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Friday, March 16, 2012


Destined Pair [Chapter 2]

“Mr. President Jo, Ms. Raina is here to see you.” The secretary said politely by the door.

Jo Kwon looked up from his seat and nodded. “Alright. Ask her in.” Jo Kwon flipped through the documents on his table.

“Hey Kwonnie!” Raina walked into the office with a cheerful tone.

“Shhh. I told you not to call me that when you are in my office.” He lamented. “What’s up?” He returned to his serious work tone.

“ are no fun.” Raina pouted. She took a file from her bag and placed it on Jo Kwon’s table.

“This is the proposal between your company and my dad’s company about supplying the new type of coffee beans from Tanzania. My dad has everything written there; about the history behind it and the prospective sales.”

“Actually you don’t have to come here personally you know…” Jo Kwon opened the file and looked into the proposal papers. “You could just ask anyone from your dad’s company and send it to me.”

“Well, I come here so that I could see you…” Raina said shyly.

“See me? What’s there to see? Hey, didn’t you know me for like years now since university? Haven’t you seen enough of me yet?” He joked a bit with a small laugh. “Anyway, I’ll look through the proposal again in details. You can go back now.” He puts the proposal file aside and faces her again. She was still standing there; not having any intention to move from her spot.

“Thanks for getting the proposal here.” He said smiling.

Raina frowns her forehead upon hearing Jo Kwon’s word. “That’s all?”

“What do you want?” Jo Kwon looked bewildered.

“I came all the way and now you are chasing me away? What about a dinner together? I know a place—“

“I am so sorry, but I need to go home early today. My grandmother cooked us dinner so I got to go back early.” He said while packing his things.

“O-Oh alright then…” Raina knew how important his grandmother to him and didn’t bother to asked him further.

Jo Kwon walked out of his office and Raina followed behind till his car outside the building. Jo Kwon finally turned and asked her politely. “Why are you following me? Do you need transport? I can arrange something for you.” Jo Kwon said with an awkward smile.

“Can I follow you back instead? I haven’t seen your grandmother in a long time.” She said while getting into Jo Kwon’s car. He heaved a sigh and shook his head seeing Raina’s persistence. Finally he gets to his car and started the engine.

“Wow, I missed your grandmother suddenly. I am looking forward to seeing her!” Raina said excitedly while bucking up her seatbelt.


“Omma, appa, halmoeni! I am back!” Jo Kwon shouted as he took off his shoe. He was quickly greeted by a kind looking halmoeni standing only at 5 feet tall.

“Ahh my precious grandson. You’re back.” His grandma said while playfully pinched his cheek.

Jo Kwon quickly held onto his grandma’s hand and stopped them. “Halmeoni, I know you love me a lot, but please don’t pinch my cheek every time you see me and definitely not in front of our guest.”

“Guest?” His grandmother peered behind Jo Kwon and saw the fair skin toned Raina waiving enthusiastically back at her. His grandma smiled briefly and returned her attention to his grandson. “Come in quickly and have dinner. I have prepared something special for you.” Jo Kwon then followed his grandmother, leaving Raina behind.

A middle age auntie appeared from the kitchen and walked quickly towards Raina. “Hey Raina sweetie! It’s been a long time I have seen you! Come, join us for dinner.” She hugged her and pulled her into the dining room too.


“Before we tuck in. I have something to say.” The leader of the house aka the petite grandmother sat in the end of the long dining table speaks.

The filial Jo Kwon quickly put down his chopsticks and paid attention to his grandmother. “What is it halmeoni?”

“Remember that I have once told you that I almost lost my life in a car accident around 30 years ago?” His grandmother started. Other members at the table including Raina nodded in unison.

“Then a man saved me and sent me to the hospital. If weren’t for him, you guys would not be here today.” She continued.

“We have heard of that before Mother. Why are you saying this now?” Mrs. Jo spoke.

“I was very grateful for this man and so...we made a pact.” 

“What pact is that, Mother?” Mr. Jo asked curiously. Everybody else was eager to know too.

“That our grandchild in the future would either get married if it’s a boy and a girl, become sworn brothers or sisters if they are of the same sex.”

“What?!” Everybody was shock to hear that from the old lady. Mrs. Jo’s voice was the loudest of all. “Mother, how could you make such a ridiculous pact?”  

“So the man’s grandchild is a boy or a girl?” Raina asked suddenly in a worried tone.

Jo Kwon’s grandmother can’t hide her smile. “The man had a granddaughter.” The last word from the old lady made Raina rooted on her seat.

“S-So I would be getting married soon?” Jo Kwon stuttered. He was too stunned to react to what he has just heard.

“Kwon-ah, it’s time for you to get married too aren’t you? I have seen you always talking about the company and nothing else. You know I was so worried about our Jo family future.” His grandmother pouted.

“But halmeoni, you can’t just ask me to marry a girl that I don’t even know how she looked like.” Jo Kwon talked back.

“Exactly, Mother. How can you jeopardize our son’s happiness?” There was a clear disagreement in Mrs. Jo’s voice.

“Mother, shouldn’t you just leave this kind of matter to the kids themselves? Why are you imposing your ideas on them?” Mr. Jo agreed with his wife’s words.

“Alright, alright. But at least go and take a look at the girl? I have already arranged a meeting date with the girl. So just appear on that day. Alright? Let’s tuck in.”

“But Mother—“ Mrs Jo wanted to retort again but was given a glare by the old lady.


Ga In walked out of her room once her mother called her for dinner. She quickly went into the kitchen and helped out her mum. 

“Dear, are you busy recently?” Mrs. Son asked cautiously. She scooped some soup for her daughter and place in front of her.

“Thanks omma.  I am finishing up my assignments lately. Why?” Ga In took a mouthful of rice.

“Are you free this Saturday? Going out with your friends?” Mrs Son asked again while checking her face.

“Omma, are you arranging some random match making session for me again?” She gave her a face.

“Honey, I promised you that this would be the last one.”

“Omma, you already said that last time. And I have told you before I don’t want to attend those boring meet up. It’s so awkward.” She complained.

Just then her grandfather, old Mr. Son joined them at the dinner table. “Little girl, just follow your mum’s word. Go for the very last time?” Old Mr.Son gave a hopeful look.

“Are you guys in cahoots? Harabeoji, you’ve always took my side.” She squinted her already-very-small eyes. “What is it? Better spit it out you two.”

“Darling, just listen to harabeoji’s word okay? Go for the match-making. Maybe you’ll like the guy you see?” 


Jo Kwon opened the glass door and entered the café. “Halmeoni, you don’t actually need to follow me to meet the girl.”

His grandmother looked around and quickly scanned through for the sign of the girl. “I want to meet up with that old friend of mine too.”

“Don’t lie halmeoni. You just want to make sure that I met up with that girl.” He laughed at his grandmother’s childish antics. Then they took their seat at one of the tables.


“Harabeoji, you sure you want to follow?” She said in disbelief. Old Mr. Son nodded. “Alright, whatever, since I am not going to stay long anyway.” Ga In said her piece and started her car engine.

After 15 minutes of drive, they finally reached the meeting place. Ga In didn’t felt nervous at all because she never really bothered about those match making partners. She purely wants to entertain her mum’s wishes.

The thoughtful Ga In helped Old Mr. Son down the car and walked him up all the way to the stairs of the café. Once they were inside the café, Old Mr. Son too darted his eyes to look for the match-making meet up. Then he saw an old lady waving excited at him.

“There they are!” Old Mr.Son said happily. Old Mr.Son quickened his pace and Ga In staggered behind. Then they reach the table and the man seated beside the old lady shocked Ga In.

“You are my match-making partner?!”

“You are the girl I am going to marry?!”


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