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Saturday, January 18, 2014

You're the Answer To A Girl Like Me - Chapter 19

Chapter 19

“Oppa you look like an ahjussi…” Ji Hyo broke into laughter seeing Gary’s outfit for the day’s filming. “But you’re still very handsome..” Ji Hyo said while adjusting his collar.

“Really?” Gary let out a babo smile while admiring his own reflection from the dressing table mirror. Sure his outfit for the day does not reflect his usual hip hop style, but still he is satisfied because Ji Hyo praised him nevertheless.

“Aigoo~ Check those two out…Tsk Tsk Tsk….” Kwang Soo teased as he walked away from the couple.

“Ahhh suddenly I miss Byul~” Haha said, with a whining tone while gently stomp his legs. His childish act made his coordinator burst into laughter.

Hearing Haha’s sneering, she immediately let down her hand. “Oppa-deul, see you later at the opening.” With that she smiled and left with Myuk PD for the opening appearance.

Jae Suk walked over after his stylist done preparing his outfit. “Gary-ah, it’s really good to see you and Ji Hyo are progressing well…” Jae Suk patted his shoulder gently with broad fatherly smile.

“Just do your best as a boyfriend, and don’t hurt her feelings. I know Gary you are good in these.” Jong Kook chirped in.

Whenever the members see them close together, they are happier more than feeling envious of it because they knew maintaining relationship in the entertainment industry is not easy. They try their best to keep it from unfolding to the public.


Gary’s team was not satisfied about Jong Kook’s team way of attracting Ji Hyo’s attention for the dancing game and they requested to try one more time. While they are preparing to restart their challenge, a crazy idea went across Gary’s mind.

Can I do it? What if the media ask after I did it? Should we confess to the media by then? Is Ji Hyo going to be mad if I really do it?

Train of thoughts clouded his mind as they were about to start their new attempt on the challenge.

Ahh better not care anymore!... Let’s just do it!

GD’s team started dancing to ‘Gwi Soon, Look At Me’ slowly, towards Ji Hyo. Then, Gary starts to approach her stealthily. He slowly danced around her and had his hands around her head. Slowly using his thumb, he closes her eyes and went forward.

With a loud smooch, he kisses Ji Hyo on the cheeks, near to her right eye.



Everybody on the set was stunned for a second. Even Ji Hyo herself.

OMO! Did oppa just kiss me in public?!

Jong Kook was stunned, his mouth opens wide. GD stopped dancing, watched in awe. Jae Suk who was just standing beside was too surprised but clapped his hand satisfyingly because of Gary’s daringness.

Everybody just couldn’t believe what Gary just did, revealing his close relationship with Ji Hyo on the screen.

Looking at the situation, the quick-witted Kwang Soo rushed forward, ‘trying’ to kiss Ji Hyo too on the cheek just to ease the possible suspicion of Gary and Ji Hyo’s close relationship but seeing the kiss as a ‘gag’. However he was quickly stopped by everybody near her especially Gary. Seung Ri came forward too, joining in the chaos. The overheated atmosphere was calmed down by Gary; pulling everyone away.

While the others were busy discussing about kissing Ji Hyo to gain her attention, Gary’s word made everyone laughed.

“Don’t talk to me…” Gary said shyly while brimming with smile. His heart was beating fast; he was in the state of shock. He never knew that he’ll be this nervous to kiss Ji Hyo in the public, in front of the camera. He heaves out a deep breath.

Knowing well that most probably it’ll be broadcasted to the fans of Running Man worldwide, nevertheless he was satisfied with himself.

“Everybody did well but…” Ji Hyo hesitated.

“Kang Gary.”

 Ji Hyo said lovingly with bright smiles on her face. She was surprised by the kiss too but still she enjoys it.


It was finally lunch break after the tedious paddy field game. Everybody including some staff can’t stop teasing the two. The Big Bang members were not sure of their relationship but join in the fun especially Daesung.

“Hyung!” Daesung showed a thumb up at Gary which made him blushed. “You’re so daring! You have my respect.” He teased again at Gary’s action.

Ji Hyo who was standing at the side just can’t stop giggling.

Oppa just invited himself with some unnecessary trouble…

Jong Kook walked over and grabbed Gary by his shoulder. “Yah Gary-ah! You’re really daring! You have my respect! Am I going to call her jesu-ssi anytime soon?”

“Seriously hyung, it seems that everything around has something to do with love…because you really love Ji Hyo noona a lot…” Kwang Soo said with his trademark smile. “I wonder…when is my turn? Ah this is so frustrating! Why did Yuri’s face come to my mind at this moment?” He said nonchalantly while looking up.

Hearing Kwang Soo’s lame fantasies, Ji Hyo can’t help but to smack the back of his head lightly. “It’s lunch time so get your food! Don’t waste time thinking the impossible…”

“Ah noona! Can’t you let me even fantasies?” Kwang Soo grumpily complained and walked back to his seats.     

Gary just foolishly smiled at everyone’s words. He then walked over to the Jo PD who’s eating too and asked if the kiss is going to be edited out or broadcasted.

“Well, I guess it will be received well by the viewers…since everybody loves Monday Couple...”

“Who don’t?” Myuk PD chipped in. “Maybe it’s going to be played in slow motion too!” He teased.

“Ahh hyung!” At that point, Gary was a very embarrass with his ears turning red. He kinda regretted a little for creating so much of commotion over his reckless action. But Ji Hyo didn’t seem to mind it, and everybody is happy over it.  

“Anyway thanks for the hard work, please do grabbed your lunch. We’ll resume filming in a while.”

Gary pulled Ji Hyo away from the crowd where all the staffs are having their lunch. He slides her fringe slightly to the back of her ear and sees her smiling face.

“What is it oppa?”

“I just want to ask you about…this.” Gary lifted up his right hand and touched her face at the spot where he kissed her that morning. “Are you comfortable with it?” He asked gently. “I’m sorry that I’m a bit reckless…but that’s the only thing that came up to my mind—”

Ji Hyo’s place her fingers right on his lips, stopping his sentence.

“I don’t mind….” Her face lit up with a smile. She didn’t need to express herself further. Her smile meant everything and Gary was relieved. He lean forward and whispered softly by her right ear.

“I knew that you’re always the adventurous kind.”

His soft words that not only send electrifying signals down her spine, but it made her laughed out loud. She hit him slightly, for his mischievous words. Gary felt really happy for being able to work with his loved ones, spending more quality time together.

That day’s filming continues till late evening, with Gary openly and daringly add in a lot more of Monday Couple moments. Ji Hyo didn’t seem to dislike the idea and even played along with it.


The filming finally ended. Ji Hyo decided to take Gary’s car home. While on the way back, she sensed that Gary was in an exceptionally happy mood.

“Are we going straight back to your house?” He asked suddenly.

“What are we going to do? What do you have in mind?

“I wanna eat food cooked by you…” Gary aegyo-ed. “It has been a while…”

A smile spread across her face, smiling at Gary’s way of sweet-talking. “Arasso, what do you wanna eat?”

“Since it’s late now…what about tteokbeoki for supper?”

“Let’s go to the mart near my place and we’ll make some tteokboki to eat before you leave. How about that?”

Gary of course nodded, agreeing to the idea.


It was near 11 pm when they reach the mart. Gary got ready to get down of the car and quickly get to the inside of the store. As he was checking through his smartphone for the ingredients to buy to make a tteokbeoki, he heard his name being called.


Gary was really surprised at someone recognizing his face. Usually people won’t recognize him straight away especially when he’s not wearing his trademark sunglasses and snapback caps.

He turned around and was slightly frozen at the person who called him out him. It was not a fanatic fangirl, but man slightly taller and chubbier than him; CEO Baek. He could recognize him right away.

“Oh! Baek Chang jo-ssi…”

“I’m surprised to see you here…do you live around here?”

“Actually I-I was—” Gary was extremely nervous meeting him. The last time he met him was at Ji Hyo’s house when CEO Baek intruded their morning, misunderstanding everything. He brought Ji Hyo away right under his nose with excuses of meeting Gil for lunch (Chapter 5).

“AH! Because Ji Hyo lives around this area…” CEO Baek nodded slightly.

“Yea…we actually just came back from filming…” Gary answered, unknowingly looking outside at his parked car where Ji Hyo is waiting.

“So she’s there in the car? Waiting?”

Gary just nodded his head. “I’m supposed to buy some stuff and hurry back before she waits too long.”

CEO heaves a sigh. “Yes, and that’s my problem. I’ve let her waited for too long…most of the times…”

Gary just smiled at his words. He didn’t how to respond back to his words as ji Hyo’s current boyfriend. There was an awkward silence after that, but he still remained wordless.

Suddenly CEO Baek look up and said, “So…I’ve heard about today’s filming…”

“Today’s filming?”

“During filming time, you kissed her… in front of the cameras, in front of the guest and staffs…”

“Ah….That!” Gary let out a nervous laugh. “Th-That was…” Suddenly he just randomly picked up the milk bottle in front of him and fiddled with it.

Seeing how nervous he was, CEO Baek let out a small laugh. “You’re looking guilty don’t you?” He said out softly.

“I-I was…”

CEO Baek let out another small laugh hearing him stammer. “Don’t worry Gary-ssi. I’m not blaming you, but please do consider your actions before doing them. I understand that you guys are a couple now but the viewers don’t know about you guys. We are not sure how the viewers will react to this kind of matter; it could be positive or negative. Afte rall Ji Hyo is an actress and she has an image. I don’t wish that Running Man will obstruct her acting career.” His sentence was polite but firm.

“Ah yes…” Gary quickly bowed. “I’ll remember that. And I’m sorry. ”


Gary quickly turned around and saw Ji Hyo walking towards him. “You’ve forgot your wallet!” She said but her expression immediately died down when he saw the man who’s standing beside Gary. And of course she immediately recognized the familiar body built.


“Oh Ji Hyo-ah…such a coincidence…I was just buying some stuff…And I’m surprised to see you guys here….Together.”

“Ah..yes oppa…we’ve just finished filming…so we thought of getting some food …”

CEO Baek just nodded politely while looking at the matching two. “Then I shall not disturb the two of you…I shall get going then.”

Before he leaves, Ji Hyo suddenly called him out.

“Oppa! Any free time to spare now?”


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