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Friday, May 31, 2013

You're the Answer to A Girl Like Me - Chapter 1

[Chapter 1]

Kang Gary randomly switched through the channels. Nothing really interests him; it was a Sunday. He’s excited to be able to see her tomorrow again. Monday; the day that he anticipates the most for the week and the day where he can spend almost a day with that girl. That thought made him smile like a fool again.

Suddenly his phone rang; a ringtone that he wishes to hear often. LeeSsang’s  “All I Want Is You” is playing at the back. He quickly searches through his phone in the midst of the messy table.

“Hello, Ji Hyo-yah…Whaddup?” He was literally grinning from ear to ear.


“Jihyo-ah… Everything alright?” It was not like her to be silent when she’s the one who called.

“….O-Oppa…” Jihyo’s soft and weak tone hinted of bit of drunkenness that made him worried.

Gary quickly turned off the television to hear her better. “Jihyo-ah, are you alright?”

“O-Oppa…m- mianhe…”

“Ji Hyo-yah, where are you now? A-Are you alright?” Gary became more anxious.

“Oppa, Mianhe… A-and… Annyeong.”

Then she hangs up the phone.

“Ji Hyo-yah, Ji Hyo!Ji Hyo!” Gary hurriedly called back, but to no avail. All he got was a repeating beeping tone. He was very worried but he believed in Ji Hyo so he decided not to drop by her house. But one thing he is definite was Ji Hyo is very drunk.

That night, Gary could not sleep well. He keep turning and tossing on the bed, trying to figure out the reason of her sorry. Is it even intended for him? Or was it intended for her boyfriend but accidentally called him instead? His mind is full of the questions and doubts but soon he drifted off to sleep.

He reached RM filming site extra early that day. He wanted to have some time to check up on her. Filming hasn’t started but he was anxious while waiting for her to come to the set. Meanwhile he fooled around with other members.  

“Annyeonghaseyo hyung! You’re early today~” Kwangsoo greeted with respect just like he would every week.  

“Ah yes. I just woke up a bit earlier today.” Gary said as he rubs the back of his head. While talking his corner of his eyes took notice of a black car approaching. He knew the car plate number by heart already just like her birthdate.

The car’s door slowly slide open and Ji Hyo came down from the car.  She tucked her fallen hair to the back of the ear and walked towards the filming crew. She still looks as beautiful as always but he noticed her tired eyes and quickly dismissed himself from members who were busy catching up on each other.


“Oh, oppa! Annyeonghaseyo ~!” Jihyo greeted with a smile. Even from far, Gary could sense that tone wasn’t in her usual bright tone and not in her best mood.

Gary walked towards her swiftly and pulled her to one side. Ji Hyo was taken aback but followed along.

“Why oppa?”

“Are you alright?” Gary talked hurriedly.

“Eh? Ah yes oppa…I-I am perfectly fine. Thank you for your concern.” Ji Hyo said, lying through her teeth. She did not have any memory of her calling him the previous night.

“But— yesterday…” He looked at her worriedly but she looked back at him with a blank face. “Whatever.” He heaved a sigh.

“Here, take this.” Gary passed a bag to her. “Because you seem really tired these days, this is for you. I’ll see you in a while later for the opening.”  

Being a Mong Ji, she just nodded her head obediently as she watches Gary walked away. She opened up the bag’s content and saw a dozen packets of tonic drink and a small message card. She took them out and read them.

Ji Hyo-ah...

You seem to be a little tired these few weeks. I thought probably because of your hectic schedule. This tonic drink is really good for the body. It keeps me healthy when I am preparing for LeeSsang’s busy activity.

And... if something’s bothering you, you know me our Running Family would be there for you.


Ji Hyo looked up to the direction where he just left. Looking at his back as he walked away, Ji Hyo felt really touched and warmth from Gary’s gesture. There was no doubt that Kang Gary has got many fangirls. He’s just a humble, quiet, creative musician and most importantly a caring and kind-hearted guy.

“Gumawo, oppa.” She mouthed softly before her lips curving upwards forming a smile.

As he walked away from her, Gary hated himself that he could not bring up the question that has been bothering him the night before. Was she really calling him? If so, why did she say sorry? Or did she and her boyfriend quarrel? Most importantly, what is it that made her so sad that she has to drink that much till drunk? He knew Ji Hyo can hold her liquor pretty well, but not when she drinks till exceeding her limit.

Running Man was filming continuously for two days in Busan with actress Choi Ji Woo (Ep 126 & 127). Throughout the filming, Gary kept a close watch at her, checking out on her once in a while. She seems to be more quiet and tired when filming pauses. When the camera is on again, she regain to her usual chirpy tone. He dare not to say that he knows her very well but he could sense that she’s putting a strong front and something is really bothering her.

During lunch break, he saw her spending more time with the members, and her phone is not in her hand. Previously, her phone is always with her and when the phone rings, she would excuse herself and disappear to another room or place to have a private talk. At times like this, Gary would try to feign ignorance and covers up his jealousy by playing around with the other members. All the little details he noticed was sure to him that something really happen between Baek Chang Jo and Ji Hyo.

The filming for the day ends around evening. All the members greeted each other and said thanks to the filming crew. Before Gary could catch up on Ji Hyo, she already left with her manager in her car.


He scolded himself mentally. He is always a step late. Even on the day Ji Hyo told Gary about her CEO boyfriend, Gary only realised the jealousy and regret he felt. It was the day Gary realised that he was in love with her all along. As he walked back to his manager’s car, Jae Suk tapped his shoulder.

“Gary-ah, are you okay?” Jae Suk with his warm big brother tone startled him.

“Ahh ye.. hyung.” Gary forced out a smile and adjusted his cap a bit. “Gary-ah, I’ve known you quite some time.. Are you bothered because of Sung-Im (Jihyo’s real name)?”

As Gary and Ji Hyo was known to the public as the Monday Couple on screen, even among the members, everybody like to tease them too. They are just too compatible even to the members’ eyes.

Gary took off his cap and rubbed his hair back and forth. “Hyung, is it that obvious?”

“I think all of us could sense it… that something is bothering her...” Jae Suk heaved a little sigh.

“Hyung, I think she would be alright. She’s our Running Man ACE remember? I think she would overcome whatever that is bothering her.”

“Yea maybe what you said is correct. Yah, I’ve got to go already. Enjoy your week and rest well.”

“Ye hyung, we’ll go out for a dinner sometime alright?”

Yoo Jae Suk nodded his head and waved. Gary waved back and bowed at Jae Suk who’s leaving with his manger. As he walked again, he remembered the words JI Hyo clearly said that morning. It was the morning’s filming at the pension for the opening scene for episode 127.

‘So it has started again in the year 2013?’

Ever since she announced that she was dating her CEO, Gary didn’t dare to portray too much of push-pull Monday Couple but instead more of a ‘divorced’ Monday Couple. But now suddenly she mentioned about reforming ‘Monday Couple’ in front of the camera. Why the sudden change? However, he was over than elated that became his motivation to do better in games especially during the dodge ball game.

After debating with himself more than an hour, he fished out his phone and type in message.

To: Mong Ji (Sent: 6.13pm)
‘Dinner at my restaurant later? Oppa’s treat.’


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