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Friday, March 23, 2012


Destined Pair [Chapter 3]

“What do you mean by I am the girl you are going to marry?” Ga In asked hurriedly with shocked expressions.

“I didn’t know—“

“Hey there young girl, you are Ms. Son Ga In right?” Jo Kwon’s grandmother quickly interrupted. “I am Jo Kwon’s grandmother. Nice to meet you.” Grandmother Jo reach out both of her hands and has a vibrant smile hung on her face.

Ga In quickly got hold of the grandma’s hand and in response, the old grandmother caress with much love. Ga In pasted an awkward smile at the grandma who can’t take her eyes of her.

“Halmeoni, when are you going to stop touching her hand?” Jo Kwon asked softly.

Realizing that she was holding Ga In’s hand all the while, the embarrassed grandmother Jo quickly retrieves her hands.

“Do you guys know each other already?” Old Mr. Son asked while scanning his eyes up and down at Jo Kwon.

“We were just an acquaintance. Nothing else.” Ga In answered bluntly.

“In what kind of scenario may I ask?” Grandmother Jo asked with much interest.

“There was a troublemaker in the café and Ms. Ga In was there to help us out. She’s our regular customer too.”

“Wow…you guys are destined to be with each other! Regular customer becomes the wife of the owner.” Grandmother Jo clapped her hands excitedly. Old Mr. Son too, joined the excitement by clapping his hands; leaving Ga In becomes more bewildered at the situation.

“Wait. Wait a minute.. I am not processing any of this. What is this all about?” Her confused look turned serious; demanding immediate explanation from her grandfather.

“You didn’t tell her yet?” Grandmother Jo mouthed to Old Mr. Son that was sitting opposite her. In response, he shook his head lightly and quickly turned to his impatient granddaughter.

“Harabeoji, would you please explain to me what is this all about? If not, I am going to leave this place now.” Ga In stood up from her seat and threatened to go.

“Calm down dear, calm down.” Old Mr. Son pulled her back to her seat. “I am going to start talking about 30 years ago….” He started.


“No way. I can’t do this.” Ga In repeated for the umpteen times. She can’t believe that her grandfather is ‘encouraging’ her to get married to someone she barely know just because of some pact made 30 years ago.

“Please do it for me, would you?” Grandmother Son pleaded.

“I am sorry halmeoni, but you just can’t intrude into our lives like that. We have our own rights when it comes to matter like this.” Ga In tried to reason out while remaining polite.

Jo Kwon looked at Ga In nodding, trying to convince his grandmother about dropping the idea. “Yea, halmoeni. I told you this is an absurd idea.” Jo Kwon retorted and tugged her elbow gently.

“This is my last wish.” Grandmother Son blurted out. Jo Kwon’s eyes widened and turned to his grandmother. “W-What are you saying?”

“My time is finishing.”


“I know I am asking a lot but…would you please do it just for my sick grandmother? I really wish to fulfill this last wish of hers…” Jo Kwon said in a sorrowful tone over the phone. After the meet up in the evening, both parties went back home respectively. Jo Kwon asked for Ga In’s number to further discuss about their problems.

“I-I understand and I fully sympathies with her condition but I-I…” Ga In heaved a sigh. “You can’t expect me to entrust my whole life happiness to someone I barely know. D-Do you understand my point of view?”

Jo Kwon is not a mama’s boy; instead he was a grandmother’s boy. As the first grandson of the Jo family, his grandmother adores Jo Kwon a lot. He has many fond memories with his grandmother as he almost grew up under the care of his grandmother while his parents are busy with the café. Jo Kwon loves his grandmother dearly and was all ready to accept his grandmother’s last request.

“I really understand but you see, she would not agree to see the doctor for her third stage of bone cancer treatment until she see’s you and I stepped into the wedding chapel.”

“Marriage is not something to be joke about.” Ga In protested. “It’s not just a trip to the wedding chapel but it’s a journey of two people’s life!”

Jo Kwon nodded in agreement in what Ga In just said. Then suddenly he thought of something. “What about signing a contract? Like those in the dramas.”

“Do you mean contract marriage?”

“Exactly, we’ll just do that! We will divorce after three months. What do you think?” Jo Kwon face lit up at his so called solution.

Ga In thought for a moment. Fake marrying into the Jo’s family just to fulfill Grandmother Jo’s dying last wish sound reasonable for her. She doesn’t wish to see an old grandmother leave the world with regrets.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” Ga In said coolly. “I’ll come up with contract and I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Ga In knocked on the door and entered the office. She was surprised to see the decoration of the office was very simple and neat. Then she took out a piece of paper and shoved it in front of the seating Jo Kwon.

“Here’s the contract.”

Jo Kwon took the paper and look at the content carefully.

Marriage Contract
Date: 20th March 2012

Jo Kwon (25) and Son Ga In (26) would have a fake marriage lasting for SIX months starting from the date of the marriage itself. Below are the conditions that both parties have to abide during the period of fake marriage.


  1.       FAKING as married couples ONLY in front of relatives and friends.
  2.       DO NOT take advantages of each other. No UNNECASSARY skinships.
  3.       NO sharing of bed.
  4.       DO NOT poke into each other’s personal life.
  5.       ALLOW Son Ga In to visit her family at least ONCE a week.
  6.       RESPECT both parties’ privacy.
  7.       DO NOT divulge any content of the contract to THIRD party.
  8.       ENDS exactly SIX months after the date of marriage.

Breaking any of the rules above would result in penalties of immediate divorce. 

 Agreed by,

…………………                                                                          .....……………….
   (JO KWON)                                                                                  (SON GA IN)

He puts down the contract and signed on it immediately. Then he passed back the contract to Ga In who was standing right in front of her. He reached out his hand for a formal handshake.

“Hello, wife.” 


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    getting married as soon as possible and getting a divorce after 6 months its like putting a manufacturing date and an expiration date on a thing.

    but kinda exciting too, anticipating what will happen to these two in 6 months time.

    super love it!!! please update soon, love reading your works.

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