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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


[Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 8]

She filled up her watering can and waters all her potted plants. After watering the plants in the living room, she moved on to her room. She walked towards the plant that was placed on top of her working desk. Gently, she waters the small pot of sunflower. She puts down the watering can and sat down to admire the flower.

How did he know that sunflower is my favourite?

She smiled to herself and went back to her bed. After setting the alarm, she settles herself under the blanket. She needs a good night sleep to fully recharge herself – to fully prepare herself for the decision she has made. The decision to let her heart fully takes in charge of her future. To prepare herself to face the obstacles and pains that her heart has to endure in the future.


Jo Kwon woke up from his nap by the aroma of her mum’s cooking. He walked lazily into the kitchen.

“Cooking dinner?” Jo Kwon greeted with a smile on his face.

“Dinner is almost ready. Set the tables.”

Soon it was dinner time. Most of them were his favourite Korean dishes. The spread of food reminded him of the delicious dinner he had over at Ga In’s house.

“Yah, Kwon-ah. What are you staring at?”

“No-nothing. I am just too hungry.” He lied.

Jo Kwon took a sip of his favourite kimchi stew. It taste awesome as always but once again, Ga In’s cooking intruded in his mind again and made him swallow his saliva.

While eating, he can’t stop thinking about Ga In’s food and the thought annoyed him. He finished his meal quickly and excused himself from the table. Then he returned to his room.

He tossed around on his bed. Ga In kept on appearing in his mind – her cooking, her cocktail, her tears, and her sad past, her everything. He knew it is wrong to think about other women when he is engaged with Lizzy. He jolted up from his bed, grabbed his outer clothing and head outside his room.

“Omma, I am going out for a drink.”

He wanted to make himself drunk to make stop himself from thinking about her. He knew it was not the best thing to do, but at least for today.


It seems like he has lost control of his body, Jo Kwon found himself visiting the lounge where he met Ga In. He entered the packed lounge and looked around. When he walked towards the counter to get a drink he saw her – sitting by the couch alone, drinking.

He tried to hold back his legs from moving but the body doesn’t comply with his mind because he was concerned at the fact that she is drinking alone.

 As he stepped closer to her, he noticed a few empty glasses of wine on top of the table. When she was about to sip another mouth of wine, Jo Kwon immediately stepped forward and stopped her.

“Please don’t drink so much. It’s bad for you.”  

 “Oh..Jo Kwon. Why are you here?”

“Why are you drinking so much?” He asked softly.

“Drinking is my hobby. It’s a routine for me to drink at this hour.” She answered nonchalantly.

Jo Kwon snatched the glass from her and quickly drank up the wine. “Then let me drink with you.”

Jo Kwon ordered another bottle of red wine to their table. They chatted over the drinks and talked about a lot of things.

Can I ask you a question?” Jo Kwon asked suddenly.


Why do you want to become a wedding planner?”

“Reason is simple. I feel very privileged to be involved in someone's wedding day."

“Ever thought of planning your own wedding?”

“I have never thought of getting married. I get the life of my own. I don’t need to answer or lie to anyone about my whereabouts.” 

Ga In’s answer made Jo Kwon realize the number of times he has lied to Lizzy about meeting Ga In privately.

“…Unless I have met someone that I am willing to entrust my life to. Someone whom I am willing to tell my whereabouts.” She added with a smile while looking straight into his eyes.

The look that Ga in gave him made him shudder because it seems like it’s hinting that the man she is talking about is him.

“That man… is going to be a lucky man.”

Jo Kwon looked deep into Ga In’s eyes and slowly leaning forward. He stopped right in front of Ga In with only few millimeters away from her lips. She quickly locked her eyes with Jo Kwon’s soft brown eyes. Jo Kwon looked straight into her eyes, invincibly asking for permission to own her lips.

Jo Kwon you have a fiancée…Damn it!!

Ga In holds his chin and plunged forward, capturing the bottom lip of Jo Kwon’s. She caressed it with the most adoring affection one could ever give. Jo Kwon was surprised at the ‘attack’ and realized instead of needing the kiss to stop, he wanted more.

He don’t know what got into him – his will is not strong enough to resist temptation or he simply just want to have a taste of being a ‘badass’ fiancée.

The hunger and aggressiveness from Ga In make known to Jo Kwon was addictive and impossible to resist. He felt the need to reciprocate even though none of these were right. He responded to the ‘hunger’.

Nonetheless, none pulled back from the kiss and none wanted it to stop. The kiss was urgent as if like they are trying to get oxygen from one another. Their hands automatically roamed around each other’s body freely, exploring. As their kiss proceeds, Ga In pressed on him and suddenly her hands accidentally knocked over the glasses on the table; pouring the content all over the floor and the glass broke into pieces.

Both were startled at the loud crash and stop whatever they are doing. If the glass hadn’t break at that time, Jo Kwon wasn’t sure what would happen next.

The duo was still panting and they looked straight into each other’s eyes. But Jo Kwon knew he had to speak. He brought up one arm and lingered his thumb over Ga In’s cheek, before stroking it. He took his time to admire the girl in front of him.

It was weird. Even though he knew it was wrong, but he had no wish to be pulled out from the captivation. His heart was racing and he felt his cheek burning hot. He has to admit that he was enjoying the moment; his guilty pleasure.

He gently brushed the corner of her bruised lips, “I am sorry…” His voice trailed off.

“…It’s okay.

“Let me clean the mess up.” Jo Kwon said suddenly.

“Just leave it to the waiter.”

“I don’t want it to cut your feet.” Jo Kwon stated firmly.

He kneeled on one leg down on the floor and started picking up the pieces of broken glass. Suddenly, one of the sharp ends of the glass accidentally pierces into his left palm and it made Jo Kwon whined in pain.

Are you alright? Let me get you a first aid kit.” Ga In started to panic as she saw blood dripping from his palm. Quickly she ran over to the counter and returned with a kit almost immediately.

Gently, Ga In cleaned Jo Kwon’s wound and applied medicine on it before wrapping it with the bandage. All the while, Jo Kwon can’t help but to admire Ga In’s attentive face. Unconsciously, he raised right hand to reach for Ga In’s face and tugs her hair behind her ear – to have more view of her beautiful face.

How could someone as breathtaking as her exist? Lizzy is a beautiful woman…But Ga In…

Ga In looked up at him at Jo Kwon’s touch. She smiles and concentrates back to Jo Kwon’s wounded hand.


Lizzy was on the other hand was cleaning up her own desk in the office. It has been a long busy weekend and her desk was a in a mess. Her boss has agrees to give everyone a two days off in reward for the busy week they had.

The thought of being able to spend some time with Jo Kwon made Lizzy cleaned up her desk faster. As she sorts her files on the table, she accidentally pushes the wedding photo frame to the edge of the table and it falls to the marbled floor. It made a loud crash and the glass crack.
People say it’s a bad sign to the wedding when this kind of thing happens. She shrugged off the thought as she is the one accidentally made the photo frame fall. She took out the photo and threw away the broken photo frame. Then she kept the photo into her bag.


Ga In…” Jo Kwon called her out softly.


“It’s late already…and I… got to go.”

Her hand stopped working on the bandage immediately after hearing Jo Kwon’s word. She looked up to him with noticeable disappointment.

“Thank you for the help.” Jo Kwon avoided her eyes – he doesn’t want his guilt to add on. He retrieves his wounded hand and stood up.

“I am sorry that I have to go.” 

“It’s okay... It’s late anyway, you better leave now.”

Jo Kwon was surprised at Ga In’s cool reaction. Instead of stopping him from going, she urged him to go back. Maybe she is different from other women after all. He said his goodbye and soon disappeared from the building.


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