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Friday, November 25, 2011


[Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 3]

Ga In-ah, are you sure you are alright? You looked pale to me. Are you sick?” Changmin felt Ga In’s forehead with the back of his hand.  

I am really alright, oppa. Don’t worry too much about me. It’s just the flu.” Ga In gently pushes away Changmin’s hand and focus back to the document on her hand.

Are you sure? Don’t be such a workaholic would you? I know you are not into relationship but please do spare some time for yourselves alright?

Oppa, can you stop nagging already?” Ga In finally put away the documents and frowned.

Ga In is really a strong headed girl. No one would be able to make her change her stand when she insists. However, seeing Changmin being so concerned, she finally conceded.

“Alright, alright. I promised you if I ever feel uncomfortable, I’ll make you to send me home right away okay? Now go and meet your client or you’ll be really late.”

Make sure you keep your word. Just call me anytime and I’ll be here.”


The sun was scorching hot that day and the dry weather makes the weather unbearable for the sick Ga In. She stood below the biggest tree she could find on the street for some shelter. Her throbbing head makes her feel nausea, and unstable on her feet.

She was supposed to meet Jo Kwon and Lizzy at 12pm to bring him to visit a few venues for the wedding.  She looked at her watch – it was 30 minutes passed arranged time.

“Ms. Son.”

Startled, she turned around and saw Jo Kwon standing there sheltering her with an umbrella.

“Sorry I am late. Sorry to make you stand under the hot sun for such a long time. There were a last few patients that I need to attend to…”

“’s okay. Glad you could make it.” Ga In looked around and noticed something amiss. “Where’s Ms. Lizzy?”

“Ah..She was needed urgently in her company. She can’t make it. It’s okay, I can decide on my own.

I see. So shall we go to our venue now?”


This place is not bad.” Jo Kwon scans his eyes through the big ballroom.

Would your fiancée like this place too? You know some couples are pretty meticulous when it comes to choosing the place to say their wedding vows.”

Well…we don’t have too much thought about it. As long as the wedding is presentable to our guest, I think it should be alright.”

Ga In was shocked to hear that from the groom himself. It was her first time to encounter such couples.

Well...there’s another venue on the list that you may consider. Do you want to go and take a look too?

Jo Kwon takes a look at his watch and frowned, “I don’t I can make it. I need to re-open my clinic at three.

What about the wedding venue…?” Ga In voice trailed off.

This one is okay. Let’s just take this one.”


Ga In and Jo Kwon came out of the hotel after discussing some brief details about holding their wedding in the hotel ballroom.

I’ll come back here to discuss the details with them. Don’t worry about it.”

“Thank you for the hard work, Ms.Son.”

Suddenly Ga In felt her world spin. Feeling dizzy all of the sudden, she clenched onto Jo Kwon’s shirt to keep her balance on her feet. Startled, Jo Kwon turned and saw Ga In staggering to walk.

“Are you alright, Ms. Son? You look really pale.” His voice was filled with worried and anxiety.

“I..I am alright. Just a…little dizz—“

 And Ga In’s world turn pitch black.

Ms. Son!! Ms.Son…!!”


Ga In nudged and blinked her eyes a few times. She woke up and found herself in a place she had never been before. She turned to the right and saw a man in a white coat back-facing her.

Hey…” She gently called out.

The white coat man turned and it was Jo Kwon. “You are awake...” 

This is my clinic. You fainted on the street just now. I brought you here.

Ga In tried to sit up slowly and Jo Kwon quickly stepped forward and helped her up.


You suffered from minor heat stroke. Drink more water and rest well. You would be alright in no time.”

Thank you, Mr.Jo. I am really sorry for taking up your time.”

“What did I tell you? Just call me Jo Kwon.”

Ga In laughed. And so did Jo Kwon.

Suddenly she noticed her white OL blouse was unbuttoned by a few. Jo Kwon noticed her curious expressions and quickly explained.

“About the clothing…I-I...had to unbutton a few b-because the stethoscope—“

It’s okay. I don’t mind.” Ga In smiled and buttoned up her clothing.

Don’t you have patients to attend?” Ga In looked around and the clinic seems especially quiet.

“I closed it early, so it’s okay.”

“Is it because of me? I am so sorry for troubling you.”  

“Stop saying sorry.”  

Jo Kwon thanks for bringing me here. But I think I should go now.” Ga In stood up from the examination bed and packed her things on the table. Ga In was about to leave the door when suddenly Jo Kwon called out.  

“Let me send you home.”


I have reached my house. You can stop here. I can go up by myself.” Ga In unbuckled her seat belt and got ready to get down the car.

Are you sure?” Jo Kwon raised his concern at his patient.

I am quite alright already. Don’t worry too much.” Ga In answered with a smile.

“I don’t think so. Let me park my car and I’ll walk you up.

“But it’s really alright—“

“I don’t want to lose a good wedding planner.”


Both stopped their track in front of an apartment with many beautiful flower pots decorating the corridor.  

 “You live alone?” Jo Kwon asked out of curiosity.


While Ga In was unlocking her house door, she was hesitating. It was what the house needed; noises. It has been too quiet for the longest time and it longed for guest.

Do you want to come in and have a drink?” She asked abruptly.

Jo Kwon was surprised by her question but quickly recovered, “I would love to…” Ga In’s eyes lit up in hopeful that Jo Kwon would say yes.

…But I am meeting Lizzy for dinner.”

There was a clear disappointment showed on Ga In’s face but she replied, “Al-alright. Actually I just asked out of courtesy. You go ahead. Thanks for sending me home. I’ll remember this favour.”


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  1. ok! i think i know whats going on~ prob kwon n lizzy r getting married not becoz of love but coz of their family~ the wedding planner n the doctor seems have an attraction... hmmm, but im gonna wait for next one~

    is this gonna be more than 10 multichapter angela? coz i just love this fic very much! ^^ excellent job! HWAITNG!!!