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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Story After 110106 - Chapter 20

[Recap Chapter 19]

Unnie, don’t diverge our conversation. What else did you posted?’

Jea heaved a sigh and put down her magazine. Then she opened her twitter reluctantly and showed her the pictures.

Omo, unnie you took these pictures?’

Now all my twitter followers are speculating who you are talking to…’

And they say is…?’ The curious Ga In asked.

Of course all your Adam couple fans would have guessed that it’s Jo Seobang. Who else would it be?’


You guys should just get married already.’Jea focused back to her phone and found a lot more of twitter mentions about their pretty bareface.

Chet, unnie. I am going back to sleep.’ Ga In jumps to her bed and cover herself under the blanket.

Somebody is shy..?’ Jea pounced on her and tickled her.


[Chapter 20]

“All the broadcast network is organizing the Gayo Daejun as usual…” Bang PD started off the meeting with 2AM boys.

“So are we performing?” Jo Kwon asked.

“Only Jo Kwon is involved. The news is not released yet but you will be emceeing the MBC Gayo Daejun.”

“With?” He asked eagerly.

“This year MBC is using We Got Married themed MC. So—”

“I would be emceeing with Ga In noona?” His eyes literally sparkled.

“Yes. Together with Khunnie, Victoria-ssi, Lee Teuk-ssi, Kang So Ra-ssi, Lee Jang Woo-ssi and Eun Jung-ssi.”

“Ahhh Kwonnie hyung must be so happy right!!!” Jinwoon beat Jo Kwon playfully by his shoulder.

“Eight host altogether?” Changmin asked.

“Yes, everything was finalized yesterday.” He paused. “Oh yea. There’s another MC performance too. Other boys are not involved.”

“Really? So can we spend some time with family for this year’s countdown?” SeulOng asked with hopeful eyes.

“Yea, you guys can have a break…” Bang PD said. As if on cue, all the other three ahjibaems cheered for able to take off on the last day of 2011. “No break for Kwonnie though…” He continued while checking at Jo Kwon’s expressions.

To his surprise, Jo Kwon seems to be happier than the other three. His smiles were literally spreading from ear to ear.


From: Kkaptick  (Received:9.12pm)
‘Noona~!!! ^___^  Busy?’
 To: Kkaptick (Sent: 9.13pm)
You seems very happy. Any good news?’
  From: Kkaptick (Received: 9.14pm)
‘Noona, we are going to host MBC gayo daejun this year!! Together!! ♥.♥
 To: Kkaptick (Sent: 9.16pm)
Really? >.< Hosting? Kwon-ah, I am scared...’

“Hey hey you girls…” Kyungsan clapped her hands to gain the members attention. “You guys are going to MBC for a meeting tomorrow.”

“Meeting about performing for Gayo Daejun too?” Jea asked while munching onto her biscuits. The girls just came back from the meeting with SBS station about their appearance on gayo daejun.

“Should be and I heard maybe one of you girls are hosting the show.”

“So it’s true then?” Ga In remarked.

All the other people in the room turned to Ga In with a surprised look. “You know about it already?”

Ga In pouted as she flicked her eyes to her phone. “Kwonnie just broke the news to me.”


 “Annyeonghaseyo…” Ga In shyly bowed at the members in the room that was seated around the round meeting table; Lee Teuk, Kang Sora, Lee Jang Woo, Eun Jung, Nickhun and Victoria bowed in response.

She quickly took a seat beside Nickhun; clearly the only person she’s familiar with. “You are here too, Khun-ah?” She whispered softly.  

Nickhun nodded and flashed his charming smile as always. Suddenly, the door opens again and Ga In eyes lit up at the approaching person. It was Jo Kwon in his casual clothes and a loosely combed hairstyle. He looks good.

Naturally, Jo Kwon took the seat beside Ga In and squealed happily in silence for seeing Ga In. He stomped his feet lightly in happiness. Seeing this, other people in the room can’t stop smiling at the couple.

Ga In literally felt her cheeks burning hot and she hit Jo Kwon’s arm lightly. Just then some MBC staff walks into the room briskly and occupied the seat at the front of the room.

“Thank you for coming to the meeting today.” The MBC representative started. “Maybe some of you have heard from your manager that the eight of you would be hosting the gayo daejun this year...First of all, I am especially grateful to Jo Kwon-ssi, Ga In-ssi, Nickhun-ssi and Victoria-ssi  and your respective companies agreed to let you all to appear on stage as couple again..We are really honoured…”

“Shouldn’t we are the one to thank MBC instead?” Lee Teuk jokingly responded that made everyone in the room laughed.

“And furthermore, since its a couple themes already, we have decided on slotting in couple performance too...”

“Couple performance?” Ga In asked with a lit up face.

“The couple performance is just a bonus to our We Got Married audience. As for what to perform… you guys can decide on yourselves or with your company. Once it’s decided, let our producer to know about the details and the props you would need. But I hope you guys can decide on it as soon as possible.”


Soon the meeting ended with details of their emceeing task. Jo Kwon insisted on following Ga In back to NEGA where all the noonims are to ‘drop by and say hello’ but it was just a cover so that they can spend some private time together on the journey there.

On the journey back in the car, Jo Kwon noticed the unusually quiet Ga In. She looked worried, probably because of the emceeing task. He reached out his free hand which is not on the wheel to hold her hand.

“Noona, I would be there with you on that day…”

Ga In looked at Jo Kwon, partially thankful that he understood her worries. “Kwon-ah, I am worried that I won’t be able to do well…” She finally voiced out her worries ever since the meeting earlier.

“Noona, I think you would perform well on that day… Don’t worry about it.” Jo Kwon flashed an assuring smile. Ga In nodded vaguely with stone weighing on her chest.

 “Are you hungry? Wanna get something to eat?” Jo Kwon asked, wanting to shift her attention to somewhere else.

“Not really… But you know we can’t really go anywhere on daylight right?”

“I know but…” His voice trailed off, obviously dejected.

Sensing that, Ga In quickly assured him. “I’ll get something from the canteen and we’ll eat together?”

His pout quickly breaks into smile and grips Ga In’s hand tighter. “Noona…I miss you.”

“Aren’t I here beside you now..?”

“I just…miss you so much.” He took her hand and kissed the back of it gently, all the while trying to focus on the road in front of him.

Ga In smiled at the soft touch of his lips on the back of her hand. She has to admit that she too, misses him so much; phone calls and messages can barely contain their longing for each other during Brown Eyed Girls’s 4th album promoting period.

She reaches out her other hand and caressed the top of his hand gently, “After our promotion, we would have more time together…” Ga In said with an aegyo tone. “I promise you that after our promotion ended, i would arrange a schedule to spend time just with you?”

In response, Jo Kwon nodded unwillingly but he knew that’s the best he could get now.

Soon they reached NEGA’s building. To avoid being seen together, Jo Kwon dropped Ga In off first and went off to find a parking lot before entering the building himself with scarf hovered around his neck.


“Anyeonghaseyo, noonim-deul~~!!”  Jo Kwon greeted cheerfully the moment he entered the room where other B.E.G members were at. Ga In followed closely behind Jo Kwon.

The three single ladies look up from their meal the moment they heard the familiar voice. Jea was especially excited. She walked over to Jo Kwon and briefly hugged him.

 “Jo Seobang~!! It’s just great to see you here~!”

 “Unnie! Your skinship…please refrain yourself a bit…” She darted her eyes at Jea in a joking manner.

“Ish…I know he’s yours… I’ll just stay far away from him, enough?” That made everybody in the room burst out laughing, seeing the rejected look on Jea.

“So how was the meeting? Couple emceeing comfirmed?”Narsha asked.

Ga In brought Jo Kwon to where the seats are and sat beside him. All the other memebers gathered around the big round dining table and talk.

“Noona, do you guys have any idea what can we perform as a couple?”Jo Kwon asked.

“Couple performance?” Jea asked.

“Yea we are asked to do a couple performances. Other couples are also needed think of something out.”

“Noona should we just perform Woo Sa Duet again?” Jo Kwon suggested.

“Or you’ll perform TDIC and I would appear at the back as back up dancer?”

“NO!!”Jea strongly objected. “It’s gayo daejun for goodness sake. At least treat your fans a bit…”

“Unnie, do you have anything on your mind?”

“What do you think is the latest trend these days? The performance that got to do with your dongsaeng….”Jea said hinting at Jo Kwon.

“Latest trend? And performed by my dongsaeng…?”Jo Kwon’s voice trailed off in confusion.

“Unnie! You want us to perform that?!” The ‘fast-sense’ Ga In knew it right away and exclaimed loudly.

“Noona you know what Jea noona is talking about?

Narsha laughed at Jo Kwon’s confused face. “Jo Seobang you really don’t know?” Jo Kwon shook his head innocently. Miryo literally felt like smacking her own face.

“Unnie! Do you think we should do this?” Ga In questioned with doubtful look. Only Jo Kwon doesn’t know what his noonas’ talking about.

“Don’t you think it would be perfect performance? I think all of your Adam couple fans would go hysterical watching your performance…Imagine the shock-level. Totally men-boong…”Jea barely ended her sentence. She can’t stop cringing imagining them performing the ‘dance’.

“Noona, what performance is Jea noona talking about exactly?” Jo Kwon shook Ga In’s arm urgently.

“Aigoo… It’s the TroubleMaker performance!!” Miryo snapped at him.

Jo Kwon’s eyes widened and his mouth formed an ‘O’ but eventually turns to a big grin.

“Of course! We should just perform TroubleMaker!! Noona why didn’t we think of it earlier? Yeah, we will just perform that.” Jo Kwon concluded confidently. “I’ll call Hyuna now to ask her when she’s free.”

“I knew that Jo Seobang would love the idea!” Jea laughed at Jo Kwon’s fast reaction.

“Yah Kwon-ah! Are you sure about this…?” Ga In felt her cheeks burning up imagining her position as Hyuna in the dance.

“Noona, I know you like the idea too and we would definitely perform this dance on that day.” Jo Kwon was all hyped up and already can’t accept any reasons or explaination.


“Noona, are you nervous?” Jo Kwon eye smiled whilst on their way to the dance studio in CUBEent’s bulding. He almost can’t contain his excitement for the performance; he has been calling Hyuna for the umpteen times to check whether what time she and Hyunseung would be arriving.

“Yah, are you really THIS excited?” Chic Ga In tried to maintain her posture. Of course she is excited, being able to spend some time together for a few days straight. Both didn’t mind that it was because of work they still cherish those moments together.

They entered the studio and find Hyuna and Hyunseung dancing already. Both the TroubleMakers stopped dancing and turned their eyes to the guest.

“Unnie~!” Hyuna ran quickly towards Ga In and hugged her around her waist.

“Hyuna-ah, how are you?”Ga In smiled lovingly while patting gently on her butt. Hyunseung walked towards Jo Kwon and greeted politely.

“Annyeonghaseyo Jo Kwon-ssi.”

“Ahh annyeonghaseyo Hyunseung-ssi. Thanks for agreeing to help us out with the performance.” Jo Kwon reached out his hand to handshake with Hyunseung.

“We are honoured that you guys are dancing to our song.” He smiled earnestly.

“Kwonnie oppa, I have asked our choreographer to come over later to continue teaching you guys. We would teach you what we can until we leave for our schedule.”

“Hyuna-ah, thanks so much…”

“Okay, let’s get started! Oppa and I would dance one time to show you guys… Kwonnie oppa, pay attention to Hyunseung oppa’s movement.” Hyuna chirped.

Troublemakers then started dancing. Jo Kwon and Ga In watched the dance carefully, also humming along to the song. They knew for long the performance’s tremendous amount of skinships that they need to do, but watching it in front of them makes their heart goes crazy and excited.

Both gasped when Hyunseung’s hand was sliding naturally towards Hyuna’s inner thigh.

“Noona, do you think we would able to do this well?” Jo Kwon whispered. Ga In didn’t reply, focusing on Hyuna’s footwork and body movement.

Soon the song and the dance ended. Jo Kwon stood up quickly and applauded. “That was awesome!”

"This dance is not really hard, but because of the intimate moves, Hyunseung oppa and I last time had a hard time trying to be comfortable with the dance and had to stop a lot of time because of ‘accidents’! But after a few days of practice, he got used to it.” Hyuna said shyly.

Hyunseung covered his face awkwardly, remembering those unavoidable ‘accidents’.

Hyuna clapped her hands, gesturing the couple to stand up and get ready in the middle of the studio. Ga In and Jo Kwon were both novices in dancing, quickly following Hyuna’s word.

“When the song starts, both of you have to come close to each other, unnie would be sort of like cling onto oppa while he stands straight. Unnie would then tap oppa’s chest to the beat. After that slide your hand down his body before turning away from each other. Main point is your facial expression; sexy.” Hyuna stated.

Ga In followed what Hyuna thought and as she slides down her hand on Jo Kwon’s thin material singlet that he always wears for practice , she suddenly burtst our laughing.

“Why are you laughing noona?” Jo Kwon ask, a bit embarrassed too.  “You are asked to act sexy not laughing…”

“No….” Ga In can’t stop laughing. “But this is too…funny…”

“What’s there to be funny about?” Jo Kwon said quickly, a little irritated. He wanted to show the manly side of him and wanted her to notice the abs that he recently worked out on, but Ga In kept on laughing instead.

Sensing the indifference of tone in Jo Kwon, Ga In quickly fixed her emotions and quickly resumed to the dance.

"Unnie, you're going to stand in front of Kwonnie oppa and have to touch oppa's thigh with your right hand like this...and oppa you have to stretch your hand out like this…" Hyuna taught, showing Ga In and Jo Kwon example with Hyunseung.

“Unnie you have to be careful when dancing to this part cause you might place your hand at the wrong position…”Her voice trailed off and her face blushing. Ga In just smiled, imagining Jo Kwon reaction if she were to place her hands wrongly.

“Kwonnie-ssi, you might have to bear with it at this point…”Hyunseung said softly to Jo Kwon and made Jo Kwon break out a nervous smile; nervous accident might happen.

“And then after the beat, shift your hand to oppa’s neck, caressing them. Unnie, at this point try to stand close to Kwonnie oppa and then spread out your left leg a little so it’s like as you’re leaning against him…” Hyuna continue to teach while showing example with Hyunseung.

"And Jo Kwon-ssi, whilst Ga In-ssi does this, you'll be sliding your hand into here..." Hyunseung demonstrated, placing his hand high into Hyuna’s inner thigh.

Jo Kwon nodded and confidently did as he was taught. As always Ga In was wearing her usual shorts revealing her thigh, and the ‘short’journey of his hand on Ga In’s white, milky skin was enough to electrify his whole body; but he kept his face expression calm. Ga In looks up at him still with his hand in her inner thigh.

You chose to perform this just for this right?

It was as if Jo Kwon can understand the look she gave him, he quickly look away but still can’t contain his happiness and started grinning from ear to ear.

“Woo..oppa you’re liking this don’t you?” Hyuna teased. “You guys are doing well…”

Well definitely because they are a couple and both were actually enjoying the time together. They tried not to show it very obviously because other than the Adam family, nobody knows that they are dating.

Hyuna and Hyunseung continued teaching Jo Kwon and Ga In the rest of the choreography. Both followed well and danced perfectly. Soon after an hour of practicing, the real Troublemakers had to leave for another schedule leaving the couple alone in the room.

Jo Kwon brought Ga In a drink and sat beside her on the couch. “Noona, why did you laugh when we first started dancing? You don’t like it?” He asked the question that has been burying inside him.

Ga In knew that for sure he’s going to ask the question. “No…it’s just that in front of the dongsaeng…I am a little embarrassed.”

“What’s there to be embarassed about? You feel embarrassed dancing with me?” Jo Kwon retorted with a pout.

“Arasso…I shouldn’t have laughed. Mianhe.” She patted his head gently. “Let’s practice now okay?”

Ga In stood up and pulled him to the middle of the studio. They started practicing the dance again. This time, Jo Kwon took the opportunity to purposely increase the skinship level; since they were alone.

The moment they reach the famous ‘near-kiss’scene, Jo Kwon didn’t miss her lips and quickly leans in and kissed her instead. 

“I knew it!! You were waiting for this don’t you?” She said in an ‘annoying+aegyo’ manner. She knew it was coming once they started dancing again because she could feel the increase of skinship level portrayed by Jo Kwon.

“I know but you still like it don’t you?” He spreads out a victorious smile.Without a second thought; he leaned in and kissed her again. This time the kiss remains longer.Then he departed and looked intensely into her eyes.

“Son Ga In….Saranghae...”

She smiled and wrapped her hands around Jo Kwon’s neck. Naturally he shifted his hand to her waist and holds the close against him.


Suddenly they hear the door clicked and they quickly break off their hug and stand far away from each other. Two choreographers of Troublemakers performance walked in and the nervous look on them confused the choreographer who just entered.

“An-anyeonghaseyo… ” Jo Kwon stuttered while rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Jo Kwon-ssi, Ga In-ssi anyeonghaseyo… Did we startle you guys?”

“NO NO NO Of course no… We were just…p-practicing by ourselves…”Ga In quickly answered.

“Ahh…anyway we just received info that the amount of your performance time would be decrease. So we will cut down on the dance moves…”

Both nodded blankly as they recovered from the shock of the sudden interference. As the choreographer starts talking about the dance moves, Jo Kwon was a little unhappy that he didn’t manage to hear the ‘three words’ from her.

While one of the choreographer turns away from them and the other one was bending down to tie his shoes, Jo Kwon caught a glimpse of Ga In and saw her mouthing some words at him.


 Eventually he smiled.



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