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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


[Guilty Pleasure – Chapter 19]

Ga In woke up the next morning with the Jo Kwon’s mobile phone ringing loudly; alarm that he had set the night before. She winced and turned her head away, snuggling deeper into Jo Kwon chest pressing her face on his clothed chest. He was quickly aroused by her movement on the bed and he tightens his grips around her waist.

“You’re awake?” He asked with his eyes still shut and his nose buried deep into her hair.

“No, I am still in my dreams.” She muffled through his t-shirt, making him laughed a little.

She pulled back to see better of the man that she’s hugging and he looked as gorgeous as before. “Good morning.” She leaned forward and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” Jo Kwon quickly replied with a smile. Ga In then brushed his fuzzy hair, tangling her fingers into his hair. He has always loves feeling her fingertips in his hair. It feels so warmth, feel so loved.

“You are sure clingy…” Jo Kwon said with an impish look. Ga In looked away embarrassed, wrapping her legs around his legs and clamping Jo Kwon towards her.

“Sorry about that but you’re to blame.” She teased.

Jo Kwon’s eyes widen in amusement. “It’s my fault that you’re clingy when you’re asleep?” He shook his head in disbelief.

“Maybe if you don’t smell so nice after bath, I would be less clingy. But I can’t promise you that either.” She chuckled.  Jo Kwon laughed but suddenly his smile faded.

 “I got to go…”Jo Kwon said while looking at the time on alarm clock situated on the nightstand. Ga In sat up on her bed and turned to her boyfriend, “It’s still early for work isn’t it? Why did you set your alarm so early in the morning? It’s not even 7.” She stretches her arms feeling her body recharged from the sleep.

Jo Kwon followed suit and sat up on the bed but quickly took Ga In in his arms and embraces her from her back. Ga In leans in deeper, pressing every inch of her back against him. It really felt like heaven to her to be able to feel loved every morning he came to stay overnight over at her house.

He whispers gently by her ear, “I know you may not like what you’ll hear later, but I am still going to tell you because I know you would understand me.”

Ga In slapped his arms playfully because his breath was tickling her ear. “What is it…?”

“I am going to the airport later.”

His words froze Ga In’s movements and emotions immediately. She kept quiet not knowing how to respond to his confession.

“Hey… “Jo Kwon released her from the hug and turned her around so that he could see her better. Ga In hangs her head down avoiding Jo Kwon’s look.

“You’re upset are you?” He asked softly. He scooted nearer to her and brought his hands to her face trying to make her face him.

Suddenly, Ga In jolted up and started tickling Jo Kwon all over his body. He giggled and trashed, trying to get away from her fingers. He laughed so much and pinned her down on the bed, hovering above her.

“If you can play with me, means you’re not upset?” He smirked while tracing his fingers on her facial.

Ga In slapped his chest playfully, “Go to the airport now or else you won’t be able to catch up with her.”

Jo Kwon leaned forward and plants a kiss on her forehead before kissing her lips. “Yah!” She hit his chest once more, harder this time.

“Why are you hitting me?” He said pouting while still hovering on top of her.

“Your mouth stinks!” She glared at him and caused him to wince. He understood her meaning and quickly retreated from the bed.

Before stepping into the bathroom, he paused and turned around with a playful smirk on his face, “Wanna join?” He paused. “To help the environment you know.” But instead of having a chance to wash together with Ga In, he earned a smack from the pillow that Ga In threw.


“I’ll call you as soon as possible.” He said while getting his coat. “Don’t think so much, there’s nothing to think about anyway.” He confirmed with his sincere gaze.

Ga In nodded slowly. The fact that he had get off work earlier yesterday to wait for her to come home just affirmed her conviction that he wouldn't be turning away from her.

"Be careful on the road," She told him casually; he reluctantly moved his eyes away from her, heading towards the exit of her house.

After seeing Jo Kwon disappear into the corner of the corridor of the apartment, she closed the door behind her. She felt torn in between her feelings. Rational part of her felt that she should believe in Jo Kwon and be calm about the Jo Kwon meeting Lizzy. The paranoid part of her was worried that Jo Kwon might leave her forever.

She shook off her clouded thought and got ready for work instead. She finished up the breakfast that Jo Kwon simply prepared; strawberry jam and cheese toast.


Jo Kwon ran around the airport trying to catch a glimpse of Lizzy but to no avail. The night before, Jo Kwon has pleaded with Doo Joon to let him know about Lizzy’s flight schedule because obviously Lizzy’s mother wouldn’t divulge anything to him. Doo Joon reluctantly gave him what he wanted with a condition never to say anything hurtful to Lizzy.

He dialed Lizzy’s number for a lot of times already but clearly Lizzy is not picking up his call. At last, he resorted to calling Doo Joon’s number.

Hey, Doo Joon… Have you guys left yet?...Where are you guys?” He gulped down his saliva as he talked on the phone panting.

“Oppa.” He heard a familiar voice coming from his behind. He quickly turned to the voice and was greeted by Lizzy standing with her luggage and Doo Joon by her side.

Young-ah...” Jo Kwon stepped forward and took her hands. In response, Doo Joon quickly stepped up, “Don’t touch her.” He said sternly with burning fire in his eyes. Lizzy politely retreat her hands from his grip.

“I am sorry, Doo Joon. But this is between Young and me. Please excuse us, can you?” Jo Kwon asked sincerely all the while looking at Lizzy who’s avoiding his gaze. Lizzy turn to Doo Joon and nodded.

“Doo Joon oppa, can you help me with the luggage first? I’ll come with you later.” She said while connecting her eyes with Doo Joon.

He reluctantly left the two alone and walked away with his own luggage and Lizzy’s. With now only the two of them, Lizzy felt the awkwardness creeping up. The guy standing in front of her suddenly feels very far, so out of reach and feels like they were just acquaintances. Anybody would not believe that these two people were actually still engaged few weeks ago.

“Shall we go there and talk?” Jo Kwon said pointing to the bench near them. Lizzy looked over to the direction and nodded vaguely. They sat down on the bench side by side but were awkwardly far apart.

Jo Kwon has tried all means to know about her flight schedule just to talk to her before she leaves but now standing right in front of her, he became mute suddenly. His mind was blank and he didn’t know what the right word to talk to her. The duo sat there for a good five minutes before Lizzy broke the silence.

 “Oppa, what do you want to say?”

 “I am glad that you still called me oppa.” He started off in his usual soft voice. “I really felt like a jerk. I messed up with your life and I…left you hanging…I am really sorry.”

“Oppa, let’s stop talking about this already…It’s a tragedy for our relationship but let’s put it behind us, we need to look forward not backward…”

Jo Kwon nodded agreeing with what Lizzy said. What has done cannot be undone. A turned cold love has a very slim chance in making it warm again. The best thing is to leave it as it is; break up well.  

He quickly changed topic. “Which part of Japan you would be staying? Do you have friends over there?  Do you know any Japanese?” He took the paper bag he prepared and passed it to her.

“Here take this with you.” Lizzy opened the paper bag and took out the content. It was a book; “Japanese language for Dummies.”

Lizzy chuckled at the book title. Jo Kwon felt a little relieved seeing her smile. “I think you might need this in Japan. It might be a little tough staying there if you don’t know any. This book teaches all the basics. You’re so smart; you’ll be able to learn them quickly.”

“Gumawo oppa.” Lizzy felt comforted at the fact that Jo Kwon was still concerned for her.

“I just want to say we may not have the fate of becoming husband and wife, but I’ll assure you that I’ll always be your good oppa. Never hesitate to call me.”


“Is Doo Joon tagging along too?” Jo Kwon asked suddenly remembering Doo Joon came with what it seems to be his luggage. Lizzy looked up to him hearing Jo Kwon mentioning Doo Joon’s name.

“Doo Joon oppa was concerned about my well-being there so he decided to quit his job and follows me there.”

“He quit his job?” He almost choked on his words. He never really gets to know Doo Joon for a very long time, but he was really surprised at his sacrifice.

That guy must have something for Young. Or else he won’t be making such a sacrifice. Wait, Jo Kwon why are you thinking like this? Shouldn’t you be glad that there’s someone looking after her? He might the Mr. Right for her, you babo.

“Why did I hear my name?” Doo Joon came walking towards them with a package on his hand. He opened the bag and took out a sandwich and passed them to Lizzy.

“I thought you might be hungry, so I bought this. We still have little time before boarding the plane.”

“Thanks oppa. Is the luggage settled?” She asked casually. Doo Joon nodded quickly.

“Doo Joon-ah, can I have a word with you?” Jo Kwon requested suddenly. He turned to Lizzy and smiled, “I’ll return him to you quickly.”

Jo Kwon pulled Doo Joon to a corner where they still can see Lizzy from afar. “What do you want to talk about?” Doo Joon hissed in an uncomfortable tone.

“I know you like Young.” He went straight to his point. He didn’t want to waste his time explaining.

Doo Joon was caught off guard at the sudden accusation; the truth actually. He thought he has always kept his feelings well but didn’t know that it was quickly noticed by Jo Kwon.

“N-no…H-How did you know?” He stammered. He only thought of making his move in pursuing Lizzy’s broken heart once they settled down in Japan. He didn’t want to take advantage of Lizzy’s heartbroken state and jump into the empty space in her heart because he was afraid of being treated as a substitute. He hoped that Lizzy would love him whole heartily one day just like how she has loved Jo Kwon.

“I called it the man’s gut. Whatever…that’s not important anyway. With you around in Japan with her, I feel more at ease. I know I have hurt her deeply and I know you’re a good guy. So I hope you’ll take good care of her.”

“Save that for yourself and your girl. Don’t worry, I would love her hundred times more than you.” He said with sarcasm. “Are you done? If you are, then I got to get back to Lizzy.”

“Please tell her I am leaving already. And, thanks for everything, Doo Joon. Wish you guys all the best.” Before Doo Joon can reply, Jo Kwon had already walked off.  


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