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Friday, December 2, 2011



“Hey…” Changmin called out.

Ga In was busy digging herself in her work and she didn’t hear Changmin calling her.

"Ga In-ah” He called again.

“Eh?” Ga In looked up and was surprised to see Changmin leaning against her work desk.

“Aren’t you going back home? It’s almost six already.”

Ga In takes a look at her watch and smiled, “Wow…time pass really quickly.”

“Ga In-ah…Oppa feels really bad for making you to work overtime every day. I should have hired one more people to help us out…but you know…we are kind of tight on the budget…Sorry.”

“Oppa.”  Ga In darted her eyes at him.

This wasn’t the first time she heard him saying sorry to her. Changmin first started out in Perfect Match with limited budget 3 years ago. That time, Ga In was just a fresh graduate who majored in Interior Designing. Times were bad; she was looking for job urgently and was willing to take up any job.

Changmin offered a reasonable wage and Ga In quickly agreed. Over the years, Ga In has never complained or asked for more. She was very grateful to Changmin because it was him that made her forget about her unhappy past.  

Wanna go for a drink? My treat.” Ga In jolted up from her seat and pulled Changmin towards the door.


“Ga In-ah, you seem to be in a good mood recently. I was still afraid that I stressed you up too much.” Changmin noticed Ga In was swaying to the soft music playing at the background in the lounge while sipping her favourite Americano cocktail. Changmin smiled in amusement.

“Oppa…have you ever broken up people’s marriage before?” Ga In asked abruptly.

Changmin looked up at her in shocked of her question. “What kind of question is that?

His facial expression answers everything: he isn’t that kind of man or what people called these people-a scoundrel.

“Nothing. Just asking.” Ga In looked away to prevent being questioned further by him. 

“Oppa, cocktail?”

“Did I hear wrongly? Cocktail by you…?” Changmin eyes widened.

He couldn’t believe his ears. He remembered the first and the last time he ever taste Ga In’s amazing cocktail recipe was on the day Ga In came to work looking really troubled. She asked him out for a drink, mixed him a cocktail and cried her eyes out. Her eyes were so swollen the next day but she still came to work like nothing happened. After knowing the reasons behind it, Changmin took care of her like a little sister ever since.

Ga In snapped her finger in front of his eyes. “I’ll mix and you’ll drink.”


Jo Kwon was pacing up and down in his office; unsure what to do. He had just closes his clinic and he is still debating over whether to go home early that day. He looked at the 9 digit number for the umpteen times already.

Could this be her number? Or maybe just a hostess’s number?

Jo Kwon was afraid that it was a scheme by some hostess and cheats some money off him. Or maybe some random woman wants to get hooked up with him? His hypothesis was endless. He knew he was being thick-skinned but he just want to play safe. He doesn’t wish anything to happen before the wedding when it’s just a month away.

But deep down inside him, he was secretly hoping that it was her number. He hated the little joyful feeling he have for having the thought but soon he brushed it off his mind.

Jo Kwon took off his white coat and headed outside.


“Wow. It tastes great. I am impressed.”

“Of course. Don’t forget that I am Son Ga In.”

“Well…What’s the reason of your comeback, Mixer Queen?” Changmin looks at her curiously.  

 “Hmm…” Ga In smiled. “It’s just…”

 Suddenly, her phone rang – indicating an incoming message. Quickly she moves her hand over the keypad and replied the message. She smiled at the ‘reason’ of her comeback.

“Oppa, I got to go now, I need to go somewhere.  I’ll pay the bill and see you tomorrow.” Ga In barely finished her sentence and soon disappears in the crowd of the lounge.


Jo Kwon looked around in the agreed meeting place- Han River. From the replied message, he was asked to identify a short hair petite woman wearing a white blouse top. Then he saw a silhouette of a figure standing by the rail by the river. Nervously he walked up to see clearer – to see whether the figure is the owner of the phone number.   

As he stepped nearer towards the figure that was leaning forward against the railings, Jo Kwon’s heart beat faster. From the back, the girl totally fit the description of the message.

Awkwardly, he called her out. “Hey miss. Are you here waiting for someone?”

Please let it be her.

The girl turned around – as Jo Kwon wished. Indeed it was Ga In standing there alone.

“Ga In? What are you doing here at this hour? Are you—here by any chance…waiting for someone?” Jo Kwon asked nervously.

Waitiing for someone?” Ga In looked puzzled. “I just came here for a walk - for a peace of mind.”

Oh really? I thought…” His voice trailed off. Clearly he was disappointed – his face showed it all. His clear facial changes made Ga In let out a laugh.

Why are you laughing?” Jo Kwon looked up at Ga In.  

“What if…I tell you that…” Ga In stands away from the railings and starts walking away, “I am the one?”

“You are the one? You mean…” Jo Kwon followed her. “You are the one who sent me home that day?”

“I hope I didn’t scare you.” Ga In chuckled when she thinks back about the content of the piece of note that she wrote to Jo Kwon.


 “So that’s why…” Jo Kwon tried to hide his embarrassment. “I hope I didn’t crush you with my weight. Thank you for calling the cab for me that day. I owe you one.”

Well…This favour ought to be paid right? What about…” Ga In paused and looked at Jo Kwon, smirking.

I’ll agree to anything you ask.”

Jo Kwon barely knows anything about this lady in front of him – other than her being his wedding planner. She’s like a beautifully tied, mysterious packaging waiting to be unwrapped. And yet he couldn’t explain the feeling he has whenever he was with her. There’s something about her that attracts him and making him feeling guilty. 

Come to my house tomorrow night.” Ga In showed her irresistible eye smile and got up from the bench. Before Jo Kwon could recover from the invitation, she already disappears from his sight.


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