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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


[Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 2]

Please have a seat Mr. Jo and Ms. Lizzy.” Ga In started off.

Thank you for entrusting us to plan for your big day. We are honoured to be part of your big day.” She continued.

Our parents leave the decision for us to plan...But we are busy people ourselves... So we need your help.” Jo Kwon explained. He tapped gently on Lizzy’s hand that was clinging onto his arm.

Well, this is where we come in. Here at Perfect Match we include various services. What’s your budget?”

Well…” Jo Kwon turns towards his fiancée, “I’ll take care of the bill of whatever you have chosen.” Lizzy just smile at Jo Kwon’s statement.

This guy is generous.

That’s very pleasant to hear. Any theme in mind?” 

We are not sure…any suggestion?” Lizzy’s voice trailed off.

Do you guys prefer outdoor or indoor? Here are some examples.” Ga In passed them a folder full of pictures.

You dad has high blood pressure. I don’t its good for him to stay under the sun for long hours. What do you think oppa?”

Both flipped through the pages, “There’s too many to choose from. Young-ah, let’s decide later?” Lizzy nodded.

A detail lady indeed. This groom is sure lucky to have such a caring wife.

“Now, let’s move on to the guest. How many guests are you inviting? We need to see the number of tables needed.”

Oppa we would be inviting all of your doctor friend and Prof. Kim right?”

A charming young doctor...Wait Son Ga In. What are you doing evaluating someone’s husband to be?

“You just read my mind.” Jo Kwon smiled once again. “You’re inviting all your colleagues too right?”

We’ll give you the number as soon as possible.” Lizzy answered.

Sure, now I’ll get my superior to bring you to see the bride’s accessories in another room.”

Lizzy got up from a seat and found out that Jo Kwon was still there seated.

Oppa, you are not following us?”

You know I really suck at all these...” Jo Kwon looked at her apologetically.   

“Alright then. I’ll be right back.”


Boring?” Ga In stood by the door and saw Jo Kwon seating alone in the discussion room playing with the ring on his third finger.

Yea sort of.” He looked up and smiled.

Ga In walked in and occupies the space next to Jo Kwon. “Your fiancée is choosing her heels and jewelries. You know when girls meet those…”

It’s okay. I understand. I don’t mind waiting for her.”

This guy is really a rare gem.

“Hey… Ms. Son.”


“Thanks for helping me to choose the flowers. She likes it a lot.”


“The ‘You are the only one I love’ flower.”

“Oh the Arbutus. Glad that she liked it.”

“I thought you were the florist. I was really surprised to see you here.”

Ga In just let out a smile. “I really like flowers…So I study a little about them.”

I see”

“You are consider young getting married at this age as a doctor. I have a doctor friend at his 40s and he’s still a bachelor. You must have really loved your fiancée a lot.”

“Well…” Jo Kwon let out a smile. “I think we got used to each other. We have known each other since young. Our parents were good friends since we were neighbours.”

That’s really detailed. I don’t think that’s something you should be telling a person you have just met.” Ga In laughed a little.

Really? I guess I got too comfortable. I am sorry.” Jo Kwon tried to hide his embarrassment.

But you can tell me more once we have become friends right?” Ga In reached out her hand for a handshake.  “Call me Ga In.”

A subconscious smile spread across Ga In’s face and Jo Kwon was confused at his own feeling. The smile was alluring - intriguing him to know more about the petite lady in front of him.


p.s : Park Soo Young is Lizzy's real name.

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  1. whoa whoa whoa~ interesting... i was wondering if they got engaged coz of the family or they really love each other~ gain seems starting to fall for him unconsciously~hmm.. really anticipating ur next update!! HWAITING angela!!! ^^