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Friday, May 18, 2012

Destined Pair - Chapter 4

Destined Pair [Chapter 4]

“Calm down.” Grandmother Jo said to Jo Kwon who is adjusting his bowtie when clearly she was the nervous one. “Just relax and enjoy the wedding.” She said as brushed off those imaginary dusts on his shoulder. Jo Kwon was glad to see his cute little grandmother in a great mood for finally seeing her precious grandson tying the knot.

 Then Jo Kwon’s mother came and holds his son’s hand tightly. “Kwon-ah, you’re getting married today but not to the one you loved, are you really alright with that?” She asked in a sad voice, hinting that she really objects to the wedding.

Jo Kwon squeezed his mum’s hand lightly. “Omma, I am not young anymore. I know what I am doing. Don’t worry.” He smiled a little trying to comfort his worrying mother.

“Omma.” Jea, Jo Kwon’s sister barged into the conversation. “Kwonnie knows what’s he’s doing. Somemore, that girl looks quite alright to me.” She said while patting her mother’s arm.

Jo Kwon nodding at his sister’s word. “Yea, noona’s right. So stop worrying. As long as halmeoni is happy, I am happy.”


Suddenly, Changmin, Jo Kwon’s cousin who was one of the best man barge into the room “Hey, it’s time! The bride’s here~!”


“Mr. Jo Kwon, are you willing to take care of your bride, Ms. Son Ga In, comfort her, honour her, and keep her in sickness and in health, forsaking all others and love her forever?”

Ga In peered at Jo Kwon through her veil and saw his nervous look. “Yes.” He muttered.

“Will you, bride Son Ga In willing to take care of your groom, Mr. Jo Kwon, comfort him, honour him, and keep him in sickness and in health, forsaking all others and love him forever?”

Ga In swallowed her saliva as she hears her own voice ringing in her mind. All of these are just temporary. Just temporary.

“Yes, I am.” At last she said.

“With the faith of God, I announce you two husband and wife. Let’s welcome Mr. and Mrs. Jo. Groom, you may now kiss your bride.”

Ga In and Jo Kwon’s eyes widened at the pastor’s word. Both forget that they need at least kissed in front of the audience during the ceremony. Seeing the sticky situation and knew that he had to be the one take initiative, he turn to his ‘bride’ and gently lift up the veil and put it behind her head.

Ga In’s heart was thumping so much more than her heart could take it. She shut her eyes tightly to ease her nervousness. Then suddenly she felt a kiss on her lips and flinches at the soft touch. Seconds later, the meat departed from her lips and she quickly opened her eyes. She saw Jo Kwon putting a sheepish smile.

The next thing she realized was the whole audience went noisy. Relatives were shaking their hands and hugging each other over the successive wedding ceremony. While the petite grandmother Jo and Old Mr. Son was equally happy that Ga In could see tears brimming at the edge of their eyes.

So, this is how her gunshot marriage life begins.


“Kwon-ah…my dear dongsaeng…I can’t believe that you are married today.” Jea said noisily as she patted on Jo Kwon’s shoulder. She holds up her wine glass up high and chinked against Jo Kwon’s glass.

“Noona, I know you’re happy for me but please get a hold of yourselves. You’ve already drank a lot just now during the dinner.” Jo Kwon said softly by her ears. After the dinner with relatives, the Jo family continued their celebrations over at their own house. 

Jo Kwon looked over to Jinwoon and mocked at him. “I really pity you sometimes that you’re stuck with my sister.”

Jinwoon eye-smiled at his brother-in- law and get hold of his wife. “I will love her nevertheless.”

Mr. Jo and Mrs. Jo smiled at Jinwoon’s word. They were really happy with their daughter’s marriage and were really satisfied with Jinwoon despite he’s younger than Jea by a few years. Ever since Jea got married to Jinwoon, Jea never became happier.

Grandmother Jo was really happy seeing the situation in front of her. She stood up from her seat and said, “Alright, Jea and Jinwoon should get back to your house soon. Let’s turn in and let the newly-weds spend some time alone.” She chuckled at the end of her words.

She walked towards the new couple and took both of their hands and linked them together. “I hope that you two would have a wonderful marriage ahead like Jea and Jinwoon. Make them your role model and live a blissful life.”

Upon hearing Grandmother Jo’s word, Ga In looked over to the lovey-dovey sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Many thoughts come rushing into her mind. Err..I don’t think we would ever reach there. We were fake anyway.

Ga In briefly nodded at the grandmother’s words and soon she and Jo Kwon was ushered into their room. Then Grandmother Jo quickly closed the door behind them leaving them stunted.

“Err…so this is my room.” Jo Kwon awkwardly walked around, showing his approximately 20 square feet room. 

Ga In took a few steps and look around. “You’ve a big room and it’s clean too.” She said with a smile. “It’s rare for guys to have clean room like this. Is it clean just because I am here today or…?”

“Of course not, I am a hygienic person. I am very particular at how my things are kept. So you don’t have to worry about that.”

Ga In nodded and smiled. “Wow, the interior is nice… Did you design them yourself?” She walked around more and admires the grass-like carpet that covers half of the room. “These are so comfortable to walk on…”

“Yea, I really like greenery so I put these in here… It feels really nice right?” Jo Kwon felt a little glad inside that they have something common.

“So the tour of your room is finished. Now what?”

Being the muddle head person when it comes to these kind of things, Jo Kwon was startled and started to stammer. “W-what do you m-mean?” He widened his eyes.

She laughed at his reaction. “I am just asking, how are you going to arrange our sleeping place? You are well aware that we’re not sharing the bed right?” She said hugging her own body.

“O-of course.”

“What about this, since you’re the guy I would take the bed and you’ll take the floor. Deal?”

Before Jo Kwon could answer or react to her sudden sleeping arrangement, Ga In quickly jumped to the bed and lied down with arms and legs spreading apart. “This bed belongs to me from now on. Do not come at near to this bed at night or else—“

She jolted up from her bed and made a fist sign. Jo Kwon was still rooted to the ground at what just happened. Jo Kwon has lost the ownership to his own bed that he has been occupying all these while. However he still nodded his head in agreement of not getting near the bed at night.

Then he walked over to the cupboard. “I have cleared and cleaned this area of cupboard for you. You can put your clothing in there. As for your inner clothing…”

“Thanks for the concern, but erm yeah I can just leave them in my luggage for now…”

“Oh well, as you wished. I’ll just leave this area empty. Put your clothes in when you are comfortable enough in this room.” He smiled and took a seat at the working desk. “Do you want to take a bath first? I promise I won’t touch your things here.”

“Actually you don’t need to be like that. I didn’t suspect you even for a bit.”

“Really? I am glad.”

“Because you look earnest and kind. A grandson who loves his grandmother so much; how bad can he be?” Ga In chuckled at the end of her sentence. “Anyway, I think we would be able to do this well…” She said while taking out clothes for change from her luggage.

“I hope so too.”

Ga In walked towards Jo Kwon with her clothes in one hand. Then she showed her hands for a handshake. “Let’s live well together.”


“Let’s turn in…” Jo Kwon said as he finished drying his wet hair in front of the body length mirror in the room.

Ga In eye’s widened when she heard Jo Kwon’s word. She held her breath at what’s going to happen next and watched Jo Kwon walked towards the cupboard and took out two extra blankets. He then spread them on the grass carpet.

She heaved a sigh of relief seeing the scene. Then she too got under the cover of the blanket and got ready to sleep. Jo Kwon walked to the switch and switches off the lights off. “Goodnight Ga In.”

“Goodnight.” She mumbled as she drifted off to the lala land.

So this is how they spend the first night of their marriage.



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