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Sunday, August 10, 2014

You're the Answer To A Girl Like Me - Chapter 22 (FINALE)

Chapter 22 – FINALE

“Hyung, I think I am ready.”

“Ready for?”

“I’m ready to settle down.”

Haha’s eyes widened. “A-Am I really hearing this from you?”

“Did you have too much or what?”

Jong Kook checks the amount of soju bottle that they had during the dinner. They only had 2 bottles so far. So it’s a bit difficult for Gary to be drunk being a good liquor holder.

“Hyung, don’t worry. I’m not blabbering nonsense. I’m perfectly awake and in my senses… I’m just speaking out what my heart feels all these while.” He said as he held his chest. “I just can’t stand at the fact that I don’t get to see her every day. Sometime I can’t sleep at night because I’ll be missing her smile, her eyes, her laughter, her hair, her scent—”

“Stop there hyung!…We know exactly what you are trying to get at.”

Gary chuckled to himself. He didn’t know he was this cheesy.

“Yea, instead save all these words for her…” Jong Kook gave a wide smile. “When do you decide to propose to her?”

Haha nodded in agreement. “I think Ji Hyo’ll be so touched when the day comes. But hyung, would she accept it? As in with all the company contracts, fans and her career? Will they respond well?”

Jong Kook shook his head. “I don’t think that matters first. Most important right now is that Ji Hyo understands what Gary feels towards her, that you are really serious this time. Everything else will work out eventually if there’s a mutual discussion with all the parties. I believe Ji Hyo’s fan will support her.”

“Yea I think Jong Kook hyung is right. You must let her know what you really feel…”

“Gary-ah, if you are for real this time, we as brothers will brainstorm for you.”

“Ahhh….hyung ottoke? I’m feeling so nervous already….what if she rejects me? I think I will die.” Gary covers his face with his palms.

“Hyung always think on the positive sides! You must pick the right moment! The moment is the key…”

“Yea…Dong Hoon you should teach him something….I can’t give you much advice though…” The bachelor’s voice trailed away.

“Hyung! Please meet some women would you? You can’t get married to your muscle!”

“Do you think I am stupid? Of course I know that. Okay! Enough about me. It’s about Gary now and let’s focus on that.”

The trio continues their dinner with more talking and ideas for the proposal.


“Gil-ah, hyung have something to say…” Gary brought Gil to the couch at the corner and made him sit down beside him. The recording studio was empty as the other staff went out for lunch. “Keep this to yourself first.”

“What is it hyung? What is so secretive about it?”

“I…am thinking of settling down. I am going to propose to Ji Hyo.”


“Shhhhh! Why are you giving such a big reaction?”

“Ahh I’m sorry… Cause I just can’t believe what I’m hearing.”

“Is it really so unbelievable?”

“Because hyung you have always portray a floating lifestyle! Like you never wished to be tied down because of marriage.”

“I know…I never thought that I would come to this decision too…But after knowing her, I think I have grown a lot. My thoughts are becoming more sensible and more mature. I want to belong to someone and a place where I call home.”

“Hyung, you are making me jealous already….when will I meet someone like that?” Gil gave out a long sigh and put his hands behind his head. “I dream of a home too….”

“I think that’s the ultimate part of getting into relationship. It builds you up and becoming a better person.” Gary gave a silly smile. “I think she is where I should belong, my destiny.”

“Arghhhh! Hyung do you know your words gives me goosebumps?”

“So now I’m working on something.” Gary stood up and walked over to the table. “This song is written for her.”

“No wonder I’ve seen you working hard on it.”

“I really hope she understand how I feel about her.”


Ji Hyo closed the door behind her and she lazily walked into her house. It has been a long day for her since 4am in the morning for the cap photoshoot. Just then a call came in, it was from Gary.


“You sound so tired…yeobo.”

“Your call just came in time…I just reach home…” Ji Hyo slumps onto her couch. She then released her hair band and let her hair loose. “And I’ve been standing up the whole day…my legs are so painful.” She whined. She reached out for her strained legs and massages them gently.

“Aigoo, my poor Ji Hyo….should I come over now?”

“I wish you could too but oppa it’s 1am already…and your place is so far—”

Suddenly her doorbell rang. She looked over to the intercom and to her surprise, she see Gary’s face on the screen. Ji Hyo ended the call and tossed her phone away. She then quickly rushed over to the door and opens it.

“Kang Gary!” Ji Hyo can’t believe her what she is seeing.

“Surprised to see me here?” Gary gave a cheesy smile.

“Kang Gary…It’s so late already…why are you….awww…” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Her lips eventually formed into a pout and she stepped forward to give him a tight hug around his neck. Gary reciprocated by hugging around her waist.

“Because I miss you…so I came and drop by. You see, I even brought over some snacks.”

Ji Hyo broke off the hug and looked at what he has brought along. Gary raised his hand and dangles the food in front of her.  She knew almost immediately that it was fried chicken and jjajangmyeon.   

“How did you know I was craving for it?” She said with glistening eyes.

“I know today’s your last day of photo-shoot and probably you can eat anything you want…so I bought your favourites.”

“Ah….as expected, Kang Gary knows me the best.” She gave a light kiss on his cheek. His face was brimming with happiness as he watches his woman being so happy.

They settled down in the dining room, and Ji Hyo chomped down the food happily. The food in front of her totally completes her day. “Oppa, you don’t have any schedule today?”

“Oh, today? I was going around running some errands with Gil earlier this morning and had lunch with other staff….”

“Ahh…I have not seen Gil oppa for some time…How is he?”

“H-He’s totally fine...”

“Oppa.” Ji Hyo squinted her eyes look straight into his. “Is there anything wrong? Why do you sound so weird?”

“Did I?” Gary quickly looked away.

“You can’t lie to me…” Ji Hyo scooted nearer and pointed at him. “Oppa…do you have something to confess?” She asked softly.

“I have something to let you hear actually…” Gary rubs back of his hair.

“Oh?” Ji Hyo’s face lit up almost immediately. She was a Leessang fan after all.

“It’s a song I compose recently…and I collaborated with Jung In. So I need you to be the judge of this song…especially the lyrics.”

“Oh please! Let me hear it already!” She said in an excited tone.

Gary took out his phone and swiftly chose the newly composed song. “Please listen to the lyrics and let me know what you think about it. I need to go get something from the car.”

“Oh alright.” She answered briefly and plugged in the earphone. She was really excited.

“I’ll leave you alone then.” He gave her a peck on the forehead and left the house. She just smiled and focused back on the song and pressed the play button.

*please listen to the song while reading the lyrics ^^*

Your Scent

Your hair is tied back so I can see your forehead
It bounces every time you walk
At the end of your pants that wrap around your smooth legs are light sneakers
Everything about you is simple but you give off beauty
Wherever you go, you have good manners
Your smile and the way you talk make my rough thoughts brighter
You’re like a tattoo on top of my heart
You fill up my heart so much that I can’t breathe
After we spend the night together
Your scent that remains at the tip of my blankets gets me drunk as I fall asleep
After holding your white skin and soft cheeks
I want to bother you all night
A girl who knows how to enjoy her life rather than money
A possessor of a charm of unconventional beauty
You have the scent of a human, an untainted and natural person in this complex world

I like you so much because of your human scent
I’m even more attracted to your clumsy appearance
If I hesitate, I might lose you
So I’m going crazy

I lived like a carriage racing through a dirt road
I may look rough but if you take me apart, I’m a man with many scars
Like the smoke from a factory chimney
I lived however life went, by myself
I worked as I sweat so money always overflows
But I hadn’t found a love that I wanted to share it with
But you’re a bit different
A girl who knows how to long for a person’s hand like an LP

After my hard days, after I got to know you
Everything is going back to its place
After my hard days, after I got to know you
Everything is breathing again

I like you so much because of your human scent
I’m even more attracted to your clumsy appearance
If I hesitate, I might lose you
So I’m going crazy

Just like the sky looking like the sky
Just like the wind feeling like the wind
Just the way you are
Not made up in any way
I’m falling for that beauty

I like you so much because of your human scent
I’m even more attracted to your clumsy appearance
If I hesitate, I might lose you
So I’m going crazy

Ji Hyo’s eyes starts to well up towards the end of the song. Even without him saying, she knew obviously the song was made for her; the description and the feeling totally described her.  She was overwhelmed by the song because nobody did this for her before.

“Kang Gary….why am I so lucky to have you..?” She said softly and smiled to herself. As she indulges in her emotions, she noticed that Gary was not back yet. She got up from her seat and went out of the house to look for him.

“Oppa! Where are—”

 *Pleasex100 listen to the song while reading from this part to get into the feel! ^^*

Ji Hyo could not finish her sentence.  Her feet were rooted to the ground as she witness the scene in front of her.

There was Gil, Jong Kook, Haha, Jung In, Kwang Soo and of course Gary. They were standing by his car which was parked a distance away from her house, with Gary carrying a huge drawing block and the others holding balloons and bouquet of flowers. The moment they saw Ji Hyo coming out, all of them walked up to her.

“Kang Gary….w-what’s going on?” She was really in the state of shock. “Jong K-Kook oppa, w-why are you here?”

Jong Kook looks at Haha and gave a wide smile. Then he nudges Gary by his shoulder. “Yah!”

“S-Song Ji Hyo!” Gary started speaking in a nervous tone. “Please stay calm and read the things I’ve written here.”

 Ji Hyo could only give a mong look. And then Gary started flipping to the first page, one after another.

“Song Ji Hyo, you know you’re the luckiest thing that ever happen to me..”

“Because of you, I’ve grown to a man, a sensible man…”

“Because of you’ve I’ve become a person who knows what is happiness..”

“Because of you I’ve found my life…”

“Because you are my destiny…”

I have not seen you for 4 days, 2 hours, 30 minutes….”

“And I can’t imagine spending another 4 days without you…”

Like the lyrics, if I hesitate, I might lose you..So I’m going crazy...”

“Sometime I can’t sleep at night because I’ll be missing your smile, your eyes, your laughter, your scent…your everything.”

“No more Monday Couple only….”

“Because I want to share my life with you…”

Gary paused and he smiled at Ji Hyo. With a nervous hand, he flipped to the last page.

“Can I call you yeobo officially…?”

Ji Hyo’s eyes were well up with tears and they began to roll down. She cupped her mouth with her left hand because she could not believe what she is seeing. Seeing Ji Hyo’s reaction, Gary’s mouth curved upwards. He gave the cards to Kwang Soo and reached out the back of the pocket.

He took out a small, nicely decorated box.

He walked nearer to the now, stunned Ji Hyo. “Now…”  He spokes as he gently kneeled down on right leg. He reached out for her right hand and holds the tightly.

Kang Hee Geun from Jamsil is asking you to be his Mrs Kang….with the ring from Macau.”

Oppa….” Ji Hyo finally spoke in a shock and tearful voice.

Ji Hyo…, would you marry me?”

Ji Hyo looked up to all oppa and dongsaeng in front of him, and they were all brimming with smile. Haha just cheered loudly. “Just say yes! What are you waiting for?”

“Yes noona!” Kwang Soo chirped in. Jong Kook was smiling from ear to ear till his eyes were barely visible. Ji Hyo looked back to Gary that was still kneeling. His eyes were small, but she could see his sincerity, right from the moment they started to date. She could totally feel his love for her especially from the song just now.

“Oppa…” She spoke softly. “You’re the answer to a girl like me, if not you, who else am I getting married to?” Smile spread across her face in tears.

“So is that a yes?” Gary’s face lit up.

Ji Hyo nodded.

With that head motion of hers, Gary fitted the ring into her fourth finger and sprang up from the floor.


He hug Ji Hyo tightly around her neck. “Ji Hyo-ah, saranghae!”

He turned around look at his gang of people. “Ji Hyo said yes! Did you guys hear that? She said yes!”

“Noona! Here’s your roses.”

“Gumawo Kwang Soo-ah.” She received them shyly.

“Are you that touched…?” Gary asked softly with a brimming face. He then gently wiped the tears off her soft cheeks. “I love you Song Ji Hyo.” He whispered.

“Do you know that Gary hyung and Gil hyung was driving around this whole day to get these prepared for you? He even purposely chooses this hour knowing that you only come back around this time.”

Hearing what Kwang Soo just said, Ji Hyo just look at Gary and without a word, she gave him a peck and a hug around his waist.

“WOOooo…” Everybody cheered in unison.

“I think we need to leave these two alone for some private time…” Haha joked.

“Yah people….tomorrow’s dinner is on me.” Gary spoke. “I’m so thankful for you guys. I can’t get this done without all of you.”

Gil nodded. “Of course! I want top grade Korean beef please.”

Ji Hyo burst out in laughter. “Yah oppa…Korean beef is expensive….” She said softly.

“WOOOooooo…look at noona, behaving like a wife already…taking care of Gary hyung’s finance.” Kwang Soo said. His words made everybody burst out in laughter.  

As if it is natural, Ji Hyo’s hand automatically lifted up and wanted to hit Kwang Soo’s head.

“Noona! You are now someone’s wife already, you can’t always threaten to hit me. Don’t tell me you gonna treat Gary hyung like this…”

“Yah Lee Kwang Soo! Can you just stop talking for a minute?”

 Again, everybody just burst out laughing.

“Yah Ji Hyo-ah…congratulations to you…I hope you have a wonderful life together with Gary.” Jong Kook said.

“Oppa…gumawo…” Ji Hyo stepped forward and gave Jong Kook a hug.  

“Congrats oppa!” Jung In said happily and stepped forward to pat Gary on the back. “Finally your dream came true.” 


So yea...finally it came to an end...


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