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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You're the Answer To A Girl Like Me - Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“Today’s filming concept is the Babo Ondal and Princesses. Our guest today would be Noh Sa Yeon-ssi and Uee-ssi and everybody would be divided to three groups of three…” Myuk PD explained.

Ji Hyo listened attentively while getting her final make up touch up for the filming.

“If I can ask….” Myuk PD hesitated. “Song Ji Hyo-ssi, are you still concern about being in the team with Gary-ssi? You know you are always our concern, if anywhere that makes you uncomfortable we—”

“Oh not at all! I’ll be in the same team with him.”

“Really? I was concern because last week you’ve specially made a request—“

“Ah….” Ji Hyo quickly stood up from her seat and bowed apologetically. “I’m sorry PD-nim for making such a fuss…It won’t happen in the future…I promise you—”

“Oh no don’t be... However, if anytime during the filming Monday Couple label makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always let me know…”

Ji Hyo just smiled and nodded.

“So we’ll do the opening with Uee-ssi and Noh Sa Yeon-ssi appearing as guest. The three of you would be the princesses while the other members would be the ondal. You’ll be in the same group as Gary-ssi and Haha-ssi. Is it okay with you?”

“Okay…I got it.”

After being debrief as the only girl member of the group, Ji Hyo went with her stylist to begin preparing for the day’s filming; disguising as the princess.

“Ji Hyo-ssi, it seems that you’re behaving a bit different these days…You seem more radiant… ” Her stylist said with a sly smile.

“Did I?” Ji Hyo look away trying not to reveal anything.

“You seem happier…Are you…?”


“Do I hear wedding bells ringing?”

Ji Hyo’s eyes widened and she vigorously shook her head. “No! Unnie what are you thinking?”

No other outsiders else knew about her break up with Baek Chang Jo; only her mum and Gary. Suddenly her phone beeped with an incoming message.

“Oh I bet that’s namja-chingu…”

Ji Hyo shook her stylist off as she reach out for her phone on the dressing table.

‘I’m gonna be your babo ondal today…Please train me well later to become the best general…so that we can live happily ever after…’  – Gary Oppa

A smile immediately spread across Ji Hyo’s face after seeing the message. It was immediately seen by her stylist and walk over to her.

“Are you sure something is not happening? Look at you!” Her stylist joked around while pointing on her puffed up smiley cheeks.


“Hyung! You’re looking really stupid right now!” Haha sneered loudly, looking at Jae Suk’s disguise who’s standing beside the more-idiotic looking Kwang Soo.

“You think you look any better?” Jae Suk retorted.

“Hyung, I don’t think anyone can beat that look.” Kwang Soo said suddenly, pointing to Gary’s who’s typing on his phone. Both Jae Suk and Haha turn to where Kwang Soo pointed. Gary has a wig on and his shirts tugged into high-waist navy blue coloured pants, smiling foolishly at his phone.

“That is a typical swooning in love look.” Haha just concluded almost immediately. “You don’t look like that when you message with your friends and family.”

Hearing that, Kim Jong Kook just walked over and headlock Gary, caught him by surprise. “Yah hyung! You’ve scared me!” Gary whined.

“Are you hiding something from us? Are you dating someone?”

“Ahh hyung let me go first okay? Then I’ll tell.”

Immediately, Jong Kook let him off and adjusts Gary’s attire. “That’s more like it….Quick spit it out…Are you dating—”

“Ji Hyo noona!” Kwang Soo shouted from across the room when Ji Hyo suddenly entered the room.

“Annyeonghaseyo! Oh you guys—Omg you guys are so hilarious~!” Ji Hyo can’t stop keep her mouth close looking at the other male members’ bizarre outfit. “Totally babo ondal…”

“Yah Ji Hyo-ah, are you that happy to see us in this state?” Jae Suk chided, trying to withhold this last bit of pride in that disguise.

“Oppa why don’t you just complained to PD-nim?” The Candy-Alliance siblings just can’t stop bickering. “But I think it actually suits you more like this…There’s more visual effect…”

“Noona who do you think look most decent here?” Kwang Soo casually asked.

“Of course it’s our Gary oppa!” Ji Hyo answered almost immediately. She closed her mouth right after the felt that she has said the wrong word.

“YOUR Gary?!” Everybody other than Gary exclaimed in unison.

“I smell something fishy going on….” Haha sneered as he look at the flustered Ji Hyo.

“No there’s nothing—” Gary tried to explain but Myeok PD came into the room and interrupted. “All right, I’m gonna explain a little about today’s game..”


They went over to the Americna restaurant and the mission over there surprised them. It was the Pepero Stick game aka the cookies kissing game. It felt it was fated for him to choose this venue for the mission.

Gary’s mind went wild when he starts thinking about playing the game later with Ji Hyo, when they yet had their first kiss together. He never expect himself to be playing this game with Ji Hyo after they officially becomes a couple. Worst of all, whatever happens later it’s gonna be broadcasted on the screen so he has to control himself well.

As he watches Uee and Kwang Soo play the game with nervously, he can’t wait for Ji Hyo to get here. He fished out his phone and typed quickly into them.

‘Ji Hyo-ah, we are doing something daebak later ㅋㅋㅋ ’ – Gary oppa.

When Ji Hyo finally arrives, the scene that greets her shocks her. Jong Kook is holding Sa Yeon’s head in a tilting position with their heads going closer to each other. “What is this?”

She quickly took a peek at Gary and he was sitting there smiling broadly at him. As she settle down beside him, Gary lean closer and whispered, “We have to do this later, not more than 1.5cm can be left.”

Ji Hyo responds with a widen eyes but in her heart she was more nervous than anybody else. Ever since they got together as a couple, their level of skinship has only reached holding hands and hugging. Their lips have yet to touch each other’s.

As Monday Couple wait nervously for their turn, Gary slides his hand over hers hidden from the camera. He squeezed them lightly, “Let’s just enjoy the game.”

Finally their name is being called up. Exciting and nervous at the same time, both stood up and walked to the centre where all can see them. All eyes were on them, the members and the staff were so eager to watch them play.

“Challenge!” Monday couple shouted in unison.

Gary looked at Ji Hyo who was biting at the pepero sticks, looking very cute. His heart suddenly beat faster feeling flush of redness on his face.

“Since I am gonna do it…” Gary could only finish his sentence with a shy smile and a red face. Everyone on the set starts to laugh at how nervous Gary is. The more he behaved like that, the more suspicious the members felt about Monday Couple.

After much hassle, they finally start the game. As Gary leaned in, Ji Hyo could feel the warmth coming out from his breathe. Initially Ji Hyo look away, but eventually she closed her eyes. Slowly, she tilts her head to prevent their nose from knocking.

Suddenly she felt two hands grabbing on both her side of her head. In that microsecond, she could feel electric shock travels throughout her body, almost paralysing her. She jumped away in shock from the overwhelming sensation that causes laughter among the staff and members.

“Ah oppa you’ve frightened me!”

Eventually they failed on the first attempt. It made Gary sulked a little because he never knew that Ji Hyo would react that much. However on the second attempt, they became more comfortable with each other and finally they succeeded.

The filming continues with more challenges for the ondals. Ji Hyo and Gary had the perfect chemistry together, for winning the mission in the Thai restaurant and also winning against Uee during the name tag ripping game. It was really exhausted but everybody enjoyed the filming process.


Filming has finally come to an end for the day. Uee chose Kwang Soo as the final winner by putting the ring on his pinkie-finger. Kwang Soo was exceptionally happy for able to win over Jae Suk after being ‘objected’ by Jae Suk about getting to know Uee better throughout the filming.

The members bided goodbye to each other and soon disperse away. Gary caught up at Ji Hyo and said gently. “I’ll fetch you home from the alley behind your company.”

Ji Hyo just nodded. It has always been arranged that way. Gary can’t show his affection too openly on the outside, afraid that it will bring harm to Ji Hyo. Not even the members, he doesn’t intend to let them know until things are stable between the two.

As Ji Hyo waits alone, suddenly a car turn into the back alley and stopped right in front of her. Recognizing the car in the dark, she entered the car immediately.

“Oppa what took you so long?”

“This.” Gary brought up a hot cup of Americano and put into her hands. “Today you’ve been answering the quiz in the water, this is to warm you up.”

“Awww….gumawo oppa...” Ji Hyo quickly took a sip. “But oppa you are totally wet and drenched during the game too, don’t you want some?”

“The pepero game was enough to keep me warm and fuzzy inside.” A chuckle escaped from Gary’s mouth.

“Oppa! You’re making me embarrassed now.” Ji Hyo gently hit Gary by the shoulder. He just did a meh-rong (tongue sticking out :p) and stepped on the gas.

“Should we….play the game again?” He said suddenly while checking up on her expression.

“What is it?”

“Nothing…I said how the coffee…was” Gary looked away, concentrating back to the road.

Ji Hyo knew what he was going to say and chuckled softly at his coward side. “Oppa are we going home?”

“Where else do you want to go?”

“Let’s go Hangang again.”

“But the weather is so chilly. You’re gonna get cold.”

“It’s okay because I have Kang Gary with me.” A sweet smile spread across Ji Hyo’s face. She then placed her hand on Gary’s lap.


“Ahhh…the weather is so nice…” Ji Hyo breathes in the cold air of Hangang while overlooking to the night scenery. It was almost midnight and they found a quiet spot just for the two of them. Grabbing Gary’s hand, she tightens his grip around her waist and snuggles closer against his body, zeroing gap between them.

“You’re really enjoying this huh?” Gary said casually, almost in the whispering tone towards her ear.

“Of course…how I wish days like this never end…”

“Today while you’re in that princess suit, you really look like a real princess…so pretty.”

“Really? Why didn’t I hear that compliment earlier?” Ji Hyo joked around while still being back-hugged by Gary.

“Because there’s too many people around…I might just leaked out our secret…”

“Oppa you don’t mind this right? For us being so secretive…”

“Of course I don’t, as long as you’re here with me…” Gary leaned in and wanted to give Ji Hyo a peck on the cheek but he was obstructed by the front of his cap and hit on her head.

“Aish jja jang na!” Gary pouted. “Maybe I should stop wearing cap when I see you.”

Laughing out loud, Ji Hyo helped Gary to turn the cap over to other direction and straight away leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

“I love you Kang Gary.” Ji Hyo said her piece and turn away, once again snuggling into Gary’s embrace.

And there, Kang Gary just stood there smiling like an idiot after being kissed by Ji Hyo. That was their first kiss, by the Hangang river. 



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