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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Through The Lens - Chapter 5 (Finale)

Chapter 5 – The Last Meeting or…?

(Denpasar International Airport)

‘Yah, here you go guys.’ Seul Ong passes their plane tickets to Hyuna, Jo Kwon and Ga In after retrieving them from the counter. It was their last day in Bali and all the project members were waiting for the plane to go back to Seoul.

‘Thanks, has everybody else got their plane tickets?’ Ga In asked while sitting on the bench as her leg was still bandaged.

‘Yea, Yoon Manager has settled everything.’ Seul Ong answered quickly.

Ga In looked at her watch, ‘What time are we leaving?’

‘We’ll be leaving in half an hour.’ Hyuna answered.

Looking around, ‘Shall we get a coffee or something?’ Jo Kwon suggested.

‘I’ll go and buy then, you guys stay here.’ Seul Ong then walked away.

‘Oppa! I want sandwich too!’ Hyuna then ran after Seul Ong, leaving Jo Kwon and Ga In who was still in crutches.

There was an awkward silence between them, when the other two left. Ga In tried to make herself look busy – typing randomly into her phone.

Jo Kwon felt the awkward atmosphere and sat down beside Ga In.

‘Is…Is your leg better now?’ Looking at the bandage, he can’t help but to feel sorry and guilty and the same time.

‘It doesn’t hurt so much already.. all thanks to your—‘ Ga In paused as she reminded herself about what happened the night before.

‘Actually it was no..nothing.’ Jo Kwon stuttered as he remembers how fast his heartbeat was when he helps to change Ga In’s bandage that night.

‘So what are you going to do after this?’ Ga In quickly change topic.

‘Me? I am not sure yet, but I think I would like to go photo travelling. I never tried before, so I want to take this chance to go around our country and take beautiful photos.’ Jo Kwon replied with both hands behind his head.

‘Means you’ll be leaving Seoul?’ Ga In asked immediately.

Jo Kwon let down his hand, and sat upright, ‘Of course, there’s nothing much to do in Seoul actually, other than visiting my parents.’ He turns his head towards Ga In who was facing him.

‘What about after that? How long is that going to take?’ Ga In asked again with obvious concern showing on her face.

Jo Kwon laughed slightly, ‘Actually I am the impromptu type and I don’t plan so far ahead. I take one step at a time. Why?’

‘No..nothing. I was just curious.’ Ga In quickly looks away.


(In the plane)

Jo Kwon helped Ga In all to her seat, only to found out that his seat was right beside hers. Ga In finally settled down on her seat, and Jo Kwon took the sit beside her.

Ga In eye smiled, ‘Thanks a lot, Jo Kwon.’

‘It was nothing.’ He replied in a cool manner but deep inside his heart, his was cheering out loud because able to sit beside Ga In.

The whole journey back to Seoul was better than Ga in expected. Both of them has overcome the awkward feeling in them and was chatting happily all the way. They talk about their interest, funny photography scenes in Bali, embarrassing moments, family and friends, and a lot more.

They were enjoying themselves so much until they were warned by the air stewardess. Ga In thought that they both clicked off pretty well, like they have known each others for years.


(Arriving at Incheon International Airport]

As expected, Jo Kwon automatically helped Ga In all the way to the arriving hall.

‘Finally, we are back to Seoul!!’ Hyuna exclaimed.

‘I think I slept too much in the plane.’ Seul Ong complained as he massages his sore neck. Suddenly, Seul Ong notice Jo Kwon’s hand was still holding onto Ga In’s shoulder when he was helping Ga In.

‘Yah Jo Kwon! How long are you going to hold on to her? Are you guys dating?’ Seul Ong teased loudly.

Startled, Jo Kwon quickly let go of his hand. He then looked away shyly, ‘I..I just forgot about it..’

‘Yah, Im Seul Ong!! Please watch what you are saying!’ Ga In tried raising her crutches to hit Seul Ong.

‘Noona, please don’t do that, you’ll fall over.’ Jo Kwon immediately stops Ga In from doing so.

Hyuna chuckled from the side after seeing the whole commotion, ‘Unnie, I am not lying but you guys really match each other so well.’

‘You better stop crapping and ask Yoon Manager to arrange our transport to go back to company.’ Ga In glared at Hyuna. Hyuna nodded and quickly scrambled away.

‘Jo Kwon-ah, so how? Are you following me back or you’ve got some other plans?’ Seul Ong asked.

‘I think I would follow you back and I would later make some arrangements.’ Jo Kwon replied.

‘Then I’ll go and make a call to my driver and pick us up.’ Seul Ong said and walked away while dialing his driver’s number. After the two ‘annoying’ people have leave, Jo Kwon turned his attention to Ga In.

‘So we are parting here…?’ Jo Kwon asked softly.

‘Hmm.. I guess so..’ Ga In’s voice trailed off. It was so obvious that both hope that it wasn’t their last meeting.

‘Noona… can I…’ Jo Kwon paused, because he wasn’t sure his request was reasonable or not.

‘Yes?’ Ga In’s face lit up.

‘Can I.. have your number? You know maybe when I come back to Seoul—’ Jo Kwon tries to give reasons to make his request more understandable.

‘Sure.’ Ga In replied almost immediately.


(In Seul Ong’s car)

‘Hyung, what do you think of Ga In noona?’ Jo Kwon asked suddenly.

‘Well, I have known her for many years now. I think she’s friendly around her friends but serious when it comes to work and… she’s someone with a lot of aegyo…’ Seul Ong answered.

Jo Kwon eyes widened, ‘Aegyo?’

‘Yes, but only to people that she’s close with.’

‘And I think she’s really friendly. I feel really comfortable around her.’ Jo Kwon said.

‘Why are you asking so much about her?’ Seul Ong narrowed his eyes and looks at Jo Kwon.

‘Can’t we be friends? Why are you giving me that kind of look?’

(At the same time over at Ga In and Hyuna’s side – in the car)

Ga In was holding onto her phone tightly - typing and deleting something repeatedly.

‘Unnie, what are you doing there?’

‘No..nothing.’ Ga In replied and quickly put away her phone.

‘What’s wrong? You seemed so different. Care to share?’ Hyuna asked.

Ga In was just looking out to the window, lost in her own world.

Hyuna pat Ga In’s thigh gently, ‘Unnie, did you hear me?’

‘Yes? What did you say?’ Ga In turns and faces Hyuna.

‘Unnie, are you alright? Are you in pain or something?’ Hyuna asked again.

‘Don’t worry I am alright.’ Ga In replied with a smile.

Suddenly, Ga In’s phone vibrated, signaling a message that just came in.

Hi, noona! ^^ – Jo Kwon

A smile runs across her face, Ga In quickly replied the message.

Hi, Jo Kwon – Ga In

Honestly I am very happy that noona replied my message. – Jo Kwon

Really?^ ^By the way are you free these few days? – Ga In

Yea I think I am. – Jo Kwon

Since you are leaving already, what about a dinner? With Hyuna and Seul Ong. – Ga In

Sure ^^ I would love to. – Jo Kwon

I’ll text you the time and venue after I have make arrangement. – Ga In

Sure, I’ll be waiting. – Jo Kwon


(Three days later, in one of restaurants in Seoul)

All the four – Hyuna, Seul Ong, Ga In and Jo Kwon were sitting on a round table, chatting happily over dinner.

‘Do you guys believe in love at a first sight?’ Ga In suddenly asked.

‘I used to believe it when I was younger but as I grow up, I don’t believe it anymore.’ Hyuna said.

Gulping down the champagne, ‘Me too, I don’t think it happen in reality.’ Seul Ong answered.

‘Well..I don’t agree. It may not happen to us, but I believe there are people who really fell in love with each other the first time their eyes met.’ Jo Kwon said earnestly.

‘They must be destined to meet each other, at that moment of time where their eyes met and they fall in love with each other.’ Jo Kwon continued.

Ga In stopped eating when she heard what Jo Kwon has just said. Her instinct tells her that Jo Kwon was talking about himself.

‘Well, it’s getting late already, shouldn’t we go?’ Seul Ong suggested, looking at his watch.

‘Sure, I’ll go and foot the bill.’ Jo Kwon stood up and went to the cashier.

‘Wow, Jo Kwon oppa is a capable man.’ Hyuna complimented as she watched Jo Kwon paying for the dinner. Ga In can’t help but smile as she hears the compliment form Hyuna.

‘So where are we going now?’ Jo Kwon asked after he returns.

‘I still have some designs to finish up at home, so I’ll be heading back. What about you, Hyuna?’ Seul Ong asked.

‘I am going back home too. Ga In unnie, do you want to follow my car?’ Hyuna asked Ga In who came with her.

‘I don’t think so. The weather is nice today; I’d feel walking home instead.’ Ga In said, while taking her bag. Her house was just actually situated three streets away from the restaurant.

‘You are going back alone? It’s dangerous for a lady to walk home alone.’ Jo Kwon asked, raising his concern for Ga In.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.’ She answered with a smile.

‘No, you are not. I’ll walk you home.’ Jo Kwon stated firmly.

Ga In on the other hand, just kept quiet, agreeing silently with Jo Kwon’s arrangement.


(On the streets near Ga In’s house)

Both were walking side by side, enjoying the night breeze. As it was cold, Ga In puts her hands together and rubs them to keep them warm.

‘Are you feeling cold? Here you go.’ Without hesitation, Jo Kwon took off his outer wear and put it around Ga In’s shoulder.

Ga In tried to push away Jo Kwon’s hand, ‘No, it’s okay. I am alright.’

‘Just wear it.’ Jo Kwon stated. He hold Ga In’s hand gently, ‘See, you are freezing already.’ Jo Kwon lean forward and blow gently onto her hand to keep her warm.

Feeling awkward, Ga In pulls her hand away and quickly change topic, ‘Really thanks for the dinner just now.’ She then folds her arm to keep herself warm.

‘ was nothing.’ Jo Kwon stuttered after found out what he has done.

‘So it’s confirmed that you are leaving soon?’ Ga In asked softly.

‘Yea, I think I’ll be leaving in a few days, if nothing crops up.’

Ga In suddenly stopped her track, ‘Actually..’ Ga In’s voice trailed off.


While running across the street, Ga In shouted, ‘Today is my birthday!’

‘What? Today is your birthday?’ Jo Kwon came running after her.

‘Yea.’ She eye smiled and walk.

‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier? At least I can buy you something nice.’ Jo Kwon whined.

Suddenly there was a cyclist who is cycling in a very fast speed, passing by them. Startled, Jo Kwon pull Ga In towards him as the cyclist almost hit her.

Time apparently has just stopped for the two. Ga In’s head was on Jo Kwon chest while Jo Kwon’s arm was around Ga In’s back. Jo Kwon feels fainting when he breathe in Ga In’s hair scent while Ga In could clearly hear Jo Kwon’s loud and fast heartbeat.

Unknowingly, Jo Kwon tightens his arms around Ga In, not wanting to let go. Ga In didn’t reject, just stood there motionlessly hug by Jo Kwon.

When Jo Kwon realized that he is hugging Ga In, he quickly let go of his hand. ‘Opps.. I am sorry, noona. I didn’t mean to hug you. I..I was just.. you know the cyclist is going so fast..—‘ Jo Kwon stammered.

‘Can you not leave?’ Ga In asked, while looking straight into his eyes.

Jo Kwon can no longer hide from his emotions anymore. That look from Ga In has made him more determined. Without hesitation, he steps forward, moved his hands lightly onto the girl's face, and stroking gently down her cheeks, being mesmerized by it.

Jo Kwon lean forward and with only an inch away from Ga In’s lips. Looking straight into his eyes, Ga In smiled before she tilted her face upwards, leaning in with her lips touching Jo Kwon's.

Both stood froze in that position that seemed like the longest moment in their life. But soon, Jo Kwon broke the kiss, leaving Ga In wanting for more. Jo Kwon smiled and his hands slowly crept onto Ga In’s left hand and interlock his fingers around Ga In’s finger.

‘About the love at the first sight answer just now, are you talking about yourself?’ Ga In asked suddenly.

‘You bet. And you are the pair of eyes I am talking about.’ Jo Kwon smiled and kissed Ga In on her forehead.

Jo Kwon continued, ‘By the way, I won’t be leaving and let’s go home.’ Still with their fingers interlocking, Jo Kwon pulled Ga In towards the direction of her house, smirking.



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