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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 1

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 4.25am)

‘Noona, what am I going to call you after this?’

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 4.26am)

‘Silly you, just call me noona. Why?’

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 4.29am)

‘Just..i think I am going to miss calling you yeobo.ㅎㅎ

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 4.35am)

‘Let’s just be natural, alright?’

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 4.36am)

‘Alright ㅋㅋNoona, where are you now?’

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 4.37am)

‘I am reaching my dorm soon. You?’

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 4.38am)

‘Hmm.. I think I am going to see you soon later right?ㅋㅋ

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 4.40am)

‘Of course, didn’t we have AML schedule later on?’

To : Ga In Noona (Sent: 4.41am)

‘So I’ll see you later? Erm, your favourite coffee and sandwich as usual?’

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 4.42am)

‘My favourite!! Thank you Kwon-ah. ^__^ ’

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 4.44am)

‘Alright noona, you rest well. Nights. <3 ’

Looking at his phone after 10 minutes he sent his last message, he knew that Ga In would not reply him anymore. She could be asleep already at her cozy bed. He then placed his Iphone away in his pocket. He turned towards the wedding portrait and gently brushes his hand across the portrait.

Yeobo, when will I get to call you yeobo again. Still I am definitely going to miss hearing you calling me yeobo. Anyway, noona thank you for allowing me to stay by your side. I just want you to know that I’ll always stand by you no matter what happens. Gumawo…noona.

‘Kwon-ah, do you miss her already? You know you just saw her right?’ His manager hyung who was behind the wheels looked up at the rear mirror joked at Jo Kwon’s action.

‘I know hyung.’ A drop of tear fell reluctantly onto his cheek. Quickly he wiped off his tears to avoid his hyung from noticing it.

After that, he sits back and tries to close his eyes from whatever that happened that morning. He still cannot believe that ‘Adam Couple’ has ended their stint in WGM. Unknowingly, another drop of tear escaped from the corner of his eye. He tries to sleep a little before starting another hectic schedule for the day.

Today, Jo Kwon wakes up earlier than usual to prepare breakfast before going to AML filming set. He took out a few eggs and ham from the fridge and starts preparing sandwich.


‘Carry me on your back!’ After having a hard day at 2AM’s dorm after listening to 3 ‘housewives’ nagging, Ga In come out of the apartment looking exhausted.

‘Seriously? Even when I have all of this luggage?


‘Then get on.’ Jo Kwon then bend down and Ga In get on his back who is carrying many things.

‘Ahh..i made a mistake. Let me down!’

‘Just keep quiet!’ Jo Kwon ignored Ga In’s request and just kept carrying her on his back.

‘Yeobo, I am hungry.’ While walking, Ga In suddenly blurts out her hungriness.

‘Hungry? Didn’t you just eat?’

‘I didn’t eat much remember? Now I am hungry already.’

‘There’s a restaurant nearby that serve wonderful lunch.’

Knowing Jo Kwon is a thrifty boy, she kindly rejects the idea. Then Jo Kwon let her down.

‘Why don’t we go to that bakery shop instead?’

Excitedly, Ga In just pulled Jo Kwon into the bakery.

‘Hmm..the bread smells so nice here.’

Jo Kwon was enjoying every moment when Ga In was tugging his arm.

‘Yeobo!! Buy me this one instead!! My favourite egg and ham sandwich!!’


‘Hyung, can you please stop at the road side? I need to buy coffee.’

‘Again? We do not have much time left.’ His manager raising his concern over the limited spare time Jo Kwon has.

‘Hyung, you stop here will do. I will run over there. Don’t worry, I will be quick.’

With that, Jo Kwon got down from his car and quickly run over to the café situated at the opposite of the road. He puts on his dark sunglasses before entering the café.

‘Mister, I would like to have – ‘

‘Two Almond Chocolate Coffee to be taken away?’

‘Uh-huh..Yea as usual.’ Jo Kwon just smiled at the barista.

‘Mr. Jo Kwon-shi, can I have your autograph? My girlfriend likes 2AM a lot.’

‘Sure. Thank you for loving 2AM.’ Jo Kwon handed the autographed Men Health magazine with his cover back to the barista.

‘Here’s your coffee. Enjoy your day.’


Soon, Jo Kwon finally reached the AML filming site. He greeted all the staff members and the director. He apologizes for arriving late for around 5 minutes. Fortunately the crew members are still setting up the background.

Then Jo Kwon looked around for his noona. Why isn’t she here? IS she late again?

Jo Kwon fished out his Iphone and start to call the familiar number. There she goes again - Always not picking up her phone.

‘Oh KyungSan noona. You are here already. So where is Ga In noona?’

‘Ga In-nie? She is at the waiting room. You bringing breakfast for her again?’ KyungSan who was Ga In manager’s pointed at the packets that Jo Kwon was holding onto.

Jo Kwon just smiled and excused himself to look for Ga In. Jo Kwon hesitated for a while before knocking at the door.

Jo Kwon you must remember not to call her Yeobo. Please call her Noona instead. Please keep that in mind and don’t embarrass yourself. Ish..why am I getting all nervous? Ah..this is so irritating.

He took in a deep breath before making his first knock against the door. Then he knocked again. There is no answer.

Seeing no reply from the room, Jo Kwon gently opens the door and made himself into the room.

As expected, Ga In is sleeping again. She must be so tired that she can fall sleep in that uncomfortable couch.

Jo Kwon quietly walk towards her and knelt beside her.

Why her eyes are so puffy? She must be having not enough sleep that’s why. Noona, you looked so tired. I think we made the right decision to stop WGM.

‘Noona, I brought you breakfast. Please wake up. We are going to film soon.’ Gently Jo Kwon shooks Ga In hand to wake her up.

Upon hearing his voice, Ga In woke up and rubs her eyes.

‘Oh Kwon-ah, you are here already?’ Jo Kwon helped Ga In into sitting position and sat beside her.

‘Yea. I brought you your favourite coffee and sandwich.’

‘Really? No wonder I can smell the fragrant of coffee.’

‘Here’s your coffee.’ Jo Kwon passes the warm coffee to Ga In.

‘Hmm..this fragrant really perks me up. Gumawo Kwon-ah.’

‘It’s nothing. And here’s your sandwich.’ After removing the wrapper on the sandwich, Jo Kwon passes the sandwich to Ga In. She then took one bite and looked at Jo Kwon.

‘Why what’s wrong? Does it taste bad?’

‘Where did you get this one from?’

‘Does it taste bad? Then don’t eat it already. I’ll buy something for you later.’ Jo Kwon tried to take the sandwich away from Ga In’s hand.

‘Yah!! What are you trying to steal my sandwich?’ Ga In fights off Jo Kwon’s hand.

‘Huh? Didn’t it taste bad?’ Jo Kwon was startled by Ga In’s action.

‘This is so delicious!! This one taste better than the usual one. Where did you buy it?’ Ga In turned her attention back to her sandwich and keeps munching away happily.

‘Oh this one? Erm.. I..went to a new place and bought it.’

‘Why are you stammering?’

‘Nothing, just enjoy your breakfast.’ Jo Kwon was cheering inside his heart because the sandwich was actually made by him. He was hesitating at first but after getting a few tips from his omma, he decided to give it a try to make breakfast for Ga In.

Then the two quietly enjoyed their breakfast. The atmosphere was getting a little weird and Jo Kwon finally broke the silence.


‘Hmm?’ Avoiding eye contact, she concentrates on the cup of warm coffee in her hand.


‘What do you want to say?’

‘Noona, why are your eyes so puffy?’

‘Huh?’ Startled, Ga In took out the small mirror that is kept in her pocket to check her eyes out.

Jo Kwon stood up from his seat and walked towards the dressing table.

‘I just want to remind noona to apply a thicker foundation to cover the puffy –‘

Jo Kwon stopped his sentence when he spotted the red Marc Jacob’s make up pouch is placed nicely with Ga In’s thing.

‘Noona, I am glad that you are still using it.’

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