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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Destined Pair [Chapter 1]

She walked along the familiar road that leads to her favourite café. As she stepped into the café, she was greeted by the same people with the vibrant smile.

“Hey, Ga In! There’s your seat, as always.” The waitress smiled as she pointed to her seat. It was her favourite spot of the café. The ventilation and lighting was enough for her to stay for a good few hours to immerse in her books.

The waitress followed Ga In to her seat till she settled down comfortably. “One Americano with two blocks of sugar and a packet of milk?” The waitress asked with a smile.

“Yea, as always.” Ga In eye smiled. When the waitress left, she turns to her bag and took out her book.

“Criminal Law: Pleading and Practice in the Court”

She opened the bookmarked page where she left on yesterday. Then she takes out her spectacles before immersing herself in the heavy text. Soon, the waitress returned with her choice of drink.

“Here’s your coffee.” The waitress said as she put down the coffee. “Thanks.” Ga In replied briefly.

“How’s your studies?” She asked casually.

“Hmm, I have been working on this particular assignment and it really wears me out.” Ga In said as she massaged her neck. “Anyway, I have to get back to my books.”

The waitress nodded gently. “Sure, I shan’t bother you then.”


After seems like hours of reading, she put down her sunglasses and rubs her tired eyes. She reached for the cup and to her surprise, she already finished her Americano.

“Maybe it’s time to leave.” Ga In said to herself. She leaves the money on the table before begin packing her books and belongings into her bag.

“Ouch!” A woman who sat at few tables from her shouted out loud which surprises Ga In. She stopped her packing and looked at what was about to happen.

The woman took out something from her mouth that made her squeal in pain. To Ga In’s surprised, it was a small metal screw.

The waitress in the café heard her shout and quickly rushed to her. “I am sorry, madam. What happened?”

“I want to see your manager! Why is there a metal screw in your bread!?” The woman holds her mouth in pain. The shocked waitress quickly went in to search for their manager. Ga In just remained in her seat there to watch the whole incident.

From another table, a young well dressed man stood up from his seat walked towards the lady. “What’s the matter madam?”

“Are you the manager? If not, don’t poke into my business.” The woman said in a frustrated manner.

“I am not the manager.” The man said politely.

“Go away then. Don’t be a busybody.” The woman said looking away.

The man laughs slightly but remains polite. “I am owner of this café instead.”

“Owh, really? Well, that’s better! I found this metal screw in the bread from your café!” The woman was raising her voice slightly. “I bite onto it and it’s hurting like crazy. I demand compensation!”

“I am sorry madam, but can I take a look at the bread?” The man said politely.

“Look at her mouth instead.” A voice speaks.

The man turned to the direction of the voice. He saw a petite lady walking over to him and the woman.

“Madam, do you mind if I take a look into your mouth?” Ga In said confidently.

“W-Who are you? Don’t be a busybody.” The woman looked away and turned to the man in front of him. “How are you going to settle this? I demand compensation for my injury and shock.”

“I am sorry madam—. “ The man speaks but stopped by Ga In. “If you want your compensation, please open your mouth and let me see.”

 The woman was in shocked to hear from Ga In.  The woman looked at the man in front of him and the man too, nodded gently; asking the woman to do as what Ga In told.

“What’s there to see?” The woman said in frustrated manner and unwillingly opened her mouth. Ga In took a quick look and smiled.

“So now what? I demand compensation from your café!”

“Looking at the condition like this…” Ga In paused. “I think you can easily land yourself in trouble.” She said nonchalantly.

“W-Why do you mean by that? You guys are the one is going to suffer losses.”

“I know when you bite the bread you would exert a certain force, and if you really bite onto the metal screw with the same force, your teeth might have crack or at least your mouth your bleed. And yet, you are not bleeding and you still could talk so loudly. To me you don’t look like a hurt person.”

“B-because…I-I…” The woman began to stutter. She looked very frantic and starts to hold her mouth; looking painful.

“Did you just put the screw into your mouth and blamed that it’s found in the bread? It’s a very clever move but…It’s no use faking it now madam. It’s clear that you’re lying.”

“W-what did you s—“

“If you want no trouble, please leave this premise immediately and never come back.” Ga In said sternly while crossing her arms.

 The woman looked around her and saw all the other customer were giving her one kind of look. Then they started urging her to get out of the café in unison. Feeling embarrassed, she quickly took her bag and leave the café in a hurry.  

Ga In heaved a sigh when the woman left. Although she looked confident on the outside, she was damn nervous on the inside. She was about to leave the café too when she was stopped by a hand. She turned and saw the owner of the café stopped her by his hands.

“Hey.” He smiled. “Thanks for helping out.”  He reached out his hands for a handshake.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” She smiled back and shook his hands. “I am glad it didn’t turn out worse.” Ga In sticks out her tongue playfully.

“Are you a lawyer, may I ask?”

Ga In laughed slightly. “Oh no, not yet. I am still a student.”

“Anyway, I am Jo Kwon. The owner of this café.” 

“Oh, so you’re the heir of this big branched Flour&Bean café?” She said looking in surprise.

Jo Kwon nodded gently and smiled while rubbing the back of his neck.

“Anyway, I am Son Ga In. It’s an honour to meet you. And… I got to go. See you around!” Ga In said her piece and waved goodbye before leaving the café.


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