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Saturday, November 11, 2017

『One Shot』Heart Signal - Alternate Ending

Se Rin excused herself and to go to the toilet. Feeling vexed, Yoon Kyung followed along back into the house. Ji Hae followed as well. The others continue having their last BBQ dinner at the house’s garden. Yoon Kyung plopped herself on the long sofa in the living room while Ji Hae head straight to the kitchen to get some cold drinks.


“Did you say you didn’t want to go back to Yongnam again?”

‘I definitely remember I didn’t say no. But he looks so sad after that. There must be a lot of misunderstanding. Maybe….we’re just not meant to be.’ Yoon Kyung thought to herself.

“Yoon-Kyung ah, you’re in dilemma?” Se Rin asked cautiously after coming back from the bathroom. Yoon Kyung responded with a faint smile and grabs a cushion and laid down. She heaves a big sigh.

“Unnie, you seem really vexed. Because of Juh Won oppa?” Ji Hae asked while walking from the kitchen. She passed the unnies the drinks that were in her hand.

“Ji Hae-ah, what do you think of him?”

“I think when we hang out, we had a lot of fun. He has a lot of funny side to him.”

“You guys talk a lot?”

Ji Hae’s widened. “Unnie, don’t misunderstand. We had a lot of fun, but that was it. I didn’t see him as a man, but as an oppa instead.”

“Aniya~ don’t say it like that. We all can have our own personal choices.”

“Unnie, when we’re out, he will mention you a few times. When he sees food in the street, he’ll go like, I wonder will Yoon Kyung-nim will like that. Or like if Yoon Kyung-nim sees this she’ll go crazy.”


“He cares about you a lot. Although he looks quiet, he has a lot on his mind.” Se Rin added.

“Yeah I know he’s mature, despite his age.” Yoon-Kyung’s voice trailed as she reminisces the solo moments with him.

“When he gets angry, his face says it all.” Ji Hae continued.

Yoon Kyung burst out laughing. “Yeah! I think only he didn’t notice it. His face is so obvious. But…..he looks kinda…..cute when he pouts.” Yoon Kyung mentally screams at her own words. For the first time, she showed her aegyo side to the other ladies in the Signal House.

“Yah! Look at your face! You’re so red!” Se Rin squealed.

“Andwae! Don’t look at me! I’ll be redder.”

“Anyway, think carefully. Follow your heart.” Se Rin says earnestly. “I’ll be heading out. Come out when your face is less redder.” Se Rin poked fun at her and left the house together with Ji Hae. Yoon Kyung was left there, thinking to herself.

For the final day of recording, all residents of the Signal House have to send the last message to the ones that you will choose. And then the producer of the show will send them their personal number of the people that you’re interested in so that you can personally make the phone call and confess.

Yoon Kyung stood there in the cold on top of the Poet’s Hill. Again, her mind is filled with two guys-Suh Joo Won and Jang Chun. She didn’t get to spend a lot of personal time with Jang Chun until the last day, where they went back to their university – Konkuk University to relive that degree life. It was comfortable to hang with him and her heart feels peaceful.

As for Joo Won, she practically stuck with him throughout the weeks there; she was closest to him. She even initiated to drop the honorifics with him first. She enjoyed all of their dates, but Joo Won thinks otherwise because of her lack of expression. However, what he did not know was her heart flutters when she is with him that made her expressionless because she does not want to make it obvious. Being with him gave her the adrenaline rush.

Should she choose someone that makes her comfortable or someone that makes her heart flutters?

As expected, her phone rang, echoing throughout the quiet evening of Poet’s Hill. She lifts up her phone and saw the unknown number. The residents are not allowed to exchange numbers so they would not know who the caller is until you pick up the call.

“Yeoboseyo,” She said timidly.

“Yah! Bae Yoon Kyung!”


Suh Joo Won sat there contemplating. He wanted to call her so badly, but he was worried about the words she mentioned before they left the House.
Despite their list of misunderstanding, he felt that he needed her in his life. The woman that was able to control him and allow him to express himself. Although he was slightly younger than she was, her presence in his life made a man out of him, the leader. At the same time, they were able to hang out like friends. As he sat there, his mind drifted to the conversation he had with Jang Chun-hyung.

“I think I have interest in Yoon Kyung-ssi too.”

They are both vying for the same woman. Just by the age, Jang Chun is more mature, looks more dependable, not to mention his stable and safe profession as compared to his racing career, which is generally far more dangerous.

Maybe I am not worth it of her love.

He fumbled around the phone, hovering his finger above the call button.

But it’s not for us to decide who she chooses. I shall just go for it. It’s now or never.


A figure appeared running towards the Poet’s Hill. He reached the top of the hill and saw a slim figure, looking out to the vast surrounding.

“Yah Bae Yoon Kyung!

Yoon Kyung turned around and saw the guy that he has been expecting. She breaks into a smile immediately.

“Have you been waiting for long?” The man said, with a hint of shyness on his face. “I came as fast as I could already.”

“Really? I can see the sweats…” Her voice trailed off, eyes darting through the sweat beads on the man’s forehead.

“Were you expecting me to call you?” He asked straightforwardly. He was surprised that she said yes to his phone call.


“Yeoboseyo,” She said timidly, as she answers the stranger’s call.

“Yah! Bae Yoon Kyung!”

“Do you know who am I?”

“I can recognize your voice.”

“So…your answer is?”


“You can just let me straightforwardly. I will understand your choice.”

“When are you leaving to Yongam again? I need to pack more titbits and games to play while I wait for you.”

Joo Won’s mouth breaks into a wide smile the moment he heard her reply.

“Well…” He tried so hard to maintain his excited voice. “Not that soon, but we can do a day trip out to the outskirt one day.”

“Arasso…” She said with aegyo sound. “Come to the Poet’s Hill then.”


“If you didn’t call, I would be sad.” Yoon Kyung confessed. This shy confession made Joo Won break into another broad smile. He spreads his arms open and gives her a big hug.

“I’m sorry for all the misunderstanding that I have caused. Sincerely. But I am so thankful you said yes. I was so afraid I would get rejected. You didn’t know how nervous I was making that call.” Joo Won said softly into her ears.

“No…I have made you misunderstand too.” Yoon Kyung replied, still in his hug.

Joo Won break the hug and made her look into his eyes. “I know I am being childish. I pout easily. I am sorry.”

“So you actually know that.” She smiled, and cup his face with her hand.

“Let’s go?”

Joo Won reached out for her hand quickly interlocks his fingers with her right hand. Yoon Kyung just smile at his gesture.

“Joo Won-ah…”


“I’ll…promise you that I’ll do better with my expression.” She said shyly.

Joo Won stopped his tracks. “Well,…you just need to be yourself. Be the most comfortable you.” He said with an assuring smile and pinched her nose slightly. “You’re prettiest when you’re being you.”


“That’s more like it.” He said. “Let’s go now!”

“Where are we going?”

“Let’s go to the amusement park!”


【Author's Note】

I was so crazy about this Channel A's variety show called "Heart Signal" that I wished the ending was different from the show, that is why I am writing this alternate ending to satisfy my fantasy. Until today, I wished YK and JW was together instead. They are just so cute. XD

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Goodbye Monday Couple - ONE SHOT

Goodbye Monday Couple – ONE SHOT

Gary slowly look through the pictures from the photo album. Flipping through the book, accompanied by the soft jazz music playing in the recording room. Each one holds so many memories and laughers; which belongs to just two of them. The memories just gushed in like waterfall crazily. As he sips through the wine, he felt a sense of sadness yet relief at the same time.

It was one the biggest decision he made in life. More than 15 years ago, he chose to get into music, and then later, was getting into variety show. And today he chose to quit it.

The fame and recognition he gained through Running Man was something he could not repay back to the PD that initially approached him. Without Running Man, his works would not be recognized as much now, as he isn’t a mainstream idol or singer. He just love making his own style of music, standing out in his own style in the music industry.

As he flips through the pages in the photo album, he can’t help but to smile looking at those wonderful memories. Jihyo’s smile is just so endearing, so genuine, and so real. He always hears his fan saying that, Ji Hyo is the most comfortable around Gary, maybe it is really true. As pictures won’t lie.

His phone showed 11.30pm when he heard the front door unlocking.


He left the album on the table and got out of the swivel chair and headed outside.

Standing in the middle of the room, it was a lady who knows the password to his studio very well; Ji Hyo. She was standing there in an oversize grey coloured long sleeved fleece shirt, top with a red beanie. She also covered her face with black sunglasses and mask.

“Did anyone see you?” He asked almost immediately.

She just shook her head.

Gary broke into a smile. He stepped forward and pulled in for a big hug. The lady too, comfortably fit herself into his big hug.

Gary broke off the hug and made the Ji Hyo looked at him. “What brought you here? You didn’t tell me you’re coming.”

The lady took off the mask and sunglasses that is covering up her face.

“I saw you barely touched your food earlier during dinner. So I brought you food.” She raised up her right hand to show what she brought along in that secretive attire. She broke into a smile, and a perfect eye smile.

How can I not fall and give up for this girl?

Gary peered into the bags on her hand. He can smell jjajangmyeon (black bean noodle) and tang su yuk (sweet sour pork).

He was shock at the choice of food. “At this hour?”

“Anytime is a good time for jjajangmyeon,” She aegyo-ed back. “Come, let’s eat.”

They set up the table, and made themselves comfortable in the same place where they filmed earlier. Gary took the chopstick and started mixing the jjajangmyeon sauces.

“You know, I am not trying to be cheesy…but eating with you at this hour…” Gary said suddenly.


“How should I describe it..?”

Ji Hyo gave him a curious look.

He turned to her and looked straight into her eyes. “I am just happy. Contended. So blissful.”

“Tsk.” She jeered at his words. But in her heart, she felt really warmth and happy too. It was simple, just the two of them, without any cameras, without any weird mission of ‘fake’ date, without any other members whom are always asking them to get together. 

“Oppa be truthful, did you cried just now reading our letters?”

Trying to be masculine, he maintained his composure. “Men shed blood but not tears.” He said nonchalantly.

“You sure?” Ji Hyo frowned at him.


“Are you?”

“No—Yes…a little”

“Just a little?”

“Well, a while.” Gary eventually gave up trying to protect his little men pride.

“Awwww. Our oppa is really sad to leave us…”

She leaned forward and gave him another big hug.

“Well, I really owed it to Running Man…without the members and the staff, I am nobody today. A lot of nice memories just rushed in, and so my manly tears just fell.”

Ji Hyo broke off the hug and cupped his sad face in her delicate hands. “It’s okay to hide in front of the cameras but never hide in front of me. Okay?”

“Arasso.” He smiled back.

“You can always come back as a guest! Maybe our PD will keep calling you!”

“Well I don’t mind, as long as I am no longer the fixed member…”

“Oppa…I-I know you’re doing this for us...” She said, looking down, feeling guilty.

Seeing her like this, Gary dropped his chopsticks and grabbed her hands. He caressed it and made her look up at him.

“Ji Hyo-yah. I don’t know what’s in store for our future, but rest assured that I won’t regret it. Because I know I have to make an effort for us. For us to happen.”

“I know it’s a big sacrifice for us...” She trailed off.

“Well, I am going to see everyone often too! It’s not like I am not seeing the others anymore again. Most importantly, it’s us. Plus I get to focus more on my music now.”

“Really? Cause sometimes I was thinking maybe I should be the one to—”

“Shhh. You’re the ace of the show. You have to be there. The fans may be sad, but they won’t know what’s in store for them.” He chuckled slightly and pinched slightly on Ji Hyo’s nose. She just smiled back faintly.

Ji Hyo finally felt much better, despite being in daze when Gary initially mentioned this to her. They argued a bit on his decision, but she knew his character. Once he set his heart on it, he’ll achieve it. So from now on, she’ll support her as the woman behind him, to support his music; his life.

They chatted about the episode earlier as they ate the supper. Then Gary browsed through the articles and came across Ji Hyo’s press conference of her latest drama.

“MC ended?” Gary smiled mischievously while checking out Ji Hyo’s expression. She looked up from her phone, with a mong look.

“Of course. Because it must end so that we—can.…” Ji Hyo trailed away.

“We can….?” Gary wanted to hear from her. “Finish your sentence.”

“Well—theoretically we are together off screen but—Yah!” Ji Hyo hit Gary slightly on his shoulder.

“I just wanted to hear from you…”

“Nope. Not going to say it.” She persisted.

“Yah~~~” Gary aegyo-ed.


It was already 1am in the morning when they finished the supper. Together they cleaned the table and made themselves comfortable at the couch in front of the TV that he had in another room. She has promised him to watch her drama’s first episode together; ‘This Week, My Wife Is Having An Affair’.

“Ji Hyo-yah you’re so pretty! Are you also going to be the pretty and intelligent omma to my child in the future?”

“Yah! Who says I am going to marry you?”

“You will! I will make you fall deeper in me.” He said confidently.

“Stop your nonsense.” Ji Hyo just snuggled in the cuddle and continued watching.

As they watched, Gary was so engrossed in the drama and didn’t realised that she has fallen asleep in his arms.

“Daebak story! Ji Hyo-yah is that guy in the car Michael? You’re being so affectionate with him…he could not be someone from the office right? If not, who’s that?”


He turned to the lady in his arms and Ji Hyo was already fast asleep. Instead of waking her up, he took the time to go through her face. Because of their busy schedule, he never really has the chance to see her so up-close, when she is sleeping so soundly.

She didn’t have any make up on, just her usual bare face, but that’s the best look that he like about her. So simple, so down to earth, just like the lyrics to his song that he released last year with her in mind; Your Scent. Not to mention her full, luscious lips is the one that always makes him weak especially she pouts and aegyo. Why is he so lucky to have such a beautiful and charming lady in his arm? Sometimes he felt that he was too lucky.

“Ji Hyo-yah,” He nudged her slowly. “Let’s get you home okay?”

“Huh its over?” She winched and sat up straight while rubbing her eyes.

“Yes, you missed it.”

“It’s okay.  Actually I’ve already watched the 1st episode with the team.”

“Then you still watch it with me? “

“Because I promised you to watch it together.” She smiled with her sleepy eyes and yawns.

It is little things like this that made him fell in love with her so deep.

“Aigoo…babo-yah…You should have slept instead of accompanying me.” He tighten the cuddle and kissed her on her left cheek. “It’s really late now, I’ll send you back home okay?”

“I don’t have schedule tomorrow…” She mumbled softly, looking at him.

“Arasso. Then get to the bed and sleep?”

“Carry me.”

Without hesitation, Gary got up from the couch, hands stretched out ready to carry her.

“Oppa! I am just joking. I can walk to the room myself.”

“I better do it more often, otherwise there may be other guys carrying you in the future filming.” He just sweep her up in a bridal style and carried her in his strong arms. Ji Hyo laughed out loud, but just let him do it.

“I wonder will there be anyone like you..? In the future filming…”

“Didn’t you always like young and handsome strong idols?”

“On Monday you’re most handsome. Nobody can deny that.”

“Wow it has been a while…since I heard this.” They reached the other room and he laid her down gently on the single bed that he has. On days he worked too long in the studio, he’ll just spent the night there. “Just on Monday now?” He said, looking at her.

Ji Hyo just smiled back at his words, a little speechless.

“Kang Gary is the best looking person for Song Ji Hyo. Not just on Mondays, but everyday.”

Gary smiled proudly.

“Is that okay? Satisfied?”

“That’s more like it.” He pulled the blanket over her. “Yah, get some rest. You’ve cried a lot earlier.”


Gary turned around to turn off the light.

“Yah Kang Gary. You are not coming to bed yet?”

“I’ll wash up and come. You sleep first.”


“Good night. OH wait. The last part of Episode 1…the guy in the car…is that the Michael?”

Ji Hyo chuckled out loud at his sudden question about the drama. “Well, I can’t give you spoiler. Please continue to watch to find out.”

“Not even to me?”

“Nope.” She said coolly with her eyes already shut tight.

“Arasso. Good night.”

After taking a quick shower, he changed into something more comfortable. He slides in the bed with her who already soundly asleep. Gently he reached out to her and cuddled her by the waist.

Saranghaeyo Song Ji Hyo.

Every ending is the new beginning. 


[Author's Note]

There you have it! Again, because of Monday Couple, I made a comeback to writing! Presenting to you my delusional thought about them. I just want to live in my own fantasy about them as their fans.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! 

Cheers till we see each other again~ 


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Koi x Dao (Hormones the Series) - ONE SHOT


picture credit: Tumblr

‘We may be further apart, but we will hold each other tighter…’

Dao thought of the words that she said to Koi. Now she starts to regret. Next week the first day of university is starting and she is moving into the apartment, just 10minutes walk to the campus. The campus is 1 hour drive away from Nadao Bangkok College.  

Dao falls back to the mattress with a big thud. “Aahhh, I didn’t know moving house could be so tired.” She sigh. She reached for her phone when she heard incoming message from WeChat.

From: Koi<3
‘How’s moving? Tired? Take some rest kay <3’

Dao smiled at the message. She quickly press the call button and Koi picked up almost immediately.

“Heyyy Dao…how’s everything?”

“I just moved in my stuff…lots of them. I am so tired.”

“You sure they are heavy? Did you just brought in your soft toys?” Koi teased.

Dao laughed at how Koi knows her too well. “Well, I just brought in one box of them.” She chuckled. “The rest are my books.”

“Still a lot to bring?”

“Mum is sending another lorry over here...That should be the last one.”

“Oh really? That’s good.”



“I am starting to miss you already…”


“I am lying on the bed while talking to you…How I wished you could be here with me…”


“Don’t worry I understand your situation. I am just teasing you.”

“I miss you too, Dao.”

“How’s your preparation for the entry? Are you able to sign up for your course?”

“Me? Yea…I did.”

“Why you sound so….different?”

“Did I? Nah I was just upset. Upset of the things that I couldn’t do with you.”

“Well….we are now apart, but not too far right? We can easily reach other by cab…”

“You sure you don’t want me to learn driving, so that I can go over easily?”

“Nah, I would be worried for you if you drive.”

“Eeee..I am not that bad really…”

“It’s okay, public transport is cheaper and safer…”

“Well, I’ll come visit you every weekend?”

“Every weekend?” Dao lighted up.

“Yea! Since I live in my own house which I can accompany my dad everyday. I can spend my weekend with you…unless….”


“Unless you don’t want to spend it with me…”

“Of course no!”

“But you have to come back home to visit your mum no?”

“I believe we can work something out” Dao smiled. “Hmm..I think we can go on dates on Saturday, hang out at home, eat together, stay over and…”

“And..?” Koi chuckled.

“Well, I just want to spend every minute with you.”

“Really?” Koi can’t help smiling at Dao’s little confession.

“Yes! I am missing you so badly. I got so busy with moving recently…” Dao’s voice trailed away in guilt.


Dao could hear Koi pout at the other end of phone call. “Is there anything I could make up for it?”

“Actually yes… I have been thinking about one…” Koi said almost immediately. “Walk to the door for me.”

“Front door?”

“Yup.” Koi chuckled at other end.

Obediently, Dao walked to the door and suddenly there’s a knock. Without hesitating, she opened the door.

It was Koi, smiling goofily in front of the door.

“KOIIIII!!!” Dao screamed so loud that Koi had to cover her ears.

“Dao! Husshhh” Koi looked around. She was so embarrassed that she quickly pushed Dao into the house.

“Koi! How come you are here?” Dao still in disbelief. She gave Dao a big hug. “Omg, you didn’t know how much I miss this…”

“Me too...” Koi said simply, enjoying the embrace. She then broke off the hug and made Dao look at her.

Koi stole a kiss from Dao’s lip.

“Because I miss you so much.” Koi said earnestly.  “That I’ve decided to move over.”

Dao’s eyes widen with another disbelief look.

“What are you saying?”

“I’ve decided to…attend the same university as you.”

“You’re not joking right?”

Koi went outside of the house again and pulled in two big luggage. “You see, I even brought my stuff here.” Koi smiled at Dao. “I am serious.”

Dao almost did a little sprint to Koi and gave her another big bear hug.


“I wanted to give you a surprise, so I didn’t tell you anything. I secretly signed up for the course that I wanted in the same university.”

“Koi….I am so happy!”

“And you’re lacking a roommate right…?” Koi joked. “I need to spy on you too…there’s too many beautiful guys and girls in the campus.”

“Now you’re here with me…I won’t look at other people.” Dao sticks out her tongue playfully. “No matter what, I am so happy of the things that we could do together!”

“Yes…cause I love you so much that I am willing to do this for us.”

“Koi…” Dao looked at Koi. She can almost feel her eyes melting from looking straight into her beautiful eyes.

Dao kissed her on the lips. Koi enjoyed every moment of sudden kisses. “I guess we are going to do this often?” Koi smirked and planted another kiss on her lips.

“Koi! You’re such a pervert.”

“Because I have such a cute and beautiful girlfriend…” Koi said while pinching Dao’s chubby cheeks.


“Okay let me unpacked my stuff and let’s go grab dinner, okay?”

“Wait! Your dad….is he okay?”

Koi heaves a sigh. “Yeap, he seems okay with it I guess. He will rather that I’ll come to the same university with you and work hard, than me being in a place that makes me unhappy...”

“Awww…your dad is a great guy.”

“Yea he is…so maybe we can go visit him together soon.”

“Come and visit my mum too.”

“Of course we have to!” Both Dao and Koi laughed.

“Let me unpacked and let’s go grab dinner, okay?” Koi stole another kiss on Dao’s forehead before begin unpacking her luggage. Doi just stood there smiling foolishly

As she watch Koi unpacks, she can’t help smiling, too excited for their journey together. No matter what happens in the future, but she knows for now, she loves Koi and Koi loves her very much. No matter what others says about their relationship, she knew that if they are sure of what they want, she knew that they will stay long. 


I loveeee this couple so much! Aren't they cute? Any readers out there that know about this cute couple? Let's share! XD


-Angela Goh-