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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You're The Answer To A Girl Like Me - Chapter 15

Chapter 15

“Oppa! You tell the lamest joke~!” Ji Hyo laughed, barely caught up in her breath. Her laugh was genuine, felt like all her worries are at the back of the head, all forgotten at the moment. She clapped her hands together with her laughter, suddenly the car became alive again.

“Feeling better now?” A smile spread across Gary’s face. He’s contended and glad that she’s smiling again. When Ji Hyo got into the car earlier, her face is fuming red, really upset about something. He didn’t dare to ask her but instead told her a joke.

Ji Hyo nodded with a smile. She reached out her hand and linked them with his right hand that is not on the steering wheel. “Oppa you treat me the best!”

“Of course, anything for my Mong Ji.” He said and patted her head gently.

“But that movie producer is really making me angry! I know he’s upset with the team but he shouldn’t be venting it out on everybody…” Ji Hyo pouted and crossed her arms across her chest. “Oppa, I think I need some—”

“Soondae and soju?”

Ji Hyo’s eyes widened as Gary completes her sentence. Sometimes, she’s really surprised at how Gary understands her, even her food likings.

“Oppa, are you sure you did not install a mind reader in my brain?” She squint her eyes while looking at Gary.

Gary shook his head innocently and smile, “I just took extra effort to understand you, babo.”

“Arasso…, Kang Gary is the best.”

Suddenly his phone rang and he took them form the dashboard. He saw the caller ID and quickly passed it to Ji Hyo as he can’t talk while driving. Surprised, Ji Hyo just picked the phone up.


“GARY-HYUuunn— Oh, annyeonghaseyo…this is…?”

“Oppa annyeong, this is Ji Hyo~”

“Ji Hyo? Song Ji Hyo? W-Why are you having Gary hyung’s phone?”

“Oh it’s because…I-I am with Kang Gary right now…He’s driving…” Ji Hyo answered with a smile while looking at Gary.

“WoOoOoo…” Haha sneered sarcastically. “Just nice, I am having get together party over at my house today, please do come over if you’re clear of schedules today. I’ve called the others too.”

“Oh party…?”

“Why? You had other plans with Gary hyung?

Ji Hyo took down the phone and covered up the mic. “Haha-oppa is having party tonight. He’s inviting us to go.”

“Party? Nice!” Gary chirped. “Maybe it’s the time too…” He’s voice trailed away in excitement.


Gary shook and signalled her to agree to Haha’s invitation.

“Oh oppa, we’re coming tonight…”

“OKAAaaY! See you Monday Couple!”

Haha seems really excited over phone which made Ji Hyo a little nervous about the whole gathering. She doesn’t know what to expect from it.


Ha Dong Hoon looked at the clock hung over at the wall. It was already 8pm but Monday Couple has yet to appear. Other members have already arrived and were eating delicious dinner prepared by Byul. Kwang Soo was about to called Ji Hyo when suddenly the doorbell rang.

“I’ll go get it!” Kwang Soo quickly got up and reaches for the door.

The door opened and the members in the house were greeted by the scene; Gary holding some gift in his hand with Ji Hyo standing slightly behind him. A little like newlywed groom and bride that just came back from honeymoon.

“Oh look who’s here!” Jae Suk exclaimed with his mouth filled with rice.

“Gary Hyung!” KwangSoo bowed lightly and briefly hugged each other. “Ji Hyo-noona, annyeong!”

KwangSoo moved away to let the latecomers in. Gary walked first, with Ji Hyo following closely behind.

“Oh look at their way of coming in…” Suk Jin who’s the oldest, has a way of seeing people.

“Hyung! What are you saying~?” Gary who’s face already red from all the commotion, just sat down on the sofa.

“Oppa! The gift!” Ji Hyo quickly reminded.

“Oh yea! Dong Hoon-yah! This is something for you and jesu-ssi (wife of younger brother).” He reached out and passed the gift in his hand to Byul.

“Ahh Gary-oppa! You guys shouldn’t have spent~! But anyway thanks…” Byul received the gift with appreciative heart.

“Yah the two of you….Something sneaky is going on here right…?” Haha straight-forwardly asked.

“Oppa!” Byul quickly prevent her husband from making the guest awkward when they have just arrived. “Ji Hyo unnie, Gary oppa please take a seat!”

They sat together, around the big round table in the living room on the floor. They had samgyupsal with some spicy chicken broth prepared by Byul. As they eat, other members can’t help but to pay attention to the two latecomers.

“Have more meat.” Gary said gently as he put pieces of meat on her plate. “Do you want more chicken?” Or kimchi?”

“Yah yah yah the two of you…Do you guys have something to tell us?” Jong Kook asked while squinting his-already-very-small pair of eyes.

“Exactly! It’s too obvious now…noona.” Kwang Soo said with a suspicious look. “Look at the sitting distance between you two.”

Gary looked at Ji Hyo who’s looking all mong as usual for a sign. He has always wanted to tell the members about the happy news but he wasn’t sure if Ji Hyo is ready or okay for it. She stared back at him with a smile starting to spread across her face.

Looking at all the pair of eyes that can’t take their eyes off them, suddenly Ji Hyo picked up a piece of meat and brought it near Gary’s mouth.

“Oh oh oh?”

Automatically, Gary opened his mouth and accepted that piece of meat but with a mong face looking at Ji Hyo. He didn’t know what does that mean.

“Eyyy....” Kwang Soo responded with his usual unsatisfactory expression.

“What does that mean?” Ji Suk Jin frowned. “It’s not like you guys have not fed each other before. This does not mean anything at all.” Actually by this time, all the members already knew that they both have officially become an item. But somehow they wanted them to show more affection so they purposely acted like they don’t understand.

Seeing that Ji Hyo is ready to tell the others, Gary took the initiative and holds her hand. He held her hand up high to show the others.

“Holding hands is not a big deal, it’s not like you guys haven’t hold before.” Haha said with a poker face. Byul who can’t withstand their ‘acting’, kept laughing with her mouth covered.

As Gary cannot stand any longer at his members’ acting, he just turn to Ji Hyo and in a flash, gave a quick peck on her delicate cheek.

“Yah! Kang Gary!” Ji Hyo turned to him in horror. For a spilt second, all the members were really shocked thinking that they had really assumed the wrong thing. Even Gary was shocked.

“You didn’t wipe your mouth didn’t you?” Ji Hyo gently touches her cheek. There are traces of samgyupsal’s smell. “Yah! Look at this!”

Her shocked expression made everyone in the house burst out laughing. She wiped away the stain with her napkin with pouted lips. “Do it next time when your mouth is clean.”

Her ending statement once again made everyone laugh. Hearing this, suddenly Gary got hold of both of Ji Hyo’s shoulder and ‘forcefully’ wants to kiss her on her lips. With all her force, she pushed Gary away, making a comedy right in front of everybody.

The dinner ended with more laughters and revelation of more inside stories about how and when they began. Now finally the members feel really happy about the ending of their ambiguous relationship but the starting of a beautiful relationship.


Gary and Ji Hyo took a short walk around in the park near Ji Hyo’s house after the dinner; of course hand in hand. As they about to walk back the rain suddenly poured down very heavily. The merciless raindrops are accompanied by series of frightening thunder. They rushed back to the house and finally got in, half drenched.

“Oppa, please sit for awhile. I’ll get you a towel.” Soon, Jihyo came out of her room with a towel. She walked over to Gary and passed the towel to him.

“Oppa, here you go. Wipe yourself dry otherwise you would get sick.” She had one too, and started drying her own hair.

“You dry it for me?” Gary said with aegyo tone looking up at Ji Hyo with puppy eyes.

“Ooo..Kang Gary since when you know how to do this?” Ji Hyo said with a smile and took the towel from him. She made Gary sit in front of her and she stood behind him. Gently she starts drying up her hair.

The scene was just too beautiful. He closed his eyes to enjoy the moment as much as he could.

“You wanna stay here tonight?” Ji Hyo suddenly blurts out. “Since it’s still raining so heavily.. I don’t think you can go back now. You’re gonna get sick in the rain.”

Gary looked out of the window and looked back at her, “Are you sure this is alright?” Of course he would love to stay back but he’s more concern about her reputation but since she’s the one who suggested, he agreed.


Ji Hyo laid down comfortable on the head of her bed while Gary settled down on the white sofa that is situated by her bed.

“Oppa, are you sleeping already?” Ji Hyo asked suddenly.

Gary who has his hand put behind his head, sat up and look at Ji Hyo who’s lying on her bed. “Why? Can’t sleep?”

“It’s cold today…” Ji Hyo frowned while looking out of the window. The rain is still pouring, raining like there’s no tomorrow. Gary patted gently the seat beside him and Ji Hyo automatically crawled out of her bed and snuggled herself beside Gary.

Gary put his arm around her shoulder and hugged her tightly. 

The night felt long as they softly talked about their childhood, their hobbies, their favourite songs and many more. As they talked, Gary felt the he know Ji Hyo and understand her better.

“How I wished that we could stay like this forever.” Gary said softly as he gently pecked the top of Ji Hyo’s head.  

Ji Hyo breaks into a smile as she hears Gary’s word, confessing in a cute way. She reached out his hand and pinched his cheek gently. She nudged closer to Gary, eventually laying her head on his chest, with their hands holding. As they talked, they soon fall asleep on the couch, in the cold night together in each other's embrace. 



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