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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You're the Answer to a Girl Like Me - Chapter 20

Chapter 20

“Oppa! Any free time to spare now?”

“Eh? Now?”


“Oppa, are you okay with this arrangement?” Ji Hyo looked over to the driver. “I don’t know if this is a rush decision, but I think this is a good—”

“Well, if you think this would make up everything, then oppa will support your choice. Don’t worry too much about me. Just do what you need to do.” Gary reached out his hand and placed them firmly on her hands, assuring her decision.

Once they reach her house, which was just a short 10 minutes distance from the mart, they got down the car. A silver sedan followed closely behind. CEO Baek got down of the car with heavy footsteps.


The two guys sat in the living room opposite from each other. It was so awkward that Gary literally felt suffocated. He looked around nervously trying to avoid eye contact with CEO Baek.

“Are you nervous?”

“Eh?...Me…No...It-it’s just that—”

“Just be comfortable Gary-ssi…you don’t have to be like that…” He said politely. “You don’t have to be so formal around me.”

“Ahh…yes…” Gary looked over to Ji Hyo who’s busy in the kitchen, preparing the tteokbokki. “Well…I think I’ll go over to the kitchen to help her…Please wait  a while.”

He bowed slightly and excused himself to the kitchen. CEO Baek just silently watched the two from the couch.

‘You didn’t appreciate her enough and so you had to let her go.’

CEO Baek scolded himself mentally. That’s the reason why he lost Ji Hyo to Gary. He can see that how Gary’s life revolves around her. He watches how Gary attentively helps Ji Hyo around, being there with her even such a trivial matter. He remembers back a few occasions where he had to leave Ji Hyo alone because of work. As a CEO he has a lot of work to in the company and entertaining important guest. By the time he spends time with her, he’s already exhausted. It felt like a boiled water that has been cooled down and he forgot the ways to keep them boiling.

As his thoughts deepen, lost in his world of regrets he was suddenly called out by Ji Hyo’s voice.

“Oppa! Are you okay?”


“You are staring at the kitchen the whole time…You didn’t even see me passing by in front of you.”

“Ahh…did I? I was just thinking about some stuff back in the company…”

“Oh oppa are you busy? Then do you want me to pack this up for you?” Ji Hyo said, pointing to the plate of delicious saucy tteobokki that was place on the living room table. Gary then came over to the living room with two bottles of cold soju.

“How can I not eat this while when this smells so nice?” CEO Baek said as he sat on the living room floor.

“Of course, food comes before anything…” Gary said coolly as he sat on the floor beside Ji Hyo.

“Let’s tuck in then!” Ji Hyo said cheerfully. She passed the chopsticks to CEO Baek and was anticipating his comment towards the food as he eats one mouthful.

“How is it oppa?” She asked nervously. She looked over to Gary who was munching off the food happily. “As expected…” Gary said with face filled with happiness. He showed thumbs up sign before eating another mouthful.

“Yes…Gary-ssi is right…It’s really delicious…” CEO Baek commented.

“Ahh really? I was kind of worried at first…I’m glad it turned out well…” Ji Hyo said shyly. She then tried herself and was amazed by how it turned out well despite her bad cooking skill.

“Gary-ssi, how’s work?”

“Thanks for your concern… Everything is fine at the moment…Just the usual. ..Writing songs...filming Running Man and ohyea! Regarding what you said earlier…I’m really sorry. I should have thought more about it before behaving that way…I’m really sorry…Next time I’ll be more careful…”

“Don’t worry too much about that…I guess I was a little too serious that it startled you…I’m sorry about that too…”

“No! No! Chang Jo-ssi! I’m the one at fault! I should be the one to say sorry.” Gary lifted up the soju bottle and refilled CEO Baek’s cup. “Come let’s bottoms up.”

“Yah yah yah…Why are the two of you keep trying to say sorry to each other? Is there something that I don’t know?” Ji Hyo asked curiously.

“Well it’s something between the guys…” CEO Baek said suddenly with a sly smirk. Playing along, Gary nodded. “Yes, it’s between the men only.” He said, adding to Ji Hyo’s confusion.

Despite feeling left out, Ji Hyo is really delighted to the scene in front of her; a scene that she never had imagine that she’ll experience. Both Gary and CEO Baek is talking to harmoniously to each other…behaving like friends and even keeping secrets from her. She’s more than contented. She felt that asking CEO Baek to come over was the right decision.

The supper aka hangout session continued further. They had a couple rounds of soju and more talks. Gary starts to know CEO Baek more personally and vice versa. CEO Baek personally felt that the dinner was a closure to his relationship with Ji Hyo and the starting of a new friendship.


“Thank you oppa….for coming over” Ji Hyo broke the silence as she walked CEO Baek out. “I’m really thankful.”

“I should be the one saying that…Thank you because I really enjoyed myself tonight. Your food is delicious.”

“This is just a simple meal…Oppa you know I can’t really cook right?”

“But I know that there’s someone who will appreciate whatever you feed him. And that person is waiting for you inside.” CEO Baek gave a smile. “Go on inside…It’s cold outside here…”

Ji Hyo broke into a shy smile. “Arasso…oppa.”

“Oppa will get going now. I’ll see you around in the company.”

With that, CEO Baek entered the car and drove away. As she watches his car disappear around the corner, suddenly, a pair of arms envelopes around Ji Hyo waist. “He left already…?”


“It’s so cold outside here…Aren’t you cold?”

Smiling while looking down at the pair of arms that wraps around her waist, Ji Hyo said “This already enough to make me warm and fuzzy inside.” She reached out her hand and caresses Gary’s hair.


After cleaning up the mess in the living room and the kitchen, Ji Hyo walked over to Gary who is sitting on the couch and automatically occupies the space beside him. He then picked up the hi-fi’s remote control to play some soft music.

“Aigooo I’m so tired” Ji Hyo whined as she stretches her arm up in the air.

“Come here…” Gary said coolly, offering his leg as the pillow. Accepting it gratefully, Ji Hyo quickly snuggled closer and rests her head on his lap.

“You’ve work hard today…” Gary said softly, stroking her soft maroon hair.

I wonder how the producer is going to edit today’s episode…? Do you think they’ll put the kiss in?”

Whatever, I hope the reaction won’t be too explosive…I’m starting to regret already…” Gary said with a guilty tone.  

“Don’t worry oppa, things will be fine…We’ll deal with it somehow. Putting that aside, oppa, I feel that I have made the right decision just now….”

“You’re still thinking about the meal just now?”

“Of course I am…I was so worried that things will turn out bad…or awkward. So I’m grateful to you oppa…”

“To me?”

Ji Hyo sat up and clasped her arm around his. Then she rested her head on her shoulder. “Of course…Because you stood by me and supported my decision.  If you’re not here, I don’t think I would have that much of strength and I have to affirm you for that.”

Hearing the praise, Gary’s face got red all of a sudden. “Well…I because I know you always make the right decision…you’re the wisest woman I’ve ever met.” Gary said earnestly.

 “Do I always make the right decision?” Ji Hyo asked curiously, looking at him.

“Of course…that’s why I’m the luckiest man in the world…” Gary said playfully with aegyo smile.

“Eyyyy….someone is being very thick-skinned right now…” Ji Hyo let out a big laugh. Gary is surely her endorphin, with his silly and cheesy words it always makes her feel very loved. Having said that, she snuggled closer to Gary.

With a soft voice, she gently whispered by his ear.

“Instead of that….” She paused momentarily. 

“I should say that…I’m the luckiest woman in the world...”

Ji Hyo’s magical charm definitely worked on him, sending ultra-fast speed signals all over his body. His face turned red almost immediately.

Suddenly Ji Hyo turned to his cheek and gave Gary a peck on his cheek. Her surprise kiss quickly reminds him what he did today during filming.

“So this is how wonderful it felt…” Gary chuckled softly, making Ji Hyo embarrassed too.

He then gently tucks her fallen hair behind her ears. “You’re looking extra beautiful today, Song Ji Hyo.” He said softly which made Ji Hyo break into a smile.

The sky suddenly rumble with thunder and it started drizzling. The sound of the soft raindrops hitting on the window pane just set up the mood nicely. The atmosphere was perfect for something more. Adding on was the smell of Ji Hyo’s perfume…Gary could literally felt his blood rushing.

“’s raining…” Ji Hyo turned her head towards the window.

“Ji Hyo-ah…”

Ji Hyo turned back and saw Gary looking at her, in an unusual way. His soft and gentle gaze that makes Ji Hyo’s heart flutters.

Gary reaches out his other hand for her chin. Holding her chin, he slowly leaned in for her lips. Knowing what comes next, Ji Hyo close her eyes and leaned forward. Within seconds, their lips met.

At first, it was a soft kiss, almost shy in a way, which greatly contrasted Gary’s overflowing love for Ji Hyo. However as time ticks, their lips soon move together in a sweet and but slow pace harmony. Gary’s fingers then ran through her hair and trailed softly down her back. He pulled her body closer leaving no gap between them. It was done without much effort. Ji Hyo slowly wrapped her hands around the nape of his neck…deepening their kiss. The Kiss...the first deep kiss they ever shared…after almost six months together, is the most magical thing they ever felt so far, where their senses are heightened, and their hearts beat together as one.  

Gary starts to lean forward, with Ji Hyo leaning backwards…slowing laying her back on the couch. Their lips never break apart, still savouring the sweetness of each other’s lips. The smell of Gary’s cologne was still lingering despite it was almost the end of the day.

All of a sudden, Ji Hyo felt something indifferent down her body, which made her stopped kissing immediately. She quickly pushed Gary away making him shocked a little. It was a very sucky feeling to be exact for being rejected.

“What happened?” He asked timidly. “You don’t like—”

“No oppa!” Ji Hyo tried to regain her shaky breathing from the ‘vigorous’ act, as she tried to say something.

“I-I’m having my menstrual….”


Ji Hyo’s word struck him immediately.

Gary quickly brushed off the rejected feeling but he quickly reached out for his phone and swipe on the screen in a hurry. “Ah! Oppa has totally forgotten that you’re only on your third day!” He gently hit his head.

“I’m sorry, Ji Hyo. Oppa should have known…” Gary said apologetically. “I shouldn’t have—”

Ji Hyo breaks into laughter seeing how worried and guilty his face looks like. “Aigoo…oppa…” She sat up right and cupped the sorrowful face of his.

“I’m sorry oppa, but I think you have to go back home tonight….” She said. “Because if you stay here….It’s going to be very hard for you and for me…” Her voice trailed off, because she’s so embarrassed to confess how she feels about it.

“I should be saying sorry….that I forgot your menstrual days…I should have pay more attention on it….”

“You are already the best one…what else can I ask for?”

“Arasso…oppa will go back home…You better rest early okay?”

“Oppa call me when you get home…”

They had an almost inseparable departure at her door, before he drove away. After the disappointing night, Gary went straight back home and did some sit ups and bench press…to utilize away his ‘excess’ energy.


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