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Monday, June 2, 2014

You're the Answer to a Girl Like Me - Chapter 21

Chapter 21

“Well as for now, we’ve not yet received any complaints or words from Ji Hyo’s company. So nothing is changing. And actually the fans are giving a lot of positive reviews, wishing you guys were really together and all….”


“Yes, so you guys have nothing to worry about, nothing to restrict at the moment….” Jo PD ended his sentence with a chuckle, looking at the two people in front of him. “You guys can freely express your thoughts and actions during filming…as long as you are comfortable with it.”

“Ah really thanks a lot PD-nim….” Gary reached out his hand for a handshake. He then bowed lightly. “If there’s any update, please do let us know as soon as possible.”

“Sure no problem….”

Gary has been really worried over the issue and they have purposely made the trip to the SBS the very next day after the filming with Big Bang members to clarify the matter.


Gary and Ji Hyo both came out of Jo PD’s office with a relaxed mind. Ji Hyo nudged Gary’s waist with a smile. “So now you’ve nothing to worry about anymore…I told you Chang Jo oppa won’t do anything weird…And you kept insisting to see PD-nim…”

“It’s good that nothing happened….I just don’t want anything that affects you…” Gary said smiling, glad that how things have turn out. “This worth a celebration doesn’t it?”

JI Hyo’s eyes literally sparkled when he mentioned celebration. “Soju!”

“Tsk tsk tsk look at you…You only thought about soju…Now I’m getting worried.” He said with a little pout.

“Well....” She immediately understood Gary’s facial expression. Ji Hyo linked her arm around his. “I promised that I’ll only drink moderately when I’m with others….So that you don’t have to worry about me getting drunk all over the place…okay?” Ji Hyo said with her aegyo smile.

As expected, it worked like a magical charm. Gary’s face lit up immediately. He then looked around in the SBS building, making sure that there’s no one near them, he quickly took the chance to interlock his fingers with hers. “I’m  worried because of your safety and health…” He said gently. His concerned words made Ji Hyo smile in return and she gently laid her head against his shoulder.


“Let’s go grab something delicious to eat okay?” Gary said with a wide smile.

Ji Hyo nodded. They both automatically let go of each other before stepping out of the building’s back door to prevent any paparazzi pictures of them.


After a sumptuous grilled makchang dinner at Gary’s restaurant, he fetched Ji Hyo home. It was around 11 at night when Gary parked right in front of her house.

“Ahhh the dinner was just too enjoyable~~Gumawo oppa…” Ji Hyo said while rubbing her bloated tummy. Gary smiled at the sight of this. He just loves how she behaves exactly like herself, not faking it like the other women he met before; very human-like.

“Your appetite is really not joking…almost reaching my appetite.”

“Don’t like it…?” Ji Hyo asked, a little hesitating because eating has always been her favourite thing to do.

“Why would I?” Gary responded greatly. “What’s better than having your girlfriend enjoys food as much as you do? Don’t forget that I’m Gourmet Kang Gary too.” Gary said proudly.

Ji Hyo laughed at his words.

“Plus….” Gary rubs the back of his hair a little. “I like you for who you are, for your simplicity and down to earth personality. Not because of your pretty face or your slim body….So I don’t care about your figure, eat as much as you want as you like as long as you’re happy, I love you just the way you are.”

Gary words made her smile shyly. She was a bit speechless at first but she could feel that it wasn’t his usual cheesy words. It felt sincere, all of his thoughts and from the bottom of his heart. She gave a warm smile before leaning forward and planted a kiss on his lips. The kiss was sweet, affirming whatever Gary just said.

Straight after the kiss, Gary pulls her in for a hug. “Sometimes I really think that why would someone like you fall for a man like me?” He said with a grateful smile.

“That’s really easy…because you’re Kang Hee Geun.”

“Awwww….now I’m touched.” Gary smile widely. “Tomorrow you’ve got a meeting in the company right?”

“Yes….for two advertisement project if I’m not mistaken…”

“Wooo my Ji Hyo is getting really famous isn’t it? This is good….”

“Instead, I might be busier….and less time to spend with you….” Ji Hyo said with sulking tone.

Hearing her voice, he broke off the hug and cups her fair skin in his bold hand. “Aigoo…our Ji Hyo is really sulking aren’t you? Don’t worry, I’ve more free time, I’ll make sure that we’ll definitely spend some time together okay? Just make sure you don’t start finding me a nuisance.” Gary laughs lightly. He then tucks her fallen fringe behind her ear.

“Arasso…” Ji Hyo nod lightly. “I better get going now…Meeting them early tomorrow. I don’t want to give bad impression on the first meeting.”

“Of course…Need a wakeup call?” He said, gently brushing the side of her cheeks.

“Thank you…but I rather you sleep more…my manager unnie will wake me up in time….”

“Okay then, get in now and I’ll call you when I get home okay?” With that he planted a quick goodbye kiss on her cheek.

“Goodnight, yeobo.”


Ji Hyo looked at herself in the mirror, her usual routine. She scanned her body from the top till bottom. She really got nothing to complain about. As she looked, Gary’s words came into her mind and she smiled again. She then wrapped herself in the bathrobe and head out of the bathroom.

She sashayed slowly out, looking at the clock hanging in her bedroom wall while drying her hair. It was almost an hour after he left and he hasn’t called.

Oppa said he would call….Should I give him a call?

JI Hyo picked up her phone that was on her bed and settled comfortably at the couch in her room. She was about to press the speed dial #2 when she remembered Gary’s last word in the car.

Goodnight, yeobo

His gentle words made her lips curved upwards. It was her first time to have someone to call her that.


She never thought that she would hear that from Gary. It came so naturally, as if they were real husband and wife. Although these nicknames are pretty common among young couple, however at their age, each progress in relationship is taken into serious considerations and could bring other meaning.

“Kang Gary….Oppa….Yeobo.” Ji Hyo tried saying.

She laughed at her own fascination.  Actually yeobo doesn’t sound bad…she actually like it. Just as she was wrapped in her own world, her phone rang.  It was Gary. She picked it up almost immediately.

“Oh, Oppa…I was about to call you actually…”

“Really? There’s quite a heavy traffic so I’ve just got home. What are you doing…?”

Ahhh I see…I just got off the shower….Drying my hair now….”

“Ah…I’m getting my shower too…I’ll talk to you tomorrow okay..? Goodluck for the meeting tomorrow. Goodnight .”

“Kang Gary.”


“Goodnight….yeobo.” She said timidly.

“Oh?” Gary’s chuckling could be heard at the end of the line. Ji Hyo could only smile widely hearing his excited tone.

“Okay…sleep early and dream of me. Saranghae, yeobo.”


The week passed quickly with Ji Hyo’s busy schedule. She had to attend meetings regarding two advertisement projects to discuss about the concept and other miscellaneous matter. Gary on the other hand just stays home most of the time to work on some song. They didn’t manage to meet each other much because Ji Hyo had to travel around and about for the photo-shoots. Gary could only send healthy herbal drinks to her manager so that she can pass them to Ji Hyo.

They finally met each other on during the filming of Ep 164 where Yoo Ah In and Kim HaeSook came out as guest. That week’s theme was inheritance theme. Ji Hyo and Gary was made the husband and wife with three children; Haha, Kwang Soo and Ah In. They both really enjoyed each other’s’ company throughout the filming. It was a funny episode where everybody enjoyed the theme and jokes. Of course, Kwang Soo was made fun of thoroughly during the songpyeon (dumpling) snatching game and cooking time, but it was only for fun.

After the entire day’s filming, the members decided to have another gathering since it has been a long time since they do that. They decided to eat over the usual soju place they would go to.

 “Omma! What do you like about appa? His ugly but cute face?” KwangSoo teased loudly. The Monday Couple has never fail to be the centre of topic when they gather.

“I know I know! It must be appa’s clubbing style…” Haha stood up and danced a little. “That’s why omma likes to club too right?”

“Yah what nonsense are you guys blabbering right now? I’ve always like clubbing, not because of Kang Gary.” Ji Hyo protested.

“Oh so now you finally confessed that you like clubbing huh?” Suk Jin laughed. “So I guess the rumours of being delinquent Ji Hyo during your younger days are all true….”

“Yah yah yah! Stop all of you! Stop making fun of my Ji Hyo…How can you guys bully her?” Having said that, Gary envelope his arms around JI Hyo and made a pitiful face.


Because of Gary’s protective words, the shy Ji Hyo pushed his arms away and hit them slightly. “Oppa!”

“You guys are behaving like husband and wife….right? Do you guys think so too?” Jong Kook chirped in.

“How does it feel to be husband and wife today? It’s seems like it is becoming reality?” Jae Suk jeered while filling up Gary’s soju cup.

“Oh yes! I heard Ji Hyo noona calling Gary hyung with yeobo and all…” Said Haha, adding oil to the fire.

“Ah….” Ji Hyo looked down, face red with embarrassment. “It was a slip of tongue…I didn’t realise it—”

“Aigoo…let’s just give them some time to breathe okay…Let’s toast instead.” Jae Suk the life saver for that couple.

“Toast to?” Everybody lifted up their cup.

“Well emm….” Jae Suk hesitated and looks at the couple. “Let’s toast to their beautiful relationship.”


The dinner continued with more chatters and jokes. All the members really enjoyed themselves the max. However Gary and Ji Hyo decided to excused themselves earlier.

“Oh why so early?”

“Ji Hyo still have some more schedule tomorrow…So I’m sending her back first.”

“Ahh such a pity…” Haha commented. “But well better go back and rest early. I know your sleep is more important.”

“So people, we will move first. See you guys next week.”

They decided to leave early too because Gary wanted to spend some time alone just with her, nobody else. They decided to go Hangang park for a short stroll before heading home.

“Ahhh now things are quieter now….” Ji Hyo said in a small voice. “Oppa-deul are so noisy especially Haha oppa…” Ji Hyo let out a small laugh.

“Let’s go sit at that bench okay?” Gary suggested.

They both walked with their fingers interlocking with each other’s towards the bench. The Hangang park was quiet as usual, only the soft sound of the wind blowing could be heard.

“Did you finish the herbal drink I bought for you?”

“Yes, I drink them all….”

“That’s a good girl…” Gary said as he looked at his watch. It was almost 1am. He then let out a sigh. “Why is it that our meeting are always so short?”


“The time seems to past extremely fast when I’m with you…” He smile. “If only I could see you everyday.”

Ji Hyo’s laying against Gary’s shoulder, sat upright and turned to look at him. “Oppa, what are you trying to say?”


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