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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

[Few days after Ga In’s check out from the hospital]

‘Yeobo, can we meet today?’ Jo Kwon picks up his phone and calls Ga In.

‘Today? Where are we meeting?’ Ga In replied.

‘At our place. Can you? Ask other unnie to come along too.’ Jo Kwon explained.

‘What are you going to do?’

‘Tell them about us.’ Jo Kwon has thought that it would be the best to let their members to know about Ga In’s pregnancy before they approach Ga In’s CEO.

‘Is it the right time? You think we should do it?’ Ga In was worried that her unnie would flare up as this confession might cause BEG to disband.

[Flashback on the day of Jo Kwon’s fake accident]

‘Kwon-ah, I am very happy that I am having your child. But—I don’t think—‘ Ga In spoke up.

‘You don’t think we can keep it?’ Jo Kwon knew what is worrying Ga In.

‘Yea. You always knew about my CEO. He never obliged to BEG members to have any love relationships before 30 years old. It’s under our contract.’

‘I understand but we have to keep it. Don’t you want to?’

‘Of course I would love to but I just can’t speak up to my CEO. And what about the others? My unnies and the other Ahjibem. We haven’t told them about us yet. And our fans, what are we supposed to do about them? Your fierce fan girl can be fierce at times. I don’t want to die young. And JYP hyung. There is so many things to consider. We can’t keep our baby.’

’What are you talking about, yeobo? Why are you spouting nonsense? Just believe in me that we will go through this together. I would handle this thing carefully and always be your side no matter what happens. I would even stop being an artist if I need to.’

Jo Kwon gives a peck again on Ga In’s forehead.

‘Alright, I would believe in you but Kwon -ah, I don’t want you to sacrifice your career because of me.’

‘Why are saying this? From the day I confessed my love for you, I am prepared for these entire possible upcoming things.'

‘Yeobo~’ Ga In was so touched by Jo Kwon’s word. She was speechless at Jo Kwon’s love for her. They hugged again. This time Ga In has entrusted her whole life to Jo Kwon- the man that she loves.


‘Noona, can you inform the other noona to come over to 2AM’s dorm for a mini party tonight?’ Jo Kwon called Jea to ask them over.

‘Party? For what? To celebrate you guys acknowledgement of love?’ Jea replied jokingly.

‘No it’s not only that. We’ve got something to announce.’ Jo Kwon blurts out.


‘Chang Min hyung, can you prepare something nice tonight for a mini party? BEG member is coming over tonight.’ Jo Kwon asked favour from his hyungs.

‘They are coming? Alright no problem. I will prepare SamGyupSal (bacon) and buy a few bottle of soju for them.’ The members have always wants to be closer to BEG members. They were happy when they group together.


Soon, all BEG member and 2AM member gathered at the table and they are eating happily.

‘Wow, Chang Min’s food is always so delicious. You can open a restaurant next time.’ Narsha joked.

‘So we have eaten our full now. Should we drink some soju to celebrate?’ Jea who loves liquor voiced out.

Chang Min stood up and get the soju from the fridge.

‘Ah, it has been a while since I dring soju for happy occasion.’ Miryo said she raise up her cup for Chang Min to pour the soju. Everybody was really happy that Jo Kwon and Ga In are together now. Chang Min then starts to pour for everybody.

‘Come let’s toast.’ Jin Woon the maknae suggested.

Everybody held their cups up high including Ga In.

‘Wait, yeobo. You cannot drink soju.’ Jo Kwon stood up and prepares a glass of apple juice for Ga In instead.

‘Why she can’t drink that? I thought she is always a strong liquor drinker?’ Jea questioned.

‘Now she can’t drink it. Now let’s toast first.’ Jo Kwon explained.

‘So, Jo Kwon you mention to me earlier that you have to announce. What was that?’ Jea was really curious what is hiding between the both of them.

Jo Kwon holds Ga In’s hand tightly with his left hand. Then he gently caresses Ga In’s tummy with his right hand.

‘Noona is pregnant. With my child.’ Smiles can be seen as happiness is written all over Ga In and Jo Kwon’s face.

‘WHAT?!’ Everybody exclaimed in unison.

Miryo drops her cup and the cup breaks into pieces.

Seulong quickly stood up and grab the cloth.

‘I will clean it.’ Quickly, Seulong picks up the broken pieces and return to his seat.

‘Ga In, I can’t believe that this is happening to you. How can you hide it from us?’ Narsha exclaimed.

‘Noona, please don’t be angry with Ga In. We don’t mean to hide it from you.’ Jo Kwon frantically replied.

‘How long already?’ Miryo asked in a stern manner.

‘Around two months, unnie.’ Ga In answered. Still, she was worried that her unnie would blame her.

‘I am angry because you didn’t tell me earlier!!’ Jea burst into laughter at the panicked Jo Kwon and Ga In.

Everybody burst into laughter. Finally all the members of BEG and 2AM knew about Ga In’s pregnancy.

‘So are you going to tell CEO?’ Narsha asked worriedly.

;And JYP hyung?’ Chang Min too asked the same question.

‘We are definitely going to tell but now we are thinking of a way to make sure the our CEO agrees.’ Jo Kwon answered.

All of the members start to crack their brain to find the best solution to solve the problem.


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