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Monday, January 12, 2015

Her Diary - Part 3

[[[Part 3]]]


Sent to: Ji Hyo Unnie   Time: 4.13pm
Hey, are you sick? I passed by your office and I thought of visiting you but you’re not in. I called you but you didn't pick up. Is everything fine? Call me as soon as you see this kay? Hugs.

Hebe kept looking at her sent message since the afternoon. It was past Ji Hyo’s working hour but she did not get any reply or calls from Ji Hyo. She got worried and decided to pay her visit at her house.

"YAHH! UNNIE!" Hebe shouted for the umpteen times on her door. She tried calling again but to no avail. Her phone was turned off and she started to get annoyed at the beeping tone that answers her every time.

She gave a sigh and decided to enter her house on her own as she knows the number combinations to the lock pad.

After keying in the combination, she entered the house and was greeted by the empty living room. She went straight to her bedroom and found Ji Hyo lying on the bed in the dark.

She turned on the side table lamp and saw Ji Hyo’s pale face.


She gently caresses her forehead. It was hot and she could see beads of cold sweat trickling down. She looked to her side table by the bed and saw anti-emetic pills.

She must have eaten something wrong.

"Unnie, how are you feeling?” Hebe asked softly in a worried tone. “Can you hear my voice?" She patted her cheek gently.

Ji Hyo’s eyes slowly open and she was surprised to see Hebe standing by her bedside.

"…Y-you came..." Ji Hyo spoke weakly. "I-I think I ate something wrong...I—...vomiting….whole day..." She barely could finish her sentence.

Hearing this, Hebe remembered a traditional Chinese remedy for food poisoning that her mum fed her when she was younger. She drove to the nearest mart to get some dried shitake mushroom. From what she knew feeding boiled mushroom water can cure food poisoning.

She came back and quickly prepared the medication. While waiting for the mushrooms to boil, she stayed by her bed. Using a warm towel, she wiped away Ji Hyo’s cold sweat and made sure she’s hydrated by giving her small scoops of water. As soon as the mushroom water is done, she brought them over to Ji Hyo.

"W-What is this..?"

Hebe helped Ji Hyo up and made her lean against the head of the bed frame.

"This is boiled mushroom water. It's going to helped to clear your stomach."

"But it smells weird..." Ji Hyo whined looking at the clear brownish liquid. Her forehead frowned as Hebe gave her a mouthful.

"Trust me…It's good for your body and it will make you vomit out all the bad stuff...I know it may taste bad but be a good girl okay?" She hushed. Hebe reached out Ji Hyo’s hand and patted her hair.

Obediently, Ji Hyo drank all that Hebe fed her. It was not something tasty but she drank for the sake of Hebe.

"And you'll feel like vomiting very soon…so be prepared."

Hebe helped Ji Hyo slowly to the toilet and sat by the toilet bowl with her.

"You sure you going to stay here? It’s not a pretty scene." Ji Hyo laughed weakly. “Now I’m a bit embarrassed for you to see me in this state.” Ji Hyo had a messy bun tight up, top with a loose baggy shirt and pants and a worn out face.

"What are you saying? Of course I'll stay by your side, silly." She flashed out a warm smile.

As expected, after drinking the boiled water, Ji Hyo vomits out everything. It was painful for Hebe to watch how Ji Hyo struggles to keep up with the vomit reflex. Ji Hyo literally felt like she’s going to vomit out her entire system.

Hebe could only brush her hand up and down her back, gently soothing her back. "Everything is going to be fine..."


Ji Hyo opened her eyes and the sky is still dark. She does not know how long she has slept but she felt so much better. She charged her battery-dead phone and turned it on. It was 4am. There were 32 missed calls. 19 calls were from the company and the rest was from Hebe. She felt guilty immediately.

She must have really gotten worried for me.

Then she heard noises in the kitchen. She got up from bed and slowly walked out of the room. She was surprised to see Hebe moving about in the kitchen.

"Hey..." Ji Hyo called out.

Hebe turned as she heard Ji Hyo's weak voice. "You're up? How are you feeling?" Hebe let go of the task on hand and walked towards her. “You’re looking so much better.” She smiled.

Hebe reached for her forehead and used the other hand to touch her own forehead.

"I think your fever has subsides." She gave a smile. "Come, your stomach must be empty right now…I have cooked some porridge for you."

Hebe made Ji Hyo sit down on the dining chair. "I've made this as plain as possible...I know your upset tummy wouldn’t like anything oily right now." Hebe served her a bowl of chicken porridge.

Ji Hyo just watches Hebe talking and moving about silently. She was too touched to say anything.

“Why do you keep looking at me and not eating? Are you still feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” She reached out her hand and caress Ji Hyo’s cheek.

A smile spread across Ji Hyo’s face. “Because I think I am too lucky to have you as friend, to take care of me.”

Hebe giggles at the sudden confession. “I am glad you know that.” She said as she shifts her eyes towards the clock hanging on the wall. Hebe pushed the spoon onto Ji Hyo’s hand. “Quick, eat a little before you take a rest again.”

Just then, Ji Hyo then saw a small bandage on Hebe’s pinky. "What happened here? I don’t remember seeing it few days ago." She took her hand and gently caresses it.

"Oh…this” She took back her hand. “This is nothing, I accidentally scalded myself just was not that bad... so don’t worry and quickly—"

“You’re injured because of me?…How can I not be worried?” She gave a worried and guilty look.

“Aww…” Hebe smiled gently. She reached out her hand and patted Ji Hyo’s head. “But now you’re patient yourself, that almost passed out due to dehydration….shouldn’t you get all the attention you need now?”

Ji Hyo can only smile. Instead of insisting of being worried at Hebe’s pinky, she should get herself fixed up so that Hebe can be at ease.

“Then…eat together with me?” Ji Hyo gave a sweet smile.


Ji Hyo blinks her eyes gently as she could feel the sun’s ray hitting on her. Her wall clock showed 11.00 am. She sat upright and reached for her phone. On the phone, there was a post it note.

Don’t freak out and hurry to work. I’ve applied leave for you today and told them about your condition. So just lay in bed and rest.

 A smile spread across Ji Hyo’s face. How can someone be so sweet? A friend in need is a friend indeed. She might have been dead if not for her. And thankfully for her attentive care, she felt so much better.

She looked over to her side on her double bed and there was Hebe sleeping peacefully. Addition to the sun’s ray coming from the window, it makes her hair shines; she was a sleeping beauty. Unknowingly, Ji Hyo reached out her hand and gently brushed Hebe’s hair behind her ear to reveal more of her delicate face.

I could wake up to this forever.

Eyebrows lightly drawn together, her lips pursed. This was her first time watching Hebe sleeps. Hebe used to overnight at her place but she never looked at her that way before. She can’t really help how she’s feeling, and suddenly she has this strong urge. To kiss her.

In the end she gives in to her urges, hunching over just to kiss Hebe lightly on the forehead.

It felt so wrong yet it felt so right at the same time.

The girl stirs, eyebrows furrowing and arms stretching out above her before she opens her eyes, slowly. She saw Ji Hyo hovering above her, eyes widened. The startled Ji Hyo retracts and sat up right.

“Unnie…you’re awake…” She said, half yawning. “Were you trying to play a prank on me?” She sat up and frowns her eyes at Ji Hyo. “What are you doing so close up to my face?”

“W-When did I?” The older one looks away afraid to be caught by her eyes, because she’s bad in lying. “I’m washing up.” She said about to crawl out of bed.

Before she successfully got out of the bed, Hebe pulled her back in and made her sit on the bed. She scooted closer to Ji Hyo and held her hands.  

“Are you feeling better? Still feeling pain around this area?” She reached out her hand and touched her abs area, just under her bosom. She froze at the sudden intimacy. She prayed that her nervousness didn’t show on her face.

Ji Hyo shook her head to her question. A smile spread across Hebe’s face. “My mum’s method is really working. Your face yesterday really freaks me out.”

“I’m sorry for making you worry….” Ji Hyo said quietly. The other girl just plops back to the bed, making herself comfortable on the bed. “Then now it’s time for you to serve me….lunch. While I sleep.” She ends her sentence with a silly giggle.

“Of course. I’ll wake you up when the food is ready.” She tucked Hebe under the blanket and pulled the curtain together to make the room dimmer for a better sleep.

In the washroom, Ji Hyo thought her heart almost beat out of her system. Other than the sound of the water flowing in the basin, she can hear her heart thumping so loudly. What did she just done? Did she notice it? She didn’t want to lose a close friend like her; neither can she contain her feelings for her.

[End of Flashback]

“Ahhh-chooo!!” Ji Hyo sneezed loudly. She reached out for the box of tissue and grabbed a few tissues at once. Her running nose has been bothering her the whole morning. The weather has turn cold, as the spring season has started.

Yuri came knocking on the door and brought a cup of hot ginger tea. “Unnie, have some of this….”

“Oh dear, thanks Yuri….AH ChOOO!!!”

“Unnie, you’re really in a bad shape…you sure you don’t want to get home to get some rest?” Yuri said with a concern.

“It’s okay….I’m going to be alone back home anyway… AHHH CHooOO!!! At least I have you here….” Ji Hyo said with a cheeky smile. “You’re my best secretary!”

“You’re welcome….but…”


“You’re not going to fall in love with me right?” Yuri said casually.

Ji Hyo almost spit out the hot ginger tea. Her eyes dart up to Yuri’s face.

“Unnie I was just joking!”

Yuri knew about Ji Hyo; that she likes girls, to be precise, in love with that girl. She found out accidentally when she saw the pic of them on Ji Hyo’s phone’s homescreen.

Even though they are no longer together, Yuri knows that Ji Hyo still can’t forget about her. That’s why she’s single but not available.

Entry: #221  Time: 11.27pm  Date: 24/11/14


No matter how busy I am, you always cross my mind when I’m sick. How I wished you were here with me. Are you wearing thick enough? Don’t catch cold.


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