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Monday, December 23, 2013

You're The Answer To A Girl Like Me - Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Ji Hyo twitched lightly as she starts to feel the sun’s heat on her face. She frowns and rubs her eyes, slowly opening them. She turned to her left, to her surprised, she sees Gary resting his head against his elbow, staring back at her with his ruffled hair and a sheepish smile.

“Good morning, my pretty lady.” He said in a soft tone.

“It’s morning already?” Ji Hyo sat up from the couch and stretches her arms, a little shy from his intense staring. She runs her fingers through her hair, trying to tame them down a little. “Oppa, how long have you been watching me like that?” She said, still back-facing him.

Gary sat up too, but quickly caught Ji Hyo around her waist and back-hugs her. “Erm…maybe around half an hour?” He said, tightening his hug around her waist and rested his head on her shoulder.

Ji Hyo breaks into a smile, for his skinship. “Oppa, you have been awake for so long but you didn’t wake me up? Instead you just lay there and watches me sleeps?” She said in a heighten tone, a little disbelief.

“Because you look so pretty while you sleep... Your bare-Mong-face is just too beautiful…I-I…just can’t help it…” Gary said, half mumbling with his eyes close.

Again, a smile spread across her face at Kang Gary’s simplicity of expressing his emotions. Just like how well he expresses them through his lyrics. Peering at his sleepy face, she reached her hands out and gently touched his stubbly chin. “Oppa, no schedule today?”

“No, but I’m supposed to work on some songs…You?” He asked in a hopeful tone, hoping today they can spend more time together.            

“Let me call manager unnie first.”

Ji Hyo turn to her phone, which is just on the end table beside the couch. She barely able to reach for it because she still restrained by Gary’s back-hug.

“Unnie, sorry to disturb so early in the morning…Do I have any schedule for the day?....Oh Really? Ah gumawo unnie! And sorry for disturbing you…”

With that Ji Hyo hang up the phone and turned to Gary’s sleepy face. She excitedly cupped his face with both of her hands and gently shook him. “Oppa, I’ve nothing on today until this evening~”

Hearing those words made Gary immediately wide awake. “Really? Anything in particular you want to do today?” Gary sat up straight but his hands are still around her waist.

“Today? Let me think…” Ji Hyo relaxed her body against Gary, closing the gap between them. “Actually, nothing in particular…As long you’re here with me…” Ji Hyo said shyly.

Gary smile broadly because he was very touched at how Ji Hyo phrases her words. That’s right, when you’re with someone that you love, it’s not about doing what together but it’s about spending time with each other because time is the most precious things you can get from the another person.

“How about we cook some lunch, watch a DVD, and write some songs together?”

Again, Ji Hyo smiled proudly at how her namja-chingu plans out the day; so simple yet so sweet in her eyes, so Kang Gary.

She nods her head, nothing to disagree about his plan for the day. “But first, we have to do something important.”

“Oh?” Gary raised an eyebrow.

“Morning kiss!”

With that, Ji Hyo quickly plans a quick peck on his lips before freeing herself from his hug. She then disappears behind the bathroom door.

Gary was just left sitting alone at the couch, gently touched his lips, grinning.


The lovebirds got themselves busy in the kitchen. Gary did most of the cuttings, afraid that Ji Hyo would hurt herself while she did most of the washing and cooking. They work coherently, just like how their good teamwork in Running Man games.

After half an hour, with whatever there is in the fridge, they were able to make ddukbokki soup and kimchi fried rice for their brunch. It was a simple yet priceless meal because it was prepared with a lot of love and sincerity.

They settle opposite each other, and dug into their meal hungrily.

“I don’t think I have eaten such a great meal before...” Gary said with his mouth full. He chomped on the food satisfyingly with happiness look all over his face. “I would die to have this kind of meal every day after coming back from home.” Gary smiles as he observed Ji Hyo’s expression of his statement.

Ji Hyo’s face spread into a smile. “Oppa I might not be that free to cook for you.” She looks away arrogantly.

“It’s okay, I have more free time than you and so I’ll learn more recipes from your mum and cook for your favourite food instead.”

Instantly Ji Hyo’s face lit up. These kind of words are words that she has never heard from Baek Chang Jo before. Although she is not sure whether will Kang Gary ever fulfils them, hearing him saying those words personally was enough to tell herself that she has made the right choice.

“Yah, why are you staring into the space? Is there anything wrong with the food?” Gary asked.

“Nothing oppa, let’s just eat.” Ji Hyo took a piece of ddukbokki and feeds Gary.


They finished their lunch, and they lazed around on the couch watching a DVD together; ‘Breathless’. It was an old English romance film, a film that Ji Hyo has wanted to watch all along but never had the time or the partner to watch; Baek Chang Jo was always busy with his work. They sat on the couch, with his arm around her shoulder.

“Oppa, do you know how much I’ve wanted to watch this? I bought this long time ago, but never had the chance to watch it…”

“I am here right now isn’t it?” Gary said with a smile. “Next time I will accompany you whenever I can.” With that, Ji Hyo snuggled closer to Gary.


It was only 2 in the evening when the movie ends. They had nothing else to do so Gary decided to continue working on his song. They settled down on the floor at the living room.

“Oppa, what do you usually think when you write songs?” Ji Hyo ask while sitting beside him, chin resting on her palm.

Gary immediately let go of the pen in his hand and turn to her attentively. “I think about my life experiences…”

“Your past love life experiences?” Ji Hyo said with hint of jealousy.

“Well, that’s the past. When I am happy, I write happy songs. Like now, I am so blissful that I can only think about happy lyrics.” Gary said, a little embarrassed from his own cheesy words.

“What are you so blissful about?” Ji Hyo asked purposely although she obviously knew the reasons why.

Gary smirked and scooted closer to Ji Hyo. He then rest his head on her shoulder, closing his eyes. “Of course it’s because of you...Spending time with you like this is really good…I wonder when the next time is…”

Again, Ji Hyo smiles sweetly at how aegyo Gary is. She finds herself smiling and laughing so much when she is with him. She reaches for his hair and runs through them. “Oppa, I think you need to have hair cut soon…”

“Really?” Gary quickly sat up and fiddled with his unorganized hair. “Well it’s been a while since I cut them… What kind of hairstyle do you think it suits me?”

“You have to ask that to your stylist, not me…”

“But your opinion matters to me the most right now…”

Ji Hyo smiled at Gary’s word. “Well I think anything will look good on you.”

“Ohyea are you going to work late today?”

“I’m not sure oppa...Have to depend on the filming progress… Why?”

“I’ll come and fetch you later… Just let me know when you’re done.”

“Ooh… Kang Gary you have something up in your sleeves….” She said with a suspicious looking eyes.

Gary looked away as he’s really bad at lying. “Why? Is it wrong for me to fetch my girlfriend home from work?”

“No, but I can see that you’re hiding something from me…”

“Anyway, no matter how late it is, just give me a call… I’ll be there”


Gary waited patiently a distance away from her filming site. He didn’t want to be seen by others. However it was already 2am by the time she called. So, he looked around to see if there’s any paparazzi around them; luckily as it was already very late, he spotted no one that is suspicious. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. He turned and saw Ji Hyo knocking on the window pane.

Gary wind down the window, “Ji Hyo-yah! Can you help me to open the car boot? Help me to take my spare shoe from there.”

Ji Hyo nodded and went to the back. She opened the car boot and the scene that greeted her really surprised her.

Happy 100 days, love.’

It was words arrange using stalks of roses. She bent down and gently touched the flowers. She sniffs in to enjoy the rose scent. Gary then got down from the car and approached her.

“Do you like it?” He gently hold her by her delicate hands, holds them up to his mouth and softly kissed them.

“Saranghaeyo, Song Ji Hyo.”

Ji Hyo doesn’t know what to do to respond to Gary’s sweet words. She just stood there smiling broadly like a little girl who just received her Christmas gift.

“Yah why are you so mong? Give me some reply…”

“Oppa…I don’t know what to say… But this is so beautiful…” Her eyes widened again, still in awe how pretty the flowers are.

“Ahh Ji Hyo why are you so cute?” Gary lightly pinched her by her cheek.

“Oppa…don’t tease me anymore…” She gently push his hands away and holds on them instead. “And oppa sorry because I have nothing for you…”

“It’s okay because I have never expected anything from you…” Gary smiled.

Ji Hyo stepped forward and hugged Gary by his neck. “Gumawo and….Saranghaeyo Kang Gary...”

“Arasso…let’s get in the car and talk okay? I’ll fetch you home.” They both then got into the car. Soon after Gary stepped on the pedal and sped off.

“Oppa, really thank you for the surprise…I was really tired from work but your surprise cheered me up.” JiHyo said earnestly.

“Babo-yah…stop saying thank you... Most importantly you know my heart…”

They chatted along the way and finally they reached Ji Hyo’s house. Gary got down and helped Ji Hyo with her door. He then rushed to the back of the car and took out the whole carton of roses. He then followed behind JiHyo and placed the box in the living room. 

“Really thank you oppa…” JiHyo stepped forward and kissed him by his lips which made him smile.

“It’s really late already… you better sleep early…” Gary said caringly while stroking her soft hair.

“Arasso oppa, I’ll be a good girl and sleep early…”

“That’s good… So oppa will leave first so that you can have a rest…”

Ji Hyo nodded with her tired eyes. “Call me when you get home. Take care while on the road… See you on Monday.”

With that Gary left the house, leaving JiHyo standing there admiring the roses. Her heart felt warm and cosy, so loved by this man from Jamsil. Although he may looked pretty normal but she is proud to say that he’s the most charming person in her eyes.


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