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Monday, September 22, 2014

You're the Answer To A Girl Like Me - Epilogue


“Dear, stay still okay?”

“I’m hungry…appa” The little girl pouted as her little hand rubs her tummy.

“But I can’t tie your hair prettily if you keep moving like this...” Gary reasoned in an aegyo tone.

“Arasso…” The girl said and stayed still obediently.

“We’ll dress up nicely and then we’ll go out soon alright? Omma is preparing all the nice food for us now…”

The rapper father, with his big but delicate hand, gently collects all of her soft hair and tied them into a pony tail. And then grabbing a pink ribbon from the desk, he tied a butterfly knot over the pony tail.

“Okay! Now our Joo Rin-ie is all set now! Let’s go out and see omma ~!”

Gary scooped up his little girl and carried her like in a wedding style out of the room. The girl giggled loudly.

In the kitchen, Ji Hyo is diligently preparing the brunch. The menu of the day was kimbap, ddeobokki, Korean pancake and a bottle of orange juice.

“Yeobo~! Are we ready to go? This little one keeps complaining…” Gary said as he looked at his girl in his arm.

“Oh our Joo Rin-ni is hungry already? Arasso, omma will quickly wrap all these up and be ready okay?” Ji Hyo answered brightly while snuggling her nose against her girl’s tummy. That made the girl giggled loudly again.

“I’ll get the rest of the things ready and we’ll wait for you in the car.” Gary said before planting a loud smooch on her cheek. Ji Hyo just smiled at his sudden ‘attack’.

Gary left the 4 year old Joo Rin on the couch and starts to get the other stuff ready into the car. After all the stuff was loaded, Gary buckled his little princess behind the seat onto the child seat. Ji Hyo followed afterwards and the three set off for their Sunday outing.

It was a Sunday morning where Gary and Ji Hyo always plan it like a family day. They frequently spent the day in Hangang River, spending some quality time together over a picnic.


“We’re finally here!! Are you ready Joo Rin?”

“YEAY!!!” She exclaimed excitedly with her hands up in the air.

They got down and chose a quite spot. It was Sunday but there were already a lot of people in the park. They chose a secluded spot and laid down their things on the mat.

“Yeobo, what time the others are coming?” Ji Hyo asked as she looked at the time on her phone

“I think they should be here anytime soon.”


Both turned to the sound from their back and saw Haha and Byul holding their son’s hand and walking towards them.

“Oh, Dong Hoon-ah!” He exclaimed as he watches the six year old boy came running towards them. “You’re such a big boy now!”

“Dream-oppa!” Joo Rin called out and ran towards the boy. “Annyeonghaseyo~” She greeted politely with a slight bow.

“Wow, look at her…so smart and obedient!” Byul said in amazement.

“Come let’s go and play!” Dream reached out for Joo Rin’s hand and held her hands.

“Don’t go too far and be careful!” Ji Hyo called out. The two nodded their head briefly before running away to the playground.

“Unnie, you prepared so much today….I feel so embarrassed coming empty handed…” Byul said as she and Haha sat down on the mat with them.

“I did nothing much actually…These are all simple dishes…not too difficult…”  

Byul took a mouthful of ddeokbokki and her eyes widened, “Wow they are so good!”

Ji Hyo just smiled at her comment. “She really improved a lot after giving birth to Joo Rin….” Gary added with a proud smile on his face. “Because of her, my belly is really getting more and more obvious…”

“It’s you are the one that’s not doing exercise…why blame it on my cooking…”

“I skipped gym because you said you like them!” Gary retorted.

Seeing the two argued like children, Haha and Byul can’t help but to laugh out loud.

“How’s Jong Kook oppa? Still going on steady with his date?” Ji Hyo asked suddenly.

“I didn’t hear much about him, but the last time I heard it was going all well...” Haha said, with shy smile at the end. “I think this time it’s working…”

“Really?!” Ji Hyo said excitedly. “I really want to attend Jong Kook oppa’s wedding. Yeobo, perhaps you can rap some congratulating message on that day.” She nudged Gary who was busy eating.

“By the way, where’s the maknae? Still in Busan filming?” Haha asked as he chomped on the food. “Kwang Soo is so busy recently that I barely get to see him.”

“He called last night and he said he can’t make it to the dinner this Saturday…now he’s a big movie star…he has no time for us.” Ji Hyo pouted slightly. “I also heard that his girlfriend was a little jealous because of his kissing scene.” She laughed.  

The four continue chatting about their daily lives, talk about the other members ever since Running Man has stopped filming four years ago. Each member focused on their individual schedule; movies, dramas, hosting, business, family planning and dating. Sometimes they will meet up for dinner to get together and talk about their old days in Running Man.

Both families spent some quality time together before Haha and his family had to leave earlier due to some schedule. Gary spent some time to teach Joo Rin to ride the bicycle while Ji Hyo stayed at the mat and watches the two. They played a while before taking a rest on the mat.

“Appa….what is this?” His little girl rubs her hand over Gary’s right arm where it has a tattoo of the words ‘DJ’ on it.


Gary looked at Ji Hyo who was just smiling. She objected when he said he wanted another tattoo initially because she knew how painful it is, but she finally conceded after knowing the meaning behind the tattoo. 

“This one means Double J, which stands for Ji Hyo omma and you, Joo Rin – the two most important people in my life...” He said as he caresses his little girl’s head.

“Joo Rin-ah….” Ji Hyo hesitated. “Do…you want to….have a brother or sister to play with you?” She asked suddenly while wiping the little beads of sweat off Joo Rin’s forehead.

Little Joo Rin looked up to Ji Hyo with a widened eyes. “Dongsaeng?” She then nodded her head happily. “Yesh! I wanna play with them…”

Gary who is lying down on the mat lazily suddenly sat upright. He then scooted closer to Ji Hyo. “Ji Hyo-ah….don’t tell me….” His mouth started to form a curve upwards. His hand reach over to her tummy and touched them. “Are you…?”

Seeing his excited look, Ji Hyo burst out laughing.

“Well…unfortunately it’s not, yeobo.”

Gary’s face tones down immediately.  

She saw his disappointed look and gently caresses his face. “I just thought how our Joo Rin-ni is big now and I think she would love to have another sibling to keep her accompany…And…you and I need to work for it to happen….” Her voice trailed off shyly.

With a sheepish smile Gary whispered softly, “Tonight…I’ll put Joo Rin to sleep early…” He leaned nearer and gave a kiss on Ji Hyo’s cheek which she just smiled.

“Appa kissed omma again!” Joo Rin said excitedly while clapping her hands.

“Joo Rin wants some kiss also? Come let appa kiss you too!”


Ji Hyo was sitting comfortably on the bed, one hand on the tv’s remote when Gary came into their room.

“Joo Rin is asleep?”

“I think she had too much fun in the morning so she fell asleep quite quickly.

“What’s behind you?” The fast sense Ji Hyo could see that Gary was holding something behind him as he stood there not moving.

“Well, it’s nothing much…” Gary walked right to the bedside and revealed a small bouquet of rose. “This is for you, yeobo.” He leaned down and kissed her on her lips.

“Since when you bought this…?” Ji Hyo was really delighted as she received the flowers gratefully. She sniffs in the fragrance of the flower and a smile spread across her face,

Gary climbed onto the bed. He then slipped right under the blanket and cuddled Ji Hyo.

“Yeobo….is there anything interesting on the television today..?”

“There is…until you came on the bed…” Ji Hyo said and she turned off the television. She then turned to Gary. “Gumawo, Kang Gary.”

He has a silly smile on his face because of her soft words, but he wasn’t satisfied. “Just a thank you?”

Ji Hyo leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Gary then brought her closer to him, zeroing the gap between them. He then brushed her hair aside and tugged it behind her ear that revealed more of her side cheek.

“You’re looking so beautiful today…”

He slowly leaned in and kissed her, softer this time. He gently lifted up her chin and their noses touched. She could feel his warm breath on him as he breaths. He rub his nose against hers playfully before leaning in for another kiss. They were soft and gentle, and Ji Hyo felt everything melt.

Suddenly, he broke apart. He smiled; his sweet, handsome smile. "Yeobo...tonight we’ll make another one?"

Ji Hyo smiled before leaning in and pressed their mouths together. This time the kiss was more persistent, more URGENT, almost. Their hands roamed freely on each other’s body under the blanket. Gary gently broke apart, to breathe. Then, he reached for her ear.

“Saranghae, Song Ji Hyo.” He whispered before continuing the night with lots of love. 


So there you go! 

An epilogue, a real finale for this story...."You're the Answer To A Girl Like Me" 

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