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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You're the Answer to a Girl Like Me - Chapter 18

Chapter 18

An hour has passed after he sent the message to her. She didn’t reply nor did she call. He starts to feel anxious but looking at the time, it was almost 12 midnight. He thought that most probably she might be asleep. He decided not to message her anymore, fearing that it will wake her up from her ‘sleep’.

As he was tired from that day’s recording, he decided to turn in early. Turning off the television, he sashayed to his bedroom and took off his t-shirt (as he likes to sleeps half-naked). He closes his eyes as he falls back on his queen size bed on his bare back. Soon, he drifted off to sleep while holding tightly onto his phone, worried that he can’t hear his phone ringing if Ji Hyo ever called him.

Just then his doorbell rings.

“Who could it be at this hour?” He mumbled to himself. He sat back up and looks at the alarm clock by his bed. Nobody really visits him out of blue at this hour, even there is, most probably would be Gil. Thinking it would be Gil, Gary didn’t bother to dress himself and stumbled to the bedroom door.

He dragged his leg out of the bedroom and walked to the intercom. “Hello, who is out there?”


Gary’s eyes widened as he heard the familiar voice. Turning on the intercom screen, he was surprised to see Ji Hyo waving on the screen.

“Ji Hyo?!” Quickly he walked to the door and opens them to let her in.

“Omo! Kang Gary!”

Ji Hyo covers her eyes with her hand the moment she’s greeted by Gary’s naked top. Shocked, Gary quickly rushed into his room and gets into a shirt immediately.

Laughing at Gary’s surprised reaction; Ji Hyo made herself at home and steps into the house leisurely. She then closes the door behind her.

“Oh Ji Hyo-ah!” Gary rushed out of the bedroom with hints of panting. “I’m sorry that you had to see the ugly body of mine...” Gary said diffidently while rubbing the back of his head.

Ji Hyo let out a smile before stepping forward and gave the fully-clothed Gary a tight hug, wrapping her hands around his neck.

“Oppa~ I’ve missed you…” She said endearingly.

Surprised at the sudden skinship, his gave out silly smile. Naturally he responds to the hug and held her tightly by the waist.

“I’ve missed you too…” He replied gently by her ear. “But what happen? Why did you come over so suddenly?”

“Nothing, I just missed you suddenly…”

Again Gary breaks into a smile hearing those words from her. However it felt really weird for Ji Hyo to say that because they’ve just seen each other during the filming barely few hours ago. He believed she came for a reason or something must have happened.

“Really not telling me the real reason?” Gary broke off the hug and held her by the waist instead. Then he made her look straight at him. “Why did you come here so suddenly? Did anything happen?” He asked while stroking her hair gently.  

“Can’t a girlfriend come by her boyfriend’s house?” She said with a little pout.

“Of course you can! I am too happy to see you in my house…you know I was so anxious because you didn’t reply me…”

“You should have called me…” Ji Hyo replied.

“I thought you were asleep…so I didn’t want to disturb you…”

“Ahh oppa mianhe…I wanted to come here earlier to say sorry…but because something cropped up, that’s why I only come here now…”

“You’re sorry for?”

“During filming…” She hesitated. “I should not have made you stay when you found me and caused you to be ousted by Ja Cheol-ssi…” She said timidly.

Immediately Gary broke into laughter while looking at the pity looking Ji Hyo. “Aigoo…my precious little woman…You’re worried because of that? He replied with a rather absurd amount of emotion in his voice. “Oppa is just joking around…I’m perfectly fine…”

He held her face delicately with his hands. He suddenly felt bad about sending that message, making Ji Hyo worry over nothing.

“It’s just a game…Of course I’m not mad at you…why would I? Ji Hyo-ah, you’re too cute! What can I do about you?” Gary gently swipes her fringe hair to the back of the ear, revealing more of her cheek.

“You’re really not mad at me?”

“Of course I am not.” He said softly and brought her into his embrace, hugging her tightly, closing the gap between them.

“I thought you’re because you did not reply me immediately.” Ji Hyo expressed with her sullen look.  

“Ahh mianhe…I left the phone with my manager while filming. Then I forgot to retrieve it until I remember it. I replied you the moment I saw the message…”

“Ahh so it’s a misunderstanding afterall…” Ji Hyo heaved in relief.

“But still it’s a good thing! If not I wouldn’t have known how much you cared for me!” Gary grinned happily. “I know I am the luckiest guy on earth to be Song Ji Hyo’s man.” He then kissed the side of her cheek.

Ji Hyo burst into laughter hearing Gary’s cheesy word again. He then gently break the hug and led her to the living room couch. He then made her sit down while he poured some water for her from the kitchen.

“Where’s your manager? ”

“I drive here…” She said softly.

Gary’s eyes widened in shock when he heard that. “You came here alone?”

Ji Hyo nodded as she receives the cup of water from Gary’s hand. He then quickly resumed his seat beside her.

“You shouldn’t have made this trip.” Said Gary in a worried look. He felt really bad that he made her drove all the way to his place. “You should have called me instead…”

“Because…I have a happy news to tell you personally.”


Ji Hyo put down the cup in her hand and positions herself to lay her head on Gary’s lap. “Just now Chang Jo oppa ask for me…So I went and meet him…”


“Ji Hyo-ah!”

Ji Hyo turned around and saw CEO Baek running towards her.


“Ji Hyo-ah, I-I wanna say…” CEO Baek hesitated before reaching out his hand and held hers.


“Thank you for everything…Now I am truly happy for you… Someone else has given you the happiness that I couldn’t give…Be happy with Kang Gary-ssi…”

“O-oppa h-how did you know?”

CEO Baek burst out a little laugh. “I was still unsure until just now…but your answer just confirm my doubt…Well…I can see the chemistry between you guys on the show. It’s too obvious.”


“But if he ever bullies you, you know you can count on me…but I bet he won’t.” He let out another small laugh.

“Gary oppa has been very good to me…Don’t worry..”

CEO Baek nodded in agreement. “Yeah he’s a better boyfriend than me.”


“Nah I’m not sad. I’m just stating a fact. That’s it…I’ve said what I wanted…”

“Gu-Gumawo oppa…”

CEO Baek smiled. “You better get going and be careful on the way back.”

A smile spread across Ji Hyo’s face. She stepped forward and gave CEO Baek a warm friendly hug. “Arasso…I’ll get going then.”

[End of Flashback]

“It felt like a stone fell out of my chest…Chang Jo oppa’s word made me feel so happy. Finally I don’t have that burden anymore when I see him. Now that we see each other as friends…it felt more comfortable…”

“That’s really good to hear…” Gary said as he strokes her forehead. “At least if I ever meet him anywhere, I don’t have to feel bad anymore…”

“That’s why I couldn’t reply you immediately…I was with him…” She paused. “But you know what, sitting around him made me missed you more…That’s why I rushed over here…despite have a schedule at 5am later…Manager unnie is gonna kill me…” Ji Hyo made a worried face but she couldn’t care less because Gary is more important right now.

“I know because you love me so much.” Gary bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Ji Hyo just smiled. “From now onwards I can be more comfortable while filming Running Man.” She said earnestly. “I don’t have the burden that he might be watching and feeling uncomfortable…”

Gary nodded in agreement. Sometimes when he makes some joke about Monday Couple on screen, he would have extra concern if CEO Baek ever watches them which he bet he does. Now, he can also stop worrying about Ji Hyo’s future in her company.

“It’s good that you went and meet him…Indeed, Song Ji Hyo is the wisest.”

“Know that this is an honour.” Ji Hyo stated proudly.

“I know I am a lucky man.”  

Gary look at the clock hanged at the wide wall of his house; it was fifteen minutes to one. “Don’t you need to rest? It’s getting late.”

Ji Hyo pouted the moment he mentioned about separation. Gary smiles again looking at his woman. “But you need to sleep so that you have energy to film…I don’t think your director wants to see a panda actress on the filming set don’t they?” He pinched her cheek lightly.

Ji Hyo laughed at Gary’s word. “Arasso...”

“Let me drive you home.”

“It’s okay…I need to drive my car back…”


I’ll call you when I get back…” Ji Hyo unwillingly steps out of Gary’s house with her fingers interlocking with him. He then walked her to the elevator.

Drive back safely.” He gave her his agyeo-est smile. Before leaving, Ji Hyo gave him a good bye kiss and steps into the elevator.


“It’s a wrap!” Jo PD shouted. “Thank you guys! See you next week!”

‘Yah you two!” Jong Kook immediately called out. “You two are getting sneaky now aren’t you? Ji Hyo-ah you are getting bold huh?” Jong Kook teased. “You were practically confessing to Kang Gary!” Jong Kook flipped through Ji Hyo’s drawing block that was used to answer the ‘Gold’ or ‘Partner’ question.

“I was just trying to build the climax…glad it turns out successful.” Ji Hyo laughed. “The twist at the end was just daebak.” She said while looking at the heavy gold pieces in her pouch.

Seeing the commotion, KwangSoo walked over. “How did both you guys choose ‘Partner’? Are you sure you guys did not plan this?”

Monday Couple shook their head in unison.

“As expected from Monday Couple.” KwangSoo let out an shy smile, covered with his hand. He’s too happy and satisfied for his noona’s relationship with Gary.

“It-it just happen like that…I was surprised too!” Gary said while looking at Ji Hyo. “We are the best couple aren’t we?” Gary slides his arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to his body. “Indeed, we are the perfect match.”

Gary slyly mouthed ‘Saranghae’ at Ji Hyo which made her laugh but his action was immediately caught by the sharp Haroro.

“Please leave all the romantic words at home alright?” Haha spoke like an ahjumma with his arm tuck on his waist. “Our hyung is still single. Don’t let him cry at home.” He said while looking at Jong Kook.

Haha’s statement caused them laugh out loudly which pissed Jong Kook off. “Yah! Ha Dong Hoon! Everything was fine until you spoke! Why did you have to mention me?” He said while ‘choking’ on Haha’s neck.

“Ahh Go Eun-ah!” Haha acted like he’s going to die.

Jong Kook's face turned incredibly red as he let go of Haha. Yeay sometimes he feels envious of Monday Couple because they found each other while he on the other side, still a bachelor.  "What’s wrong with being single?"

Kwang Soo bit his lower lip to prevent himself from laughing; “Hyung, just spent less time in gym and more time socialising. You can’t date with your muscle you know.”

His statement had totally hit the point where everybody burst out laughing real loud. Even some of the staff that heard their conversation laughs out.

Soon the members bid goodbye after fooling around too much. Ji Hyo then followed Gary back to his car when suddenly Gary took her pouch and stashes the gold he had into it, and giving back to her.

“Oppa aren’t you keeping them?” She asked curiously.

“What’s mine is now yours.” Gary said coolly.

Ji Hyo’s eyes widened as she felt that she has deciphered a different meaning to that sentence. He then opened the car door for her and Ji Hyo entered the car with confused mind.


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