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Friday, August 19, 2011

Through The Lens - Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Choosing Models

(Inside audition room of U-Style Corp. building)

‘Next please..’ Ga In groaned.

She was getting a little annoyed because all the models who came in for the interview didn’t manage to reach her expectation. She either find the girls too girly or the man too masculine.

‘How many have we interviewed?’ Ga In asked.

‘So far we have 20 male and 32 female models.’ Her assistant, Hyuna, who has work for her for more than a year now, replied her.

‘Anymore coming in?’ She asked again.

‘We have reached the end of list, I am afraid...’ Hyuna hesitated.

‘No, none of them can bring out the idea I want’ She complained. She massaged her forehead that was throbbing so hard due to lack of sleep in the previous night.

‘But now...’

‘Ga In-ah, how was the audition?’ Seul Ong came into the room to check the progress of the audition.

‘Oppa, Ga In unnie don’t like any of them.’ Hyuna whined.

‘Really? Are you being choosy again?’ Seul Ong walked to the back of Ga In and gently massaged her shoulder.

‘No, you see. Next month’s concept is about the wonderfulness of noona-dongsaeng relationship. But now all the models that came today did not fall into the criteria and did not give me that kind of feeling. They just don't feel right to me.’

‘You lost me, would you mind explaining?’ Seul Ong asked.

‘The male model must be someone who looks young and mischievous on the outside but on the inner side, he is a mature and responsible man. As for the complement to this kind of man, the female model… maybe someone who is looking chic and sexy on the outside but at the right time, she shows a lot of aegyo like young girls..’

‘Wow, unnie your expectation is so high..’ Hyuna looked through the application list again to look for the criteria that Ga In wants.

‘Looking chic..and sexy but also shows a lot of aegyo at the right time…’ Seul Ong wandered around the room while thinking about the suitable candidate.

‘And of course, both must have good body line..’ Ga In continued.

‘Ahhha!! I think I have a very suitable candidate already.’ Seul Ong snapped his finger in front of Ga In’s face.

‘Really?! Who actually possess such an extraordinary character?’ Hyuna exclaimed in excitement.

‘You!’ Seul Ong answered.

‘Me?!’ Ga In jolted up from her office chair.

‘Yes, I think you are the most suitable model for this issue.’

‘Yes!! Ga In unnie would totally fit those criteria!! How come I didn’t think of that?’ Hyuna hit herself gently on the head.

‘If that’s decided, now I would go and design one wedding dress that’s totally perfect for your “a-dam” size. Please wait for my good news.’ Seul Ong then walked out of the room before Ga In could say anything.

‘Im Seul Ong!!’ Ga In shouted.

‘Unnie, just accepted this task..I thought you’ve always like new challenges? Don’t tell me you’re afraid..’

‘Who says I am not going to accept this? I am going to do this photoshoot.’ She replied.

(Im Seul Ong own’s personal designing room)

‘Hyung, what are you doing over there?’ Jo Kwon knocked and walked into Seul Ong’s room after having lunch alone.

‘You even missed your lunch.’ He continued.

‘Here, eat this while it’s hot.’ He puts down the packet food that he has prepared for him on his way back on Seul Ong’s table.

‘Thank you so much but I will eat later.’ Seul Ong did not raise his head and was focusing on the task at hand.

‘What are you drawing? So focus and all..?’ Jo Kwon bends down and squint his eyes on Seul Ong’s work.

‘It looks like a wedding dress, and…it’s an elegant one.’ Jo Kwon commented.

‘Yea, I am designing the wedding dress for the next month’s issue.’

‘I see. What about the groom’s suit?’ Jo Kwon asked.

‘We haven’t got any suitable male models yet, so I can’t design first.’ He explained.

‘Well hyung..’ He said sitting down on the couch. ‘I can’t wait for the photo shoot. You know working with Ga In-sshi, the editor.’

‘You call her Ga In? She’s my same age friend, so she’s your noona.’ Seul Ong raises his head and stopped his work.

‘Why… don’t tell me you interested in her?’ Seul Ong eyes widened.

‘ I wasn’t okay. I was just… excited.’ Jo Kwon stuttered.

‘But I thought back in the States you were the frivolous type, getting to know so many girlfriends.’ Seul Ong teased.

‘Hey, I was just plain popular over there!! I was just being friendly and I never had any relationship with them.’ Jo Kwon retreated.

‘Okay, chill buddy. You don’t need to get so worked up.’ Seul Ong can’t stop laughing at the tensed up Jo Kwon.

‘I may live in States but I am responsible man.’ Jo Kwon explained again pouting his luscious lips.

‘Yea..yea.. I know—‘ Suddenly Seul Ong stared at Jo Kwon, not uttering a word.

‘What it is? Why are you staring at me?’ Jo Kwon questioned.

‘I just found the male candidate.’


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