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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Through The Lens - Chapter 4


(First night in Bali – Ga In & Hyuna’s room)

‘Hyuna-ah, what do you think of Jo Kwon?’ Ga In asked suddenly.

She puts down the fashion magazine and frowned at her, ‘Why do you ask that?’

‘Nah.. just wondering..’ She looks away and continues unpacking her luggage.

Hyuna eyes widened, ‘Why? Are you interested in him?’

(At the same time, Seul Ong and Jo Kwon’s room)

‘Jo Kwon-ah, how was today’s shooting? Did everything go well?’ Seul Ong asked while lying on his bed.

‘Honestly it was better than I expected. I thought we would be awkward... but it feels…. ‘Jo Kwon paused, trying to find the most suitable words to describe how he felt.

‘…So natural.. .As though like I have known her for years…’ He continued while looking up at the ceiling on the bed – flashing back the time spent with her.

‘Well, that’s good to hear. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. So we better rest early tonight.’

(Next day [last day], at the shooting set – spa pool)

‘Jo Kwon-sshi, you looked really cool,’ Jo Kwon stood there while the make-up artist touch-up on his face. He was wearing a white pair of swimming trunk, revealing his six-pack.

He looked around; a fair petite lady covered in bathrobe comes out from a corner. He secretly jumped in joy inside his heart, anticipating the time that he is going to spend with her for the rest of the day.

‘Oh hi, Ga In-sshi , I mean Ga In noona. Good morning.’ Jo Kwon greeted politely.

‘Ohh hi..good morning. .erm, wow you looked...’ Ga In scans her eyes up and down, feasting her eyes on Jo Kwon’s muscular body.

Jo Kwon smiles and joked, ‘Noona, let’s give our best today and not get killed.’


‘Ga In-sshi, please take off your bathrobe. We are going to shoot now.’ Changmin requested.

Ga In carefully unties the bathrobe and passed it to Hyuna – revealing her yellow halter neck bikini and her milky white body. She scooped some water from the pool and runs it through her hair.

Jo Kwon saw the whole scene and look away because he could literally feel the bulge in his trunks. He pretends to cover his eyes from the scorching sun.

‘Okay, now you two please get into the pool.’ Changmin asked again.

Jo Kwon politely holds Ga In’s hand and led her into the pool. They stood in the middle of the pool, with the water level reaching only at Jo Kwon’s knee.

‘Please play around and I’ll shoot the pictures.’ Changmin who were also standing in the pool, asked.

As requested, Jo Kwon started off by splashing some water onto Ga In’s face, ‘Noona, let’s play!’




‘Nice one, you guys are doing great!’


‘Alright, let’s move onto the next scene.’
The sudden halt from the photographer causes Jo Kwon and Ga In to burst into laughter because they totally forgot about the presence of the camera.

(Next shooting set – Café beside the spa pool)

‘Just eat and enjoy your lunch comfortably and I’ll shoot the pictures.’ Changmin asked.
‘Alright, we will.’ Both leads answered in unison.

They started eating but the atmosphere was unusually quiet. They didn’t know what to say or what to do.
Jo Kwon knew that this can’t go on so he scoop a mouthful of food for Ga In, ‘Noona, have a bite.’


‘Wonderful! Keep going.’ Changmin praised.


Ga In was startled by Jo Kwon’s sudden act but she didn’t show it on her face. She eye-smiled and accepts the mouthful of food.


Jo Kwon then saw some stain on her mouth, so he reached for the napkins, ‘Can I?’ He asked.

Ga In leans her head forward and Jo Kwon wipes the stain of her mouth. She could feel her cheek burning so she tried to laugh it off and covered her face with her hand.




‘Alright, let’s wrap up and we would continue later in the evening!!’ Changmin shouted to the staff member.


(Last shooting set – along the Bali beach)

Both Jo Kwon and Ga In were holding hands and are walking by the beach.


‘Try playing around!’ Changmin shouted from where he stood.

Taking the initiatives, Jo Kwon purposely pinch her cheek, ‘Meh~rong~’ and ran away.


‘Yah!!’ Ga In chased after him.


‘OUCH!’ Ga in suddenly stop running and whined in pain.

‘What happened?!’ Jo Kwon ran over to Ga In immediately to check up on her.

The other staff came running to where the leads are.

‘Are you alright?’ Jo Kwon asked worriedly.

‘I think.. I…just cut my foot.’

In no time, Jo Kwon already picked Ga in up in the bridal way and quickly carry her away from the beach.

‘Are..are you alright?’ Jo Kwon trembled in guilty. He traced to where Ga In is holding her leg and he saw blood oozing out from her right foot.

‘Somebody please get me the first aid kit!!’ Jo Kwon ordered.

‘The medical officer is here!!’ Hyuna shouted and lead two medical officers from the resort to where Ga In is.

Jo Kwon was stepped aside; allowing the officer to attend to Ga In’s wound. He just stood there, watching the process worriedly.

(That night – Ga In & Hyuna’s room)

*Knock Knock

‘Please wait a while!’ Ga In shouted from inside. Ga In uses the crutches to help her to the door.
Swinging the door open, she saw Jo Kwon standing outside with a medipack on his hand.

‘Oh erm, hi Ga In noona... I was just wondering if you...’ Jo Kwon showed the medipack on his hand.

‘Just come in.’

Jo Kwon helped Ga In to the bed and sat beside her.

‘Noona, you know.. I am so sorry about just now..’ Jo Kwon looked down, feeling the guilt creeping up.
She shook her head and smile, ‘Please don’t be, you have done nothing wrong.’

‘But you are injured because of me..’ His voice trailed off again.

She reaches out her hand and touches his hand, ‘…Please don’t blame yourself.’ When she realises her awkward move, she quickly pulled her hand in. Jo Kwon was taken aback but he tried to ignore it.

‘Noona, where is Hyuna?’ He tried changing the topic to ease the awkward moment.

‘Oh, erm.. she went over to discuss the project in my place.. you know when I am in this state..’

‘Ahh, I see. By the way, noona do you mind if I help you to change your bandage?’ Jo Kwon asked suddenly.


Jo Kwon kneeled on one leg, pointed at her injured leg and looked at Ga In, ‘Can I?’

Smiling, Ga In nodded gently.

With the consent, Jo Kwon place Ga In’s right foot on his leg and gently removes the bandage.
‘You know how to do this?’ Ga In asked.

‘I am used to living alone in the States. So I need a know a thing or two..’ His voice trailed off again.
Jo Kwon picked the medicine from the medipack and gently applies it on the wound; he could feel Ga In’s hand which is on his shoulder, tightening.

Jo Kwon stopped immediately, ‘Is it painful?’ He turned his face towards Ga In and saw tears welding up in her eyes.

‘, it’s okay.’ Ga In forced a smile on her face.

‘Sorry, I’ll be gentler.’ Jo Kwon returns his focus on Ga In’s wound.

Soon, she forgot about the pain in her leg, because she can’t help but to notice Jo Kwon’s beautiful feature – the attentive eyes, white skin, luscious lips and most importantly, the cologne that Jo Kwon wears makes her heart beats crazily.

Unknowingly, Ga In felt her cheeks starts to burn and her heart beating quickly. She holds her chest, trying to ‘tame’ her heart.

‘Why? Are you hurt anywhere?’ Jo Kwon looked into her eyes, with a worried look.

‘No..nothing.’ Ga In looked away, preventing Jo Kwon from seeing her blushed cheek.

‘Alright, it’s done.’ Jo Kwon carefully puts down Ga In’s leg.

He then stood up, ‘You know, I should go now. I shan’t be disturbing you from rest.’ He walked towards the room’s door wanting to leave quickly.

‘Jo Kwon—‘ Ga In called out.

‘Yes?’ He quickly turned.

‘…Oh..erm..nothing. I..I just want to say thanks..’ She paused. ‘I mean for the bandage…and for everything. It was fun working with you.’

‘Oh, it’s nothing. You are welcome. I better leave now. Bye.’

With that, Jo Kwon hastily leaves the room, leaving Ga In disappointed.


Jo Kwon stood outside the of Ga In’s room, holding his chest; his heart was beating crazily too. He then heaved a sigh of relief and quickly walked back towards his room.


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