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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 19/11/10

[Continuation of the previous flashback]

(Still on the bed after hanging up her manager’s call)

Ga In replaced her phone carefully back to the table.

‘Kwon-ah, are you awake?’ She asked bravely.

No reply.

‘Kwon-ah!’ Raising her voice a little.

Still silence.

‘YA!! JO KWON!! I know you are awake! Please don’t pretend to be asleep. YA!! JO KWON-sshi!!!’ Ga In shouted with her usual tone and tried to back kick using her leg. (*Note that Jo Kwon and Ga In are back facing each other)

(Imagine the kicking is like in the scene of All My Love Episode 1 where Ga In kicked Jo Kwon when Jo Kwon is studying)

‘Noona! Stop kicking me!! I am falling off the bed!!’ Jo Kwon replied helplessly.

Ga In didn’t hear him and continues kicking him. Eventually, Jo Kwon falls off the bed with a great thump.

‘AH!! NOONA!!’ Jo Kwon was sitting on the floor and rubs his bare back.

The shocked Ga In quickly sits up and turns around to check on Jo Kwon.

‘Are you alright? Mianhe (Sorry)’ Ga In asked in a worried look.

‘Noo—na-‘ Jo Kwon stuttered.

‘What?!’ Ga In replied in a frustrated mood while looking straight into Jo Kwon’s eyes.

‘Your clothes—i-s not—not on your bo-o-dy’ He stammered throughout the sentence.

Ga In was frozen in the moment before she realized that she is naked.


The shout. It was so loud that maybe even the resident from the next building could hear it.

Ga In quickly collects the blanket on the bed and covered her body. Embarrassed, she hides under the blanket and starts to cry.

Startled, Jo Kwon swiftly wears back his tops and pants and climbs back to the bed.

‘Noona, I don’t mean to—‘ Jo Kwon was trying to console Ga In by patting the blanket-covered Ga In.


‘Noona, I know it’s my fault. I don’t mean to—‘

‘I don’t want to talk to you right now!!’

‘Noona, please listen to me’

‘SHUT UP!!!!’

‘NOONA!!!’ Jo Kwon raising his voice in a real manly sound.


‘I would be responsible. For ANYTHING that happens.’ Jo Kwon stated.

‘RESPONSIBLE?! How are YOU going to be responsible’ Cries still could be heard from inside the blanket but it has gone down.

Silence. Jo Kwon didn’t know what to say. He wants to say the ‘words’ that have kept inside him all these while. The words are always on his mind but he never got the courage to ask or talk about it. Here is the chance. The only chance.

‘I might as well just go for it. Just say it Jo Kwon.’ Jo Kwon monologues.

‘NOW YOU GO AWAY!!’ The only thing that Ga In can do is to shoo him away so that she has some time alone to think about what happened last night and find the best and mature decision to settle the problem.

‘I will marry you. I want you to be my real bu-in (wife)’ Jo Kwon speaks loudly with no stammering. He is very sincere about what he has just said. He has kept these ‘words’ in his heart for the past months while his love for Ga In has built up into a mountain where you can’t even see the peak.


‘You better go and wash up and we will think of a solution to it. You don’t spout nonsense right now. Now you leave the room while I change.’ Ga In stated firmly.

‘But, noona—‘


Obediently, Jo Kwon scrambled out of the bed and walks out of the room. He sits patiently while waiting for Ga In to come out.

Jo Kwon was pacing up and down in the living room. His mind is so packed. So confused. He cannot think properly like what her omma always asked him too.

Suddenly the door creaked open. A fair petite woman walks out of the room and sits on the couch.

‘Noona, I am glad that you are out’

‘Let’s stop filming We Got Married’ She speaks as she sat down on the couch avoiding eye contact with Jo Kwon.

Thousand and one daggers just pierce thru his heart.

‘Wh-at?’ He stammered.

‘I say, let’s stop filming We Got Married. Let’s break up and we go separate ways.’

‘Don’t do this to me noona. Please don’t’ Jo Kwon’s tears starts to welled up in his eyes. In any minute they are going to flow like the water stream.

‘Is there any other choice?’ Ga In choked in her sentence. She held back her tears and swallowed it.

‘I told you, I will marry you. I promise I would take good care of you. I swear with the health of my mum.’

‘Kwon-ah, please don’t do this. We are all adult and mature. We should handle this maturely. I do not want you or me to jump into something that we are not sure of. Furthermore, you don’t love and I don’t love you’

Another thousand daggers just stab once again at Jo Kwon’s heart after hearing Ga In’s remark. Ga In was startled at her statement too. She regret so much when she say that she don’t love him.

Silence once conquered the room.

After gathering his leftover courage Jo Kwon spoke again.

‘Noona, I am very sure that all these while you can sense my love for you right? Although I never expressed it out, but I am very sure that you knew my love for you. I really love you’


‘Noona, all these while the phone calls we made, the messages that you’ve sent me. All those. What are those? Don’t tell me it is a sunbae (senior) and dongsaeng (junior) kind of relationship. I know its love. It’s a love between a man and a woman.’

‘Don’t forget those memories we have made all these while. The Hong Kong trip, chocolate kiss event, back hug, wearing hanbok in the mart and a lot more. Those were our proof of love. Noona, believe me, we ARE crazily in love. Just that we haven’t noticed them yet.’

‘I know. But I still need some time to think it over. I am unsure myself. Kwon ah, please give me a little time alright? I would give you my answer. SOON.’ Ga In finishes her sentence and stood up. She grabbed her bag and gets ready to leave the house.

‘Noona, please don’t go’ Jo Kwon pleads while holding her hand.

‘Kwon-ah, I need time.’ Ga In was avoiding his eyes all the time. She was afraid that she might just say yes. No. It’s too early and she was not sure of Jo Kwon’s love for her.

Without hesitating, Jo Kwon just pulled her for a back hug.

‘Noona, please don’t go’ He pleaded again with tears streaming down.

‘Kwon-ah, let go of me alright?’


‘I will call you soon’ With that, Ga In pulled away Jo Kwon’s arm and rushes to the door and slammed hardly leaving Jo Kwon standing in the house crying.


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