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Sunday, August 4, 2013

You're the Answer To a Girl Like Me - Chapter 8

[Chapter 8]

Gary twirls his pen around as he focused on the sheets of paper in front of him. He’s amending some parts of their new collaboration song with Eugene of Seeya entitled “Tears” after their first recording this morning. He’s looking very serious as usual whenever he’s into his song-writing mood. His hand can’t stop scribbling here and there, mumbling to himself.

As he practises through his rap part, his phone beeped with an incoming message. It was from Ji Hyo. Straight away a smile spread across his face, extinguishing the serious look almost immediately.

FROM Ji Hyo:  “Oh oppa you called me this morning? Sorry I was filming. Whassup?”

TO Ji Hyo: “Nothing just catching up with you. I am in the recording studio with Gil now~ ㅋㅋ

FROM Ji Hyo:  “Ahh,a new song coming? Daebak! – Leessang fan”

TO Ji Hyo: “I’ll let you hear it if there’s chance. I think you will like it. The title reminds me of you.ㅋㅋㅋ

FROM Ji Hyo:  “Reminds of me? Oppa you’re making me very curious now~ ㅎㅎ

TO Ji Hyo: “It’s a collaboration song with a very good singer. Please look forward to it.

FROM Ji Hyo:  “Okay oppa must let me hear them…”

TO Ji Hyo: “Yes definitely I will… Oppa gotta resume recording now. Talk to you next time.ㅎㅎ

With that last message sent to Jihyo, Gary adjusted his facial expression and put his phone aside. Gil who was watching all along, look in disbelief.

“Kang Hee Geun!” Gil called out. “Just a few messages from her can make you smile like that?” Gil shook his head.

“What is it?” Gary said nonchalantly, keeping his face straight acting like he doesn’t know what Gil is trying to mean.

 “Tsk tsk…the power of love…” Gil said with his hoarse voice as he put his hand behind his ‘clean’ head.


“Ji Hyo, who are you texting that makes you smile…?” Asked Ji Hyo’s hairdresser that she has known for a few years while touching up on her hairdo. Ji Hyo is waiting to film the next scene of the drama.

“Oh? It’s nothing..” Embarrassed, she quickly put her phone aside and picked up the mirror and to check on her make up.

“I know…It must be Baek Chang Jo-ssi...Right?”

“Unnie! Stop teasing me…”

“Arasso..I won’t ask.” She gave a smile.

Weird enough, her hairdresser’s question also struck her. It’s just an ordinary message conversation between a friend…Why does it make her smile so much? Anyway, she’s really anticipating the new song from Kang Gary, more precisely Leessang. She’s their fan after all.


[Filming for Ep129 – Winter Olympic]

“Okay we’ll hit the slab for our lunch break.” Myeok PD shouted.

“I’ll do it!” Kwanghee volunteered. “One, two, three!”

With that everyone clapped their hands and starts to disperse to remove their ice hockey suit away. Gary again helped Ji Hyo walk to the changing area because of her enormous goalkeeper suit. Everyone crowded at the changing area busy taking off their suit.

“Oppa, can you help me to remove my helmet first?” Ji Hyo naturally called out.

“You’re really troublesome.” With a click, Gary removed Ji Hyo’s helmet. Seeing her sweating so much, he used his hand to fan her as much as he can although you can’t really feel the wind. “Look at you sweating so much. Anybody got tissue here?”

Ji Hyo’s manager who came to the set too quickly passed a tissue to him. Gently, he wiped Ji Hyo’s sweat while her manager helped her to get out of the suit.

“Wow look at that two~” Haha teased. Because of his statement, both Yoo Jae Suk and Kwang Soo turned their heads to the duo. The embarrassed Gary quickly retrieved his hand and commented sloppily, “Ahh she’s a girl that need a lot of help..”

“Yah Song Ji Hyo you’re really lucky to have Gary hyung waiting on you.” He teased again.

Ji Hyo looked at Haha with a puzzled look. She did not felt anything because she is busy taking off the suit.

Haha started imitating how gently Gary wipes her sweats off on Kwang Soo. Kwang Soo played along, making Ji Hyo blushed. She turned to Gary and saw him holding the used piece of tissue.

She let out a smile and took the tissue from him. “Gumawo oppa. You should go take off yours too.” She then focused back to taking off the suit.

Why didn’t I feel him wiping my sweats? Was it such a natural act of him for my body not to response to it?

Soon, everybody has done changing and they moved to a room where all the members, idols and staff enjoy their lunch break.

As they were eating, they casually converse like they would always do like a family. Now with the addition of the idols the crowd was noisier.

“Ji Hyo noona! Your goalkeeper skill is daebak!” Yong Hwa complimented as he eats a mouthful of rice. Ji Hyo smiles at the compliment and shakes her head, “I did nothing much though…”

Jae Suk and Suk Jin nodded in unison. “Of course, Ji Hyo is our Running Man ace.”

“It’s important to meet a capable woman.” Gary who was (of course) sitting beside Ji Hyo said softly. Although it was soft, it was audible to Lee Joon who was sitting on the other side of Gary.

“Is…Gary hyung and Ji Hyo noona a pair…?” The blank-head Lee Joon asked bluntly. Ji Hyo and Gary looked up from their food and turned to him. His question caught everyone’s attention for a little while before breaking into laughter.

“Don’t you know that they are Monday Couple? The whole nation knows about it…” Kwang Hee teased. Now Ji Hyo and Gary who was the star of the topic kept their head low, a little embarrassed.

 “Of course I know!” Lee Joon innocently defended. “But the camera is turned off now….” He said looking at the VJs who are hungrily digging into their own food.

Realising the whole starting-to-get-awkward situation, the fast-sense Haha quickly makes a joke out of it. “Ah Gary hyung! It’s not Monday today! Have you forgotten? You should stop your act now…Hyung change place with me!”

Even the members are puzzled at these two’s status. It’s weird to see how Gary is always caring for Ji Hyo during  filming and how Ji Hyo naturally sticks to Gary these days. They never really probe anything about them other than just teasing. They really wanted some news from them but now they are just watching their ambiguous close relationship as bystanders. They are still waiting for the day to come; the day when they are not just Monday Couple but Everyday Couple.

Gary blamed himself a little on the inside for spouting nonsense with the idol dongsaeng on set. Now he is being forced to swap place with Haha to prevent the dongsaengs from misunderstanding. Unwillingly he stood up and change seats with Haha who was sitting opposite Ji Hyo.

“Ahh I think I am too engrossed in my character as Monday Boyfriend…” Gary casually jokes with his pouting face.

His word made everyone break into laughter again. The quick lunch break was continued in a cheerful manner. Then the lunch break ended and as all of them walked to their car to change to a different filming location, Jong Kook approached his dongsaengs from behind.

“Hyung says sorry if I was too harsh during the game just now …” Jong Kook says with an earnest smile

Minho, surprised with the sudden apologetic-Jong Kook quickly turned to his back and bowed slightly. “Ah hyung! It’s nothing.. We enjoyed ourselves instead.”

“Jong Kook hyung your strength is not a joke!” Kwang Hee chipped in.

“Ah Kwang Hee-ah, did you hurt yourself anywhere? I think I knock you too hard.” Jong Kook grabbed Kwang Hee shoulder and scanned him from up till down, massaging them a little.

“Actually it hurts a little but what kind of sport comes with no injury?” Kwang Hee replied with his signature smile. “Instead, this game is really interesting. I never knew we could do that with a broom.”

He felt sorry for his harsh way of playing the game and he was very glad that the dongsaeng understands him that he did it for the sake of the show.

Yong Hwa saw the trio talking and walked over. “Hyung, we should train together sometimes, your muscles are really cool.” He looked at himself and rubbed his tummy area. “I’ve put on weight recently...” 

“Oh really?” Jong Kook teased and punch lightly on his stomach. “You need to work on this part then.”

“Exactly hyung! You should teach me a skill or two on how to keep fit.”

Jong Kook pointed to the side of his head, “It’s all in the mind. You need determination.” The dongsaeng look up to this sunbae in awe with that golden advice.

Behind the whole crowd, there’s the Monday Couple who’s walking a little slower than others.

“Oppa is sorry if just now the lunch is embarrassing you because of me…” Gary said gently. Ji Hyo quickly shook her head. “No oppa, not at all…I’m not bothered by it at all…”

The members reached the car and the last two who arrived at the car were being asked to sit at the back. “Yah you two are getting close aren’t you? Then you two shall sit at the back.” Jae Suk ‘ordered’ in a nagging tone that cracks the others up.

Monday couple obediently obliged which surprised the members because Ji Hyo aren’t the one that usually follow what the oppa says. In front of the oppa especially to Big Nose Hyung, Ji Hyo is more like a noona.

The car starts to move and Ji Hyo took out her phone and swiftly types on it.

Suddenly, Ji Hyo passed the phone to Gary and made him read. Gary who was a little surprised and tried to maintain his expression. It reads:

‘Oppa my mom is coming the day after. She would be bringing some food for me. And….you’re invited.’

The surprised Gary turned his head and look at her. His eyes widened showing a ‘Really?’ look. And Ji Hyo really understood him nodded.

Ji Hyo took back her phone and type again. Then it’s back to his hand.

‘Then you would have to let me listen to the new song.ㅋㅋ

Immediately Gary reached out his hand and secretly pinky-promises with Ji Hyo. 




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