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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 15

Come on, let’s go and grab some hot drink. I am so cold…” Doo Joon complained while getting down from his car.

Lizzy came down from the car and said cheerfully. “Oppa, don’t you dare to fight for the bills later.”

“Arasso, just get in fast. I am freezing.” Doo Joon smiled and quickened his pace. The weather is freezing at -10 degrees Celsius that day.

When Doo Joon was about to open the café’s glass door, he felt weird that he did not hear any footstep following behind him. He turned around and saw Lizzy was still standing by the car.

“Yah, why are you still standing there?”  Doo Joon shouted a little.

Lizzy didn’t budge as if like she didn’t hear him at all. He ran back to her and shook her gently by her shoulder.

“Lizzy , what’s wrong? Why aren’t you going?”

Lizzy seems have been rooted on the spot and her vision was fixed on something. Doo Joon felt weird and followed where she looked. His mouth literally dropped when he sees what Lizzy saw.  

Jo Kwon is holding onto another girl’s hand, caressing it gently. The girl on the other hand is caressing Jo Kwon’s chin. Those who didn’t know them would say that they are a couple – a madly-in-love couple to be exact.

Lizzy was dumbfounded and her entire body went rigid. Tears start to stream down Lizzy’s cheek as she revives all her suspicions; the smudge ink on the shirt, the noticeable perfume smell, the tie pin, his late homecomings, his coldness towards her. All the pieces to come together easily and forms a big picture – Jo Kwon is cheating on her and is having a relationship with their wedding planner. Not worker-client relationship, they were more than friends, they were together.

She never knew that this would ever occur to her. She has heard a lot of stories about third party aka home wrecker but she never knew that she would actually meet one. She tried to stabilize herself but her weak legs gave away. And luckily, Doo Joon was by her side and quickly holds onto her.


“O-Oppa…” LIzzy held onto Doo Joon’s shoulder to support her own self.


Ga In brought the flower close to her nose and sniffed in the scent. She stood by the glass door and was waiting for Jo Kwon to settle the bill.

After paying, Jo Kwon walked towards Ga In and automatically interlocks their fingers together. ”You really like the flowers do you?” Jo Kwon smiled and leaded Ga In out of the café.

Both stood by the café entrance and looked around the empty parking lot. “It’s cold…” Ga In complained in her aegyo manner. She stood closer to Jo Kwon. “There’s no cab around here too…How are we going back?” She looked up to him with her in her cute manner.

Looking at her redden cheeks from the cold weather, he pinched her nose lightly and smiled. “I am here isn’t it?”  Jo Kwon pulled her closer and brushed her shoulder. “Let’s walk home together…” Ga In nodded happily.


“Lizzy-ah…” Doo Joon looked over to her while trying his best to focus on the car’s steering.

Lizzy just looked to the front, ignoring Doo Joon’s call. Her face showed no expression; no sense of sadness or angry. Her face was wet from tears though. Doo Joon reached out his hand and grabbed her hand that was placed on her lap. He squeezed her hand gently.

“Talk to me, Lizzy…Please talk to me at least. You are scaring me like this.” He asked worriedly.

He stopped the car by the road side and turned to Lizzy. “Lizzy-ah, please just talk to me, would you..?”

Oppa…” She finally spoke. She raised her hand and placed them on her chest where her heart is. “It’s hurting here…” She broke down in tears.

Doo Joon heart literally crumbled seeing Lizzy in such a state. Carefully, he leaned forward and pulled her into his embrace. He placed his free hand over her back and stroked up and down in a comforting motion.

“Yes, that’s right…Just vent it all out…” He said softly. “Cry as much as your hearts wants to.”

“Oppa…It’s hurting here so much…”  Her tears of stream just pour out like the waterfall. Doo Joon has never seen her cried so badly before. He clenches his teeth at the thought of the jerk that broke Lizzy’s heart.




“Alright, you see I am back at home…It’s time for you to go back too.”

“Arasso…” Jo Kwon gently rounded girl’s left cheek and brushed the corner of the lips ever so gently.

Ga In let out a smile at the soft touch. Jo Kwon was about to leave when Ga In pulled him by his arm.

Please tell Lizzy as soon as possible. Don’t let her suffer anymore.” She whispered gently.

Jo Kwon heaved a sigh at the thought of Lizzy. “I will. Don’t worry about it.” He smiled before leaving the apartment.


Lizzy blinked the cloud of sleep from her heavy eyes and sat up on her bed. She took her phone and saw a message from Doo Joon.

‘Take a rest today. I have applied the leave for you. Call me if you need me.’

Doo Joon’s message easily made her relayed back what happened yesterday. Without her realizing, her eyes become teary again. She touched her weary eyes and her eyes were obviously swollen – from a night’s crying.

Suddenly, her phone rang and the caller ID made her froze for a second.

 It was Jo Kwon calling.

Lizzy cleared her throat and finally picked up the call after the fifth ring.

“Young-ah, I-I need a word with you. Do you have time to spare? I’ll come over now.”

Is this it…?

“Al-alright…” Her voice trailed off.

Quickly she hangs up the call because she didn’t wish Jo Kwon to hear her trembling voice because her tears start to stream down again.  

She knew it was coming but she didn’t know it would be that soon.

One of the hardest things to do is you’ll have to stop loving someone because they have stopped loving you…

She wiped away her tears and sat there to wait for Jo Kwon. And soon enough, Jo Kwon knocked by the door. She walked up to the door and opened it for him.

“Oppa, come on in.”

Jo Kwon walked in and automatically noticed her red swollen eyes. “Young-ah, what happened? Why are you crying?” Lizzy looked intensely into his eyes.

Oppa, I am not ready to leave you yet.

“It’s nothing. Yesterday, I watched a very sad drama. T-That’s why I cried so much.”

Jo Kwon nodded gently and returned his attention to his purpose of visit. “Young-ah, I-I have something to say to you.”

“Oppa, you want to have a drink? I’ll make you your favourite tea.” She left Jo Kwon alone in the living room and entered the kitchen.

“Its okay—” Jo Kwon heaved a sigh when he hears her boiling the water.

She slowly took the cup and prepares the tea. How she wished that it would take longer for the water to boil but soon the boiler made hissing sound when the water has started to boil.

Then she comes out from the kitchen two cups of tea and she walked over to Jo Kwon who was seated on the couch. She then placed it in front of him with a thud.

“Young…I need to—”

“Oppa, are you hungry? I feel a little hungry. Let me cook us some ramen.” Lizzy just ignored Jo Kwon’s question and stood up. Again she walked over to the kitchen and makes herself busy.

Why is she avoiding me? Does she already know what I was going to tell her?

Jo Kwon walked over to the kitchen and watched her cook. He knew Lizzy seldom cook, but for him she’s willing to learn.

Jo Kwon now had heartache as an additional pain added on to his guilt. The hazelnut hair man had this sudden urge to hold and embrace her deeply, to let her know how sorry he was for bringing pain unto her.

No…you’ll bring more pain to her if this prolongs.

“I am sorry Young…I can’t do this anymore…I-I…” Jo Kwon mumbled under his breath. He didn’t know how to break his decision to her.

Lizzy’s hand immediately stopped working on the packet of ramen when she heard him saying those words. She turned around slowly and saw Jo Kwon standing by the kitchen door with his head hanging low.

Lizzy can only look at him with her tired and weary eyes. She was tired enough from the morning’s crying and her tear storage seems to be dried completely.

She didn’t want to hear the break-up word from him. It was already a torture for her to witness those scenes with her own eyes. She would rather take the whole incident like a strong woman.

“Oppa…” She said softly.

Jo Kwon looked up to her with a very guilty look. Suddenly, Lizzy walked towards Jo Kwon and kissed him lightly on his lips. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He was just rooted to the ground, too stunned to react.


“Oppa…” She paused. “That’s my last kiss to you. I have loved you with all my heart and I would always will but not as a wife but as a sister who would always be there for you.”

“H-How did you know…?”

Lizzy releases the hug and looked straight into his eyes.

I’ll learn to give you up...because it pains me more knowing your heart no longer belongs with me…

“You too, should be my supportive oppa as always.” She ended her sentence with a weak smile.

Young-ah… “  Jo Kwon’s eyes was welled up with tears.

“Don’t say sorry, oppa. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to Love.”

Jo Kwon was dumbfounded by all what Lizzy just said few minutes ago. He never knew that Lizzy could face the break-up so strongly and without a single tear. He thought he would at least receive a slap or maybe kicked at his groin for all the pain that he has caused her.

He held her cheek and brushed them softly, “Please meet a man who’s a million times better than me.”  


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