrible. "

Thanks to all my readers out there that have been supporting me all the while, without you guys, I wouldn't have written this much. :')

Thanks for visiting my blog and read my humble works. 

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I am so proud to be a lefty

(updated: 2018/03/25)