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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 19

[RECAP Chapter 18]

‘BONG-I-YAH~~!!!!’ Ga In jolted up from her sit, bursting out in laughter.

‘Noona!! You scared me!! You know how worried am I??’ Jo Kwon pouted his lips.

‘Arassoo, I won’t do this again…Do you best in your acting, don’t keep on thinking of me when you are filming.’ 

‘Chet—As if will.’Jo Kwon has learned his way to become the Master of Push-n-Pull.  

‘You—!’ Ga In wanted to beat him but ended up hugging him.


[Chapter 19]

‘Hyung, I saw the broadcast of the kiss scene.’ Jin Woon barge into Jo Kwon’s room and sat beside Jo Kwon who is reading on his bed.

Jo Kwon put down the book and looked at Jin Woon.

‘And then?’

‘How’s Ga In noona? Is she alright? Did she chase you around with her shoe?’ Jin Woon laughs gently.

‘Jinwoonie, I am Jo Kwon. Do you think I am easily defeated? I can easily control this kind of situation.’ Jo Kwon boasted.

‘Are you sure, hyung? I’d still remember how we planned your conversation with Ga In noona to make you feel more like a man in front of Ga In noona.’

‘T-That’s long time ago. She’s now in my cluthes.’ Jo Kwon talked confidently and showed his fist.

Suddenly, “The Day I Confessed” ringtone was playing at the back. Jo Kwon took his phone and answered it immediately.

‘Noona~’ Jo Kwon serious tone changed immediately to the aegyo tone. He looked up at Jinwoon hinting him to leave him alone. JinWoon understood the ‘instruction’ and walked away to prevent himself from hearing disgusting conversation.

‘Kwon-ah~’ Ga In called endearingly from the other line.

‘What are you doing, noona?’

‘Eating dinner with unnies...Have you eaten?’

‘Not yet.. Changmin hyung is cooking.’

‘I wanna oppa’s food! ...I miss cutey Jinwoonie and I need to catch up with Ongie too.’

‘…Ga In-ah, becareful of your mouth.’

‘Why? Jealous…?’

‘Then I shall say that I miss Jea noona, I want to drink with Narsha noona and go out with Miryo noona.’


‘Why not? I’ll call up Jea noona now.’

‘Go on and call her…’ Ga In dared him.

‘Noona…You know I won’t.’

‘Just because you love me right?’

‘Yah, Son Ga In stop fooling around.’

‘My Kwonnie is so cute when he’s jealous.’ Ga In chuckled at the other end of the line.


‘Is everything okay during shooting?’


‘Why?’ Her voice was full of concern.

‘Because Hwang Ok Yub miss his twin sister a lot. He miss bickering and fighting with her. Hwang Ok Yub miss Hwang Geum Ji badly.’


‘Noona…I really miss you a lot. When can I see you?’ Jo Kwon pouted.

‘I am really busy recently with all the recordings. But aren’t I here now calling you?’

‘I know and I really appreciate that but…I really want to see you.’

‘I’ll see which day I am free and we’ll meet okay? Don’t pout anymore.’

‘How do you know I am pouting?’ Jo Kwon felt like Ga In has installed a CCTV in his room.

 ‘Because I know you would. Alright, I just call just to see whether you have eaten your dinner. Now, I need to focus on my food otherwise I’ll get indigestion again.’

‘Arasso. Send my regards to noonim-deul.’

‘Alright, I am hanging up now.’


Jo Kwon ended the conversation with smile. Jin Woon who was hiding outside the room listening to their conversation burst out laughing.

‘Yah Jinwoonie, since when did you like to eavesdrop people’s conversation?’

‘Kwonnie hyung can’t escape from Ga In noona’s clutches…’ He did meh-rong and ran away.

‘Aish, this kid!’


Over at Nega Network…

After finishing her conversation with Jo Kwon, she walked back to her group.

‘Is that Jo Seobang?’ Jea asked. Ga In looked at her and eye-smiled.

‘Do you even need to ask that?’ Narsha chided.

‘Seeing the way she talk, her tone, her body language tells you that she is talking to Jo Seobang.’ Narsha added.

‘Kwonnie send his regards to unnie-deul.’ Ga In then sat back to her seat.

‘Good thing he still remember his noonas. He’s not that bad.’ Miryo complimented. ‘I thought he would forget everything else in the world when he talks to you.’

‘Aish..pity us. Still single at this age.’ Jea grumpily plays with the food in front of her. Her pout was so obvious and made Ga In nervous.

‘Hananim...please send us some man!!’ Narsha joined in the act and wailed loudly.

Miryo could only shake their head looking at the other two members. She smile to herself and patted gently on Ga In’s back who is sitting beside her.

‘Mi Hye unnie, do you think they would be alright? Shall we ask our president to introduce some guy to them?’

Miryo laughed at Ga In’s suggestion. ‘Maybe you should.’


Brown Eyed Girls reach the Park Hyatt Seoul Hotel at night. Ga In and Jea are to share a room and they return to their room after getting their room keys.

To: Kkaptick ♥ (Sent: 8.00pm)
‘Kwon-ah, we are over at the hotel already.’ 

From: Kkaptick  (Received:8.02pm)
‘Is it convenient for me to call you?’ 

To: Kkaptick ♥ (Sent: 8.03pm)
‘I’ll call you after I wash up okay?’

 From: Kkaptick ♥ (Received: 8.04pm)
‘I’ll be waiting ♥ .’

Jea and Ga In both put away their luggage and Jea slump on her bed.

‘Aigoo, this bed is so comfortable…’

‘Unnie, I’ll go and wash up first.’

‘Alright, I’ll order us some food.’ Jea reached for the telephone and dialed for room service. Ga In smiled at Jea’s antic and entered the bathroom.

Soon, they bathed and their room service arrived. They ate their dinner heartily. Jea even ordered some fruits for themselves. After finishing her meal, Ga In grabbed the apple from the plate and her schedule paper. Then she walked over to the telephone.

‘Calling for room service again? What do you want to eat?’ Jea asked.

‘I am not a big eater like you unnie. I am making a call to someone.’

Jea hissed at her for making fun of her. Then she turned away to enjoy the scenery.

Ga In put her apples aside and dialed the familiar number. Almost immediately the other party picks up the call.

‘Kwon-ah, are you asleep? Am I disturbing you?’

‘I just came back from practice.’

‘Aren’t you tired?’

‘Even if I do, I would still be wide awake to pick up your calls. What are you doing now?’

‘Looking through my schedules…’

‘Is there any schedules that says you have to spent time with me?’ Jo Kwon joked.

‘Unfortunately no.’

Without Ga In noticing, Jea who was listening to their conversation all the while secretly took photos of her.

‘Is your schedule really that packed?’

‘I guess we can only meet on our comeback.’ Ga In looked thoroughtly through the paper.

‘So long?’

‘I’ll promise you that I’ll call you often okay?’


‘*munch munch*.. Have you *munch munch* eaten?

‘Yah, Son Ga In are you eating? You’re just like a boy.’

‘I am *munch* eating apples. They are so delicious. *munch munch*’

‘Anyway, it’s good that you are eating well.’

‘Still practicing? *munch*’

“Yea practicing for JYP nation with PM-deul. Really tired now.’

‘Ahh, then you should be resting?’

‘Your voice is my energy booster. Call me often and I would practice harder.’


‘Ga In-ah! Come and take pictures! The scenery here IS wonderful!!’ Jea called loudly.

‘Kwon-ah, I got to hang up now.’Ga In whispered under her breathe.

‘Arasso, I heard Jea noona’s voice. I won’t disturb you any further.’

‘You too, rest early and…I miss you.’ Ga In muttered softly.

With that Ga In hung up the phone and walked over to Jea.

‘Ga In-ah, look at this. IS WONDERFUL~!’ Jea pulled open the curtain of the hotel.

‘Wanna take picture?’ Ga In suggested.

Jea passed her phone to Ga In and they started taking selcas of them. And quickly, Jea posted them on her twitter. Jea also posted the Ga In’s pictures that she took earlier without her knowing.

도심속 휴가~^^ in park hyatt seoul 끝없이먹는 가인이와 계속되는 룸서비스 ㅜㅡ 

Minutes later after Jea posted the pictures on Twittter, Ga In’s phone vibrated with message.

From: Kkaptick  (Received:11.02pm)
‘Noona!! You revealed your bare face to the public?’

To: Kkaptick ♥ (Sent: 11.03pm)

From: Kkaptick  (Received:11.02pm)
 Pretty . You should really go out like this often.’ 

To: Kkaptick ♥ (Sent: 8.03pm)
‘Chet, why didn’t praise me the last time you saw me bare-faced?’  

From: Kkaptick  (Received:8.02pm)
‘Meh-rong. And..and did you talk to me in that such a relaxing position?’ 

To: Kkaptick ♥ (Sent: 8.03pm)
‘What are you talking about?’  From: Kkaptick  (Received:8.02pm)
‘Ask Jea noona to show you what she has posted.’

Ga In put away her phone and approach Jea who is reading on her bed.

‘Unnie, what else did you posted other than our selcas?’

‘Eh? W-What?’ Jea feign ignorance. She continue reading the Men’s Health magazine.

‘Kwonnie told me something weird.’

‘Jo-Jo Seobang saw the photos already? He’s fast.’ Jea didn’t look up and continue focusing on the magazine.

‘Unnie, don’t diverge our conversation. What else did you posted?’

Jea heaved a sigh and put down her magazine. Then she opened her twitter reluctantly and showed her the pictures.

‘Omo, unnie you took these pictures?’

‘Now all my twitter followers are speculating who you are talking to…’

‘And they say is…?’ The curious Ga In asked.

‘Of course all your Adam couple fans would have guessed that it’s Jo Seobang. Who else would it be?’


‘You guys should just get married already.’Jea focused back to her phone and found a lot more of twitter mentions about their pretty bareface.

‘Chet, unnie. I am going back to sleep.’ Ga In jumps to her bed and cover herself under the blanket.

‘Somebody is shy..?’ Jea pounced on her and tickled her.


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