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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 8

'Sa Jang-nim, do we still need to perform in the MBC concert Thailand?’

‘Yes, Ga In. The performance must go on as planned.’

‘I thought you said I must minimize any contact with other artiste? Will this performance cause other problems? I am really worried, Sa Jang-nim.’

‘Yesterday I have talked to the representative of MBC. We have discussed for a while, and they concluded that the performance is a must.’

‘But I thought Sa Jang-nim you said –'

‘Ga In, we have no choice. According to MBC, your performance with Jo Kwon is the main stage of the whole concert. They can’t afford to cancel the performance; otherwise they would lose a lot of viewers. You know you guys are very important to MBC.’

‘If that’s the case—‘

‘Tomorrow you would still practice with Jo Kwon as planned. Don’t worry, I will handle the problem if anything crops up. Just believe in me and do your best in the performance.’

‘Thank you Sa Jang-nim.’


Now I have to settle with Kwonnie first. Otherwise he would be all bottled up and have no mood to practice for the concert. How should I cheer him up?

Ga In grabbed her phone and call KyungSan manager.

‘Eonnie, can you come and fetch me earlier? I need to go somewhere else and get something.’


‘I’ll drop you here. Later after you buy your things I would be in the opposite road to fetch you. Alright?’

‘Allright, I will be quick.’

Ga In got down from the van and put on her sunglasses. She pulls the scarf around her higher so that it covered half of her face. Then she walked into a super mart.

She browse through the snacks aisle and grabbed the box of Ferrero Rocher in front of her. Then she went to the counter to settle the bill.

Will Kwonnie be pacified with just a box of chocolate?

After paying the money, she walked out of the shop and hop into the van.

‘What did you buy?’ KyungSan manager turned around from her seat to see the content in the paper bag.

‘It’s just chocolate. Nothing much.’

‘Chocolate? Valentine’s day is over, my dear.’

‘Unnie, let’s just start the car alright? Don’t be such a nosy poker.’

‘Alright alright, I understand. People in love are just very random.’ Ga In just smiled weakly at her manager’s sarcastic answer.

Ga In puts the chocolate into her bag and took out her phone.

To: KkapTick <3 (Sent: 9.12am)

‘Kwon-ah, where are you now?’

From: KkapTick <3 (Received: 9.15am)

‘I am in MBC bulding already. Going to the practice room now.’

To: KkapTick <3 (Sent: 9.16am)

‘Since we are still early, can we meet at waiting room later?’

From: KkapTick <3 (Received: 9.18am)

‘Whatever you say, noona.’


Ga In opened the door of the waiting room gently and saw Jo Kwon standing facing the turned on television. Hiding the chocolate behind her hand, she tiptoed towards Jo Kwon and suddenly back hugged him.

‘Omo, noona. You gave me a fright.’ Jo Kwon was startled by the sudden hug but he could see that it was Ga In hugging him from the reflection from the mirror hanging against the wall.

‘Kwon-ah, take the chocolates.’

‘What is this, noo—'

‘Shh. Just let me talk first…. Kwon-ah, I am sorry about yesterday. You know I have problems in expressing my own self and also cause anticlimax atmosphere but I don’t intend to change my character because this is me.’


‘But you would still love me right?’

‘Of course, but noona, I... I feel insecure.’ Jo Kwon finally speaks up whatever that he has been bottling up in his mind ever since they started their relationship.

Ga In turned Jo Kwon around so that he faces her. She tiptoed and planted a kiss on his lips as the answer to his insecurities.

Smile start to creep up on his face. His face blushes and he turned away in embarrassment.

‘Noona~ You are so irritating!!’

‘You are saying irritating but I know you like it. So don’t act like you hate it.’

‘Whatever it is noona, thanks for the chocolate and…the kiss.’ Jo Kwon linked his arm with Ga In and they walked out together.


‘Jo Seobang!! Opps.. I mean Kwonnie, you are here already.’ Lee Min Soo, the producer of We Fell In Love was already sitting in the practice room waiting for the main ones to arrive.

‘Annyeonghaseyo. It’s alright if you call me Jo Seobang.’

‘Whatever, just take a sit. We have to wait for Jea to come.’

‘Jea unnie would be here too?’

‘Of course, she also takes part in the production of the song, so she would be here.’

‘Alright.’ Jo Kwon led Ga in to seat at the high chair with two microphone fixed in front of them.

So they started practicing when Jea arrives. Jo Kwon was obviously in an especially good mood because of the kiss. He was also very excited because finally they were able to perform We Fell in Love one more time.


‘Alright. We are done for the practice. I believe since this is your song, you guys can perform it better.’ Lee Min Soo stood up and shook hands with Jo Kwon and Ga In.

‘Yes, and thank you for coaching us.’

‘I got to go now. Wish you all the best for the concert.’

‘Allright, thank you oppa. Take care.’

Jea, Jo Kwon and Ga In waved goodbye to Lee MinSoo. The moment he leaves, Jea turned his attention towards Jo Kwon.

‘Jo Seobang, since I get to see you today, I am warning you, please treats Ga In well, or else you will get it from me.’

‘Unnie!!’ Ga In was startled by the sudden Jea’s remark. Her face went red immediately.

‘Noona, you already know about us?’ Jo Kwon was so surprised that Jea knew about them.

‘Nothing can escape my eyes. You guys are too obvious. I can tell it immediately even when you guys are still filming WGM.’

Jo Kwon and Ga In just looked at each other and smiles to themselves.

‘So as a compensation, you must treat me to eat meat. ’ Jea continued.

‘Unnie, president said –’

‘Let’s order the food from outside and we eat over here.’ Sensing the ‘signal’ from Ga In, Jea immediately changes the planning.

‘Here? Why don’t we eat outside? We can drink some soju too.’

‘That’s because..because I am tired and hungry now. I am lazy to go out too.’ Naturally, Jea acted as if she felt weak all over and lies on the sofa.

‘Is that so? Alright then I’ll be ordering then.’

‘Allright, I will go to the washroom first. I’ll leave you guys here.’ After Jea said her piece, she left the room.

‘Alright, you’ll make the order. I’ll wait here.’

‘Noona, wait. Let’s take a picture together first.’ Jo Kwon pulled Ga In to the couch and sat down.

‘Noona, cover your ring with your long sleeve. Don’t let it be visible.’

‘Are you trying to post the photos?’

‘Yea, noona. Let’s just see how many reactions we get. Maybe as a test to see how many people still remembers Adam.’

‘Chet.’ Although Ga In seems to be disagreeing, but she still goes along with Jo Kwon’s idea. She pulled up her sleeves to cover their couple rings and took the photo.


오랜만에~금지옥엽~^^ 태국가서 아담으로 우리사랑하게됐어요 불러요~ㅎㅎ

Trans: "Geumji and Ok Yeob after a while~ When we go to Thailand, we are going to sing "We Fell In Love" as Adam...!"

After taking the picture, he quickly post it into his twitter. Within seconds, more than hundreds of his followers retweeted his tweet and commented on his picture.

‘Noona, you see that? This proves that we are still very much anticipated for the performance. Should we do fan service then?’

‘Fan service?’

‘You know we should give surprises to them during the performance.’


‘Noona, your appetite is really big today. Are you that hungry?’

‘Kwon-ah, unnie is always like this in front of meat. She always fails to resist their temptations.’

‘Noona, I really wonder how do you maintain your S-figure so perfectly for practicing such an eating lifestyle.’

‘Now when I enjoy food, I don’t discussed about weight and figures. Arasso? So keep quiet and start eating.’

‘Oh yea, noona. Just now you said Nega president said something and Jea noona cut off your sentence. What was that?’

‘That one? Oh he just mention that we need to keep low profile these days.’ The panic Ga In tries to find some excuses so that Jo Kwon could stop asking.

‘Low profile? What for? IS there any scandal going to break out soon?’

‘Nothing of that sort. I think our president is just simply over paranoid.’ Jea hopped out and rescue Ga In from Jo Kwon suspiciousness.

‘Oh yea noona, about the fan service that we mention just now, what should we do?’

‘Fan service? You guys are doing fan service? Oh my, how lucky the fan is!!’ Jea was already excited at the thought of being able to listen to We Fell in Love live again. It was after all her masterpiece.

‘Maybe we hold hands during singing? Or we do a heart sign at the end of the song?’ Ga In’s eyes widened at Jo Kwon’s ideas.

‘What about a kiss, noona?’

‘Yahh.. you are so irritating! The fans will go crazy!’

‘Noona, you byuntae. What I meant was a fake kiss or ‘I second before’ type of kiss. I didn’t think of a real kiss.’

‘How can you—‘

‘Or noona, I know you wanted a real kiss right?’

‘Yahh!! Jo Kwon!!’

‘Arasso noona, we’ll think on the fan service later. Let’s eat first, the food is getting cold.’


On the way home, Jo Kwon drove Ga In home with his manager’s car. In the car:

‘Oh yea, noona. I forgot to tell you that yesterday I had lunch with Hyunah. We accidentally met each other in a restaurant somewhere near our company. She was alone so we had lunch together. ’

‘Oh really? But do you need to tell me so specifically? It’s not that I don’t trust you.’

‘I know you trust me noona. But I thought in a relationship, we should be honest to each other. This can keep a relationship healthy.’

Jo Kwon’s word struck Ga In. Suddenly she felt really remorseful for keeping the secrets from Jo Kwon.

‘Kwon-ah, I have something to tell you. Can you stop the car?’

‘Why you are so serious? Anything happened?’ Jo Kwon slowed down car and stopped by the roadside which is on the highway. Both got down from the car and lean against the car.

‘Kwon-ah, I…I kept something from you.’

‘What is it?’

‘Actually yesterday I saw Seunggi-shi outside the saloon.’

‘Seunggi hyung? And then?’

‘Since it has been a long time we have met each other, he treated me coffee. We chatted and I even friendly hugged him.’

‘So? I don’t see anything wrong anywhere.’

‘Somebody took photos of us hugging.’

‘Really? Who’s that scoundrel reporter?’

‘Sa Jang-nim have settled the problem and the photos are with us now.’

‘That’s a relief to hear that. Don’t worry silly girl. I won’t be jealous over such a trivial matter. Some more you have already told me the truth, what’s there to be worry about?’

‘Kwon-ah, that’s not the main point. The main thing is, Sa Jang-nim have said that since I am already photographed, I have been marked by those people. Maybe I won’t be attending your concert because what if I attend the concert and pictures of me and you are taken. Then if photos are leaked out and then it would be the main attention and everyone would focus on this matter and not on 2AM concert. I don’t want to affect 2AM.’

‘Noona, so you have been moody yesterday just because of this matter?’

‘I have promised to attend the concert but I have to break my promise. ‘

‘Noona, what are you talking about?’

‘Kwon-ah, I am sorry.’

‘Noona, come here alright?’ Jo Kwon pulled Ga In into his embrace.

‘Noona, I just want you to remember, you are all I matters. I don’t mind you not coming to our concert. As long you are with me mentally, that’s all I need. Nothing else is important alright? And I don’t want my girlfriend’s photo to be simply taken by random people. Your photos are just for me to admire.’

‘Yahh.. You are so irritating!!’

‘But I know you love it.’ Jo Kwon hugged Ga In tighter.


‘Noona, are you ready?’

‘It has been a long time we come out as Adam, I am really nervous right now.’ Ga In tapped her feet nervously

‘Just believe in me, we will do well together.

‘Okay, Jo Kwon and Ga In, it’s you turn to go up now!!’ The PD in charge shouted.

Adam Thailand FanCam #1 credits to doyzan

Adam Thailand Fancam #2 credits to mooky9924


After getting down from the stage, they went back to their waiting room of B.E.G.

‘Yah.. Kwon-ah what are you trying to do up there just now? What’s with the hug and all the kkapness?

‘Noona, I thought we agreed on the fan service.’

‘But you changed the lyrics too!!’

‘I was just trying to state out the facts. With our new status, we just smile together is not enough for me. We need more.’

(Jo Kwon changed the lyrics FROM one thing we know is that together we smile" TO "one thing not enough is that together we smile" cr:@karinc5karina)

‘Yahh,, what do you mean by that?’

‘Whatever, I got to go now. I have to catch the flight back to Korea with others.’

‘I know, you better get going then.’

‘I’ll text you.’

Ga In just smiled at him. Still fixed her gaze at the direction he left, Ga In just smile to herself.

From the other corner of the room, 3 pairs of single ladies eyes were darting their gazes at Ga In.

‘Yahh, are you missing him already?’ Narsha asked sarcastically.

‘What are you talking about unnie?’ Turning away, she pretends to prepare herself for their B.E.G performance.

‘It’s all written on your face. You can’t deny the fact.’ Miryo joined in the fun of teasing their maknae.

Unnie, quit joking around. We better prepare soon.’ Ga In stood up and walked towards the shelf to take her performance outfit.

‘Looks like somebody is shy.’


To: <3 (Sent: 11.25pm)

‘All the best for B.E.G performance. 파이팅!!

From: <3 (Received: 11.26pm)

‘Thank you, Kwon-ah. We would do our best.

To: <3 (Sent: 11.28pm)

I am in the airport already. ㅠㅠ I miss you.

From: <3 (Received: 11.29pm)

I miss you too. Take care, love.

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