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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 5

Jo Kwon was sitting alone in the living room playing with his Iphone. He was hesitating to send a message to his Ga In noona when suddenly a message came in.

From: Ga In Noona (Received : 11.37pm)

‘Kwon-ah, I don’t know whether I should say this or not. But I just don’t want to see you being so moody because I miss your smile. I don’t know what has happened between us but I just want to say sorry for making you feel sad over my message yesterday. You know I don’t mean it that way. I love whatever we are going through right now - the way we depend on each other in some place that we are not familiar with. I love it when you helping me out in a lot of things for me. I don’t how would I cope without you by my side. I really appreciate that a lot. I know that the months that we have been spending with each other were not only for the show and it’s something beyond friendship. I know that because I can feel it.

But for now, let’s just be natural alright? I don’t wish for any “label” yet because I don’t want us to feel burdened. Let’s just enjoy whatever we are doing right now and continue becoming the strength of each other. This is really what I am thinking from the bottom of my heart. And I really wish you would always be on my side. Isn’t this what you have said before? So I wish you would not change and continue to support me because I love it when all your attention is on me. <3’

His thick soondae lips curved upwards forming a big smile. His eyes became smaller and almost not visible. Quickly he exited the message column and pressed the speed dial #2.

He waited as usual and was very surprised at the almost immediate pick up by the other party on the opposite line.


‘You saw already?’


‘ know what I meant right?’


‘Yahh, come to the filming studio earlier tomorrow.’

‘What for?’

‘Just come or else you would regret it.’


‘Alright that’s all. I am hanging up.’


Ga In had already hung up the phone more than 5 minutes ago but Jo Kwon but cannot stop smiling to himself like an idiot over that short conversation. Although she hangs up on him, Jo Kwon doesn’t even mind one bit because he knew that this is her character.

Seul Ong came out from his room to get a glass of water and saw Jo Kwon looking lovingly at his phone at the living room.

‘Kwon-ah, are you alright? What’s wrong with your expression again?’

‘Huh? Nothing.’

‘Why are you opening your mouth so wide like that? You looked so weird.’

‘Nothing. I am going back in. Good night hyung.’


2AM members are resting in their waiting room after the dance practice for their concert. They were waiting for the packed lunch brought by their manager hyung. In the meanwhile, Jo Kwon was packing his bag.

‘Kwon-ah, where are you going?’

‘I have AML filming later.’ While speaking, he continues to pack his belongings.

‘I thought your filming schedule starts at 3pm? Now’s only 12.30pm.’ Seul Ong noticed it and the other members look at him with curiosity.

‘Exactly, why don’t you take the time to rest in the company before making your way to MBC?’ Changmin being the eldest there tries to reason out.

‘I have things to settle before filming.’

‘Kwon-ah, are you alright? Did anything happen?’ Seul Ong asked again.

‘What do you mean?’ Jo Kwon feigns ignorance at his obvious mood change since yesterday.

‘You seem to be extremely cheerful today. And yesterday you looked like you were going to kill someone. Mood swings?’ Seul Ong bravely joked about their serious leader. I too obvious? Ish.. It’s all GaIn noona’s fault for making me having roller coaster kind of mood these days.

‘Yahhh! How can you tease me like that?’ Jo Kwon has always been irritated by the comment about him being too feminine. But he just can’t help it. As he was in the hurry he didn’t bothered to retaliate at Seulong’s word.

‘Kwon-ah, Seulong is right. Your mood is so unpredictable nowadays.’ Changmin added to justify Seulong’s observation.

‘Hyung, your mood change is really obvious.’

‘Alright, I will be leaving now. Then I would see you guys later at the night for dance practice again.’ Ignoring his members question he quickly packed his things and waved at his members. He made his way out of the waiting room. He walked towards the lobby to find 2AM’s van.


The van stopped outside 2AM’s dorm.

‘Hyung, can you pick me up later at 1.30pm?’

‘So early? Don’t you want to rest a bit before you go? You only slept for a little yesterday, shouldn’t you be taking this chance to rest?’

‘I have to…to practice my lines with the other cast.’

‘Really? I believe the other cast won’t be reaching that early too.’

‘I also have to…to buy something near MBC.’

‘Well, since you insisted, I will come here and pick you up at 1.30pm later.’

‘Thanks hyung.’

Jo Kwon got down from the 2AM’s van and quickly enter apartment.

Upon reaching their dorm, he put down his belonging and went straight to the kitchen- Changmin’s territory.

He took out some things from the fridge. He grabbed the ham, egg, and mayonnaise. He placed all the ingredients on the table and took the loaf of bread from his bag where he bought earlier.

And then he start to prepare his speciality – Egg and ham sandwich, Ga In’s favourite flavour of sandwich.

Jo Kwon was whistling while making the bread. Soon, he made sandwiches enough for two. Looking at his watch, he still has 10 minutes before his manager hyung arrives. He got his baggage ready and rests a while on the couch.


2AM manager have tried calling Jo Kwon a few times but he is not picking up his call. After countless times trying, he decided to go up to the apartment himself. When he opened the door, he saw Jo Kwon sleeping on the couch.

‘Aish, this silly boy. I think I better let him sleep a little more.’ The Manager turns around and head to the door to leave him all alone so that he can rest because Jo Kwon and the others only manage to sleep at 3am that morning.

Jo Kwon being a light sleeper, he woke up at the sound of his manager.

‘Hyung you are here?’ Jo Kwon rubbed his eyes and saw his manager sitting at the make up table in their dorm.

‘Kwon-ah, since we are still early I think you better rest more before we leave.’

‘No we can’t! We have to leave now!’ Jo Kwon quickly got up and took his bag and was ready to go.

‘Are you sure? You looked really tired.’ His manager was really worried about Jo Kwon’s health.

‘I am okay hyung. Just send me to MBC now.’


Jo Kwon reached MBC and got down from the car. He swiftly walks into the filming studio and towards the waiting room. He knocked on the door and a fair petite lady opened the door. Jo Kwon’s face literally lit up when he saw Ga In.


‘What’s wrong with your expression?’

‘I am just happy to see you.’

‘Chet, at least you looked much better from yesterday.’

Naturally Ga In link her arms on Jo Kwon arm and this made Jo Kwon’s heart flutter. They made their way to the couch and sat down.

‘Noona, you haven’t done your make up yet?’ Jo Kwon noticed her clean and fair skin. The face that made him flutters more and more.

‘Yea, I reached early. So I don’t have time to do pale make up at home.’

‘Noona, why are you asking me to come early?’ Jo Kwon was expecting something from Ga In since its unusual for Ga In to request from Jo Kwon.

‘You don’t want to see me?’ Ga In says chicly while breaking off the eye contact with Jo Kwon.

‘Of course not, noona. You are my endorphin.’ Jo Kwon stomped his feet in happiness. He just felt so right for able to spend some quality time with her.

‘Chet.. Here, see what I brought for you.’ Ga In starts to rummage through the big bag of hers on the table. Then she took out a plastic container.

‘Jja Jang!!’


‘Yahh, you should be appreciating this. I sacrifice my resting time and specially made it for you.’

‘Gumawo, noona.’ Again, Jo Kwon couldn’t not hide his smile. He was smiling from ear to ear.

‘I have seen you eating packed lunch these days. So eat kimbap for a change. Here I also brought your favourite supermart juice.’ Ga In took out another bottle of juice from the big bag and pass it to Jo Kwon.

‘Gumawo noona.’ Jo Kwon took the juice and start to open the cover.

‘Want me to open for you?’ Looking at Jo Kwon, Ga In couldn’t help but felt like helping him.

‘Yeah open it for me.’

After taking one gulp of the juice, Ga In took the chopstick and passes it to Jo Kwon.

‘Have a try. I have never made one before.’

‘Noona, you ask me to come early just for this kimbap?’

‘What else?’


‘You want me to feed you?’

Jo Kwon kept silence and Ga In knew that as a ‘yes’ sign. She took one piece of the sliced kimbap and fed him.

‘How was it? It tastes alright, right?’

‘It was good noona. It’s really nice.’

The two lovely ‘siblings’ enjoyed their lunch together and suddenly Jo Kwon remembered the food in his bag.

‘Ohh noona, I brought something too.’

‘What is it?’ Her face lit up.

‘Your favourite egg and ham sandwich!! I made –'

‘You made it?! Where did you learn it?’

‘How I learn it does not matter. Now you have to taste it first.’

Carefully, Ga In took one bite and tastes the food seriously as if she is some kind of critics. Jo Kwon on the other hand nervously observing Ga In expressions. He was really worried about the sandwich.

‘How was it?’

‘It tastes like the previous one.’

‘Really? Noona, you know I really spent a lot of effort in doing this.’


‘But noona, I am sorry because I can only make you simple sandwiches.’

‘But I still love it.’

Ga In leaned her head over to Jo Kwon’s shoulder. Jo Kwon cannot hide his smile



‘I just want to say thank you.’

‘Thank you?’

‘For allowing me to be around you.’

‘Chet. You would suffer the consequences if you ever act like yesterday again.’


‘Noona, do you still remember that time when I made kimbap?’

‘Of course I still remember, you made the first kimbap in your life.’

‘Hahaha..glad that it taste okay. But noona, this kimbap is really nice.’

‘Of course, I am Son Ga In. And After meeting you I think I have changed so much.’


‘Alright, everybody we need to gather at MyeongDang today. We need to film outdoor scene.’ The director gave instructions to the cast who came to the filming set.

‘Ga In-ah, our van has broken down. I think you need to take a cab to the venue.’ KyungSan manager came in running from the outside after failing to start the car.

‘KungSan noona, Ga In noona can follow our car!’ Jo Kwon who was standing beside Ga In gave suggestion. He became happy just at the thought of spending some time together again.

‘Really? Then I would be greatful. And Ga In-ah I can’t follow you to the venue. I need to send the car for repair. Otherwise I won’t be able to fetch you back from the venue later.’

‘Alright unnie, you don’t have to worry about me. I have Kwon-nie here.’

‘Kwon-ah, I’ll leave Ga In with you then.’

‘Of course noona, she would be safe with me.’ Jo Kwon placed his hand over to the Ga In’s shoulder and gave a little pat. KyungSan manager then ran away to look for the mechanic to repair the car.

Jo Kwon and Ga in then got into 2AM’s car and head for their filming destination.

‘Noona, do you still remember we went to MyeongDong on the previous Christmas?’

‘I know. We even wear the sunglasses.’

‘But no one recognizes us.’

‘Yea exactly. Even the ahjumma on the roadside who sell the potato stick doesn’t recognize us.’

‘I wonder if they are still selling there.’

As the journey was long due to major traffic jam, the two of them fell asleep in the car.


Finally they reached the filming scene. That day was really a cold day. Although it’s not snowing, the weather was still very cold.

Both got down from the car and Jo Kwon carried Ga In’s things as usual. Today Jo Kwon have transformed into Ga In’s personal assistant since KyungSan manger is not there.Furthermore he has promised KyungSan manager to take care of Ga In. Both greeted the director who has arrived and all the other cast.

Today’s scene was a scene where both need to film in the cold because she was sitting in a box after Kim Na Young ditched her on the road side because of Hwang Geum Ji’s drunken state. Jo Kwon on the other hand had to film a scene bickering with Yoon Seung Ah outside the convenience store.


‘Cut!’ Let’s rest for 5 minutes!’ The Director shouted.

Jo Kwon who finished his scène already waited at the corner observing Ga In’s acting. Then he quickly approached Ga In and helped her out of the box. He wrapped her with her jacket and gave her a hot pack.

‘Omo, I am so cold.’ Ga In jumped a little to get rid away of her coldness.

‘Noona, drink this. This will keep you warmer.’ Jo Kwon passed a hot drink to her.

‘Don’t you need to drink too? Aren’t you cold?’ Ga In felt Jo Kwon’s cold hands when he passed the drink to her.

‘I am a man. This cold weather is really nothing.’

‘Don’t kid me. Your lips are turning pale already.’

‘Enough talking, let’s sit there for a while.’ Jo Kwon led Ga In to sit at the bench near the corner.

‘Phew~ this weather is killing me. My hand is freezing already.’

‘Noona, come let me warm it for you.’

Jo Kwon grabbed Ga In’s hand and start rubbing it to help her to be warmer. Ga In was a little startled by Jo Kwon’s action but just let him do it.

‘Yahh yah yahh.. Jo Kwon. What a friend you are? We have been friends for so long but you’ve never been so nice to me before.’ Doo Joon who was passing by purposely make sarcastic remarks at the very-obvious couple.

‘Doo Joon why are you here? Just go away will you?’

‘Algesso. I’ll make myself disappear now. And saranghae “yeo chin”.’ Doo Joon waved slightly at the embarrassed Ga In before ‘running’ for his life.

‘Aish!! This hopeless guy!!’

‘Kwon-ah, enough already. I need to get ready.’

‘Alright, noona. I’ll be waiting here. Hwaiting.’


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