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Saturday, June 1, 2013

You're the Answer To A Girl Like Me - Chapter 2

[Chapter 2]

“Mianhe...oppa...” Ji Hyo has said for the umpteen times. “Things just become like this…oppa...I don’t know what happened…” She said as she keeps her head low.

“Ji Hyo-yah, please give us one more chance would you?” CEO Baek said in a low tone. He brings up his hand and holds her hand gently. Ji Hyo didn’t budge but felt guiltier instead. It wasn’t the first time they are talking about this matter.

She really doesn’t know what went through her heart and mind. Everything was going smoothly in the first year of their romance. Despite the exposed relationships to the public, sweet calls were often although physical dates were rare. He was caring and she was happy woman.

However, as time passes, where both were busy people, so they can’t meet very often. Conversations became bland and there’s no sparks in their relationship. Both parties were already tired from work whenever they have time to meet up and frictions easily happen. When those arguments occur, there wasn’t enough time for them to resolve them and problems eventually piles up. Ji Hyo starts to feel burdened of the relationship and sees there’s no point in continuing the relationship anymore.

“I promise you that I would find more time for us and be more tolerant and understanding next time?”

“Oppa it’s not just about the time of meet up but I—“

Suddenly Ji Hyo’s phone rang loudly, indicating an incoming message. Wanting to break off the prolonged tired conversation, she just took her phone from her bag and looked at the message.

From: Gaelly Oppa (Received: 6.13pm)
‘Dinner at my restaurant later? Oppa’s treat.’

Gary’s message came at the right time. Ji Hyo really wanted to get out of the situation from explaining to CEO Baek. She quickly replied hastily and grabbed her bag.

“Oppa, I need to leave for a schedule now.” She stood up and walked to the direction of the café’s door.

“Ji Hyo-ah! Ji Hyo-ah!”

CEO Baek clenches his fist and hit them slightly on the table. It always ends like this; Ji Hyo walking away. It has been a week since Ji Hyo initiated the break-up and the never-giving-up CEO Baek would keep on meeting her to have a talk.

Taking out her sunglasses and wearing them, she then hailed for a taxi and got on. Because it was a sudden plan, Ji Hyo didn’t let her manager know that she’s meeting Gary for a dinner. For all her manager know that she is meeting with CEO Baek.

In the taxi, Ji Hyo just blankly looked out of the fast-moving world outside. She didn’t know why she agrees to meet Gary too. It was a hasty decision but it was better than to stay back to continue talking to CEO Baek. In her mind, flashes of their memories kept appearing, but now she only remembered those bad ones.

When Ji Hyo reached his restaurant, she went upstairs and saw no one but Gary’s back view grilling the makchang (BBQ pork intestines) which made her felt very comfortable where there is no burden and she can be herself.

“Kang Gary.” Ji Hyo called out gently.

He heard her clearly. Only Song Ji Hyo would boldly call his full name despite being a hoobae. He turned around and saw the woman that he has been waiting for has finally arrived. She came in a simple black shirt and a sleek jean topped with a black military cap. Her clothing was simple, but yet it was perfect in his eyes.  

“Oh Ji Hyo-ah! You’ve come at the right time. Please come and sit down, the food is ready…” Gary grinned happily as he pointed to the seat opposite him.

She walked to him and sat down opposite him as instructed. She then took off her cap and put them aside.

Quickly Gary offered Ji Hyo the makchang with his chopstick like how he did during one of the Running Man filming (Ep 28). She opens her mouth and eats it.

She started chewing the food happily when she suddenly stops. Her eye’s widened and looked at Gary.

“Why did you stop? Is it not nice? Has it gone bad? I thought I asked the kitchen to prepare the best ones? Or did I grill them for too long already?”  He said with a worry and innocent look.

Gary’s extra-long speech of worries makes Ji Hyo burst out laughing.

“NO OPPA… THIS IS DAEEEBAK!” She exclaimed excitedly. “As expected, our Kang Gary grilled the best makchang in town. This is so nicely grilled and it’s still very tender. No wonder you’re the boss here.” Jihyo complimented with an earnest smiley eyes.

“Yahh Song Ji Hyo!! Please say it fast if it nice. You just got me so worried.” Gary whined and eats a mouthful of rice.

“Eyyy Kang Gary actually gets worried because of this?” Ji Hyo said with a small laugh and shakes her head. She picks up her chopstick and starts to eat too. At that moment, she just wanna throw away all the frustrating matter away and enjoy the dinner with her oppa.

‘How nice if the time can just stop here. Just you and me. No VJ and no camera.’

“Oppa, today during the dodge ball game you’re just so cool. You’ve protected me well.” Ji Hyo raised both of her thumbs and showed a good sign in front of him. “Best Gary-Guard!”

“Ahhh.. it was nothing.. you’re important to me…Queen Ji Hyo.” Gary said with a laugh. “For the team to win…though we didn’t win the game. Jae Suk hyung was just too good.” Gary sulked.

“But Oppa you didn’t get hurt anywhere right?”

“Nahh…how can I be a weak oppa for you?” Gary beat his chest lightly and did his signature pose.

Once again, Jihyo burst out laughing. “Oppa jjang!”

Gary and Ji Hyo were just laughing and enjoying their dinner. It has been a long time since Ji Hyo had such a delightful dinner and a great companion. Gary oppa never failed to make her laugh all the way, just like his cheesy Monday boyfriend character in Running Man, making weird and funny talk one after another. One bottle of soju was finished was after another. At their 4th bottle, Gary stopped Ji Hyo from drinking.

“Yah, Ji Hyo-ah, you should drink less. It’s not good to drink too much.”

“Eh? This is only our fourth bottle oppa… And you’re drunk already?” Ji Hyo sneered

“No, I am not. Just don’t want you to drink so much. Since you drank also yesterday.”

Ji Hyo was surprised at Gary’s last word. “…H-How did oppa …?”

Gary shook her head and poured more soju into his cup. “Of course you’re a Mong Ji, you don’t even remember calling me yesterday.”

“…D-Did I?”

“You know I was worried when you called me.” Gary’s voice trailed off as he gulped down his cup of soju.


“You said the same thing too yesterday…Although I don’t know if that was even intended to me.” He laughed it off trying to cover the pathetic side of his one-sided love.

“I-It was for…Chang Jo oppa…” Ji Hyo finally said it out.

Gary’s eyes lit up and looked up at her. Although he dislike it when Ji Hyo speaks about her CEO boyfriend, but whatever that makes Ji Hyo sad would concern him. “Why?” He asked almost immediately.

“….” Ji Hyo just kept his head low and kept quiet.

“Ahhh m-mianhe…I know I should not ask you things like this…” Seeing her like this, it hurts Gary more. Gary picked up his chopsticks and ate the makchang to ease the awkward atmosphere.

“We’ve parted.”

This is purely a fanfiction which include my fantasy of Monday Couple. I don’t say or hope that Ji Hyo and her boyfriend to break up.

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