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Saturday, November 11, 2017

『One Shot』Heart Signal - Alternate Ending

Se Rin excused herself and to go to the toilet. Feeling vexed, Yoon Kyung followed along back into the house. Ji Hae followed as well. The others continue having their last BBQ dinner at the house’s garden. Yoon Kyung plopped herself on the long sofa in the living room while Ji Hae head straight to the kitchen to get some cold drinks.


“Did you say you didn’t want to go back to Yongnam again?”

‘I definitely remember I didn’t say no. But he looks so sad after that. There must be a lot of misunderstanding. Maybe….we’re just not meant to be.’ Yoon Kyung thought to herself.

“Yoon-Kyung ah, you’re in dilemma?” Se Rin asked cautiously after coming back from the bathroom. Yoon Kyung responded with a faint smile and grabs a cushion and laid down. She heaves a big sigh.

“Unnie, you seem really vexed. Because of Juh Won oppa?” Ji Hae asked while walking from the kitchen. She passed the unnies the drinks that were in her hand.

“Ji Hae-ah, what do you think of him?”

“I think when we hang out, we had a lot of fun. He has a lot of funny side to him.”

“You guys talk a lot?”

Ji Hae’s widened. “Unnie, don’t misunderstand. We had a lot of fun, but that was it. I didn’t see him as a man, but as an oppa instead.”

“Aniya~ don’t say it like that. We all can have our own personal choices.”

“Unnie, when we’re out, he will mention you a few times. When he sees food in the street, he’ll go like, I wonder will Yoon Kyung-nim will like that. Or like if Yoon Kyung-nim sees this she’ll go crazy.”


“He cares about you a lot. Although he looks quiet, he has a lot on his mind.” Se Rin added.

“Yeah I know he’s mature, despite his age.” Yoon-Kyung’s voice trailed as she reminisces the solo moments with him.

“When he gets angry, his face says it all.” Ji Hae continued.

Yoon Kyung burst out laughing. “Yeah! I think only he didn’t notice it. His face is so obvious. But…..he looks kinda…..cute when he pouts.” Yoon Kyung mentally screams at her own words. For the first time, she showed her aegyo side to the other ladies in the Signal House.

“Yah! Look at your face! You’re so red!” Se Rin squealed.

“Andwae! Don’t look at me! I’ll be redder.”

“Anyway, think carefully. Follow your heart.” Se Rin says earnestly. “I’ll be heading out. Come out when your face is less redder.” Se Rin poked fun at her and left the house together with Ji Hae. Yoon Kyung was left there, thinking to herself.

For the final day of recording, all residents of the Signal House have to send the last message to the ones that you will choose. And then the producer of the show will send them their personal number of the people that you’re interested in so that you can personally make the phone call and confess.

Yoon Kyung stood there in the cold on top of the Poet’s Hill. Again, her mind is filled with two guys-Suh Joo Won and Jang Chun. She didn’t get to spend a lot of personal time with Jang Chun until the last day, where they went back to their university – Konkuk University to relive that degree life. It was comfortable to hang with him and her heart feels peaceful.

As for Joo Won, she practically stuck with him throughout the weeks there; she was closest to him. She even initiated to drop the honorifics with him first. She enjoyed all of their dates, but Joo Won thinks otherwise because of her lack of expression. However, what he did not know was her heart flutters when she is with him that made her expressionless because she does not want to make it obvious. Being with him gave her the adrenaline rush.

Should she choose someone that makes her comfortable or someone that makes her heart flutters?

As expected, her phone rang, echoing throughout the quiet evening of Poet’s Hill. She lifts up her phone and saw the unknown number. The residents are not allowed to exchange numbers so they would not know who the caller is until you pick up the call.

“Yeoboseyo,” She said timidly.

“Yah! Bae Yoon Kyung!”


Suh Joo Won sat there contemplating. He wanted to call her so badly, but he was worried about the words she mentioned before they left the House.
Despite their list of misunderstanding, he felt that he needed her in his life. The woman that was able to control him and allow him to express himself. Although he was slightly younger than she was, her presence in his life made a man out of him, the leader. At the same time, they were able to hang out like friends. As he sat there, his mind drifted to the conversation he had with Jang Chun-hyung.

“I think I have interest in Yoon Kyung-ssi too.”

They are both vying for the same woman. Just by the age, Jang Chun is more mature, looks more dependable, not to mention his stable and safe profession as compared to his racing career, which is generally far more dangerous.

Maybe I am not worth it of her love.

He fumbled around the phone, hovering his finger above the call button.

But it’s not for us to decide who she chooses. I shall just go for it. It’s now or never.


A figure appeared running towards the Poet’s Hill. He reached the top of the hill and saw a slim figure, looking out to the vast surrounding.

“Yah Bae Yoon Kyung!

Yoon Kyung turned around and saw the guy that he has been expecting. She breaks into a smile immediately.

“Have you been waiting for long?” The man said, with a hint of shyness on his face. “I came as fast as I could already.”

“Really? I can see the sweats…” Her voice trailed off, eyes darting through the sweat beads on the man’s forehead.

“Were you expecting me to call you?” He asked straightforwardly. He was surprised that she said yes to his phone call.


“Yeoboseyo,” She said timidly, as she answers the stranger’s call.

“Yah! Bae Yoon Kyung!”

“Do you know who am I?”

“I can recognize your voice.”

“So…your answer is?”


“You can just let me straightforwardly. I will understand your choice.”

“When are you leaving to Yongam again? I need to pack more titbits and games to play while I wait for you.”

Joo Won’s mouth breaks into a wide smile the moment he heard her reply.

“Well…” He tried so hard to maintain his excited voice. “Not that soon, but we can do a day trip out to the outskirt one day.”

“Arasso…” She said with aegyo sound. “Come to the Poet’s Hill then.”


“If you didn’t call, I would be sad.” Yoon Kyung confessed. This shy confession made Joo Won break into another broad smile. He spreads his arms open and gives her a big hug.

“I’m sorry for all the misunderstanding that I have caused. Sincerely. But I am so thankful you said yes. I was so afraid I would get rejected. You didn’t know how nervous I was making that call.” Joo Won said softly into her ears.

“No…I have made you misunderstand too.” Yoon Kyung replied, still in his hug.

Joo Won break the hug and made her look into his eyes. “I know I am being childish. I pout easily. I am sorry.”

“So you actually know that.” She smiled, and cup his face with her hand.

“Let’s go?”

Joo Won reached out for her hand quickly interlocks his fingers with her right hand. Yoon Kyung just smile at his gesture.

“Joo Won-ah…”


“I’ll…promise you that I’ll do better with my expression.” She said shyly.

Joo Won stopped his tracks. “Well,…you just need to be yourself. Be the most comfortable you.” He said with an assuring smile and pinched her nose slightly. “You’re prettiest when you’re being you.”


“That’s more like it.” He said. “Let’s go now!”

“Where are we going?”

“Let’s go to the amusement park!”


【Author's Note】

I was so crazy about this Channel A's variety show called "Heart Signal" that I wished the ending was different from the show, that is why I am writing this alternate ending to satisfy my fantasy. Until today, I wished YK and JW was together instead. They are just so cute. XD


  1. As Joo Woo entering the amusement park with Yoon Kyung... Joo Woo couldn't help it with his overwhelming feeling about Yoon Kyung... he felt so blessed hold Yoon Kyung's hand in his... He wasn't too sure about Yoon Kyung because everything is just like a dream came true. He definitely felt so nervous that his heart was beating against his ribs internally.

    #throwback in Yongnam
    "Do you love me?" Joo Woo said jokingly (while he was dying to figure Yoon Kyung's feeling out)
    *Yoon Kyung break into laugh*
    "What's your ideal woman?" Yoon Kyung asked..
    "Me ?" Joo Woo replied to grab more time to react ...
    "Yea..." Yoon Kyung's replied
    *he is ideal type? You?...yea, nah he knew Yoon Kyung won't buy his reply again or she will take it as another joke... so he think what he could best describe of her or at least ensure to her feeling toward himself*

    "I really good to my girlfriend." he replied with a glance on her...
    "you do?" Yoon Kyung's replied and looking at Joo Woon
    "I really good to them but.... I wish she'd take care of me as much as I take care of her" he hinting Yoon Kyung. (relatively she is the one who always busy and independent among all the ladies in the house. While he really felt that he was still so immature like a kid. How could a kid look after another kid for life? Definitely he was not a believer to male chauvinism, after all human should be respecting each other.)

    "there are time.... When I was blunt with what I say" he continues to explaining himself.

    "I do make bold decision as well..My life had ..." as he recalled on all the childish mistake that he have made in the past .
    "How do I said this? There is alots of ups and downs in life " he continues...
    "I hope the person I date..can have a solid foundation of me..." He still hoping Yoon Kyung would have been more curiosity on him and confirm her interest on himself.

    "and....a woman, who is willing to take care of me"as he explained.

    That he have always been explaining himself clearly that he felt he always need a either more mature or independent so called his dream type. Clearly, Yoon Kyung is more mature or independent as the rest. She always have her own thing and seem to be really busy. Unlike JiHae, who give him the feeling of just being another annoying little sis roaming around the house. It feel good to have an annoying sis that you are comfortable and talk about everything. However, he understand that sis feeling was so much different from the romance feeling of his heart beat with Yoon Kyung. Which he know only she could handle his immature nonsense and inspired him to be a better person. As she had been always taking care of herself well independently.

    Despite that, he knew Yoon Kyung after all he still hoping to feel Yoon Kyung's soft side. So he could felt he is important to her and she will need him too like take care of each other. Love is so contradicting so do life...

    Even though he could felt that he feeling went up to 80-90% again when he was with her in the amusement park without riding a roller coaster which he actually really scare of it. He still do hope to make her happy in every moment they spend together.

    So when they had left the amusement...Yoon Kyung couldn't help it and putting her arm around his neck hugged him ...thanks him. He was stunned, cause he thought everything was just completing a little dream or fantasy of mind with his ideal girl.

    And now is like his dream true. So he stepped a step forward whisper next to her ear and finally said "It's you." Sliding his arm around her waist to hug her back.

    Finally he could felt her heartbeat beating as clearly as his. As if her heart was beating against his. :)

    1. wow nice story you have there!

      Thanks for reading my work and reply with an interesting ending on your own. :)