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Saturday, June 15, 2013

You're the Answer to a Girl Like Me - Chapter 5

[Chapter 5]

Ji Hyo took the sandwiches and ate it without even looking at them. She never felt that way with Kang Gary’s touch before that’s why she was puzzled. It felt different and was something new.

Gary shook her head at her cuteness + mong look. He then walked towards to the kitchen and sat beside her. He reached out for the Americano and opened it for Ji Hyo then pushed it in front to her. “Ji Hyo-ah oppa has something to ask you….”

“Gumawo oppa…” Ji Hyo received the coffee with a sweet smile. “What is it…?”

“It’s like this… I’ve always wondered…” Gary hesitated.

“What is it oppa?” She then took a bite of the sandwich.

“Are you alright being Monday Couple with me during filming?” He asked earnestly as Kang Hee Geun instead of the cheeky Monday Boyfriend Kang Gary.


Ji Hyo didn’t answer because of the sudden question. She was never uncomfortable with Gary ever since they became closer after a few months of filming. From strangers, they became oppa-dongsaeng relationship because they clicked so well. He was always the one that took most care of her just like an oppa even though Gary is more of a rookie in the entertainment world compared to his rapper’s career.

Ji Hyo’s silence makes Gary nervous. He was nervous that if Ji Hyo ever said that she was uncomfortable, he would have to stop his Monday Boyfriend character in the filming which means he will lose the only Monday fantasy he has being a boyfriend of her in the filming. However, he cares for her more, wanting to respect her opinion. When you love a person, you only wished the person nothing more than happiness.

“You know if you've felt uncomfortable anywhere, oppa will always stop you know… I would stop making those jokes to tease you…But don’t worry I would still help you in games…”

“N-no oppa… Don’t stop...”

“Eh?” Gary didn’t understand her words.

“I mean, I’m alright with them… They are funny…And the fans like it too...So don’t stop…”

“Don’t stop teasing you?”

“Don’t stop becoming Monday Couple with me…Continue to be my Monday Boyfriend…” Her voice trailed off.

Don’t know why, but she felt her cheeks becoming hot when speaking about that. Suppose it is just a discussion between two comedian/entertainer about their character during filming, but she felt like she’s confessing somehow.

“Really?” His face lit up.

He couldn’t express how happy he was. He felt like bursting through the roof and shout in happiness. Ji Hyo actually asked Gary to continue becoming her Monday Boyfriend. She said BOYFRIEND. Okay okay, wait Kang gary, fixed your expressions; you are becoming too obvious. He smiled like an idiot, just like how he would in filming.

The cheeky smiley face of Kang Gary break off the weird feeling Ji Hyo felt and made her burst out laughing, “Of course oppa… Your jokes and teases are always so funny and makes me laugh so much…”

“Today is Wednesday but you’re still laughing so much because of me. This is some accomplishment for a Running Man Monday Boyfriend.” Gary said while folding his arms in front of his chest looking proud.

Seeing that, Ji Hyo burst into laughter again at his . His weird comments about random stuff never fail to make her laugh. “With this and this…” JI Hyo pointed to the sandwiches and Americano, “And…oppa with me in morning is a perfect combination!”

Gary felt so contented just by watching her enjoying breakfast brought by him and watches her laugh at his words. He never knew that happiness could be achieved in such a simple way, but now he knew. As long the person you love is happy, you’ll soon become happy yourself.

“So you should be grateful that I am here now?”

“Of course! I really appreciate oppa for coming over.” She said while bowing slightly to express her gratitude.

“Eyy, when did you become so polite with me…? Where’s the angry Ji Hyo been to?” Gary teased.

“Is that so…?” Ji Hyo’s tone changed and grabbed a sandwich and shoved it in Gary’s mouth.

Surprised at the Ji Hyo’s sudden action and wanted to play along too, Gary made noises as if he was gagged. His eyes widened and acted like he was kidnaped. Ji Hyo burst out laughing once again.

“O-oppa… your acting is so…” Ji Hyo couldn’t finish her sentence and continued laughing. Seeing her laugh, Gary continued acting like a captive looking around helplessly with gagging sound coming from his sandwich-stuffed mouth.

“You guys are having a great time, I see.” A man’s flat voice suddenly interrupted.

Both stopped fooling around and laughing immediately and turned around to the direction of the voice.

It was CEO Baek.

Ji Hyo’s ex-boyfriend was standing there watching the two of them having fun.

Ji Hyo’s mouth literally dropped and was stunted to see him standing there. He looked tired and she saw dark circles under his eyes. His hair is ruffled and some of his facial hair is growing out. He is even wearing the same outfit as yesterday. She never would have guessed that he would visit her so abruptly; at the wrong time too. He must be really depressed at their break up.

“O-oppa, how did you…”

“I rang the bell for a few times but you didn’t come and get it…I called your manager and knew that you were definitely home…So I thought something happened to you and I was worried…”

The scene that greeted him wasn’t what he wished. Her ‘girlfriend’ was holding onto Gary’s face and Gary’s hand was on her shoulder; looking quite close.

“So I came in by myself...” He continued. “And now I know why you didn’t hear the door bell ringing…” His deep voice trailed off.

Shocked, Gary just stood up and took out the slice of sandwich in his mouth. Theoretically, he was not wrong. He brought breakfast for his working partner who has just broke up with her boyfriend and was just playing around with her. Of course he missed out the point that he was secretly in love with his partner. But with Ji Hyo’s ex-boyfriend standing there, he felt guilty and that he must get out of the picture right away to prevent any misunderstanding and creating problems for Ji Hyo.

“Annyeonghaseyo, Baek Chang Jo-ssi” Gary greeted politely. He bravely walked towards CEO Baek who was standing there with little expression. Gary sticks out his hand for a handshake but CEO Baek didn’t respond. His eyes were on Ji Hyo all along.

Seeing the atmosphere is getting really tensed up, Gary felt the need to leave them to talk. Awkwardly he took back his hand and hastily walked to the living room to take his car keys, cap and wallet.

“Ji Hyo-yah, I need to get going already.” Gary said while looking at his watch. “I am meeting Gil for lunch.” He lied.

“Gary Oppa!” Ji Hyo shouted suddenly. Gary paused and turned to look at Ji Hyo.

“It has been a long time since I have met Gil oppa, I’ll come along with you.” Ji Hyo said as he looked at Gary. Although they didn’t talk nor had any secret code between them, Gary understood what she meant; she doesn’t want to talk to CEO Baek either.

“If that’s the case…” From Gary’s corner of the eye he could see that CEO Baek never bothered about him, just looking at Ji Hyo only. “I’ll wait for you in the car.”

Gary bowed slightly at CEO Baek before leaving the house and closed the door behind him. And there the house is left with the ex-lovebirds.  The awkward feeling was building up and Ji Hyo looked away down on the floor, didn’t know what to say.

Just five minutes ago, the house was filled with laughter of the Monday Couple and now the house becomes dead silent. Ji Hyo didn’t move an inch and neither do CEO Baek.

“Is it because of him…?” CEO Baek said softly as he pointed to the door that Gary just left through.

Looking at the direction that he pointed, Ji Hyo quickly shook her head in disbelief. “No oppa. It’s not like that.” She quickly defended firmly. “Our matter has nothing to do with Gary oppa.”

“I saw you guys were laughing so happily just now over there…Aren’t you happy …?”

“Oppa, don’t be ridiculous. This is a matter between you and I. Please don’t drag anyone in.” She retorted with a frown.

“But you seem to be enjoying your moment with him quite a bit…Are you sure this is not the first time?”

Ji Hyo was dumbfounded. She hated the way he said those words. She could swear that she was faithful to him during their dating times. And now because Ji Hyo was the one who initiated the breakup, he’s saying all kinds of bad things.

“You’ve been close to him since you started filming Running Man. Shit, I shouldn’t have signed you on that program.”

Ji Hyo literally rolled her eyes. “Oppa, aren’t you being ridiculous now? Yes we were close during filming but it was all for the show. He was just a very good oppa to me…”

“Then what about now…?”

“Oppa you’re always like that. Always finding fault at other people first. Have you ever thought about yourself? The things that you’ve made me feel sad?”


“I don’t think there’s any point to talk to you any longer. I would be going out.” Ji Hyo walked briskly to her room to her purse and walked out of the house leaving CEO Baek standing there speechless.


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