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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 6

‘Hyung really thank you for the understanding.’

‘I understand. Today is Valentine’s Day. Send my regards to her.’ JYP president pats slightly on Jo Kwon’s back.

‘I will. Then I will be skipping today’s practice?’ Jo Kwon’s face lit up and smiles broadly.

‘Sure. I will give them an off day too. Don’t worry.’

‘Then I will tell Changmin hyung and the others.’

‘You’d better tell or else they will be mad at you.’

‘I know that hyung. Then I will be leaving now.’

‘Wait. You remember your promises to me?’ JYP stopped Jo Kwon’s track to remind him their pact.

‘Yes I remembered. Keep it low profile first.'

‘Alright. You better get going now or else you would be late. JYP President ‘s face now brimming with happiness again. He is so happy that his most dependable artiste is really maturing under him as he looks at him like his own son.


To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 9.25am)

‘Noona, I have no practice later for the day. What about you?’

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 9.26am)

‘Really? Today we are given a day off. We just finished meeting with our president.’

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 9.28am)

‘That’s just great. Would you be free later?’

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 9.30am)

‘I think so, if nothing crops up.’

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 9.32 am)

‘Alright then. I take that as a yes. ㅋㅋ

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 9.33am)

‘Why, where are we going? ^_^ ’

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 9.35am)

I’ll come and pick you up later at 11am?’

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 9.38am)

‘Alright. See you. I’ve got to get ready. ㅎㅎ

Jo Kwon went back to 2AM dorm with his manager hyung’s car. While in the car:

‘Kwon-ah, why do you looked so happy today?’ His manager hyung could see Jo Kwon’s happy face from the rear mirror.

‘Hyung, today is Valentine’s Day, aren’t you going out?’

‘I would be busy enough just to take care of you. Where would I find time to get to know girls?’

‘Hyung, it must be really tired to take care of us. I’ll talk to JYP hyung one day about it.’

‘Just forget it. I believe in fate. As long as we are fated, we are bound to meet.’

‘I think you are right hyung. Love is so unpredictable. People could meet in an unexpected way and fall in love deeply with each other.’

‘You sound so poetic. Does it happen to you by any chance?’ His manager hyung purposely joked at Jo Kwon’s poetic statement.

‘Hyung, just concentrate on your driving.’ His manager hyung just smile and look back to the front to concentrates on his driving.

Jo Kwon looked out to the mirror and saw the beautiful blue sky.

‘Love is really a wonderful thing.’ He mumbled under his breath. He took out his phone and looked at his Iphone wallpaper- the wedding portrait. He can’t stop smiling to himself.


‘Hyung, you are back. Why did you go out so early today?’

‘I went to meet JYP hyung. He said he will give us an off day today.’

‘Really? YahooOO!!’ Jin Woon who was lazing on the sofa jumped in excitement and hold onto Jo Kwon shoulder.

‘Your stinky mouth!! Better go and washed up now.’ Jo Kwon being a clean freak shooed his maknae away and walked to his room.

‘Jin Woon, we are getting an off day today?’ Changmin who is brushing his teeth poked his head out from the bathroom.

‘Yes hyung. We can skip our practice for today. Now I need to tell Seul Ong hyung.’ The excited maknae entered Seul Ong room and jumped on top of Seul Ong bed, starts shaking him vigorously.

‘What is this?’ Seul Ong dizzily woke up and found the maknae sitting beside him.

‘Do you want to die for disturbing my sleep?’ Seul Ong was ready to throw his pillow towards Jin Woon when suddenly Jin Woon mentioned about the day off.

‘We are getting an off day today?’

‘Yes hyung. I am planning to go out with my friends today.’

‘Then what about us?

‘Make your own plans then!!’ Jin Woon scrambled off the bed to escape for his life. A pillow then landed right onto Jin Woon’s butt.

‘I am going to the amusement park. Annyeong!!’ Jin Woon stick his tongue and waved at Seul Ong.

‘This rascal!’ Seul Ong woke up and rubbed his head. He walked out of his room and knocked on Jo Kwon’s door.

‘Come in.’

‘Kwon-ah, why don’t’ we—'

‘Save your breath, hyung. I have my plans for today too.’

‘How can you leave me over here?’

‘Just leave him alone, Seul Ong. I go out with you alright? Changmin who was passing by Jo Kwon’s room hit slightly on Seul Ong’s butt.

‘I guess so. We go and have a feast around the town area? I really missed shopping.’

‘Seul Ong Hyung, you better watched out on your diet. Our concert is coming soon. Don’t forget you need to reveal your body in the concert.’ Jo Kwon who was getting ready to go out, looked at the mirror for the last time.

‘Don’t worry Kwon-ah, I will watch over him and his wallet too.’

‘Changmin hyung, don’t listen to Kwon-ah. We rarely get an off day. Just allow me would you?’

‘Let’s see what you eat or buy first?’



Jo Kwon pressed onto the car’s remote and got into the car. He has borrowed his manager hyung’s car for that day’s date. He drove to the familiar road and soon he reached Ga In’s house.

To: Ga In Noona (Sent: 10.49am)

Noona, I am downstairs already.

From: Ga In Noona (Received: 10.53am)

Alright, I am coming down now.

A few minutes later, a petite girl wearing black sunglasses walked out of the apartment. Jo Kwon saw Ga In and walked out of the car.

‘Noona, you looked pretty today.’ Jo Kwon still praised her although she is wearing muffles and a face mask.

Ga In just smiled shyly and got into the car. Jo Kwon went back to the car and started the car.

‘Kwon-ah, where are we going to today?’

‘I have prepared everything. Just trust me.’ Jo Kwon smiled slyly and drove away.

Soon they reached posh restaurant. The restaurant was very popular among the celebrities. The prices in the restaurant are also very costly too, so only the high class citizens who can’t be bothered with the scandal in entertainment industries can afford to go and have their meal there.

Jo Kwon parked the car and got down. He opened the car door for Ga In and they walked together into the restaurant. Naturally Ga In clinged onto Jo Kwon’s arm. Then they entered the restaurant together.

‘Mr Jo Kwon, here you are. Please come this way.’ The lady at the podium then led them to the corner of the restaurant.

‘Please be seated. Food would be served right away.’

‘Thank you.’ Jo Kwon pulled the chair for Ga In to sit before settling himself opposite her.

‘Noona, the ambience is really nice right?’

‘Yea. But how did you know about his place? This place looked really expensive.’

Ga In saw the menu placed on the table. It was a Valentine’s Day special menu.

‘Who do you think I am? I am man with ability.’ Ga In just smiled chicly at Jo Kwon’s statement.

Jo Kwon then stood up when the sommelier approached them to serve the champagne.

‘Let me do it.’

Jo Kwon took the champagne from the sommelier and started to pour the champagne into Ga In wine glass.

The embarrassed Ga In can’t stop smiling and bowed slightly at the leaving sommelier. After pouring, Jo Kwon sat back to his seat.

‘Noona, I think it seems like we went to the past. Remember when we are in SangAmDong? I poured wine for you too but I spilled some of it.’

‘At least you have improved a lot from last time. Now you looked more macho.’

‘Then do I look more dependable?’

‘Huh? Why are you suddenly asking this?’

‘Noona.’ Jo Kwo changed his expression to a serious one. He looked intently into Ga In’s eyes.

‘Why is your expression like that?’ Ga In got a little intimidated with Jo Kwon looks.

‘Noona, would you be my valentine?’ Suddenly, the restaurant’s pianist played a very romantic piece of music to suit with the occasion. Jo Kwon suddenly got up and took the bouquet of roses from the waitress who has been waiting for cue at the side.

‘Kwon-ah, what’s going on?’

As he does not want to attract attention, he sat back to his seat.

‘Noona, I already have no idea myself how deep I have fallen in love with you. I can’t stop thinking about you day and night. You have entered my life and I really cannot live without you. I know you have said that you don’t want any labels yet but I think it’s already long enough for a no-label period. I no longer want to be your close dongsaeng or hoobaenim in the music industry. I want to be someone who is belongs to you and you belong to me. I want to have the privilege to be able to say I love you anytime I want. I do not want to have reason to meet you privately because I am tired of coming up with stupid excuses. I want to hold your hand bravely. I want to bring our relationship to another level. Would you give me a chance?’


‘Noona, please accept this roses if you are willing to give me a chance.’

Without second thought, Ga In took the roses from Jo Kwon’s hand. Elated, Jo Kwon stood up and carried Ga In and spins her around. Since its lunch time, not many people where there as the restaurant are popular during dinner time only.


‘Yah~! Kwon-ah, I am getting dizzy already.’

‘I am sorry noona.’ Jo Kwon let Ga In down and hugged her tighly.

‘I love you, noona.’ Jo Kwon whispered gently into Ga In’s ears.

‘Kwon-ah, if you continue to hug me like that I don’t think we get to eat our food.’

‘Ah.. I am sorry.’ Jo Kwon broke off the hug and holds her hand instead. This is the first time he hold Ga In’s hand as her boyfriend. He led her to her seat and sat down with hand still holding onto hers. Ga In couldn’t stop giggling at Jo Kwon’s action.

‘Congratulations on your date sir. Here is a little gift from the restaurant.’ The manager of the restaurant approached them and passed the gifts to them.

‘Really? Thank you so much.’ Jo Kwon was really happy at that moment. Jo Kwon accepted the voucher on 50% discount on jewelries in a nearby store.

‘It’s a discount voucher. I think we can buy something there.’ Ga In seems to be hinting something to Jo Kwon.

‘Whatever it is, let’s tuck in first. The food is getting cold.’

They chatted as usual, but now with different status. They held their hands while eating and can’t stop feeding each other. After finishing the last course, Jo Kwon asked Ga In to shift over to his side.

‘Noona, come let’s take picture together. It’s been a long time.’

Jo Kwon took out his phone and gets ready. Ga In sat beside Jo Kwon and adjusts herself to get into the viewfinder.

‘I am going to shoot now. 1..2..3! Cheese!!’ At the moment, Jo Kwon turned his face towards Ga In and kissed Ga In’s cheek.

‘Yah~~!! You are so irritating!’ Ga In hit slightly onto Jo Kwon’s shoulder. She shoots her dagger look at Jo Kwon but Jo Kwon is already admiring his ultimate piece of work-the surprise kiss picture aka commemoration day of their relationship. The picture came out quite nice.

‘So where are we going next?’ Naturally Ga In clinged onto Jo Kwon’s arm tighly. Jo Kwon cannot stop smiling to himself. He felt very proud of what he did today and it seems like he has own the whole wide world.

‘We are going to that jewelry shop.’


‘Come let’s go.’ They both got up from their seats and went to settle their bill. Jo Kwon paid the bills with his credit card.

Our Kwonnie has really matured a lot, even now paying with his credit card. He looked really handsome now.


They reached the jewelry shop in no time. They walked into the shop like a couple.

‘Miss, I would like to see your latest couple rings design.’

‘Alright sir. Please wait a while.’ Soon the lady comes out with a tray of beautiful couple rings. Ga In’s face lit up with happiness.

‘Sir, here is our latest design. Since today is Valentine’s Day we have special discount.’

‘Thank you and we will take our time to choose.’ With that, the lady left the couple to choose the rings.

‘Noona, just choose the one you like.’

‘Really?’ Ga In’s eyes are already on the tray of rings. She kept on trying out many designs and tried for Jo Kwon too.

After a while, Ga In finally chooses the titanium design couple rings for the both of them.

‘Noona, you like this?’

‘Yes, I think it’s very classy. It will look like any other ring too if you wear during activities.’

‘Anything you like noona.’ Jo Kwon signaled the lady to come over to their side.

‘Miss we would like to have this one. Do you have laser engraving service?’

‘Yes, we do. Please write down what to be written within the ring.’

‘Alright. Thank You.’


After buying the couple rings, they strolled in the nearby garden for a while before heading back. Ga In’s manager has called so she needs to go back. While in the car:

‘Really thank you for the ring, Kwon-ah.’ Ga In was seen fondling the ring. She took out the ring and read the message inside. “Jo Kwon loves Son Ga In for-e-bah

‘I told you I am a man with ability.’ Jo Kwon glances over to Ga In who is smiling to herself at the ring on her third finger.

‘I am really happy today. So many things happened.’

‘You should be more expressive noona. Shouldn’t you do something to express your happiness?’

‘Just concentrate on your driving.’

‘Chet. By the way noona, you are coming to our encore concert right?’

‘Do I have a choice?’

‘You sound like you are forced. It’s alright you can skip it. Take it that I have never mentioned before.’ Ga In noticed the changes in Jo Kwon’s expression. She felt a little sorry because of her replies.

Soon, they reached Ga In’s apartment. Both got down hand in hand and Jo Kwon walked Ga In to the elevator.

‘I’ll send you up.’

‘It’s alright. You can leave already.’

‘I need to see you getting into your house.’

‘Alright.’ They waited for the elevator and entered. While in the elevator:

‘You are really not reciprocating the gifts?’ Jo Kwon asked once again. He wants to give her one more chance to express her ‘return gift’.


‘Nothing.’ Jo Kwon looked down while playing with his couple ring. He felt really disappointed because it seems like he has gotten nothing out of today’s event.

Then the elevator reached Ga In’s floor and both walked out together. Both slowed down their pace.

‘Noona, I don’t want to leave yet.’

‘Be good, Kwon-ah. I’ll call you later alright?’

‘Arasso.’ Jo Kwon pouted and slowly breaks off the contact with Ga In. He turns around when suddenly Ga In called him.

When he turned around, a soondae lips landed on his lips. Ga In had to tiptoe a bit to reach Jo Kwon’s lips.

‘Saranghae, Kwon-ah.’ Ga In broke off the kiss and quickly runs off to her apartment and closes the door behind her. Jo Kwon was left standing there with his mouth literally spread to the end of his ears.


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