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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Koi x Dao (Hormones the Series) - ONE SHOT


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‘We may be further apart, but we will hold each other tighter…’

Dao thought of the words that she said to Koi. Now she starts to regret. Next week the first day of university is starting and she is moving into the apartment, just 10minutes walk to the campus. The campus is 1 hour drive away from Nadao Bangkok College.  

Dao falls back to the mattress with a big thud. “Aahhh, I didn’t know moving house could be so tired.” She sigh. She reached for her phone when she heard incoming message from WeChat.

From: Koi<3
‘How’s moving? Tired? Take some rest kay <3’

Dao smiled at the message. She quickly press the call button and Koi picked up almost immediately.

“Heyyy Dao…how’s everything?”

“I just moved in my stuff…lots of them. I am so tired.”

“You sure they are heavy? Did you just brought in your soft toys?” Koi teased.

Dao laughed at how Koi knows her too well. “Well, I just brought in one box of them.” She chuckled. “The rest are my books.”

“Still a lot to bring?”

“Mum is sending another lorry over here...That should be the last one.”

“Oh really? That’s good.”



“I am starting to miss you already…”


“I am lying on the bed while talking to you…How I wished you could be here with me…”


“Don’t worry I understand your situation. I am just teasing you.”

“I miss you too, Dao.”

“How’s your preparation for the entry? Are you able to sign up for your course?”

“Me? Yea…I did.”

“Why you sound so….different?”

“Did I? Nah I was just upset. Upset of the things that I couldn’t do with you.”

“Well….we are now apart, but not too far right? We can easily reach other by cab…”

“You sure you don’t want me to learn driving, so that I can go over easily?”

“Nah, I would be worried for you if you drive.”

“Eeee..I am not that bad really…”

“It’s okay, public transport is cheaper and safer…”

“Well, I’ll come visit you every weekend?”

“Every weekend?” Dao lighted up.

“Yea! Since I live in my own house which I can accompany my dad everyday. I can spend my weekend with you…unless….”


“Unless you don’t want to spend it with me…”

“Of course no!”

“But you have to come back home to visit your mum no?”

“I believe we can work something out” Dao smiled. “Hmm..I think we can go on dates on Saturday, hang out at home, eat together, stay over and…”

“And..?” Koi chuckled.

“Well, I just want to spend every minute with you.”

“Really?” Koi can’t help smiling at Dao’s little confession.

“Yes! I am missing you so badly. I got so busy with moving recently…” Dao’s voice trailed away in guilt.


Dao could hear Koi pout at the other end of phone call. “Is there anything I could make up for it?”

“Actually yes… I have been thinking about one…” Koi said almost immediately. “Walk to the door for me.”

“Front door?”

“Yup.” Koi chuckled at other end.

Obediently, Dao walked to the door and suddenly there’s a knock. Without hesitating, she opened the door.

It was Koi, smiling goofily in front of the door.

“KOIIIII!!!” Dao screamed so loud that Koi had to cover her ears.

“Dao! Husshhh” Koi looked around. She was so embarrassed that she quickly pushed Dao into the house.

“Koi! How come you are here?” Dao still in disbelief. She gave Dao a big hug. “Omg, you didn’t know how much I miss this…”

“Me too...” Koi said simply, enjoying the embrace. She then broke off the hug and made Dao look at her.

Koi stole a kiss from Dao’s lip.

“Because I miss you so much.” Koi said earnestly.  “That I’ve decided to move over.”

Dao’s eyes widen with another disbelief look.

“What are you saying?”

“I’ve decided to…attend the same university as you.”

“You’re not joking right?”

Koi went outside of the house again and pulled in two big luggage. “You see, I even brought my stuff here.” Koi smiled at Dao. “I am serious.”

Dao almost did a little sprint to Koi and gave her another big bear hug.


“I wanted to give you a surprise, so I didn’t tell you anything. I secretly signed up for the course that I wanted in the same university.”

“Koi….I am so happy!”

“And you’re lacking a roommate right…?” Koi joked. “I need to spy on you too…there’s too many beautiful guys and girls in the campus.”

“Now you’re here with me…I won’t look at other people.” Dao sticks out her tongue playfully. “No matter what, I am so happy of the things that we could do together!”

“Yes…cause I love you so much that I am willing to do this for us.”

“Koi…” Dao looked at Koi. She can almost feel her eyes melting from looking straight into her beautiful eyes.

Dao kissed her on the lips. Koi enjoyed every moment of sudden kisses. “I guess we are going to do this often?” Koi smirked and planted another kiss on her lips.

“Koi! You’re such a pervert.”

“Because I have such a cute and beautiful girlfriend…” Koi said while pinching Dao’s chubby cheeks.


“Okay let me unpacked my stuff and let’s go grab dinner, okay?”

“Wait! Your dad….is he okay?”

Koi heaves a sigh. “Yeap, he seems okay with it I guess. He will rather that I’ll come to the same university with you and work hard, than me being in a place that makes me unhappy...”

“Awww…your dad is a great guy.”

“Yea he is…so maybe we can go visit him together soon.”

“Come and visit my mum too.”

“Of course we have to!” Both Dao and Koi laughed.

“Let me unpacked and let’s go grab dinner, okay?” Koi stole another kiss on Dao’s forehead before begin unpacking her luggage. Doi just stood there smiling foolishly

As she watch Koi unpacks, she can’t help smiling, too excited for their journey together. No matter what happens in the future, but she knows for now, she loves Koi and Koi loves her very much. No matter what others says about their relationship, she knew that if they are sure of what they want, she knew that they will stay long. 


I loveeee this couple so much! Aren't they cute? Any readers out there that know about this cute couple? Let's share! XD


-Angela Goh-

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  1. A new chapter please!!!! casn you put to Nokul in the story? he can be a good Koi's Friend :D