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Saturday, June 22, 2013

You're the Answer To A Girl Like Me - Chapter 6

[Chapter 6]

Gary waited patiently outside her house. He looks calm but his mind was disrupted. It felt like he had been caught red-handed fooling around with someone else’s girl; something that he would be very unhappy if it happens to his girl, so unhappy that he could imagine himself to be in that position. Then he got the urge to go in to explain to CEO Baek that there’s actually nothing happened between them.

While debating to himself, he saw the front door swung open and Ji Hyo walked out; CEO Baek followed behind closely. He saw him pulling Ji Hyo while Ji Hyo tried to break away from him. Seeing how helpless Ji Hyo looked, Gary can’t help but to get down of the car.

“Excuse me for interrupting.” Gary said in a calm tone. It was not his style to actually interrupt a couple’s fight. However this time, it concerns Ji Hyo and it seems like she’s really trying to break away from him.

“Oppa, please… We’re over….” Ji Hyo was at total lost at what to do. She doesn’t want to hurt CEO Baek but she just felt so helpless at his consistent pestering.

“Baek Chang Jo-ssi, I’m afraid you’re hurting Ji Hyo by doing this.” Gary said politely.

“Yes oppa. It’s hurting me…”

Hearing this, CEO Baek immediately releases the grip of his hand with a guilty face. Ji Hyo retrieves back her hand and there were red marks on the wrist.

“Oppa, just leave…” Her voice trailed off as she rubs her wrist. “Gary oppa, let’s go.”

Just abiding the instructions given by his mistress like a slave, Gary nodded and together they walked to the car. Gary helped Ji Hyo opened the car door before entering the car himself. Soon after, they drove off leaving CEO Baek witnessing the whole scene.

From corner of his eyes, Gary tried to study her expression. Gary didn’t ask nor does Ji Hyo talk. Both were silent, focusing in their own things. Gary concentrates on the road while Ji Hyo looked outside watching the cars passing by in a fast speed; thinking over ‘THINGS’. Her emotions were mixed. She felt like a bad woman for treating his ex-boyfriend that way but she felt that she was left with no choice. She really treasured the relationship that she once had with him but now she could not continue them anymore. It has been a week since she mentioned the break-up and now he’s still pestering her nonstop.

And she was worried too; worried about her future in C-Jes. As things turns out like this, she’s even worried about the drama that she’s filming right now. If scandal were to break out, her role in the drama could even be pulled out. Even her appearance in Running Man might be even affected. Her uneasiness made her feel so stressed up.


“Oppa, let me ask you a question. If one day you and I were not together anymore, would you fire me away from the company?”

“We would not be separating…Let’s not even think about this possibility...”

“Let me just say what if…?”

“Oh okay, if one day we were fated to break up, I would still be your boss until you don’t want the company anymore because you’re the woman whom I once loved so deeply.” CEO Baek said as he plants a kiss on Ji Hyo’s forehead.


The car stops suddenly, interrupting Ji Hyo’s train of thoughts. Startled, she turned to look at Gary. “Oppa! Why did you stop suddenly?”

Gary reached out his hand holds her shoulder gently. “Ji Hyo-ah, is everything alright…?” Gary asked softly in a caring tone.

He didn’t want to be nosey person and poke into her matter. But he didn’t know what else to ask. He was so worried that his appearance has caused trouble for Ji Hyo and indirectly affects her future in her C-Jes company. After all her ex-boyfriend is the boss of the company. Anything could happen as that’s the harsh reality of the entertainment industry.

Ji Hyo was speechless  at his questions. She herself doesn’t even know how she feels right now. Her mind was messy and really in need of someone to talk her out.

Gary shook her slightly once again. “Are you okay..? You know I am always here for you…”

Suddenly Ji Hyo turned to him and hugged him by his neck.




The time seems to have stopped once again for him.

It was so abrupt that Gary thinks that he didn’t even blink. He was too shocked for words and just sat there hugged by her. It was not like she hasn’t hugged him before but when she did, it was always in front of the camera. But now, she’s hugging him like for real without any Monday Couple fans, any cameras, just the two of them in his KIA Forte Koup.

He could feel the adrenaline rush and his heart rate increasing. He had a mini battle in his mind and finally the caring oppa side of him won. He rose up his hand and placed them on her back, rubbing them in an up and down motion.

“Everything is gonna be alright…” He hushed. Once again his caring tone sets the atmosphere in the car. They were both silent, just the soft music in the car playing at the back. 

She tries her best to hold back her tears but hearing those comforting tone of Gary just weakens her determination. She doesn’t want to be weak women that cry easily but the vulnerable side got the better of her and she just felt like crying in his arm. It felt like as if she has been bullied and now she’s in the arms of the safest person other than her parents and she need to vent all her unhappiness out so that this brave commander of hers can ‘avenge’ for her.

Tears nevertheless escape her eyes. As her tears flow, her nose starts to get watery and she starts sniffing in the Song Ji Hyo style.

Hearing Ji Hyo’s signature nose sniffing sound, Gary’s mouth formed a smile because it reminds him how cute she look like when she sniffs.

“Just cry. You’ll feel a lot better. But cry for the last time only.” He said softly. His hand stops moving up and down, instead he starts to pat on her slowly.

Ji Hyo didn’t move nor respond to him, she just continues staying in Gary’s arm like that; with tears continue to flow. She felt very safe and secure in his arms and get to be herself in front of Kang Gary.

They stayed like that for a good five minutes. Her tears have stopped flowing and they broke off the hug. Gary scanned her wet face and grabbed a piece of tissue and gave it to her. JI Hyo receives them gratefully and wiped away her tears.

“Tsk tsk. Crying Song Ji Hyo is not pretty anymore…” Gary purposely teased.

“Yah oppa, I am feeling sad now and you’re teasing me already?” She pouted with a little frown on her forehead. Her mouth forms a little curve upwards.

“Since you’re all better, let’s go grabbed a bite? Happy or sad, let’s fill in the stomach first.” Gary said in a cheerful mode. Ji Hyo nodded in agreement.

“Are we meeting Gil oppa?”

“Nope, he’s not free. We’ll ask Jae Suk hyung out.” Gary fished out his phone and dialled quickly into his phone. “Good afternoon Hyung-nim! Are you free for a lunch now?”


They reached the destination and both got into the soup-stew restaurant. From afar, they saw Yoo Jae Suk sitting with Kwang Soo. Ji Hyo waved happily at the two and quickly ran to them. There were not many people around, so they didn’t wear their sunglasses.

“Oppa!” Ji Hyo walked briskly to the two and slightly hugged Jae Suk who stood up. “Kwang Soo was free so I asked him to eat with us too.”

The polite Kwang Soo stood up and bowed at his hyung and noona. “Eh, why are you two coming together?”

“Ah I went to pick her up…” Gary white lied while brushing the back of his head. All his obvious action is noticed by the sharp Jae Suk.

They ordered their food and enjoyed a wonderful lunch time together. Suddenly, Ji Hyo excused herself for the toilet. Seeing the opportunity, Jae Suk quickly voiced out.

“Yah Gary-ah, hyung is not trying to teach you bad things…But there are things in our life that we need to fight for it.”

Gary quickly understood what Jae Suk was trying to tell him. Plus to the current condition, Ji Hyo is now single and available. However he didn’t want to take the chance where now Ji Hyo is recuperating from the previous relationship and cause burden to her.

Gary nodded gently and continued eating. Kwang Soo felt weird and ask Gary, “Hyung, I am saying honestly, you and noona are really suitable for each other...”

As their colleague for more than 2 years already, the members could see how match-made they are. They have seen how the Monday Couple started awkwardly but eventually because they clicked off pretty and complement each other so well they are able to continue the ‘character’ until today. It can’t be deniable that they private relationship has also improve drastically.

Should I really make my move?

Gary just smiled shyly. It’s like the whole wide world is telling him to get Ji Hyo but he himself is the one that’s pulling back. He wasn’t sure why but he felt very little confident, fearing that he would not be able to give her any happiness. He has many considerations in his mind, and his real feeling for her is always the bottom of the list.

“Gary-ah, sometimes we can’t think too much. Especially when it comes to love. You know what I’m saying right?”

“What are you guys talking about? Talking about love?” JI Hyo interrupted as she came back from the ladies. “Is it about Kwang Soo?”

The innocent Kwang Soo shook his head repeatedly. “Noona, for me career is more important.”

JI Hyo burst out laughing. “Oh really? Then what’s with the red face of yours when we have pretty guest on filming set?” She teased. She always treat Kwang Soo like her own brother whom she like to disturb. She doesn’t really mind how he would always tease her during filming because of their close relationship.

“Eyyy noona…I am a man afterall…” Kwang Soo face reddened a little, embarrassed.

JI Hyo looked at her watch. “I need to go to the filming set already.” She sighed. It has been a while she enjoy such a lunchtime with the members like this.

“I’ll send you there?” Gary offered. Quickly Ji Hyo nodded.

“OOooooo…So you guys became Wednesday Couple already? Are we expecting Everyday Couple too?” Kwang Soo teased. Ji Hyo wanted to hit him on the head but he dodge. The Monday Couple left the restaurant after Gary paid for the lunch.

“Straight to Ilsan filming site or you wanna go back first?”

“Ilsan. I am afraid to see CEO Baek if I go back home now.” Gary understood right away and started driving away. After dropping JI Hyo off to the set, he went home.

After a day of happening he felt like its’ a new start. A new day for him to start his engine; in getting Ji Hyo.


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