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Friday, May 4, 2012


[Guilty Pleasure – Epilogue]

“Yah! You little rascal~ Come to appa now!” Changmin screamed as he saw the little boy running through the glass door. Seeing Changmin standing with wide open arms, the four year old boy in his kindergarten attire ran excitedly towards Changmin.

Once the little boy reached Changmin’s arms, he scooped him up and throws him off in the air. The boy giggled and made him giggled too.

After a few throws he let him down. “Did you miss me?” Changmin asked while tickling the little boy’s body.

The boy trashed and nodded vigorously trying to get away from his tickling. Changmin then stopped his hands and holds him instead while squatting down to level himself with the boy. 

“Did you behave well today in school?” As expected from almost all the child in the world would answer, the boy nodded ardently with smiles on his face.

Ga In shook her head seeing the scene in front her. She stood up from her desk and walked towards the boy and Changmin. “Did you forget about your omma already?” She too squatted beside Changmin and brushed her son’s hair lovingly.

Seeing his mom, the little boy turned his attention to her and jumped excitedly. “Omma, I had so much fun at school today!”

“Really? What did you learn today? Tell omma—.“ Suddenly she noticed some brown stain at the corner of the little boy’s little mouth.

“What is this?” She squint her eyes with a suspicious look. She rubbed the stain off and smells it; obviously it was chocolate stain. “Did you take chocolate secretly behind my back?” She said in a stern and strict tone. Being caught red-handed, the poor boy quiet down and looked down at his Pororo school shoes.

Suddenly the door flung open and a man in his leather shoes practically ran into the shop. “Jo Jae In! Why did you let go of my hands and run away by yourself?”

Ga In stood up and walked towards the man. “Yeobo, tell me honestly did you give Jae In chocolate?” She asked, pointing fingers at him. “He already ate one this morning…” She frowned.

“Yeobo, how did you—“

Ga In showed the brown stain on her thumb to him. “You forgot to clean his mouth.” Jo Kwon went quiet when he saw the ‘evidence’.

He changed his face expression to the more aegyo one. “Yeobo~ You know I can’t really do anything with Jae In’s persistent aegyo…I told him that he might be scolded but he insisted.”

"He know he's guilty but he still like to do it..." He added.

At the same time, Jae In tried hard not to cry while looking down. Changmin noticed it and quickly picks him up. Immediately being picked up, Jae In burst into tears.

“Yah! You two!” Changmin called out while stroking the boys back in an up and down motion to ease him.

Hearing Jae In’s cry, the parents got flustered and quickly approach their child. Changmin passed the crying boy back to his mother; Ga In took over and quickly hushed him.

“Jae In-ah…omma is not really angry with you…Omma just wants Jae In to be healthy...Remember what happens if you eat too much sweet things? It’s not good for your body..” She said softly while patting Jae in on the back. “We made promise that Jae In can only have one small bar of chocolate every day, remember..?”

On the other hand, the worried dad walked behind his wife to get closer to his son. He brushed his son’s hair and said gently. “You know omma and appa loves Jae In right? Don’t cry my boy..” The innocent boy nodded gently. Seeing this scene, Changmin can’t help but smile. He cannot believe the Ga In she knew years ago now becomes such a virtuous mother.

After a while, the boy has calm down and stopped crying; just like any other child whose tears are like water from cheap tap- easily broken and easily fix with some few ‘repairing skills’.

“Hyung, I am sorry that Jae In just embarrassed himself.” Jo Kwon said, brushing his neck. Ga In bowed apologetically, still hoaxing Jae In in her arms talking sweetly by his ears.

Yah what do you guys treat me for? I am Jae In’s godfather for goodness sake; do you think I would mind that?” He said with a fake angry tone.

Jo Kwon laughed at Changmin’s antic. “Hyung, do you think my wife can go back now? Today’s Saturday.” He said emphasizing the last word.

“Alright, alright. You guys need your family day right? Ga In-ah leave the rest to me, you can leave now.”


“Omma! Appa! We’re back!” Jo Kwon shouted as he entered his parents’ home. Ga In followed behind while holding onto the excited little Jae In. He has always loved visiting his grandparents because he knew he would get a lot of goodies and hugs from there.

“Ahh…! Our little Jae In is here…Come in my boy!” Jo Kwon’s father was so excited and voice was one octave up.

“Harabuji~!!” The little boy squealed while being picked up by the old man. He hugged the old man’s endearingly by his neck.

“I would help omma in the kitchen.” Ga In mouthed to Jo Kwon. He nodded in response and walked to the living room to join his dad and his son.

“Omma, let me help you with the dishes.” Ga In pulled up her sleeves and wet her hands by the sink. “It’s okay, Ga In. You’ll go to the front and join them. You are already so tired from your work; you better take this opportunity to rest. I’ll just do the rest. There’s nothing much left to do.”

Hearing her mother-in-law’s word, she reluctantly leaves the kitchen and joined the three boys in the living room. After a while, she helped to set up the tables and soon they were ready to have dinner.

“Ga In-ah, I’ve prepared this soup specially for you…Do finish it…it’s good for your body.” Jo Kwon’s mother said softly.

Ga In nodded thankfully, “Omma really appreciate that you would always brew some soup especially for me…”

Omma, you’re biased. Why I don’t get to drink your soup as often as before? You’re seriously so biased to your daughter-in-law.” Jo Kwon’s serious pouting made his dad laugh.

“Yah, Jo Kwon! Are you as tired as Ga In? How can you complain? She has to work, cook for you two, clean the house, wash the clothes and be your wife. Shouldn’t she receive more love and attention from your mum?” His dad chided in a joking manner.

“I do help her out at home~!” Jo Kwon talked back. Hearing that ‘atrocious’ answer, Ga In glared at him, “Are you sure…?”

“Well…only sometimes…” Jo Kwon brushed his neck embarrassingly and drops his gaze to the white porcelain bowl, admitting his childish complain. On the other hand, he’s too glad that his family turns out so well; his parents finally accepted Ga In with open arms and he wished that everything remains like that till forever.


How’s Jae In and Ga In unnie doing? I bet Jae In has grown to a big boy now…Did he become more and more mischievous day by day? Now finally you can understand how omoni and abunim had hard time bringing you up…ㅋㅋAnyway I am writing you this letter because…Doo Joon oppa and I’s marriage date has been set at this early June... I hope to receive blessings from oppa and Ga In unnie..I hope to see you and Ga In unnie on our wedding day. I would love to see that little Jae In too…And I am thinking of settling down in Japan for good and ask my parents to move over…Everything is really fine over here, Doo Joon’s oppa is really working hard in his new place and just recently promoted to the manager position...I am doing pretty well too in the Japan branch of our company...If oppa’s family is coming over to Japan for vacation, we would definitely bring you around~ alright, I got to go now…when the invitation card is printed, I would send one over to you and make sure you would try and make it~!!


“Yeobo, what are you reading?” Ga In approached Jo Kwon who was sitting in the living room on the Sunday morning.

“Oh, this letter is from Young.”

“She wrote again? What did she write this time? Is she getting married?” She asked while occupying space beside him. She then leaned against him to have a good look at the content.

“Yea she said the date has been set. She wants us to go over there around late June. You should discuss your day off with Changmin hyung.”

“I will. And if that’s the case, then you better start planning your schedule with your patients too. Do at least keep yourself free for a week.”

“A week? We’re just going to attend Young’s wedding. Why do you need a week for?” He asked, frowning his forehead.

“You babo~!” Ga In hit Jo Kwon gently on his head. “Since we are in Japan already, we should do some shopping~!!” The mention of shopping in Japan makes Ga In all excited.

“You’re no different from other woman at all.” Jo Kwon mumbled under his breath. He thought she wouldn’t hear him but he was wrong.

“What did you say?”

Suddenly, little Jae In came running towards the two and squeezed into the space between them. “Omma, appa…let’s go to see the animals today~!”

“Our Jae In wants to go to the zoo today?” Ga In asked while snuggling his tummy. “Yeobo, do you want to go?”

Jo Kwon picks him up and was thankful for his sudden appearance and saved him from ‘disaster’. “Why not? Since our Jae In wants to go…let’s go then~!”


“Jae In-ah, are you happy today?” Jo Kwon asked while waiting for Ga In to open the door to their apartment. With his hand still held tightly onto Jo Kwon’s he jumped his happiness. “Yea!”

“Do you still remember what animals we saw today?”

“We saw the elephants, the big lion, birds…a-and the monkeys!” Jae In was so excited that he was shouting the names of the animals.

Ga In shook her head and laughed at his son’s antic. Once they were in the house, the little boy started mimicking the lion’s roar.

“Jae In-ah, does that sound like your omma when she’s angry?” Jo Kwon said while checking his wife’s expression. As expected, she glared at him with eagle-like eyes.

Jo Kwon literally shudders at the fierce look. “Jae In-ah, let’s go bath together with appa alright?” He run towards his son and scooped him up in a swift and head to the bathroom. Giggles and laughter of the father and son having a good time together could be heard.

Afterwards they had a simple dinner; jjajangmyun for dinner because Ga In wasn’t feeling too well that day. Jo Kwon noticed it during their zoo outing in the evening but she reassured that she’s just tired from work. She noticed that she’s easily tired out these few days but thought that she’s just too stressed from work.

Ga In sat at the edge of the bed, folding some of Jae In’s washed clothes. Jo Kwon sat beside her. “Yeobo…”  He said softly as he put his hand under her chin and made her look up at him. "Are you sure you are alright?"

“Don’t worry…I am just tired from work…” She said with a smile. She got up and put away their son’s clothes and got under the covers on their bed.

"I love you baby…” Jo Kwon said with a grin as he got under the covers next to her and kissed her softly on her forehead. Then he brought one of his hands to her waist.

"I love you too baby but this is not gonna happen tonight." She said in a whisper and smiled. "I'm feeling okay, but not in the mood."

"You rarely decline me…Something is really wrong with you yeobo…" He said as he rested his head on the pillow and looked down at her with a worried look.

"I told you I am alright..." She answered with a yawn. Suddenly a thought struck Jo Kwon’s mind and he jolted up from the bed. “Ohyea yeobo, I didn’t see you having your period lately…could it be...?”


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