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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 17


‘Yah, Son Ga In I cannot believe that you actually do that. You purposely asked our dear manager to deliver food to JoSeobang? Narsha snapped at Ga In after she hangs up the phone.

‘W..Well she was passing by MBC anyway. So..I just—‘

‘I am just joking Ga In-nie. You don’t need to get so nervous.’

‘Yah, Narsha you know she is drowned in love. She has changed because she is drowning in love. She has never sent me food too when I am working.’

‘Unnie!! I didn’t!! I am still the old Son Ga In!!’

Ga In rushes forward and hugs Jea from the back. Everybody in the room including the recording staff burst into laughter because of Ga In’s action.



“Dear valued passenger, Flight No.920 to Indonesia is ready to depart in 45 minutes from Incheon International Airport. Dear passenger, please do check in at our boarding counter 30 minutes before the boarding time……”

‘Kwon-ah, do take care of yourself in Indonesia alright?’

‘Omma, don’t worry about me. You too, please do eat a lot and don’t forget to drink your medicine on the right time.’

‘Kwon-ah.. *Coughs* .. omma loves you.’

‘I love you too.’

Jo Kwon hung up the call in the midst of the tenths of fan that came and send them. He smiled and waved at fans that stood quite far away from him.

‘Are you going to call her too?’ Seul Ong whispered by his ear.

‘That goes without saying.’ He smirked.

He dialed speed dial #2 on his phone and soon he was already chatting away.

‘You are leaving already?’ Ga In quickly popped the question.

‘I am leaving in another 15 minutes. Noona, what do you want this time?’

‘Yah, Kwon-ah, can you please stop asking me the same question every time you leave for a country? I have so many things from you already. You should instead save more money.’

‘I am never stingy when it comes to you.’

‘I know but I am really contented with everything you have given me. I don’t want my boyfriend to be spendthrift because of me.’

‘Alright, alright. I’ll listen to you. I’ll be good and save more for our future alright?’


‘Whatever, remember always keep your phone around you so that Kyungsan noona can find you easily. You are such an absent-minded baby. She has been complaining so much to me.’


‘And drink lots of water and don’t skip meals. You are getting skinnier these—‘

‘Yah, am I leaving for Indonesia or you are the one??’

‘Noona, you know I am so worried for you every time I leave Seoul. You are constantly on my mind.’

‘Okay, I would take VERY GOOD care of myself alright? And if I found out that you lose weight too, I am going to –‘

‘You are going to make that bitter tasting ginseng herb juice for me again? Shirrroo!!’

‘I am glad you know that.’

‘Don’t worry, I won’t let you have that chance to make it.’


‘Alright, noona. I need to board in soon. We’ll talk later tonight?’

‘Sure. Have a safe flight.’

‘I love you.’ After saying the most important word, Jo Kwon hangs up the call and walked back towards his member.

‘Finally you are willing to hang up the phone? Must you call her every time before we leave?’ Seul Ong who can’t stand the silly look on Jo Kwon’s face every time after his conversation with Ga In, finally spoke up.

‘Of course. I don’t want her to worry for me.’

‘Argghh I can’t endure you guys anymore. I better go away before I start puking in front of our fans.’

Seul Ong stood up and picked up his stuff on the bench beside him.

‘Hyung, I think you are going to be an inconsiderate boyfriend in the future.’ Jo Kwon retaliates.

‘Hyung, you never know that. Seul Ong hyung could be worse than you if he ever got himself a girlfriend.’ Jin Woon who was listening to their conversation all along joined in the fun.


Before he could react, Jin Woon “escape” with his belongings after saying his piece.

‘Aish.. this kiddo.’ He laughs to himself.

‘Kwon-ah, let’s get ready and leave.’

‘Alright hyung.’ Both Changmin and Jo Kwon bade goodbye to their fans and disappeared into corridor leading towards the boarding gate.


'Alright, today has been a tired day. Now you all better rest and tomorrow you guys would have series of recording going on tomorrow with the Indonesian media.’

‘There’s also an interview session after your performance. I am not sure whether they be any fan meeting tomorrow, I need to re-confirm with the host of the event but just get yourself prepared if there’s one.’

All the four members of 2AM nodded in unison.

‘That’s about it. I would brief more to your guys tomorrow. Jo Kwon and Changmin, here’s the card to your hotel room.’

After getting the cards, all the four bade goodbye to their manager and went to the elevator.

‘This hotel is really pretty.’ Jin Woon looked around while waiting for the elevator to come.

‘Ga In noona and I have been to a better one in Bali. The hotel faces the sea and the view was awesome.’

‘Really? It sounds really awesome. Hope I can visit Bali one day and feel the breeze blowing on my face.’

‘Come to think of it, it has been more a year since your wedding in Bali?’ Changmin asked.

‘Oh hyung, you still remember that we took our wedding photo here in Indonesia! I really miss those time spent with Ga In noona.’

‘Look at him, look at him. Here he goes again with his silly face whenever he thinks of Ga In.’ Seul Ong complained.

‘Hyung, why are you complaining so much about a man who is crazy in love? Whatever they do are just aren’t normal.’ Jin Woon spoke up for Jo Kwon.

‘Wow, Jin Woon-nie you sound like you have experience this before.’ Changmin purposely asked.

‘The lift is here!!’ Jin Woon quickly rushes into the lift to avoid Changmin’s question.

All the other three members burst into laughter seeing JinWoon’s reaction.


Both Seul Ong and Jo Kwon shared a room while Changmin and JinWoon shared one. After unpacking their luggage, they wash themselves and got ready on their bed.

Seul Ong was on the verge of dozing off but was disturbed by the sounds coming from Jo Kwon. He saw Jo Kwon tossing around on the bed while fiddling with his phone.

‘Kwon-ah, aren’t you sleeping yet?’

‘Hyung, I can’t fall asleep.’

‘Whatever, I am damn tired right now. I am going to sleep now.’

‘Good night, hyung.’

Feeling bored, Jo Kwon took a few selca of his own and posted on Twitter.

@2AMKwon 밤이 너무 외로와요~~

[TRANS] This night is so lonely~~

After posting it, he quickly phoned Ga In. He didn’t manage to reach Ga In at first but after a few tries, Ga In finally picked up the phone.

‘Noona, are you still busy in the recording studio? Am I bothering you?’

‘We just got our break, so it’s okay.’

‘Aww, himnae noona, you know I am always here for you right?’


‘Noona, I miss you already~’

‘Me too... Yah, Kwon-ah, where are you now?’

‘I am on the bed right now with Seul Ong hyung sleeping beside me.’

‘So you guys have long schedules tomorrow right?’

‘Yea, it’s going to end around evening tomorrow. So I might be busy and I can’t call you often.’

‘Babo, you better concentrate more on your performance and stop thinking about me.’



‘Noona, is Jea noona there too?’

‘Yea she is right in front of me. Why?’

‘Ask Jea noona to check out her twitter timeline.’

‘Alright. I would call you back later.’

Ga In hung up the phone and quickly approached Jea who were talking to Bongsame (Nega staff).

‘Unnie!! Can you check your twitter timeline? It seems like Jo Kwon has tweeted something again.’

‘Aish, aren’t you getting annoying? Can’t you open your own twitter account? Why are you asking from me everytime he tweets something?’

‘Just this once okay? You know I am always dumbie when it comes to social networking stuff. Cyworld is already enough for me. ’ Ga In pleaded her infamous aegyo tone.

‘I think she’s lying. If she’s on Twitter, she can’t control herself and would starts to chat with Kwonnie on Twitter.’ Miryo who were sitting at the end of the couch eating chips purposely teased at Ga In’s request.

‘I think all your Adam fans would be over the moon if they ever see those conversations to happen.’ Narsha joined in the fun.

‘I just can’t do anything about you.’ Jea unwillingly takes out her phone and signed in her twitter account.

After awhile, they saw the picture Jo Kwon has posted on twitter.

‘Omo, Jo-Seobang has nice skin.’ Jea exclaimed.

‘What did he post?’ The other two members came and sat around Jea.

‘Yah, Son Ga In your boyfriend sure have a nice skin there.’ Miryo praised.

‘He said he’s lonely, shouldn’t you give him a call now?’ Narsha teased Ga In who has her eyes glued to the pictures.

‘You better go and make the call and stop bugging me.’ Jea acted like she was angry and walked away.

‘Unnie~~’ Ga In thought that Jea was angry and quickly catch up on her and hug her from the back.

‘Unnie, please don’t be like this~’ Ga In said in her aegyo tone.

Seeing her acting like this, all the other members burst into laughter.

‘I am just joking..babo baby-g’ Jea can’t contain her acting anymore and blurts out the truth.

‘You better go now or else we need to start our recording soon.’ Miryo added.

‘Thank you unnie.’ Ga In quickly runs off to call Jo Kwon.


As usual, Jo Kwon who loves to tweet a lot sat in the corner of the practice studio to check out his Twitter timeline during their practice break.

아다네스여러분~^^도시락 고마워요 ㅋㅋ지금은 망고 섭취중이여요 ~배불러

[Trans ] Adanes~Thank you for your bento~I'm eating mango now~~ahh~ I'm so full.

After seeing that tweet from Jea, Jo Kwon quickly text her.

To: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Sent: 9.25pm)

‘Noona, you guys have so much food!! I want some!!

From: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Received: 9.28pm)

‘Thanks to you guys, we have the food to eat.’

To: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Sent: 9.30pm)

‘Eat more, noona. You guys have worked hard.’

From: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Received: 9.33pm)

ㅠㅠ I think my bones are breaking soon. I can’t deny my age anymore.’

To: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Sent: 9.35pm)

‘Himnae, noona. B.E.G comeback would be a DAEBAK one.’

From: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Received: 9.38pm)

‘Yea hope so. We really worked hard for this one.’

To: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Sent: 9.40pm)

‘Please take care of your health. Send my regards to other noona too.’

From: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Received: 9.46pm)

‘You are such a caring dongsaeng. Ga In is really lucky.ㅋㅋ

To: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Sent: 9.47pm)

‘I am still far from being a good one, noona. Can I request something from you, noona?’

From: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Received: 9.51pm)

‘Yea what?’

To: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Sent: 9.55pm)

‘Can you please take care of Ga In noona for me? She’s losing a lot of weight recentlyand hasn’t been listening to me. I am so worried for her.’

From: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Received: 9.57pm)

‘ Don’t worry, she’s not only just your girlfriend but my dear baby-g too.’

To: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Sent: 9.58pm)

ㅎㅎ Thank you noona.’

From: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Received: 10.02pm)

‘You better go and rest now. See you.’

To: World 2nd Most Beautiful Noona (Sent: 10.05pm)

2nd Most Beautiful Noona in the World.’

After sending the last message to Jea, Jo Kwon was about to leave his phone and go to the bathroom when suddenly another message comes in.

From : 여벙 (Sent: 10.07pm)

‘Jo Kwon!!’

To: 여벙 (Received: 10.08pm)

‘What is it my dear?’

From : 여벙 (Sent: 10.09pm)

‘You dare to message Jea unnie without messaging me too? ㅎㅎ

To: 여벙 (Received: 10.10pm)

‘Looks like somebody is jealous. ㅋㅋ

From : 여벙 (Sent: 10.11pm)

‘I didn’t.’

To: 여벙 (Received: 10.12pm)

‘Anyway, you better rest more or else you would get it from me.’

From : 여벙 (Sent: 10.13pm)

‘Arasso.. .ㅠㅠI miss youㅠㅠ.’

To: 여벙 (Received: 10.15pm)

‘I miss you more ㅠㅠ And I need to go now . Sleep early.’

He put his phone away and wakes the others up who is resting from practice.

‘Come on guys let’s go home.’

‘Go home? Are we done with our practice?’ Seul Ong rubbed his eyes in shock.

‘I think we have practice enough for today, so let’s go home and rest early.’

‘Are you sure about this, hyung?’

‘Just pack your things and get ready to go home.’

The truth was Jo Kwon was feeling exceptionally good because Ga In rarely initiates to message him. He was feeling so great because Ga In has obviously changed to another person because of him. That night, 2AM members ended their practice early and went back to dorm and rest.


‘I would like to inform that there would be a little change in our sitcom’s plot. Can somebody help me to distribute the new script book?’ The director of AML instructed.

One the staff distributed the new scripts to all the cast of the sitcom who were sitting around the huge meeting table. After receiving the scripts, everybody quickly looked into the pages.

‘In the future episodes, OkYeob would have a loveline with Seondook.’ The director explained.

‘It might be a bit hard for our current plot to implant the loveline because OkYeob and Seondok are always fighting and arguing, nevertheless we are still going to do it as planned.’

‘So Jo Kwon and Lizzy, I hope you guys can build more chemistry so that your actings would be more natural.’

‘Yes sir.’ Both Jo Kwon and Lizzy said unison.

‘And I want to add on, there would be two kissing scene between Jo Kwon and Lizzy. I hope you guys would be prepared for that.’

Both Jo Kwon and Lizzy’s eyes widen and they looked at each other. Jo Kwon can’t help but feel nervous and awkward on the inside.Suddenly flashes of Ga In’s face appeared in his mind.

Soon, the meeting ended and Jo Kwon went back to JYPE for more rehearsals for their Saint O’Clock Asia promotion tour.

Upon reaching JYPE building, Jo Kwon walked to the café first to grab a cup of coffee. Over there, he saw Park Jin Young enjoying his lunch while reading the papers.

‘Hyung, having lunch alone?’ Jo Kwon who already bought the coffee, sat in front of him.

‘Eh you are here too?’

‘I am going upstairs for rehearsal soon.’

‘You don’t look too happy. Anything happened during the sitcom meeting?’


‘Do you still treat me as an outsider? I can totally see it that you are bothered by something.’

‘Am I really that obvious?’

‘Just spit it out. What’s wrong?’

‘Just now director has announced that my character in the sitcom would have a loveline with Lizzy’s character.’

‘So? What’s the big deal?’

‘We are going to kiss… Not once, but tw..twice.’

‘That’s the thing that you are so bothered about? Come on, you are not like the Jo Kwon I know.’


‘Wait, you are concerned about Ga In-sshi?’

‘How did you know hyung?’

‘You are afraid that she might be jealous?’

‘I know Ga In noona won’t get jealous but I just feel like I have betrayed her or something…’

‘Kwon-ah, you cannot be thinking this way. You know as an artist, you cannot be thinking too much when it comes to work. You won’t be a successful one if you worry too much. Don’t forget this sitcom is not going to be your last acting. I believe in the future there’s a lot more to come and you can’t be possibly be worrying for all of them right?.’

‘So hyung, what should I do?’

‘Be a professional actor. Work is work and personal is personal. Don’t mix your feelings and then you would be fine.’

‘Is it really that easy?’

‘I believe you can do well, just believe in my judgement. I seldom judge wrongly.’

‘Thank you for your advice, hyung. I feel so much better now.’

‘Alright, then you better hurry up and go for your practice.’

‘See you.’


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