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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You're The Answer To A Girl Like Me - Chapter 3

[Chapter 3]

Time seems to have stopped for him when he heard her words.

“We’ve parted.”

Just like around a year ago when she told her about it at the first place; at the same place. It felt like a déjà vu. The difference is however, she was booming with smile last time and now her head is hanging low.

“…..J-Ji Hyo-yah…Are you alright?”

He didn’t know how to react the right way. Instead of be happy that she’s single now, he’s more concern about her feelings. Seeing her head hanging low, she must have been very sad that made him remembered how he and his girlfriend broke up last time. After all, all relationships that come to an end are a tragic story.

Gary stood up and move to the seat beside Ji Hyo. He reached out his hand and patted her back gently.

“Ji Hyo-yah…oppa is sorry for bringing up this matter that makes you upset…Oppa didn’t know that….”

Ji Hyo shook her head. At one point she was relieved that her relationship with CEO Baek was over because she felt that only the burdensome feeling in the relationship was left.

“It’s okay oppa…I’m okay. Actually it happened a week ago already…”

Gary just sat there keeping quiet and listened to her.

She took another sip of soju. “I initiated it…We grew far apart…that’s why…”

“Anyway, Oppa…Today is a new start. Let’s just finish this dinner in a happy mood okay?” She said in a delighted way. It’s a new start of her life; her newly regain single life.

Hearing her like this, he was a little relieved because he knew that Ji Hyo was a strong woman.

“Alright Ji Hyo but no more soju okay? I’ll bring cola for you instead.” Gary was about to get up but Ji Hyo pulled him back.

“Oppa! What is makchang without soju??” She retorted with pout.

Gary just froze. He swears that no one can ever win over Song Ji Hyo with her aegyo. She’s just too cute at that point, no man can resist that. He was quickly defeated, without any more arguments. “Alright, alright I’ll give in to you this time.” Gary then signalled the waiter to bring more soju.

Gary poured soju into Ji Hyo’s cup. “But Ji Hyo-yah, don’t you have any schedule tomorrow morning?”

“No..I am free tomorrow morning. But I have drama filming in the evening.” She finished her sentence with one shot. “Ahh this feels good.”

They continue eating more makchang, together with more and more soju. As the night darkens, the weather starts to become bad. The rain starts to pour down heavily, interrupting their conversation.

“Eyyy why did it have to rain at this hour?” Gary whined, a little bit high from the drinking. “But luckily our body is full of the alcohol, it keeps us warm…” His voice trailed off.

“Ahh it’s so late already…Shit.” Unknowingly Ji Hyo cursed in front of Gary that made him laugh. Every little thing about her is just so beautiful even if she cursed. “I forgot to tell my manager unnie that I’m here…” She sighed.

“Then how did you come here?”

“I took taxi…”

“It’s okay… I have my car.”

“But you can’t drive.”

“It’s okay I’ll ask one of them to drive us home. It should be alright.”

It was already fifteen minutes past eleven when they finished their long dinner. As planned, Gary asked help from one of his workers to drive them home. Drive Ji Hyo back home first before sending Gary home.

As they stood at the door of the restaurant, the rain is still pouring down heavily. Now the weather worsens with the addition of thunder.

“Ah ottoke…I don’t want to get wet.” Ji Hyo looked up at the sky with a worried look.

Gary swished out an umbrella out of nowhere and opens them. At slow motion, Gary really looked very charming; a guy who takes care of everything. As they only had one umbrella, they had to share. As they walked to the car, the merciless raindrops and accompanied by series of frightening thunder fell upon them. Ji Hyo who was surprisingly timid of the thunder, stood closer to Gary as they walked briskly under the umbrella.

Gary hesitated for a while before he put his hands around Ji Hyo’s shoulder, closing the gap between them.

“You won’t hit too much rain like this…” Gary said with a smile.

His smile was calm, but his mind is bewildered by the contact. That skinship that he has been yearning for all these while.  Although during RM filming, they had a few of skinships, this time there was no VJ following them; just the two of them.

They walk without saying anything. Partly was due to the heavy rain that covered most of their voices, Gary just wanted to enjoy that walk as much as he could. However, during the walk, Gary could feel that Ji Hyo didn’t mind the idea either, she was actually holding Gary’s arm.

They finally got into the car and they both sat at the back of the car.

“Oppa.. thanks for the meal. I really enjoyed myself...And gained some weight…I got to starve myself for tomorrow’s filming.” She joked.

“Ji Hyo-ah you’ve lose a lot of weight actually.. you should eat more…”

Ji Hyo just smile at Gary’s word. No words need to be said. He don’t need a return meal from her, the smile was enough to repay everything; a smile purely for him, Kang Gary only.

Both were still sober as they were strong liquor drinker but soon as the journey were a distance away, the moving car and full stomach makes Ji Hyo become sleepy.

She soon dozes off at her seat. At first she was tumbling here and there and knocked the side of the window which woke her up.

“Ahh!! Pain~~” She whined as she rubbed her head gently.

Seeing this, Gary can’t help but to chuckled beside her. She’s just so Mong, so cute in her own way. She then went back to her sleep but she kept knocking on the window. Suddenly Gary just reached out for his hand and gently pushed her head to lie on his shoulder. As Ji Hyo was really sleepy, she fitted herself comfortably. It felt just nice, the height and area was just perfect. The scene was perfect too.

The moment Ji Hyo’s head rested on his shoulder; once again, he felt the electricity impulses that run through his body like a thunderbolt. It was so overwhelming and it made his heart beat crazily.

With her head so up close, Gary can’t help but to breathe in Ji Hyo’s scented perfume shampoo from the top of her head. It smells so lovely. You never know how the fragrance of the person you like can really trigger a lot of funny things in your mind, heart and body.

During the 20 minutes journey back to Ji Hyo’s house, Gary paid full attention to her face’s feature. How pointy is her nose, how fair is her skin, and how cherry her lips are. He took the chance to observe her perfect face, with the thought that it’s the last time that she’s gonna be so up close to him.

When they finally arrived, it was already close to midnight. The rain has subsides and the sky were clear. Gary then noticed a silver sedan car parked outside her house. He could not recognise the car plate and got worried.

Whose car is that? Could it be CEO Baek’s car? What do I do if he see us together?

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