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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dearest Readers

To my dearest readers,

Thank you for the support all these far..I don’t think I have posted any authors note for [GUILTY PLEASURE] before. So I thought of writing one to express my gratitude to my readers. ^__^

First of all, I know I am being such an impromptu person. One moment I say I am not writing till mid December and another mminute I came up with new short story [Through the Lens]. After ending TTL then I said I won’t be writing any sooner and then I updated Chapter 18 of TSA110106. And then another moment I said I am having my finals and here I am with a new story.

What can all these proved? Keke my love for writing? Or maybe my overloading love for Adam Couple? Whatever.. I shall confess, writing fanfiction is my guilty pleasure.

Sorry if I have ever made you guys confused about whether I am updating or not.. just feel free to follow me @AngelaHebe at Twitter to know all the most updated information regarding my fic.

Lastly, I really appreciate all the comments or @mention regarding the stories/chapters I posted. I really enjoy reading them. Your comments are what I fed on – giving me confidence and drive to keep me writing and writing. So keep them coming in!! XD



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