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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 9

‘Ga In Noona is definitely not coming? Alright then KyungSan noona. I need to get ready now. Thank you for informing me.’ Jo Kwon hung up the phone and looked very dejected. Seulong who noticed his obvious facial changed and approached him.

‘She’s not coming?’


‘Don’t be like this. You know her reasons right?’

‘I know and I understand her but.. I just.. feel a little pity.’

‘Kwon-ah, didn’t Ga In already attended our concert last time? Bang PD hyung would be here too. You need to brace yourself up.’

‘Don’t worry hyung, I know my limits. I wouldn’t wager my career with trivial matter.’

‘That’s the 2AM leader I know. Alright, let’s get ready for the final rehearsal.’ Jo Kwon smiled and Seulong left him alone. Suddenly his phone vibrated and Jo Kwon smiled the moment he saw the sender, his lips curved upwards.

From: 여봉 <3 (Received: 4.45pm)
Kwon-ah, I am sorry that I cannot attend 2AM encore concert this time. But you know that I’ll be supporting you mentally right? Just do your best because I know that my Kwonnie is the best!! 사랑해 <3. By the way, Happy Early White Day!! Do your best and I’ll have surprise for you today. 2AM 파이팅!! 2AM대빅!!

Jo Kwon could not hide his smile and it was very obvious who the sender was. As he is going to do his final rehearsal soon, instead of replying her message, he just pressed the quick reply template “Son Ga In, 사랑해 <3” which he uses very often . Then he kept away his phone and started his final rehearsal.


[Sorry guys for the concert part, I have never been to the concert. So, I write my story based on the FanAccounts by Audrey (administrator on IAMfor2AM forum) so pardon me if anyone who read this part and does not tally with the actual event.]

‘Phew~ The medley was crazy isn’t it, Changmin hyung?’ Seulong started off the conversation with the screaming fans after their medley performance. All the four members walked to the protruding stage, getting closer to the fans below them.

‘Yea. I thought I am running a marathon. I am breathless now.’ Changmin hyung added, while wiping away the sweat droplets on his forehead.

‘But thanks for the overwhelming response from our IAMs, our encore concert was really a big success.’ Seulong continued.

‘Yes, we exist because of IAMs.’ Jo Kwon who always remembers the importance of fans, leaded all four men and bowed sincerely towards thousands of fans in front of them.

‘Wooohooo, it’s really fascinating that we are able to start 2AM first ever concert here and we also held this for the 7 times before this and finally we get to end our tour successfully in this beautiful night with all our beloved IAMs. I want to thank God for all these opportunity.’ Jo Kwon continued his talking.

‘Hyung is right. Honestly even now I am on the stage, sometimes I even asked myself whether I am in reality or not. I cannot believe that I am fulfilling my dreams and I get to stand in front of so many people and perform.’ Jinwoon added.

‘Yes, even now when I think back to the days when we are still a trainee or the days we just debuted, I would still feel teary and I really can’t believe that we actually ended our first ever tour here. Everything felt just like a dream to me.’ Seulong who has already settled down continue the talking relay.

‘Thinking back, we practiced really hard for this concert. We actually just landed yesterday after the Thailand MBC concert. We started rehearsing early this morning. It’s really tired. But I really can’t believe that all has ended s successfully and our efforts are paid off. This feeling of excitement is so overwhelming that it caused me to –‘ JinWoon stopped his sentence, trying to hold back his tears. After watching Jinwoon cry, Jo Kwon could not help but let his tears flow freely too. Soon the other members also got emotional and cried a little.
‘We really cherish all opportunities that come to us every time. Although sometimes we are tired from practicing, we never thought of giving up because we know all these are hard to come by. We also want to reciprocate IAMs’ love for us by giving a better performance every time.’

‘Talking about IAMs, there is a heartbreaking news that we heard recently. One of the IAMs from Korea didn’t manage to watch us live and has passed away peacefully.’ Jo Kwon was so emotionally that he almost cries again.

‘But I believe that she is watching us from above and giving us her utmost blessings.’ Changmin, who has always been the rational one, calmed everybody’s emotion.

‘And to the Japanese IAMs that could not attend the concert, we felt terribly sorry about the earthquake. I hope everyone in Japan is coping well with the disaster. Recently many natural disasters have happened and I hope all our beloved IAMs take care of themselves more.’

‘So now, we would like to present to you guys our last song for our concert, our debut song, “이너래(Inorea- This Song)” Please do enjoy it. Thank you everyone who came today!!’

Of course, the AM boys wiped their tears away, and focus on the song. They sang beautifully. After the song, they went backstage. But the fans shouted encore, and in the end the AM boys came out again and they sang 'Lost'. And when the song ended they left the stage.
(credits: twilightelusion for the fanaccounts)


‘축하해 (chukhahae – Congratulations) 2AM!!’

The moment the 2AM boys walked down from the staircase to the backstage, the backstage crew formed a line and popped handheld confetti cannon and the confetti s were falling all over them.

Seeing this scene, the cry baby of the group, Jo Kwon and Jin Woon cried their hearts out. Their overwhelming emotions are still not yet settled down. They hugged their crew and thank each and every one of them. Bang PD, who suddenly appeared from nowhere, gave each of them a hug too.

‘You are guys have succeeded. I am so proud of you guys.’

‘Hyung, all thanks to you and JYP hyung that has given us the chance to fulfill our dreams.’ Jo Kwon who has been the longest JYP trainer could not believe that his dream has finally fulfilled thanks to Bang PD and JYP.

‘All you guys efforts have paid off and shouldn’t we go to a place to celebrate instead?’

‘Yes!! I want to eat till my heart’s content. I have been dieting these few weeks for that performance of mine.’ Seulong joked.

‘Alright, we would leave right after you guys have changed to your casual clothes and then we would celebrate.’

‘Alright hyung. We’ll see you later.’ They shook Bang PD’s hand and he left. 2AM boys went to their waiting room and to change.

Naturally, Jo Kwon reached for his phone first instead of celebrating with his members. He pressed the speed dial #2 and immediately the other party picked up.


‘Kwon-ah, you finished your concert already?’

‘Yea, we just came down from the stage.’

‘Did you cry? Your sound are a little—‘

‘Yah, when did I cry? I manage to hold my tears well. Your Kwonnie has grown up.’

‘Are you sure? But somebody told me that the leader of 2AM was crying along with maknae at the backstage. Tell me it’s not true.’

‘How did you –‘

‘Kwon-ah, you can’t escape my clutches. I am watching you.’

‘Noona~ You sounded like a byuntae (pervert)!!’

‘But you still love me right?’

Changmin can’t stand the mushy talk between the two of them and decided to cut in.

‘Yahh.. Jo Kwon-ah, we are leaving already. Don’t you want to go and celebrate? Are you still going to sit here and talk on the phone?’

‘Oh.. wait for me hyung. Noona~ I got to go now. Bang PD hyung wants to celebrate with us.’

‘Is it? Alright then, have fun but not until overboard. You still have AML filming tomorrow.’

‘Arasso, noona’

‘Why are you not hanging up?’


‘Arasso.사랑해, 됐냐? (Saranghae, Dwae nya ?– I love you, feel better?)’ She ends her sentence with a cheeky smile.

Automatically, after her ‘magic’ word, Jo Kwon finally willing to hung up the phone and changed into his casual clothes to go for the celebration.


The celebration with Bang PD was pretty short. They simply just had a group meal at one of the restaurants because Bang PD understand that all are very tired and wished to go back and have more rest.

‘So tomorrow is an off day for you guys except for Jo Kwon.’

‘I know, I have AML filming tomorrow.’ The schedule didn’t really seemed to bother him because he get to see his favourite person in AML.

‘Bang PD hyung, can’t you just ask AML PD to give hyung a day off? He has been so haggard looking from practicing for the concert.’ Jinwoon who always late in understanding situation, he wanted to request for a day off for his Jo Kwon hyung too.

‘JinWoon-nie, you wouldn’t understand. Some people are just so keen to go for filming right now even they are tired. They have their endorphin to wake them up.’

‘Seul Ong hyung!!’ Jo Kwon butted in, just in case his relationship with Ga In spills out.

‘Why is that so?’

‘Nothing Bang PD hyung, it’s just a joke among ourselves. Just ignore it.’ Changmin added, trying his best to resolve the matter.

‘Alright then you guys can go back now. I’ll be taking my leave. Once again, congratulations on the success of the concert.’


To: 여봉 <3 (Sent: 12.00am)
‘Son Ga In, Happy White Day. This is our very first white day that we spent together and today also marks our 1 month anniversary. I am so happy and thankful to God because He gave me a chance to meet you and be yours. I’ll promise that I would do better in the future and I love you.’

Jo Kwon’s patience starts to wear out after waiting for a while. He was so suspicious (going to be furious) at why Ga In didn’t reply his message back. When he was about to hit the call button, a message from her came in.

From: 여봉 <3 (Received: 12.23am)
‘Come out of your dorm now. I am at downstairs.’

After receiving the message, he quickly grabbed his jumper and head outside.

‘Kwon-ah, where are you going? It’s so late already?’ Seul Ong who was sitting in the living room called him out.

Maybe he didn’t hear his member calling him or he was too eager to meet her; he just went straight away out of the house.

He got out from the apartment and looked around in the cold weather. He could see nobody but a black van parked at the side of the road.

When he was about to call her, he saw a hand waving from the black van. He bet that it was her. He run over to the van, knocked at the door and the door slide open. A petite hand suddenly pulled Jo Kwon into the van and caused Jo Kwon to scream a little.

‘Sssh— We need to keep our volume down.’ Ga In covered Jo Kwon’s mouth with her palm. When he calmed down, she let go of her hand and closed the sliding door behind him.

‘Noona! You scared me! I thought you were some kidnapper.’

‘Kidnapper? Who would want you? Only I would take you.’ Somewhat, Jo Kwon felt happy listening to her statement.

‘Yah, noona, why did you call me out of blue and pulled me into the van. Don’t tell me—. ‘

‘Yah!! Where are your dirty minds thinking again?’

‘Noona, you came here by yourself? Where’s KyungSan noona?’ He tried to avoid being scolded by her again by asking about KyungSan manager.

‘She’s buying supper for other B.E.G unnie at McDonald opposite.’

‘Then why are we here?’

She turned to her left and grabbed some things from the third row of the van.

‘Here, this is for you.’

Ga In passed a letter and a bouquet of chocolate candy to him. She sat closer to him, clinging onto his left arm.

‘Happy White Day, Kwon-ah.’ She leaned forward and gave a peck on his cheek.

Jo Kwon’s smile literally ripped his mouth apart and you almost cannot see his eyes.

‘Gumawo, yeob—. I mean noona.’

‘I made them myself. I spend my day making this chocolate. I thought I was going to smell like chocolate.’

‘Means you are thinking of me all day?’

‘Quit your cheekiness. Yah, there’s nothing for me?’

‘Noona, are you joking with me? I am Jo Kwon. Do you think I would be unprepared? Believe me noona, wait for surprises tomorrow.’

‘Really? I shall anticipate then.’

‘Noona, really thank you for the chocolate.’ He flipped the card open and saw the cards are full of pictures and words.

‘Noona, you actually know how to do this?’

‘You want me to read for you?’

Ahh.. this is too embarrassing for me. That’s why I decided to tell through words. You know I am bad in expressing myself… it goes,

‘Kwon-ah, it has been already been 1 year 5 months and 22 days since I was ‘tied’ with you. I know I am your noona but thank you so much for liking and taking care of me. I always want to express my gratitude but that is something difficult for me. You know I have the kind of personalities that has hard time expressing happy things than bad things. All the things that you have done or given to me are so touching and heartwarming. I am sorry that my reactions for your events are always anticlimax. Even though last year I mention about my habit but I still didn’t manage to fix that problem but I am trying my best to change. You felt it too right? And I know you are changing for me too. For you, I am willing to change and improve myself. Anyways, we may have fought or hurt each others’ feeling for over the past year it wouldn’t be right if you weren’t beside me. Thank you for always being by my side. And whatever our future would be, I hope you continue to stay by my side and give me all the strength that I need just like what you are doing now. Let’s have fun in our relationship, alright?

Today also marked our 1 month anniversary, I am seriously enjoying every moment that I spend with you. You are just like my vitamin (?). You gave me all the nutrients I need the moment I look at you. You may think that I may sound cheesy or whatnot but I am saying all these from the bottom of my heart. I guess we are doing quite alright now, I just hope that we continue be this way. And one thing I need to confess, thank you for all the trust you have given me, I am really grateful for that. Anyways, this is not the first time you are going to hear this but still be prepared to hear this more often in the future. 사랑해 ^^

-Son Ga In (14/4/11)-

‘The end.’ Ga In passed back the letter to Jo Kwon tries to hide under Jo Kwon’s arm because she could not hide her shyness.

‘Gumawo, noona. I understand you now.’

‘That’s all? I think you are becoming more like me.’

‘Didn’t I say before that when two people are in love, they become similar to each other.’

‘Yes you are right but still…’

‘Whatever it is noona, thank you for the chocolate and the letter. I really like it.’ He finished his sentence with a kiss on Ga In’s forehead.

‘Noona, saranghae.’

‘Arasso, you better go back now because KyungSan unnie would be back soon.’

‘But noona, I still want to stay here with you. Noona, why don’t you come to our dorm instead?’

‘Yahh!! ARE YOU CRAZY??’

‘I am just joking noona. Alright I’ll leave now. Call me when you reach home alright? It’s a must.’

‘Arasso.’ Ga In leaned forward and give Jo Kwon a tight hug before bidding goodbye to Jo Kwon.

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