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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


[Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 16]

It was the third day after Jo Kwon broke up with Lizzy. Doo Joon only knew that the marriage was cancelled but he didn’t know anything else. He has been very cautious during work to avoid mentioning anything that would remind Lizzy of Jo Kwon. He tried to be with Lizzy all the time in case she needs him; accompanying her every night after work. It was only until today where Lizzy tells everything to Doo Joon.

 “I know these are all none of my business but are you serious?” Doo Joon raised his voice a little. “You just let him go so easily?” He looked away in disbelief.

“This is how it’s turned out. I can’t do anything about it, oppa.” Lizzy kept her head low as she felt her tears are threatening to fall. She took her glass of orange juice and sipped in to fight back the urge to cry.

Doo Joon noticed her change in her tone. “Look, I am sorry Lizzy. I don’t mean to remind you of that jerk.”

“He’s not one...” She protested softly. She felt very stupid at that point for speaking for the man who cheated on her.

Doo Joon rolled his eyes hearing Lizzy’s word. “For once, HE IS.” He said sternly. “Don’t tell me he’s an angel for cheating you.”

Doo Joon’s word totally muted Lizzy. “Anyway, what about the wedding? What are you guys going to do about it?” Doo Joon asked suddenly. He grabbed the beer bottle and slugged it down.

“Kwonnie oppa has cancelled the preparations...”


“I haven’t thought of a way to tell Lizzy’s parents.” Jo Kwon heaved a sigh. “But I think they would know soon.”  He said while brushing Ga In’s hair softly. They were sitting on the couch in the living room after dinner. 

Jo Kwon looked down at Ga In whose lying on his chest. “Are you willing to escape with me to the far far land if we ever need to? I know I do.”

Jo Kwon was a bit surprised at his own words. He never knew that he would ever say those words. As far as he can remember, love or relationship was not the first thing on his list. Careers and money has always topped his wish list. Since high school, he worked very hard and yes no doubt, he was the top student every year – teachers love him and he was popular among girls.

With his excellent result, he easily got into the top universities in Seoul to study medicine. After a few years of slogging hard in the university, he excelled with flying colours and finally managed to open his own clinic. And for once in his lifetime, he was willing to give up his career and dream for a woman. Because of Ga In, it made him realise the importance of love and relationship.

“Is that even a question?” Ga In looked up to Jo Kwon. “I am recklessly yours...” Ga In whispered gently and snuggles back to his chest.

Jo Kwon chuckled at her statement. “Did I just gotten myself a burden?” He said jokingly. In response, Ga In hit his chest playfully.

How I wish time could just stop right now…

“I really don’t know how am I suppose to break the news to them. I am feeling so bad already.” Jo Kwon’s voice returned to his solemn voice, full of worries.

“Let’s go for a drink?” Ga In suggested.


“This place serves good cocktail.” Ga In said happily as she pulled Jo Kwon into a lounge. “I am a VIP here.” Ga In said with a cheeky smiled.

“Why am I not surprised?”

Both settled down on the spacious couch. Ga In ordered her favourite cocktail with wine; Bellini. Jo Kwon settled down with only fruit juice.

“Fruit juice?” Ga In noticed the burdened look on Jo Kwon face. She scooted closer and holds his hand.

“Hey…cheer up okay? I think your parents and Lizzy’s parents would understand you. But you have to promise me…Never talk back to them at whatever happens…” She said softly.

“Remember, I would always be here for you. Okay?” She continued.

Jo Kwon nodded and felt a little better after hearing Ga In’s word. He determined to tell his parents that very day.


“Lizzy-ah…” Doo Joon break the moment of silence between them. Lizzy was sitting there hanging her head low, sobbing softly.

He reached out his hand and placed them on her hand. “Oppa would always be here for you…” Gently he squeezed it, reassuring her.

Lizzy looked up with a weak smile. Doo Joon then passed a tissue paper for her to wipe away her tears. Suddenly something caught his eye at the corner of the lounge.

He squinted his eyes and looked closer.

It was Jo Kwon and his girl sitting by the couch – cuddling.

Suddenly he felt his blood boiling and he gritted his teeth. He clenched his fist and hit hard on the table. It made Lizzy jumped.

“Oppa, what happened?!”

“I’ll go and settle something. Wait for me here.” Doo Joon said his piece and power walked towards his target.

Upon reaching the shameless lovebirds, he called out loudly. “JO KWON.”

Jo Kwon who was talking to Ga In looked up to the man who called him. He couldn’t see the man properly as it was dark in the lounge.

Before waiting for his reaction, Doo Joon pulled Jo Kwon out of the seat and dragged him out of the lounge. Ga In was confused at what was going on and quickly follow suit. 

“Where are you taking him?!” Ga In shouted.

Once they were outside, Jo Kwon could easily recognize the person under the bright road lamp. It was Doo Joon. He was staring into his eyes with disturbing expressions. Doo Joon was holding him by his collar.

“Doo..Doo Joon?” He stammered.


In a second, Doo Joon jabbed Jo Kwon in the face. Jo Kwon fell down on his back. He felt the corner of his mouth bleeding.

“WHAT IS THIS FOR??” Jo Kwon shouted back.


Doo Joon could not take it anymore. He walked towards him and pulled him up by his collar. He shouted loudly by his ear.


Doo Joon punched him in his face for a few times. His word finally struck Jo Kwon’s mind. He understands why Doo Joon beat him up.

Ga In came out running from the lounge and he saw Jo Kwon lying on the floor – bleeding a lot from his mouth and bruised left eye.

Ga In ran towards pulled Doo Joon away from Jo Kwon. “STOP IT!! HIT ME IF YOU WANT!!” Ga In cried as she knelt down beside Jo Kwon. Doo Joon stood there motionless with sweats dripping from his forehead. 

"It's okay.. I deserve it." 

Lizzy was getting impatient while waiting at her seat. She paid the bills and went outside. She gasped when she saw what’s happening in front of her eyes.

“I AM WARNING YOU! STAY AWAY FROM LIZZY!” Doo Joon pointed angrily at Jo Kwon.

Doo Joon walked towards him again and kicked him hard on his waist. Ga In held Jo Kwon close to her as Jo Kwon winced in pain. She knew Jo Kwon has to endure the pain without retaliating.

“This kick is for breaking Lizzy heart.” Doo Joon said coolly. When he was about to kick Jo Kwon one more time, Lizzy ran towards Doo Joon and pulled him back.


Doo Joon stopped immediately. He was shocked to see Lizzy there – crying profusely.

“Lizzy-ah, I-I…” Doo Joon was at loss of what to do. He didn’t mean to let Lizzy watch him beating Jo Kwon up and making her cry again.

“Let’s just go, oppa.” Lizzy took a last glance at Jo Kwon before pulling Doo Joon away.

Ga In watched the two disappeared at the corner of the road before returning her attention to the bruised Jo Kwon. She gently brushed his bleeding lips that eventually formed a smile.

“I..I am okay.” He reassured her.

Ga In helped Jo Kwon up from the floor. He staggered at first because of the pain, but with Ga In’s help he was able to walk back to their car.

Can you still drive?” She asked worriedly. Jo Kwon nodded and she helped him get into the driver’s seat. Then she got to the other side of the car.

She took the Jo Kwon’s handkerchief and wiped away the blood on his mouth. “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Silly girl, I am alright. I’ll just put some plaster when I get back.” He said while starting the engine.

“I am sorry…” Ga In blurted out.

“Don’t be, sweetie. I am willing to endure anything more than this.”

“But it hurts me…seeing you like this.” Ga In broke down in tears. She cupped his face and caressed it gently.

Jo Kwon smiled and pulled her into his embrace. “You know on the day I confessed, I am willing to sacrifice everything for you.”


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