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Tuesday, August 23, 2011



(Im Seul Ong own’s personal designing room)

‘Are you serious?’ Jo Kwon reconfirms again after what Seul Ong have just said.

‘Yes, Ga In is the female model and you are going to be the male model.’ Seul Ong repeats.

‘But..I..’ Jo Kwon choked on his saliva after hearing the big news that has cause his heartbeat to skip a little.

‘I think you totally fit the criteria - being cool on the outside but mature on the inside. Don’t forget your “a-dam” size – totally matches with Ga In.’ Seul Ong continued.

‘B..But who’s going to be the photographer?’

‘That’s easier to solve. We have many other reputable photographers in our company too. You don’t have worry about that.


‘Good models are hard to find but suitable models are harder to find.’

‘…’ Jo Kwon still has a hard time to process all the things that Seul Ong has just said.

‘That’s settled. You will become the male model for our magazine’s upcoming issue. I’ll tell this good news to Ga In.’

‘Hyun—.‘ Before Jo Kwon can finish his sentence, Seul Ong already closes the door behind him because he was late for the meeting.

Although the idea was sudden, Jo Kwon can’t help but to feel excited and nervous at the same time knowing that Ga In would be the female lead.

(Meeting room U-Style Corp. building)

‘So, it has been decided that in this issue, our shooting location would be in Bali Island.’ Ga In stated.

‘Bali Island?’ Some colleagues discuss among themselves.

She observed the attendees, ‘Yes, it’s in Indonesia.’ She found out that one person was missing from the seat.

‘Sorry, I am late.’ Seul Ong abruptly enters the meeting room and quickly takes his seat beside Ga In.

‘Ga In..unnie.. just.. started.’ Hyuna mouthed to Seul Ong who is sitting opposite her. Seul Ong just nodded.

Ga In gave a dead stare to Seul Ong, ‘Hyuna-ah, can you help me to debrief?’

‘Alright, so we will be leaving to Bali in a week’s time. Ga In unnie would be the female lead and we are now in the midst of looking for the male lead but we are already working on that.’

‘Actually..’ Seul Ong tried to interrupt.

All the members in the room turn their focus towards Seul Ong.

‘I have already found a suitable male lead for this issue.’

‘Who?’ Ga In asked almost immediately.

‘He’s just outside. I’ll invite him to our discussion then.’ Seul Ong stood up and walked over to the door and gently opens it.

‘Come in and say hello.’ Seul Ong asked.

As expected, Jo Kwon politely entered the room and quickly greeted to all the people in the room.

‘Hi all, my name is Jo Kwon. I would be the male lead in this issue.’

(Bali Island – First photo shoot setting)

‘Ga In and Jo Kwon-sshi, you guys are going to be a married couple during this whole summer concept photoshoot. So I hope to see great chemistry between the two of you.’ The main photographer, Lee Changmin explained.

‘Hyuna-ah, please help them with the clothes.’

Hyuna led the two lead into their respective dressing room to get changed.

Moments later, both come out wearing red-white stripe couple t-shirt with matching comfortable denim shorts.

Jo Kwon also has a pair of sunglass and baseball hat on him. Ga In on the other hand, has her hair pinned up nicely, matching with the season.

‘Wow, Ga In-sshi you looked good.’ Jo Kwon commented.

‘You too.’ Ga In answered shyly.

Soon, the photo shoot started. The first setting was situated at the hotel lobby with the couple suitcase placing near them. The photo concept was Jo Kwon has to put his hands around Ga In waist while Ga In has to put his hand around Jo Kwon’s neck.

Jo Kwon was shy at first, so he gently put his arms on Ga In’s waist.

‘Jo Kwon-sshi, can you hug her closer to your body?’ Changmin requested. Jo Kwon timidly pulled her closer but there was not much difference.

‘It’s okay, just do it.’ Ga In whispered gently.

After hearing her ‘consent’ Jo Kwon daringly pulled her towards his body, zeroing the gap between them. Jo Kwon can feel his heart skips a beat.

Ga In was startled by the sudden move but quickly recovered. Then the both of them smiled happily in front of the camera.



‘One more!’ Changmin exclaimed.



‘That’s right!’ Changmin exclaimed again.




‘Alright, let’s change their clothing.’ Changmin ended the first set of photos.

Both the leads approached Changmin to take a look at the photos that was just taken.

‘I am not just saying this...’ Changmin quickly browsed through the pictures from his DSLR.

‘But you guys have an unusual, unique harmony...’

Both Jo Kwon and Ga In can’t stop smiling after hearing the compliments.

‘Are you sure you guys worked for together for the first time?’ Changmin asking in disbelief.

‘Thanks to Ga In-sshi, she leaded me well.’ Jo Kwon commented, while smiling.

‘Please don’t say that, you helped me too.’ Ga In replied.

‘Alright, let’s change your clothing next setting would be in the hotel room.’ Changmin instructed.


Both were standing in the hotel room’s balcony facing the vast blue sea of Bali Island. Jo Kwon envelope his arm around Ga In’s waist with Ga In’s leaning against Jo Kwon’s muscular body. They were getting more and more comfortable around each other, so they were no longer that awkward.



‘Nice pose!’



‘Alright, let’s wrap up for today!’ Changmin exclaimed.

‘So fast?’ Hyuna can’t believe her ears. Changmin was known for the picky and choosy photographer in their company, making Hyuna standing there, surprised.

‘They have wonderful chemistry, that’s why. I think you guys have to thank them for the early break.’ Changmin joked.

(In the Resort’s Cafeteria)

‘You guys looked like match made couple!’ Hyuna, who was observing throughout the shooting, praised the main leads.

‘Hyuna-ah, how many times must you repeat that? I can even memorize it already.’ Seul Ong groaned.

‘Oppa, you totally missed it! Blame it on your slow skill, coping up in the room doing last minute work finishing the gowns.’

‘Hey, I was just trying to make a perfect gown for Ga In okay!’ Seul Ong retreated, trying to save his reputations.

‘Ne~puut!’ Hyuna stuck out her tongue at Seul Ong.

A smile went across Jo Kwon's face, ‘You guys are really close.’

‘I was living alone back in the States, always filled my life with work. It’s really a nice experience working with you guys.’ He continued. ‘And Ga In-sshi, really thanks a lot for today.’

‘Jo Kwon-sshi, you are being too nice—‘

‘Just call me Jo Kwon.’

‘Then you should call me Ga In noona. Jo Kwon-ah, I need to thank you too. You know it’s my first time doing this. ’

‘Alright, stop thanking each other for a million times and let’s eat now! My stomach is already complaining!’ Hyuna whined in her usual aegyo manner.

All the four burst into laughter.


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