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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adam In Love - Chapter 1

She tosses a little and tries to remove the hand that was holding onto her waist. Slowly she turns towards outside and sits up from the bed. The digital clock shows 7.30 am. She turned and looked at the man beside her who is still sleeping soundly. She smiled and stood up. She walked to the other side of the room and bends her back to reach the little buddy who is already awake. She gave the little buddy a peck on the forehead before heading to the bathroom door. Quietly she washes herself and walked out of the room.

She walked straight to the kitchen-starting her daily task. She reached for the pots and pans getting ready to cook breakfast for the family. Swiftly she cooks traditional Korean breakfast- rice, kimchi and her husband’s favourite garlic ham. On the other hand, she prepares delicious seaweed porridge for her little buddy.


Feeling his loose hand, he felt the missing touch in his arm. He fumbles and looks for the familiar waist. He felt nothing as he touches the bed sheet. Feeling strange, he opened his eyes. His wife is not there. ‘Ah she must be in the toilet’ he thought. Slowly getting up, he stretched his arms and feels the goodness after a good night sleep. He just came back from a long schedule for promoting his group latest album. He picks up the photo frame on the end table beside him and smiled to himself. A family photo of three. He closes his eyes and prays to God for the blissful life he has – an adorable son, beautiful wife and a successful career. Then he stood up and makes the bed.

He too, gave a little peck on the cheek to his son before picking him up carefully from the baby cot. Carrying his little son who has inherited the parents’ thick lips and fair skin, he walks towards the toilet and washes himself and Ok Yub. Then he noticed the fragrant smell of his favourite garlic ham coming from the kitchen.

‘Ah she is in the kitchen’ he thought.

“Come little adam, let’s go and see omma”

Quietly he walked out of the room and tiptoed into the kitchen. From far, he admires his beautiful wife’s back. He then placed his 7 month old son on the sofa and makes his way to the kitchen.

Gently he wrapped his arms around her wife and says, ‘Son Ga In, saranghae (I love you).’

Startled, Ga In drops the carrot that she is going to cut.

‘Ya, are you trying to scare me?’ she said while smiling to herself. She picks up the carrot from the floor and tries to hit her husband with the carrot.

‘Ya Son Ga In, you’ve never changed all these while. Can you be a little gentler? Stop shouting here and there for the tiniest thing that happened. You would be a bad example to our little Ok Yub.’ He nagged.

‘Ya, jugeullae(Do you want to die)? Jo Kwon-shi are you trying to give me a long lecture at this early of the day?’ [While waving the carrot in front of him]

‘Yeobo, I don’t mean that way. I am doing this for our future. Please don’t be angry with me, okay? He speaks with aegyo while hugging his wife on the waist.

‘All right I will forgive you this time.’ She can't help smiling to herself.

Without hesitating, Jo Kwon bend forward and plant a kiss on her lips.

With that they hug each other tightly and stay in that moment for a while.

‘Kwon-ah, saranghae’ she whispered lovingly into his ears. They hug tighter together.

Suddenly, Ok Yub who was sitting at the sofa was wailing loudly.

Ga In franticly broke off the hug and runs to her dear son.

‘Our little Adam, what’s wrong? She speaks with full aegyo. ‘Kwon-ah, why did you leave him alone at the couch? See, he is panicking now. Where’s the baby walker? Please bring it here.’

‘Alright.’ Jo Kwon rushes to the corner of the house and grab the walker. He then brings to Ga In.

‘Here you go our little Adam’ Ga In carries Ok Yub and places him on the walker.

Ok Yub continues his crying. His crying became louder. Ga In feels Ok Yub’s bottom and sense warm wetness.

‘Aigoo..our little Adam, you peed? Omma will change for you alright? Don’t cry okay? [Ga In plant a little kisses on Ok Yub’s forehead.

‘Yeobo, do you need my help? I think you should continue preparing breakfast while I change the diapers.

‘You sure you can handle it?’ Ga In gave him a worried look.

‘Ya, I am already an appa for 7 months. You think I can’t handle this? Just see how I fare later.’ Jo Kwon quickly walks back to the room and took one diaper for Ok Yub. He also took a fresh set of daily clothes for him.

Ga In just smiled at his antics and returned to the kitchen.

‘Our little Adam, let’s change now! After we changed, we would have delicious breakfast. ‘ Jo Kwon carries Ok Yub and place him on the thin mattress. Skillfully he takes off Ok Yub’s pajamas and removes his diaper. He shakes a little powder onto Ok Yub and rubs onto him gently.

‘Ok Yub-ah, please grow up well. Eat healthily and takes care of your omma when you are older. Okay? Let’s shook our pinky.’ Jo Kwon took Ok Yub’s tiny hand and did a pinky hook.

‘Wah, our Adam smell so nice now.’ Jo Kwon carries him up after done changing his diaper.

‘Yeobo!’ Ga I shouts from the kitchen. ‘Are you done changing the diapers? Help me to set up the tables.’

‘Alright, I am coming’. Jo Kwon put Ok Yub into his high chair beside the dining table.

‘Please help me to set the tables and scoop the rice. Take out the kimchi from the fridge and put it into the plate.’

At the dining table the family eats happily. Jo Kwon feed Ga In and vice versa. And Of course they didn’t forget their little one.

‘Aigoo..Ok Yub-ah, you look so cute when you are eating. Just like your omma. Ok Yub-ah look at appa. Here’s the porridge. Open your mouth‘ [Jo Kwon feed Ok Yub with the porridge]

Ga In smiled at Kwon-nie’s remark. She just sits there and watches Jo Kwon feeding Ok Yub. Ga In feel so blissful for able to spend her life with Jo Kwon-the man that she loves. The man who is willing to help out in all the matters in the house, not selfish and loves her dearly. She is so glad that it is him, Jo Kwon that she met two years ago for We Got Married.

‘Yeobo, why are you staring at me? Eat your rice. It’s getting cold.’

‘Kwon-ah, thanks for loving me and Ok Yub.’ Ga In speaks up honestly.

‘Yeobo, no gwaenchana? What’s wrong?’

‘Nothing. Just want to say thanks.’ She smiled at Jo Kwon and continues to eat her rice.

‘Omo, Ok Yub-ah look at your omma. She is so happy because your appa loves your omma so much that your omma is closed to tears.’

‘Kwon-ah please don’t spout nonsense in front of Ok Yub’ Ga In slapped gently on Jo Kwon's arm. Jo Kwon was just smiling widely at his family.


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