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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's going to be awhile ♥

hey my dear readers..
so there goes my last chapter of 'Through The Lens' =D

had some mixed feelings about it..
one being happy because i ended another Adam story with success
while i felt a little sad because the story ended so soon.
but i was very glad that it ended quite reasonably and sweet (?)

actually there was quite a few reasons that i wanted to write this new story in the first place
1. i was inspired
2. last installment before my MAJOR exam
3. not sure whether i should continue with 'The Story After 110106"

1. i was so inspired suddenly because of SunByung (Invincible Youth) so i feel like writing something different about our Adam Couple know i would be facing my most important examination that would determine which Govt. university that i would enter in the future. so after this, i won't be writing much until the examination ends which is at the middle of December. =X

3. and thirdly, 'The Story After 110106" seems to be ENDLESS. i think all because of the topic i chose. that's why it seems like there's no ending to it. and it's really taken a toll on me. =X
but don't worry i would definitely come up with chapters that talk about Ga In's reaction towards Jo Kwon and Lizzy's kiss. that's a promise from me. but NOT NOW. earliest might be mid of September

and of course, after saying all the reasons above is NOT THAT i am NOT going to write fanfics in the future it's just that i suddenly have ZERO idea on "The Story After 110106" that's why i started on new stories. and i guess you guys are starting to get bored too with this story right? =/

whatever, still a word of 'thanks' from me for supporting me all these while SPECIALLY to:
1. @catgoh92 (my sister who has given me so many ideas on fanfic)
2. @mieoppa (she has support me all the way from Adam in Love till now- your comments really brighten my day)
3. @athenarei (jackie unnie *the only one who call me Ghela* - i love your earnest comments and encouragement XD)

and to @kristina_2102, @JoKwon_GaIn, @babyg_k, @Sachiko126, @kuuko04__cyacya, @IAM_Cloudy, @winterwind90, @iAMCLiO2o, @nisanisg7, @BungeeBabyG, Lee_DaeNi, Moira05, angelkwon, thoainhi, fai, thissmimi, persona3700u, Tizzy, sweetooth05, kwonnieheartgain, chinaeyes711, himu_chan, step24, and many more (sorry if i missed you guys out) that has given me a lot's of encouragement and wonderful support from twitter and the forum..


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  1. owwwh..since it's all related to your future,i hope you will done your best for your examination.

    and thank you for sharing your great fanfic all these while,i really enjoy it! :D